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Saturday 1st October 2011

The 'recently' feature returns after a quiet few months, thanks to a significant moment that I have been working towards for some time, executive jet #10,000 - the (appropriately rather natty looking) Challenger 605 VP-BGM seen here day-stopping today. My first was not surprisingly HS.125 G-ASNU on 20th October 1976, and over the almost exactly 35 years since, I have seen 1,002 different executive jets for the first time at Newcastle Airport (followed by Teterboro 695, Las Vegas 633, Geneva 604, Le Bourget 362), and have seen a new biz jet at 217 different locations. 6,074 of the 10,000 have been seen on the North American continent, with my 7 best days (100+ days) being headed by the Las Vegas NBAA of 1995 (27/9/95 - 216), the 2nd/3rd/4th all also being NBAAs, the 6th the Superbowl of 2007, while the 5th and 7th were cold winter days at Teterboro - still probably my most memorable spotting location in the world - during January 1999.

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