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Wednesday 31st December
North Flying Metro III OY-BPH returned during the early morning, from Aberdeen to Aalborg as NFA022/022E.
LBT803 F-GHEC & Lear 31 N331SJ again

Tuesday 30th December
The North Flying Metro appeared only once, at lunch-time, OY-BPH operating as NFA022, from Aalborg to Bergen. Lear 31 N331SJ returned after not visiting for a week, arriving from Cardiff and night-stopping.
AMC2107 9H-ABS

Monday 29th December
British Airways Boeing 737-400 G-DOCV went u/s on push-back on the early morning departure (BAW13C), and departed empty to Heathrow at lunch-time as BAW1321. That really was the only news-worthy item of the day !.

Sunday 28th December
British Midland began their Turin charter series (BMA7372/1, a 'W' from Stansted) during the afternoon, Boeing 737-400 G-OBMF being the first aeroplane used, wearing the new colour-scheme.
For the second time in three days, Airtours operated via Teesside outbound from Newcastle, with Airbus A.320 G-RDVE (IAE V2500 engines). Being of slightly poorer performance than our usual aeroplane G-TPTT (P&W engines), it's not able to take the fuel necessary off our runway 25 under certain weather conditions (due obstacles) to get to 'far-away' places, but it can off Teesside's runway !!. Today's flight was to Larnaca, Friday's was to Teneriffe.
Piper Saratoga G-DCSW, which had arrived from Bremen on Saturday evening, continued onwards to Reykjavik during the early morning, a common delivery routing, but not for a UK-registered aeroplane.

Saturday 27th December
The second Tyrolean CRJ flight produced our second of the fleet, OE-LCG.
North Flying operated the first of two days flying this week; SA.227 OY-NPB visited during the early hours as NFA036E/036 from Aalborg to Bergen, and again during the afternoon as NFA036/036E from Aberdeen to Aalborg.

Friday 26th December

Thursday 25th December
We normally have no flights at all on Christmas Day, maybe just a returning charter flight in the early hours, but this year, for what we believe to be the first time ever, we had a scheduled service. Air UK operated out to Amsterdam at 0641 as UKA836 with Fokker 100 G-UKFH, with G-UKFL returning as UKA837 at 0955. Apart from the Police Helicopter, they were the only two movements of the day.

Wednesday 24th December
Very little ! .... although we did lose another Citation 525 on delivery. After losing D-IGAS a few weeks ago, N1216N was flight-planned to us at about midnight on Christmas Eve, but had to go to Prestwick instead, for more reasons I won't go into !. Probably just as well as I would never have seen it, the state I was in on Christmas Eve night !!.

Tuesday 23rd December
The only movements of any note involved two ambulance helicopters, 'Helimed03' a Bolkow 105 G-BTHV, which arrived from the RVI Hospital (Newcastle City Centre) and departed to Halfpenny Green, and our very own medic helicopter, Northumbria Air Ambulance's Twin Squirrel G-NAAS ('Medic02') which arrived from Blyth, and departed to Waddington.
British Airways had two aeroplanes 'overnight', which is unusual, Boeing 757 G-BIKD and 737 G-DOCF.
AMC2107 9H-ABS & Lear 31 N331SJ once

Monday 22nd December
British Airways Boeing 757 G-CPEN 'sneaked-in' on the afternoon BAW12G/13J, a movement that could have easily been missed, but was in fact a first-visitor !. The night-stopper 757 was G-BIKW, in the new 'Martha' colour-scheme. Not its first-visit to Newcastle as such however, as I did indeed miss that last week ... its first-visit in the new colours was on the night of the 16th of December.
Aer Lingus used Boeing 737-500 EI-CDE in place of the usual Fokker 50 for the evening EIN308/9 rotation.
North Flying operated a passenger charter from/to Aalborg as NFA111, with Navajo OY-FRE. A first-visiting exec jet was Dassault Falcon Service Falcon 900 F-GLGY, with visited over lunch-time, from Farnborough to Gatwick.
Piper Malibu G-BMBE visited twice, both from/to Blackpool.
Lear 31 N331SJ twice again !

Tuesday 21st December
Air Kilroe Jetstream 31 G-OAKA day-stopped from Luton to Stansted as AKL71/72, presumably in connection with the 'big match', as did S&N Citation 560 VP-CSN, from/to Edinburgh. Mooney M.20 D-EMFH passed through on delivery before lunch, from Bremen to Reykjavik. European 1-11 G-AXLL departed to Bournemouth as EAF793P.
Cimber Air ATR.42 OY-CIU arrived on the late flight from Copenhagen, and positioned out immediately to Sonderborg as CIM9225, an indication that they don't intend to operate many night-stoppers over the Christmas period.
Lear 31 N331SJ twice !

Saturday 20th December
Major excitement of course for our first Tyrolean CRJ flight which was operated by OE-LCI as TYR987/8, our first CRJ since the last Lufthansa flight on the 26th of March !.
European Aircharter One Eleven G-AXLL returned from Agen during the evening as EAF4793, and night-stopped. Danish Air Transport operated a late evening freight charter to Gothenburg-Save with King Air 90 OY-JRO as DTR352, the aircraft having positioned in from Southend as DTR352P. Airlink King Air 300 OE-FME departed to Prestwick just before lunch, again as JAR09.
AIH053 G-DAJC & Lear 31 N331SJ again ...

