Thursday 4th-Saturday 6th September 2003

The last of this summer's Euro trips was my first visit ever to Madrid-Barajas Airport (4-6Sep), an airport undergoing a huge transformation at present with the construction of two new terminals and two new runways !. This substantial construction effort has impinged somewhat on photographic opportunities, and it's clear to see how good it must have been in the past from the now non-accessible north embankment of the famous tunnel. Here's some shots taken from the the south embankment, a spot with buildings, fences and other obstructions in the way - it was still a superb and quite beautiful spot to spend a few hours as the sun went down however - as well as a few taken from inside the 'Buelvar Barajas' area of T2. An extremely interesting airport with some traffic not seen anywhere else in Europe.

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