Saturday 16th July/Sunday 17th July 2005

A date now firmly set on the calendar is the mid-July weekend at the Hotel Alexandra in C'an Pastilla, Majorca .... without doubt the best hotel for viewing at Palma-Son San Juan (if you get the right rooms, which incidentally are 601 and 602 - we have managed them the last three years now !).

Again bikes were hired to get out to the good photo spots, although not so much as previous weekends, as it was particularly hot during this year's visit. Please refer to previous Palma trip portfolios for full explanations/directions of some of these photo spots used for the shots below ....

The 'mound of earth' alongside 24L/06R
The most well known Palma spot, famous more than anything else for photographs of aircraft 'rolling out' on landing on 24L. On this visit the 06 Runways were used more during the early morning, the switch-over to the 24s occurring late morning. This at least allowed a few good take-off shots as seen above. The Ryan Boeing 757 was a highlight and set the scene for some very interesting '57s later in the day. The Nordic Leisure MD.90s were a new sight this summer, each with different 'logo-jet' tail fins.
24R rotation
The Saturday early evening was spent again at one of my favourite places anywhere in the world, the 24R rotation spot along the western side of the airport. As mentioned above there were a number of very interesting 757s that just happened to depart during the right time for the sun, notably the Air Italy, Air Slovakia, Blueline and our very own Finnair machine. The Spanish Air Force Boeing 707 was of course too, a superb sight, and sound !
06L approach
The usual Sunday morning 'walk along the rocks', westward from C'an Pastilla resort, managed a few approach shots to runway 06L, just before the customary late morning switch to 24. Unfortunately I failed to get there in time for the weekend highlight Cirrus Airlines Embraer EMB-170 arrival, but another rare Italian charter airline 'moo-ed' up for it !!
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