Friday 19th December
More of the same, Lear 31 N331SJ from Birmingham to Dresden at lunch-time, Airlink's King Air 300 OE-FME from Salzburg in the morning for a night-stop, and European One Eleven G-AXLL from Bournemouth to Agen as EAF792P/4792.

Thursday 18th December
What an appalling week; terrible weather and, after a quite exciting last few months, absolutely no good aeroplanes. The only visitor of note was that Lear 31 again, from Dresden to Prestwick just before midnight.

Wednesday 17th December
Gill Airways used Emerald Airways HS.748 G-EMRD for their Dusseldorf service, positioning in from Liverpool as GIL285P, operating as GIL285D/284D, and positioning back to Liverpool as GIL284P.
Sterling Jets' Lear 31 was around again, visiting on three ocaasions during the day, all flights being from or to either Prestwick or Dresden

Tuesday 16th December
In addition to the now regular European One Elevens on the Gatwick schedule, City Flyer used Titan ATR.42 G-BUPS for the afternoon CFE75NA/76NB rotation.
Lear 31 N331SJ visited again during the morning from Prestwick to Dresden, and Citation 550 N112JS returned during the evening, from Frankfurt to Luton. Airlink's King Air 300 OE-FME also appeared again, from Salzburg to Prestwick as JAR09. Aztec D-IHUS departed at lunch-time on its delivery flight, to Reykjavik, and at the same time NEA Lear 35 G-ZENO was on the ground, from Manchester to Madrid as NEX02A/B.
The Metro Radio traffic helicopter, 'Starburst1' (Jet Ranger G-AVSZ), made an emergency landing in a field approximately 1 mile south-west of the airfield, on its return from the morning traffic survey. Two other helicopters that had just got airborne, Squirrel G-PLMB ('Osprey52') from Newcastle and Belgian Army Agusta 109 H12 ('OTARL') from Ouston, rushed to assist, but thankfully the Jet Ranger landed safely, and the two occupants (including the lovely Ingrid !) were unharmed. The aircraft stayed the night in the field, and flew out on Wednesday back to us, and hasn't flown since. Interestingly the field it landed in was very close to the site of our last fatal crash at Newcastle, a German Aztec during the early eighties.

Monday 15th December
On a big day for the military, there was very little else; European One Eleven G-AVMY appeared again on a City Flyer service, the afternoon CFE75NA/76NB.
Aztec D-IHUS arrived from Bremen during the evening for a night-stop, on its delivery flight to the US.

Sunday 14th December
Yet another Tyrolean Dash Eight passed through on delivery, our third in two weeks !. OE-LTL was again in an all-white scheme, and routed from Keflavik to Innsbruck. As with OE-LTK on the 1st, this had also diverted from Reykjavik to Keflavik with a problem on its flight to Iceland.
Sterling Jets' Lear 31 N331SJ was in and out twice before breakfast !, from Prestwick to Dresden, and then back the other way, and then visited again during the late evening, from Dresden to Prestwick again. BAe125-800 G-ETOM of Tom Walkinshaw Racing visited from/to Oxford in connection with the Gloucester vs. Newcastle Gosforth Rugby match, and Citation 500 VP-CDM, from/to Chester, and Citation 550 N112JS, from Luton for a night-stop, were both present at tea-time. Not bad for a winter's Sunday !.

Saturday 13th December
A 'new' Emerald HS.748 appeared during the early hours, G-OSOE operating the inbound JEM03M mail flight from Liverpool, and then departing to East Midlands as JEM2431. It returned from Gothenburg as JEM2433 during the late evening. It looks very pretty in a turquoise, 'Securicor Omega Express' colour-scheme. We lost the Airtours 767-300 arrival from Orlando to Manchester during the morning, as its anti-skid was u/s and it needed a longer runway (Newcastle's was 'wet').
The night-stopping execs all departed during the day, Falcon 10 OE-GSC to Innsbruck, 125 G-OMGE to Frankfurt as MGC660, and King Air 200 F-GEPY to Le Bourget as DRT2312.

Friday 12th December
A pretty busy day with plenty of GA visitors, and even more biz-jets !. During the morning we had three Citation 560's on the ground at the same time, the night-stopping N560WE being joined by N2000M from/to Farnborough, and a new one for us, VP-CCV, from Leeds to London City. Tyrolean Jet Service Falcon 10 OE-GSC arrived from Faro during the evening, on an ambulance flight, Lear 31 N331SJ passed through again during the evening, from Prestwick to Dresden, and Magec 125-800 G-OMGE arrived from Glasgow during the afternoon for a night-stop.
One Eleven G-AVMY appeared again on CFE73NA/74NB. Air UK Fokker 50 G-UKTB diverted in en-route Aberdeen to Norwich as UKA606 with a door-seal problem during the evening. This same aeroplane diverted into Newcastle with a problem, on this very same flight, on the 17th November !!. Air UK have in fact been having a pretty miserable time at Newcastle over the last few days, with almost daily technical problems with their Fokker 100's; Thursday afternoon saw G-UKFO go u/s after arrival from Amsterdam, the aircraft being 'out' for a day, while G-UKFN also went u/s on Saturday afternoon, with a problem that also delayed its departure on Sunday morning.
We only got two British Airways Heathrow arrivals during the day, a 737-400 at 1800L and a 757 at 2200L. The early morning departure left more or less on-time and diverted to Stansted.

