Sunday 21st-Monday 22nd March 2004

In the 'november tango' web-site poll at the end of 2002, Copenhagen came out the clear winner amongst local aviation enthusiasts, in the easyJet 'preferred destination' category. Now we have the route secured from Newcastle International, many enthusiasts will be taking the oportunity for short and easy visits to this interesting Scandinavian airport. Here's a short 'briefing' for any such potential visitors, based around a visit made recently by myself and a colleague.

A true day trip to Copenhagen from Newcastle is of course not yet available, with just one rotation a day being flown by easyJet at present, however a cheap and convenient night-stop is certainly possible. Arriving at Copenhagen during the evening, once passport checks have been completed immediately on disembarkation at the end of the A pier the extreme end of which is 'non-schengen', most of the airside area is available for shopping or gate 'browsing' before collecting any checked-in luggage and clearing customs. Walking up A-pier, a new extension to your left can be walked down, as well as the B-pier which runs parallel with 'A'. C-pier has a border control at its beginning so can not be walked down, but most of the parking gates at its sides can be easily seen from the 'transit area' which contains a multitude of shops and restaurants. There are however areas of the airport not seen from 'airside' - there are no apparent views from any landside location.

Once through customs, and 'landside', a few more well-known eating establishments are available in the Terminal 3 check-in area. The most convenient 'budget hotel' would appear to be the Bel Air Hotel, bookable through the easyJet web-site (rate we paid was 45). The hotel is situated conveniently close to the spotting site of choice for the following day, and the quickest and most convenient way to the hotel at this time of the evening is by taxi, which cost 62DK (6.20 approx.). A bus option is available, but it involves two buses - basically reverse the bus change instructions for the return to the airport detailed below. The hotel is clean and comfortable, and while it doesn't have a bar or a restaurant that appeared to be open, drinks are available at the front desk. It is situated in a quiet residential area, with little local facilities apparent, although the more adventurous could I'm sure probably find a local hostelry or pizzeria with a little exploration. The rate booked through the easyJet web-site also included a quite substantial scandinavian buffet breakfast.

The previously mentioned viewing site is called the FlyverGrillen, and is just a 15 minute walk away from the hotel. Upon leaving the hotel, turn right until you come to the 'main' Amager Landevej road, and then turn right here heading south. As the road bends around to the right towards Dragor, go straight on - you will no doubt have already seen aircraft arriving or departing by this time anyway, and will be able to see the small road leading to the 'FlyverGrillen'. This is a small cafe with a raised 'viewing garden' which overlooks the two main runways (04L/22R & 04R/22L) and associated taxiway systems, as well as part of the hangar area, but not the terminal area. It would of course be expected that use be made of the 'FlyverGrillen' food and drinks stocks during the day, which are plentiful and tasty.

All arrivals/departures can be monitored from here, although any arrivals on the 'cross' 12/30 runway are not identifiable, while if a southerly flow is in operation, some arrivals on the 22L runway (mostly turboprops) can turn off early and challenge identification, but most are still readable with a little effort. Runway 22R is used for departures during the southerly flow, the first part of which is situated right in front of the 'FlyverGrillen'. When arrivals/departures are towards the north, 04L is used for arrivals, most aircraft having already exited the runway by the time they become visible to your left, and pass by on the 'inner' taxiway directly in front of you. Departures on 04R will taxy to the holding point on a taxiway in between the two runways again in full view. Photography is possible on either the taxiway immediately in front of the 'FlyverGrillen' or on runway 04L/22R. The DC-8 LN-PIP used by the fire service is easily visible from here too. Alternative photography possibilities exist, most notably close to the village of Dragor to the South-East of the airport if runways 04L/R are in operation, although transport here has not been explored, and to the north of the SAS Cargo area, by walking to your right upon leaving Terminal 3, a spot which gives good photo opportunities of landers on runway 22L.

Departure back to the airport to catch the flight home was at around 1730-1800. Barring a 30 minute walk or a suitable taxi becoming available, the 'two bus option' will be the most convenient. From the bus stop just to the north of the 'FlyverGrillen' at the bend of the Amager Landevej road, take the #73 heading north (departures at 02, 22 and 42 approx.), and ask the driver to take you to Saltvaerksvej (cost 17DK). You will leave this bus at the crossroads of Amager Landevej and Saltvaerksvej, and from here walk to the bus stop at the beginning of the road heading off to the right, as you would see it approaching the crossroads from the south. Here the 250S bus will take you direct to the Lufthavnen, cost again 17DK (a 'through ticket' may be available but language difficulties could preclude its purchase). If you are doing this bus option in reverse, to get to the 'FlyverGrillen', ask for a ticket to Amager Landevej on the 250S bus leaving the airport, and then one to Tommerupvej on the 73 bus - it's a good idea to print these place names out and carry them with you for showing to the bus drivers, although they are very helpful.

