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Monday 9th February 2009

Yesterday evening saw the most intense period of diversion traffic to Newcastle Airport since that memorable day on 10th December 1981, with no fewer than thirteen airliners coming our way on divert from Edinburgh within the space of two hours. The haul included three first-visitors, and also the first of the 27 strong City Jet fleet of ex-Mesaba Airlines BAe146-RJ85s to appear here - EI-WXA is seen here awaiting its positioning flight out to Dublin this morning.

The full list of diversions was as follows ....

G-EUXL Airbus A.321-231 SHT8V 2146-0008/9th EGLL-EGPF st.13
G-SEFC Boeing 737-7Q8 GSM324/324P 2152-0115/9th LEAL-EGPF st.8
EI-WXA BAe146-RJ85 (E2310) BCY67D/087P 2159-1322/9th EGLC-EIDW st.25R
G-EUUV Airbus A.320-232 SHT8S 2210-2358 EGLL-EGPF st.24
EI-DLH Boeing 737-8AS (33590) RYR818/9 2214-0042/9th EIDW-EGCC st.25L
G-EZAM Airbus A.319-111 EZY89HZ/8432 2218-2347 EGGD-EGGD st.16
G-DOCL Boeing 737-436 SHT2946 2226-0107/9th EGKK-EGPF st.4
G-JECZ DHC.8Q-402 BEE255S/046W 2227-1147/9th EGHI-EGPH st.20/21
G-EZDS Airbus A.319-111 EZY6930/8006 2233-1203/9th EHAM-EGGP st.60
PH-BXI Boeing 737-8K2 (30358) KLM1293/7451 2236-1607/9th EHAM-EHAM st.62-13
EI-DWS Boeing 737-8AS (33625) RYR6625 2240-0151/9th EPKK-EGPH st.61
G-MIDX Airbus A.320-232 BMA1HY/64 2318-0130/9th EGLL-EGPF st.18
G-EZDU Airbus A.319-111 EZY11ZF/8005 2332-1357/9th EGSS-EGSS st.16

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