Thursday 11th December
The two Air Ukraine Tu-154's departed at midnight-thirty and one o'clock respectively, waking up most of Tyneside in the process (including me !). City Flyer continued to use European One Eleven's, G-AVMY operating the CFE73NA/74NB and CFE77NA/78NB.
Yet more biz-jets; Lear 31 N331SJ is becoming quite a regular now, arriving from Dresden in the morning and continuing to Manston. Interesting visitor during the morning was Michelin's Falcon 20 (re-engined) F-GOBZ, which was on the ground for just under an hour, from/to Clermont Ferrand. It didn't wear the c/n externally ... any ideas anyone ?. Falcon 50 N52JJ, in possibly the best biz-jet colour-scheme of the year, spent a few hours on the ground during the afternoon, from/to Gatwick, and Aviation Beauport's Citation 560 N560WE arrived from Jersey during the evening for a night-stop.
A couple of interesting King Air's appeared, King Air 200 VP-CMA making its first-visit up here from/to Coventry, while much better was King Air 90 TC-FRT on delivery during the early afternoon, from Luxembourg to Reykjavik. DARTA's King Air 200 F-GEPY arrived during the evening from Le Bourget as DRT2312, for a two-night stay.

Wednesday 10th December
City Flyer ATR.72 G-BVTK returned for an emergency landing after departure as CFE70NB, the early morning Gatwick flight, after shutting down the port engine on take-off (the second such incident concerning an ATR in four days - Gill's G-ORFH had another 'pan' on Sunday afternoon with ATR.42 G-ORFH after departure to Paris, again after shutting down the port engine !). G-BVTK landed safely (bursting a tyre in the process) and positioned out later to Gatwick during the early evening as CFE072P. More aircraft substitutions included European Air Charter BAC One Eleven G-AVMY again, on the CFE75NA/76NB, and Atlantic Airways' Metro G-BUKA still covering for planned maintenence on Jetstream 31 G-CBEA, again operating all the Southampton schedules (EAW101/2/3/4).
Still lots of biz-jets around, although not many particularly new. One that was, was Eurojet Italia's Beechjet 400 I-GCFA which stayed for a few hours late morning, from/to Milan as ERJ2314. Others included Sterling Jets' Lear 31A N331SJ again, from Northolt to Dresden during the afternoon, and the Taunus Air Lear 35 D-CGRC returning from Madrid during the early hours as TAQ243, positioning out to Amsterdam at lunch-time as TAQ251. GAMA Aviation's Lear 35 G-GJET operated another trip to Sweden during the morning, as GMA552 from Heathrow to Norkoping.

Tuesday 9th December
The big arrivals of the day were obviously the two Air Ukraine Tupolev Tu-154's, which arrived from Kiev during the early afternoon, within 18 minutes of each other. UR-85482 was the first in full Air Ukraine colours, while UR-85535 followed and wore basic Aeroflot colours, with Air Ukraine titles and tail logo. Both aircraft night-stopped to depart after the game on Wednesday night.
Atlantic Airways operated the European Airways Southampton schedules again (EAW101/2/3/4) with Metro G-BUKA.
Taunus Air Learjet 35 D-CGRC visited during the afternoon, from Frankfurt as TAQ251, departing to Madrid as TAQ242.
AMC2107 9H-ABR

Monday 8th December
Quite a big day for aircraft substitutions; European Airways used Atlantic Airways Metro III G-BUKA all day for the EAW101/2/3/4 Southampton schedules, and Aer Lingus' mid-day Dublin EIN304/5 schedule was operated by Boeing 737-500 EI-CDD. The morning saw two BAC One Elevens operating for City Flyer and Maersk, European Air Charters G-AVMY operating the CFE73NA/74NB and G-AWYR on the MSK392/3. European's G-AVMY returned on the night-stopping CFE79NA.
Sterling Jets' Learjet 31A N331SJ made another visit, from/to Prestwick during the afternoon. GAMA's Lear 35 G-GJET arrived from Heathrow and operated a trip to/from Stockholm-Bromma, and then departed back to Heathrow, all as GMA548.

Sunday 7th December
Lunch-time saw the first-visit of a new helicopter type, Eurocopter 135 F-GMCJ calling in on its way to demonstration to Bond Helicopters at Aberdeen, arriving from Cambridge.

Saturday 6th December
Another Dash Eight for Tyrolean passed through on delivery, our second in a week (a nice taster for the CRJ's in two weeks time). OE-LTJ arrived from Reykjavik at 9.33pm, night-stopped, and departed at 9.32am to Innsbruck on Sunday morning. The aircraft was a -300 in an all-white scheme, no titles, and is c/n 481.
Arsenal directors arrived to see their team beat Newcastle in Citation 501 N400PG, which day-stopped from/to Luton.
An emergency exercise during the morning on the remote stands, simulated a ground collision between the Airtours A.320 G-RDVE, and the fuselage 'hulk' of Shorts 330 N331L,which normally resides by the fire station. A certain amount of damage was inflicted to the 'hulk' during the exercise, mainly to its 'nose', and as of Tuesday morning it was still present on the grass behind the remote stands.

Friday 5th December
The Peach Air Tristar TF-ABE finally departed after just over a week parked-up here, as KGC712P to Gatwick. The departure was fairly exciting apparently, as it trailed a cloud of vapour from the undercarriage bays during the initial climb-out !.
SABENA operated an RJ.100 through Newcastle for only the third time, unfortunately the one we'd seen twice before during July and August though, OO-DWA which operated the afternoon SAB673/4. Gill Airways used Emerald Airways HS.748 for four scheduled services, to/from Belfast City as GIL732B/735B/740B and 741B. The positioning sectors were from and to Liverpool, as GIL732P and GIL741P. City Flyer used One Eleven G-AXLL again, arriving on the night-stopping CFE79NA.

