Saturday 19th June 2004

A very short weekend trip to Palma, aircraft photography for a change being the lowest priority, did still allow a few hours by my favourite spot alongside runway 24R on a stunning early evening on Saturday 19th June. Here's just a few images .....

Circumstances dictated I passed through Stansted Airport on my way to Palma, the most stunning aeroplane of the whole weekend being seen here, Sky Europe's 'new' Boeing 737-500 HA-LKO, wearing the most amazing 'special scheme' in the world ! Another 'lady on a plane' at Stansted, Norwegian Boeing 737-300 LN-KKJ.
Jet2's new Boeing 737-300 G-CELB with somewhat less attractive special markings. 'No frills' carriers are now very numerous at Palma .... bmi baby Boeing 737-500 G-BVZG departs 24R.
Air Europa Boeing 737-800 EC-HBM with the newspaper-inspired logos. Air Europa Boeing 767-300 V8-RBM.
Corsair's unique TUI-liveried Boeing 737-400 F-GFUH. Thomas Cook Boeing 767-300 D-ABUZ.
Euralair Boeing 737-800 F-GRNB, still one of my favourite 'special schemes' anywhere .... One of a few new Air Europa Boeing 737-800s this year EC-ISE.
'AEA146' returns back from Newcastle Airport at 1843L. Volar's very smart ex-Air 2000 Airbus A321 EC-IXY.
First Choice Boeing 757 G-OOOX departs 24R. The Fokker 100 is now a regular sight at Palma, thanks to numerous European lo-cost carriers - Air Berlin's D-AGPK rolls down 24R.
Saturday is still very much 'British day' with a large proportion of all the major carrier's fleets visiting during the day. The majority of Iberia's services are flown by MD.88s.
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