The 250S bus will drop you outside Terminal 2, and the check-in for the return flight to Newcastle commences at 1840. Then its through security and to the airside area for more shopping, dining or the usual 'walking of the gates'.

The log below is a complete one, just to show what is possible from such a 'day trip' - thanks to Keith Briggs for its compilation.

Sun 21/3/04 Copenhagen-Kastrup CPH/EKCH

AP-BDZ A.310-308 0585 Pakistan International Airlines
G-STRB 737-3Y0 24255 1625 Iceland Express/Astraeus Airlines
LN-RKI A.321-232 1817 Scandinavian Airlines
LN-RON DC-9-81 53347 1979 Scandinavian Airlines
LN-ROS DC-9-82 49421 1263 Scandinavian Airlines (snowflake c/s)
LN-ROY DC-9-82 49615 1543 Scandinavian Airlines
LN-ROZ MD-87 49608 1572 Scandinavian Airlines
OY-APB 737-5L9 28084 2788 Maersk Air
OY-CRG 146-200 E2075 Atlantic Airways
OY-KBE A.321-232 1798 Scandinavian Airlines
OY-KHM DC-9-82 49914 1693 Scandinavian Airlines
OY-KHN DC-9-81 53000 1812 Scandinavian Airlines
OY-MRC 737-7L9 28006 26 Maersk Air
OY-MRG 737-7L9 28010 396 Maersk Air
OY-VKC A.321-211 1932 MyTravel Airways A/S
SE-DIL DC-9-82 49913 1665 Scandinavian Airlines
SE-RDT DC-9-82 49278 1183 Nordic Airlink
TF-FIV 757-208 30424 956 Icelandair
YL-BBA 737-5 Air Baltic

Mon 22/3/04 Copenhagen-Kastrup CPH/EKCH

CS-TTH A.319-111 0917 TAP Air Portugal
D-ACHB RJ-200LR 7391 Lufthansa CityLine
D-ACLQ RJ-100LR 7073 Lufthansa CityLine
D-AIPZ A.320-211 0162 Lufthansa
D-AIRO A.321-131 0563 Lufthansa
EC-FFH MD-87 53211 1874 Iberia
EC-HNC DC-9-82 49620 1484 Spanair
EC-HOV DC-9-82 49416 1271 Spanair
EC-INM A.320-232 1979 Spanair
ES-ABF 737-5L9 24778 1816 Estonian Air
F-GJNL 737-5H6 26448 2484 Air France
F-GRHH A.319-111 1151 Air France
F-GRHK A.319-111 1190 Air France
F-GRJP RJ-100ER 7301 Brit Air
G-CPET 757-236 29115 798 British Airways
G-DOCM 737-436 25843 2244 British Airways
G-DUOB CRJ-700 10029 Duo Airways
G-DUOC CRJ-700 10039 Duo Airways
G-DUOD CRJ-700 10048 Duo Airways
G-EMBI ERJ.145EU 126 BA CitiExpress
G-EUOF A.319-131 1590 British Airways
G-EZJJ 737-73V 30245 1058 easyJet Airline
G-EZYH 737-33V 29332 3072 easyJet Airline
G-EZYI 737-33V 29333 3084 easyJet Airline
G-EZYN 737-33V 29338 3114 easyJet Airline
G-RJXB ERJ.145EP 142 bmi regional
G-RJXF ERJ.145EP 280 bmi regional
G-STRB 737-3Y0 24255 1625 Iceland Express/Astraeus Airlines
HA-LMC F.70 11569 Malev
HB-IHX A.320-214 0942 Edelweiss Air
HB-JAG ERJ.145LU 321 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JAK ERJ.145LU 387 Swiss International Air Lines
HS-TGK 747-4D7 24993 833 Thai Airways International
LN-RCY 737-883 28324 767 Scandinavian Airlines
LN-RDA DHC-8Q-402 4013 Scandinavian Commuter
LN-RDB DHC-8Q-402 4018 Scandinavian Commuter
LN-RDE DHC-8Q-402 4020 Scandinavian Commuter
LN-RDF DHC-8Q-402 4021 Scandinavian Commuter
LN-RDG DHC-8Q-402 4022 Scandinavian Commuter
LN-RDI DHC-8Q-402 4024 Scandinavian Commuter
LN-RDJ DHC-8Q-402 4010 Scandinavian Commuter
LN-RDL DHC-8Q-402 4011 Scandinavian Commuter
LN-RDM DHC-8Q-402 4033 Scandinavian Commuter
LN-RDO DHC-8Q-402 4036 Scandinavian Commuter
LN-RDQ DHC-8Q-402 4008 Scandinavian Commuter
LN-RDR DHC-8Q-402 4034 Scandinavian Commuter
LN-RDS DHC-8Q-402 4035 Scandinavian Commuter
LN-RDT DHC-8Q-402 4038 Scandinavian Commuter
LN-RKF A.340-313X 0413 Scandinavian Airlines
LN-RKH A.330-343X 0497 Scandinavian Airlines
LN-RKI A.321-232 1817 Scandinavian Airlines
LN-RMH MD-87 49612 1827 Scandinavian Airlines
LN-RMK MD-87 49610 1705 Scandinavian Airlines
LN-RML DC-9-82 53002 1835 Scandinavian Airlines
LN-RMM DC-9-81 53005 1855 Scandinavian Airlines
LN-RMP MD-87 53337 1962 Scandinavian Airlines
LN-RMT DC-9-81 53001 1815 Scandinavian Airlines
LN-ROA MD-90-30 53459 2141 Scandinavian Airlines