Thursday 4th December
One Eleven G-AXLL was used again by City Flyer, on the CFE73NA/74NB, while the afternoon CFE75NA/76NB was operated by Titan Airways ATR.42 G-BUPS. The night-stopping CFE79NA was G-AXLL again !.
King Air 200 D-IHUT passed through on delivery at lunch-time, from Reykjavik to Augsburg, and the Citation N213JS visited again at tea-time, from Basle to Luton.

Wednesday 3rd December
City Flyer used One Eleven G-AXLL for the afternoon CFE75NA/76NB rotation. After our second-last Airtours Airbus A.320 during the 'Barcelona period', we got our last during the evening, the first-visiting G-RDVE positioning from Manchester as AIH01E to become the based aeroplane, replacing G-TPTT which departed as AIH02E.
Citation 550 N213JS departed to Le Bourget during the morning, and the German Cessna 310 D-IHMT departed to Elstree during the afternoon. S&N's Citation 560 VP-CSN came back through at tea-time from Rotterdam to Edinburgh.

Tuesday 2nd December
City-Flyer used European One Eleven G-AXLL (becoming quite a regular up here) for their morning Gatwick CFE73NA/74NB rotation.
Citation 550 N213JS departed to Frankfurt before breakfast, returning during the evening for another night-stop, this time out in the open. North Flying Corvette OY-SBR departed to Copenhagen during the afternoon after its night-stop, as NFA052.
V-tailed Bonanza D-EBJT continued its delivery flight with an early morning departure to Reykjavik, and arriving during the afternoon was the very smart Cessna 310 D-IHMT, from Glasgow for a night-stop.
AMC2107 9H-ABR

Monday 1st December
After spending most of the summer worrying about when I'd see the Monarch A.321, and then finally 'getting it' on its two visits last week, it came back today !, arriving from Birmingham as MON324P and operating a charter to Lille as MON9327.
The Dash Eight expected late on Saturday night appeared during the early afternoon from Keflavik. Wearing basic Dac Air colours, OE-LTK (483) departed to Innsbruck, and delivery to Tyrolean Airways.
North Flying Corvette OY-SBR arrived from Turany in the Czech Republic during the afternoon, as NFA051, for a night-stop. Norsk Luftambulanse Citation 650 LN-NLC visited during the evening, as NOO102 from Pori to Fornebu. Another evening exec arrival was JS Aviation's Citation 550 N213JS which replaced Citation 560 N311DG, and night-stopped, the aeroplane actually taking refuge from the ice in a hangar, a very unusual occurrence for a visiting exec jet.
Beech Bonanza D-EBJT arrived from Paderborn at tea-time for a night-stop, the aircraft expected to continue its delivery flight to the US on Tuesday morning to Reykjavik.
Interesting light aircraft visitor during the afternoon was Piper Vagabond G-BTOT making the short trip up from Fishburn.

Sunday 30th November
Boeing 737-500 EI-CDS appeared on the morning Aer Lingus Dublin rotation (EIN302/3).
Magec HS.125 G-OMGD day-stopped from/to Luton as MGC664A/B, and Citation 501 VP-CFG spent 12 minutes on the ground during the afternoon, from/to Kidlington. PA-31 Navajo N565WA passed through from Vagar (Faroe Islands) to Staverton.

Saturday 29th November
Manx Airways operated another Metro Centre charter, this time just a one-day visit, using the same BAe146 as a few weeks ago, G-MIMA, which was from/to The Isle-of-Man as MNX905/6. European Airways also operated a day trip to Newcastle, from Bournemouth, with One Eleven G-AXLL as EAF4740/1.
The airport looked pretty good again, with lots of varied aeroplanes lying around; after the above, a couple of Canadian Forces Hercules, the Peach Air Tristar which is still here, we also had the three execs left over from Thursday, all of which departed at tea-time as follows; Abelag Falcon 50 OO-LFT to Charleroi as AAB41T, Challenger C-GPGD to Luton, and Aero Services Executive Gulfstream I F-GFIB to Le Bourget as BES375.
A new Edinburgh Air Charter Cessna 402, G-BXJA, visited twice, from Edinburgh to Bristol in the afternoon, and returning just before midnight.

Friday 28th November
The mid-day Futura flight (FUA100/1) was operated by the Luxair Boeing 737-400 LX-LGG again.
A first-visiting exec jet was BAe 125-800 VP-BSI which day-stopped from/to Staverton.

Barcelona Traffic 25/26/27 November

The biggest movement yet of Newcastle United football supporters for a European match, for the game in Barcelona, resulted in the following extra flights at Newcastle Airport.
While the majority were operated by airlines not unfamiliar to Newcastle, we still got some first-visiting aeroplanes. It was of course also a very lucrative event for the airport, the flights listed below making for substantial extra revenue. The bulk of the flights were operated by Monarch Airlines, the least common of the major UK charter carriers at Newcastle, so it was good to see all their types back again. The last based Monarch aircraft was an A.320 during Summer 1994, while the last Airbus A.300-600 operation through Newcastle was during Winter 1991/1992.

Tuesday 25th November
Eight flights departed on Tuesday morning, being spread over a three-hour period. Delays were experienced by Airtours, who had to perform a tyre change on A.320 G-DJAR before departing with the team itself, and Air 2000 who's Boeing 757 G-OOOV arrived late from Dublin again due to technical reasons. The mornings proceedings produced two first-visiting aeroplanes, both Airbus A.320's, obviously the stunning Star Europe F-GRSD, and the Airtours G-DJAR, one of two Airtours A.320's we still need to see at Newcastle. This aircraft still wears the modified scheme, with no fuselage 'stripe'. The afternoon/evening saw two Monarch aeroplanes arrive in preparation for Wednesday morning, a Boeing 757, and the Airbus A.321 G-OZBC, another first-visitor, and only our fourth A.321 ever.

TF-ABE L.1011 KGC5766 0626-0806 EGCC LEBL Peach Air
F-GRSD A.320 SEU090P/900L 0649-0810 LFPG LEBL Star Europe
G-DJAR A.320 AIH122P/3797 0700-1109 EGCC LEBL Airtours
G-MOND B.757 MON272P/9272 0702-0822 EGKK LEBL Monarch Airlines
G-MONB B.757 MON288P/9288 0704-0830 EGCC LEBL Monarch Airlines
G-OOOJ B.757 AMM923P/9236 0824-0914 EGCC LEBL Air 2000
G-BBAJ L.1011 CKT9640 0925-1116 EGCC LEBL Caledonian Awys
G-OOOV B.757 AMM757M/9298 0950-1042 EIDW LEBL Air 2000

G-MOND B.757 MON273P 1354-26th LEBL Monarch Airlines
G-OZBC A.321 MON252P 1850-26th EGBB Monarch Airlines

Wednesday 26th November
While the Wednesday morning may have only involved one more departure than Tuesday, a total of nine, it was in my opinion, a much more impressive sight, while it also proved to be the closest we were to come over the whole period to 'max-ing out', as far as available stands go. The most impressive moment for me (possibly of the whole three days) was being in the tower and seeing three different Monarch Airbus types go airborne within eleven minutes !. At one point, at the start of my shift at 0700L, eight of the extra nine aeroplanes below were on the ground at the same time, this in addition to the normal night-stopping aircraft. For those familiar with our parking it was as follows:
Stand 1-SAB 146 1N-BRY DH8 2-AMM 757 3-UKA F10 -KGC L10 then LEI 763 once L10 had pushed back 5-MON 320 5N-AFR A42 6-MON AB6 7-BAW 757 8-empty 9-CFE A72 10-GIL A42 11-JEM HS7/EAW J31 12-empty 13-CIM A42 14-BRY DH8 15-AIH 757 16-MON 321 17-MON 757 18-AIH 320 19-BAL 757 !!!.

TF-ABH L.1011 KGC9644 0452-0718 EGCC LEBL Peach Air
G-MONZ A.320 MON260P/9260 0556-0730 EGCC LEBL Monarch Airlines
G-CSVS B.757 AIH314P/3813 0610-0805 EGPF LEBL Airtours
G-OJMR A.300 MON246P9246 0618-0738 EGCC LEBL Monarch Airlines
G-OOOB B.757 AMM926P/9264 0650-0749 EGKK LEBL Air 2000
G-UKLH B.767 LEI075P/969 0659-0833 EGCC LEBL Leisure International
G-OZBC A.321 MON9252 25th-0741 LEBL Monarch Airlines
G-MONW A.320 MON378P/9378 0814-0857 EGGW LEBL Monarch Airlines
G-MOND B.757 MON9230 25th-0827 LEBL Monarch Airlines

Thursday 27th November
The prospect of twelve arrivals in just over an hour was too much for me, and I arranged to work a night-shift on the Wednesday night after my 'early'. Inevitably though a lot were delayed, meaning they were spread out more evenly, while some very quick turnarounds meant that there wasn't really any problem as far as accomodating everything on stand (the most we had 'at the same time' only being five or six). Unfortunately we got the same Star Europe.
The afternoon/evening saw the last five flights arrive back, including two of our first-visitors from Tuesday, the Airtours A.320 and Peach Air Tristar TF-ABH, the latter which will stay until the 5th December.

G-OJMR A.300 MON9247/247P 0155-0232 LEBL EGCC Monarch Airlines
G-OOOJ B.757 AMM9237/937P 0205-0243 LEBL EGKK Air 2000
G-MONB B.757 MON9289/289P 0222-0309 LEBL EGCC Monarch Airlines
G-OOOV B.757 AMM9299/929P 0236-0324 LEBL EGKK Air 2000
G-MONZ A.320 MON9261/261P 0241-0319 LEBL EGCC Monarch Airlines
G-OZBC A.321 MON9253/253P 0250-0543 LEBL EGBB Monarch Airlines
G-OOOB B.757 AMM9265/965P 0300-0546 LEBL EGHH Air 2000
G-UKLH B.767 LEI970/076P 0304-0344 LEBL EGCC Leisure International
F-GRSD A.320 SEU901L/091P 0307-0356 LEBL LFPG Star Europe
G-DAJB B.757 MON9273/273P 0316-0404 LEBL EGFF Monarch Airlines
G-CSVS B.757 AIH3814/314P 0409-0443 LEBL EGPF Airtours
G-MONW A.320 MON9379/979P 0440-0516 LEBL EGKK Monarch Airlines

TF-ABE L.1011 KGC5767 1659-n/s LEBL Peach Air
G-DJAR A.320 AIH3798/098P 1810-1856 EGKK EGCC Airtours
G-MOND B.757 MON231B/231P 1935-2012 LEBL EGGW Monarch Airlines
G-BBAJ L.1011 CKT9641 1949-2053 LEBL EGCC Caledonian Awys
TF-ABH L.1011 KGC9645 2106-2149 LEBL EGCC Peach Air

All in all a very interesting and exciting period, and at times it looked like a real airport :-)

Unfortunately it looks like it won't happen again for some time though !.