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LN-ROB MD-90-30 53462 2149 Scandinavian Airlines
LN-ROP DC-9-82 49384 1237 Scandinavian Airlines
LN-ROS DC-9-82 49421 1263 Scandinavian Airlines (snowflake c/s)
LN-ROY DC-9-82 49615 1543 Scandinavian Airlines
LN-ROZ MD-87 49608 1572 Scandinavian Airlines
LN-RPH 737-683 28605 375 Scandinavian Airlines
LN-RPM 737-883 30195 696 Scandinavian Airlines
LN-RPX 737-683 28291 112 Scandinavian Airlines
LN-RPY 737-683 28292 116 Scandinavian Airlines
LN-RRY 737-683 28297 30 Scandinavian Airlines
LN-WDB DHC-8Q-402 4070 Wideroe Flyveselskap
LN-WDC DHC-8Q-402 4071 Wideroe Flyveselskap
LN-WFC DHC-8-311 236 Wideroe Flyveselskap
LX-LGU ERJ.145EP 084 Luxair
LY-AGQ 737-524 26339 2771 Lithuanian Airlines
OE-LBN A.320-214 0768 Austrian Airlines
OE-LBS A.320-214 1189 Austrian Airlines
OE-LGG DHC-8Q-402 4074 Austrian Arrows (full c/s)
OE-LRE RJ-100LR 7059 Austrian Arrows (full c/s)
OH-LVA A.319-112 1073 Finnair
OH-LVG A.319-112 1916 Finnair
OH-LXE A.320-214 1678 Finnair
OH-SAI 146-RJ85 E2385 Blue 1
OH-SAN 146-RJ100 E3387 Blue 1
OH-SAO 146-RJ85 E2393 Blue 1
OH-SAP 146-RJ85 E2394 Blue 1
OK-XGC 737-55S 26541 2319 CSA Czech Airlines
OK-XGV 737-5H6 26445 2327 CSA Czech Airlines
OO-DWA 146-RJ100 E3308 SN Brussels Airlines
OO-VEP 737-43Q 28489 2827 Virgin Express
OO-VES 737-43Q 28493 2838 Virgin Express
OY-APB 737-5L9 28084 2788 Maersk Air
OY-API 737-5L9 28722 2868 Maersk Air
OY-APP 737-5L9 29234 3068 Maersk Air
OY-CID 42-310 079 Cimber Air
OY-CIH 42-300 238 Cimber Air
OY-CIL 42-512 514 Cimber Air
OY-CIM 72-212A 468 Cimber Air
OY-CIN 72-212A 568 Cimber Air
OY-CIO 72-212A 595 Cimber Air
OY-CIW 72-212 422 Cimber Air
OY-CRG 146-200 E2075 Atlantic Airways
OY-GRL 757-236 25620 449 Air Greenland
OY-GRN A.330-223 0230 Air Greenland
OY-KBA A.340-313X 0435 Scandinavian Airlines
OY-KBB A.321-232 1642 Scandinavian Airlines
OY-KBC A.340-313X 0467 Scandinavian Airlines
OY-KBE A.321-232 1798 Scandinavian Airlines
OY-KBF A.321-232 1807 Scandinavian Airlines
OY-KBH A.321-232 1675 Scandinavian Airlines
OY-KBI A.340-313X 0430 Scandinavian Airlines
OY-KBK A.321-232 1587 Scandinavian Airlines
OY-KBL A.321-232 1619 Scandinavian Airlines
OY-KBN A.330-343X 0496 Scandinavian Airlines
OY-KCH DHC-8Q-402 4064 Scandinavian Commuter
OY-KGT DC-9-82 49380 1225 Scandinavian Airlines
OY-KHF MD-87 49609 1517 Scandinavian Airlines