Thursday 27th November
The mid-day Futura Arrecife was operated by Spanair as SPP122/3 with MD.83 EC-GBA.
Aeroleasing Learjet 35 HB-VJJ arrived during the morning (after we'd got rid of an extra 12 charter flights !) as FPG298 from Geneva, returning there under the same callsign at tea-time. At around the same time CL604 Challenger C-GPGD arrived from Luton for a night-stop, while Abelag Falcon 50 OO-LFT arrived from Brussels a little later as AAB41T, also for a night-stop. An executive prop arriving during the afternoon was Gulfstream I F-GFIB operated by Aero Service Executive, and using the callsign BES375 inbound from Le Bourget, this aircraft also night-stopping.

Wednesday 26th November
Apart from the Barcelona traffic, absolutely nothing else, on one of the most miserable days for a long time !.
Others: LBT803 EI-CBO

Tuesday 25th November
Brymon used Titan ATR.42 G-BUPS for their morning BRY52A/52B/53A/53B Bristol-Aberdeen schedules.
Bonanza D-EKMD departed to Reykjavik before breakfast. Mu-2 F-GEQM visited during the evening, from Nevers to Orleans.
AMM514/5 G-OOOA AMC2107 9H-ABS

Monday 24th November
An interesting late night arrival was Miami Air Boeing 727 N804MA which arrived from Shannon on a trooping flight, using the callsign 'M1211' (Reach). It departed to Gatwick just after midnight as BSK196, after not being allowed to stay any longer due to all our extra charters on Tuesday morning (which was a shame as the crew wanted to visit the Metro Centre !).
Gill Airways used Emerald Airways HS.748 G-EMRD for their lunch-time Belfast City scheduled service GIL722B, the aircraft arriving from Liverpool as GIL748P.
Another Citation 525 delivery appeared in the shape of D-IWIL, which arrived from Reykjavik and departed to Bremen during the afternoon. Mooney M.20 PH-DAG visited briefly during the afternoon, from/to Rotterdam. Arriving from Bremen at tea-time was Beech Bonanza D-EKMD for a night-stop.

Sunday 23rd November
Cessna 172 D-EJRW departed to Cologne during the morning, and Cessna 310 N510PS left for Walton Wood during the afternoon.

Saturday 22nd November
The Il-76 appeared during the early morning, RA-76842 of AirStans (?), arriving from Montreal with an industrial pump engine as VDA9908, departing at lunch-time as HLA754 to Paris-CDG.
Citation 525 D-IURH passed through again, during the early hours, from Keflavik to Munich. Citation 560 N560WE departed to Jersey during the evening, and Falcon 900 N70EW departed to Santa Maria, Azores later in the evening after its two night stay.
Tea-time saw two German-registered light aircraft visit on ferry flights, one in each direction, Cessna 172 D-EJRW arriving from Reykjavik for a night-stop, and King Air 90 D-IFCL from Munster departing to Reykjavik.
Cessna 310 N510PS returned from Exeter for a night-stop, and we got a new resident in the shape of the appopriately registered TB.10 G-TYNE, which arrived from Blackpool.

Friday 21st November
The second Luxair Boeing 737-400 to first-visit in a few weeks appeared on the lunch-time Futura flight, LX-LGG wearing basic Luxair colours with Futura titles ( on the port side only). Flight numbers were FUA100/1, from/to Teneriffe. (The first was LX-LGF operated by Sobelair on the 5th of November)
City Flyer used One Eleven G-AVMS for the afternoon CFE75NA/76NB Gatwick rotation. The night-stopping Cimber was ATR.42 OY-CIB, quite a rare machine in Newcastle.
The Ratioflug F-27 D-ADUP departed at breakfast-time to Brussels as RAT027.
Citation 560 N560WE arrived from Leeds during the evening for a night-stop.

Thursday 20th November
Ratioflug F-27 D-ADUP arrived from Paris-CDG at lunch-time as RAT027, for a night-stop. Not a first-visitor though, as it visited on the 22nd October 1995 as OE-IPN !. City-Flyer used BAC One Eleven G-AVMS for the mid-morning CFE73NA/74NB rotation.
Skyservice's King Air 90 LX-LTX arrived during the morning from Valenciennes as SKS90, returning during the afternoon as SKS901. Cessna 404 N6763R passed through on delivery during the afternoon, from Rotterdam to Reykjavik, and Abelag Learjet 35 OO-GBL visited during the afternoon as AAB41G, from/to Brussels. Falcon 900 N70EW arrived from Madrid at tea-time for a two-night stay.

Wednesday 19th November
The two Nouvelair Tunisie MD.83's we had yet to see this winter, both appeared, F-GHEC on the scheduled morning rotation, and EI-CBO on another extra flight during the evening, from Monastir to Glasgow as LBT874/5.
Gill's new ATR.42 N4210G disappeared into the hangar today, reportedly for quite a long time.
Airlink King Air 300 OE-FME arrived during the morning as JAR09 from Manchester for a night-stop, and Citation VP-CFG day-stopped from/to Kidlington. Interesting shape was Beagle Basset G-HRHI, which visited during the afternoon from/to Cranfield. A military aircraft, but worth mentioning, Xingu 098 visited during the morning as FAF6795 from Avord to Exeter.

Tuesday 18th November
S&N Citation 560 VP-CSN visited again just after midnight as expected, from Glasgow to Edinburgh. Bond Helicopters' S-76 G-SSSD made a fuel-stop during the afternoon en-route from Aberdeen to the Ravensbird 'A' Rig.
AMC2107 9H-ABT

Monday 17th November
Air UK Fokker 50 G-UKTB diverted in during the evening en-route Aberdeen to Norwich as UKA606 with 'mild to moderate' airframe vibrations, the aircraft positioning out to Aberdeen later as UKA9503. The passengers meanwhile continued to Norwich by bus !.
It was certainly a day for UK-based exec jets to make short visits; L'Equipe Air's Citation N12NM spent only 12 minutes on the ground during the morning, from Gamston to Edinburgh, its reverse routing in the afternoon, involving a longer stop at Newcastle, of just over 3 hours. British Aerospace's 125 G-TSAM visited at lunch-time from Farnborough to Northolt, spending just 10 minutes on the ground, while its colleague G-TCAP spent just 15 minutes here in between arriving from Northolt and departing to Bournemouth during the evening. We haven't had a Scottish & Newcastle exec visit since the beginning of September (G-OSNB), meaning we hadn't seen the new Citation 560 VP-CSN yet, but this finally first-visited at tea-time, from Edinburgh to Glasgow, spending just 18 minutes on the ground.
Strong 'southerlies' meant problems for Aberdeen-based Oil support helicopters, with the first of a number of fuel-stops over the next few days involving Bell 214 G-BKFN arriving from Aberdeen as BHL70C, during the evening for a night-stop.

Sunday 16th November
The extra Nouvelair Tunisie in the early hours was operated by MD.83 EI-CNO, from Dublin to Monastir (LBT853).
The two night-stoppers departed during the afternoon, the Manx 146 G-MIMA back to the Isle-of-Man (MNX904), presumably with heavier hand baggage (and lighter wallets), and the Chauffair Lear out to Farnborough.
An interesting light twin visitor was Cessna 310 N510PS, at tea-time from Walton Wood to Booker.

Saturday 15th November
The European One Eleven G-AXLL returned from Malmo, via Glasgow during the afternoon, positioning out to Birmingham (EAF4725/725P), while a pre-Christmas shopping spree for some 'islanders' saw Manx 146 G-MIMA arrive for a night-stop (MNX903).
The early morning saw a couple of interesting exec jets, Falcon 900 N127EM arriving from Heathrow, and departing to Farnborough, and Citation 525 D-IURH which made another trip to the US, arriving from Munich, and departing to Reykjavik before 0900. The Chauffair Lear 35 G-OCFR ex the night-stop, departed to Norwich and onwards to Montpellier during the afternoon, returning from France just before midnight ... anybody know who 'Montpellier United' were playing Saturday night, and what was the name of their striker ?!.

Friday 14th November
The detached Air 2000 Airbus A.320 departed to Brussels during the early hours as VEX510P, returning during the afternoon as VEX511P, presumably after a Virgin Express 'sub'. None of the Futura/BCM Spain flights operated, instead Air 2000 Boeing 757 G-OOOB flew there and back, as AMM9102/3, the aeroplane wearing an all-white colour-scheme with the new style titles. Positioning flights were from Gatwick to Manchester (AMM102P/103P).
The two MD Explorers departed to Leconfield before breakfast.
VIV1748/9 EC-ELY

Thursday 13th November
Gill Airways' 'new' ATR.42 arrived at lunch-time, in the shape of ex Mahalo Air machine N4210G, still in full Mahalo c/s. The European 1-11 G-AXLL departed at lunch-time, to Glasgow and onwards to Malmo, as EAF4724. City Flyer ATR.42 G-BVED operated the mid-day rotation (CFE69NA/80NB), and was first-noted with an all-white forward freight door !.
Learjet 31 N331SJ of Sterling Jets visited during the morning from/to Belfast City.
Air Normandie operated an evening freight flight from Nevers (France) with King Air 100 F-GHHV as RNO713, the aircraft positioning out to Le Havre as RNO700. That pair of MD.900 Explorers arrived at tea-time for a night-stop from Aberdeen, the reggies ... N9208V (the red one) and N92001 (the blue/white one).

Wednesday 12th November
We got another diversion from Heathrow, although still nothing exciting, in fact an even older BA 747 than last week's !, G-AWNB arriving from Montreal as BAW094. It day-stopped and departed during the evening to Heathrow as BAW1094.
European Airlines One Eleven G-AXLL arrived from Dublin as EAF712P for a night-stop.
Lear 55 D-CLIP went back to Munich as MTM46 during the morning. Citation 560 N311DG returned again (!), at tea-time, from Le Bourget to Manchester.
Beech Baron N3214H passed through on delivery at lunch-time, from Blackbushe to Reykjavik.