OY-KHI MD-87 49614 1556 Scandinavian Airlines
OY-KHM DC-9-82 49914 1693 Scandinavian Airlines
OY-KHN DC-9-81 53000 1812 Scandinavian Airlines
OY-KHU MD-87 53336 1953 Scandinavian Airlines
OY-KHW MD-87 53348 1985 Scandinavian Airlines
OY-KIL MD-90-30 53458 2140 Scandinavian Airlines
OY-KIM MD-90-30 53460 2142 Scandinavian Airlines
OY-KIN MD-90-30 53544 2197 Scandinavian Airlines
OY-MAE 737-5L9 25066 2038 Maersk Air
OY-MAV RJ-... all white
OY-MRD 737-7L9 28007 136 Maersk Air
OY-MRF 737-7L9 28009 221 Maersk Air
OY-MRG 737-7L9 28010 396 Maersk Air
OY-MRL 737-7L9 28011 1203 Maersk Air
OY-RJA RJ-200LR 7413 Cimber Air
OY-SEA 737-8Q8 28213 50 Sterling European Airways
OY-SED 737-8Q8 28237 769 Sterling European Airways
OY-SEI 737-85H 29445 186 Sterling European Airways
OY-SEJ 737-86Q 30289 1399 Sterling European Airways
OY-VKI A.330-343X 0357 MyTravel Airways A/S
PH-BDB 737-306 23538 1288 KLM
PH-BDI 737-306 23544 1335 KLM
PH-BMC A.320-214 1081 V Bird Airlines ( billboard titles)
PH-BMD A.320-214 1370 DutchBird
PH-BTC 737-406 25424 2200 KLM
PH-BTD 737-306 27420 2406 KLM
PH-XRD 737-7K2 30659 1329 Transavia
SE-DIB MD-87 49605 1501 Scandinavian Airlines
SE-DIF MD-87 49606 1569 Scandinavian Airlines
SE-DII DC-9-82 49909 1625 Scandinavian Airlines
SE-DIL DC-9-82 49913 1665 Scandinavian Airlines
SE-DIN DC-9-82 49999 1803 Scandinavian Airlines
SE-DIP MD-87 53010 1921 Scandinavian Airlines
SE-DIS DC-9-81 53006 1869 Scandinavian Airlines
SE-DIU MD-87 53011 1931 Scandinavian Airlines
SE-DIZ DC-9-82 53294 1917 Scandinavian Airlines
SE-DMG MD-90-30 53461 2147 Scandinavian Airlines
SE-DMH MD-90-30 53543 2194 Scandinavian Airlines
SE-DTH 737-683 28313 447 Scandinavian Airlines
SE-ISP SF.340A 015 Skyways AB
SE-KPE SF.340A 055 Skyways AB
SE-LEA F.50 20116 Skyways AB
SE-LEB F.50 20120 Skyways AB
SE-LEL F.50 20110 Skyways AB
SE-LIS F.50 20152 Skyways AB
SE-LIT F.50 20194 Skyways AB
SE-RDS DC-9-83 49401 1357 Nordic Airlink
SE-RDT DC-9-82 49278 1183 Nordic Airlink
SE-REG A.321-232 1848 Scandinavian Airlines
SU-GAR A.300B4-622R 0557 Egyptair
TC-JKA 737-4Q8 26300 2604 Turkish Airlines
TF-FIJ 757-208 25085 368 Icelandair
TF-FIO 757-208 29436 859 Icelandair
VP-BDM A.319-111 2069 Aeroflot - Russian International Airlines
YL-BBB 737-505 24273 2018 Air Baltic

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