Tuesday 11th November
Another nice executive jet arrived early, MTM's Lear 55 D-CLIP, using MTM46 from Munich and night-stopping. Falcon 50 VP-BKG visited again, a much briefer affair this time, from/to Luton over lunch-time, while the Gulf IV that it shared the ramp with over the weekend, N80AT finally departed for Gatwick at tea-time. Citation 560 N311DG departed to Frankfurt first thing.
AMC2107 9H-ABR

Monday 10th November
Cimber Air's 'new' ATR.42 OY-CIU (c/n 112) first-visited on the morning CIM221 arrival, and appeared again during the afternoon, while the night-stopper was the 'quite rare up here' OY-CIH. The last City-Flyer arrival, the night-stopper, was operated by BAC One Eleven G-AVMS.
Directflight operated what presumably was a freight charter from Troyes with Bandeirante G-JBAC during the late evening, as DCT671, the aircraft departing immediately to Norwich.
Citation 560 N311DG arrived during the early evening from Manchester for a night-stop, while the Lauda Executive Learjet 60 OE-GNL departed to Lyons during the late evening, with a certain Mr. Collins.

Sunday 9th November
Arriving for a Rugby match at Newcastle Gosforth were Air Toulouse Boeing 737 F-GHXK presumably with the team, as TLE254/5 from/to Toulouse, and Falcon 50 F-GPPF, presumably with the directors, also from/to Toulouse. Lauda Executive Lear 60 OE-GNL arrived from Birmingham during the afternoon, for a night-stop, looking very pretty in the basic Lauda Airways colour-scheme.
Aerostar D-IMMO, a fairly regular Atlantic 'crosser', passed through again during the afternoon, from Reykjavik to Bayreuth.

Saturday 8th November
Another new Falcon 20 visited during the evening, THS's F-GLMD arriving from Palma, and departing to Le Bourget as THZ083. Falcon 50 VP-BKG departed to Luton during the afternoon.
Aero Commander N24A departed to Geneva before breakfast; visiting during the afternoon was Cessna 337 D-IBHS, from Biggin Hill to Lubeck.

Friday 7th November
The much-publicised 'Montserrat Relief Flight' appeared during mid-morning, Monarch Airlines 757 G-MONE arriving direct from Antigua as MON9380 with 77 passengers bound for local hospitals and nursing homes. The aeroplane positioned out to Glasgow as MON380P.
As I suspected only one of the Futura/Air Europa combination operated, the Air Europa A320, again as I thought, by a BCM Spain aeroplane, EC-GLT operating from/to Tenerife a few hours late as AEA100/1.
Citation 560 N311DG visited again at tea-time, from Frankfurt to Manchester, and arriving just before midnight was Aero Commander N24A from Keflavik, on a ferry which takes it to Geneva early on Saturday morning.

Thursday 6th November
Another very 'cosmopolitan' day, possibly even busier than Wednesday !. Two very regular Citation 560's up here 'moved' before breakfast, N311DG of Hamlin Jet (for computer company Sage) departing to Frankfurt, while Comfort Air's N68MA arrived on another Siemens-related visit, from Dresden, returning there at tea-time. It was another great day for executive jets !. Passing through at lunch-time was another Citationjet on delivery, D-IEWS (c/n 0217) arriving from Reykjavik, and departing to Bremen. There's a few more due in the coming weeks apparently !. Arriving during the evening were Falcon 100 F-GHPB of Trans Helicopter Service, from/to Le Bourget as THZ061, and two staying slightly longer, but much less interesting, Gulf IV N80AT and Falcon 50 VP-BKG, both arriving from Luton.
Denim Air failed to carry the Eindhoven team again (the non-appearance of the Fokker 50 on Monday evening being a consequence to a ground collision with a catering vehicle prior to departure !) New Air's F-27 OY-EBC arriving from Pori in Finland during the morning as NAW9706, and departing with the team to Eindhoven as NAW439. Supporters charters included Transavia 737 PH-TSX, from Copenhagen to Amsterdam as TRA8254/8368, and BASE Regional's Jetstream 31 PH-KJG again, from/to Eindhoven as BRO900/1. The TBM.700 F-GLBF departed back to Holland during the morning, and visiting was Cessna 340 OY-BSO, from Stauning to Manchester.

Wednesday 5th November
An excellent day in the 'Great North-East' of England, with Bulgarian, American (x2), Dutch (x3), French (x2), Austrian, Luxembourg and Belgian-registered aircraft visiting !.
Our second Antonov An-12 in two days appeared on Nissan cargo flights, this one visiting even earlier, Bulgarian Flying Cargo's LZ-BFD being in and out before 0530. Operating as BFB606/7, the aircraft arrived from Santander and departed to Lyon-Bron.
Visitors for the Newcastle United/PSV Eindhoven match were BASE Regional Jetstream 31 PH-KJG (from/to Eindhoven as BRO900/1), and Transavia Boeing 737 PH-HVG (from/to Amsterdam as TRA8367/8), both of which departed straight back to Holland during the afternoon.
Visitors staying until after the game were Constellation's Airbus A.320 OO-COH, still with its Virgin Express tail c/s (from/to Brussels as VEX1719/20), Sobelair Boeing 737-400 LX-LGF (from/to Brussels as SLR4667/8), and Tulip Airways PA-31 PH-EEF (from/to Rotterdam as TLP07A/B). Also probably connected with the game was TBM.700 F-GLBF, which arrived from Weert during the afternoon, and night-stopped.
Other foreigners during the day included two Citation 560's, N311DG again from Manchester during the early evening, and night-stopping, and Euralair's F-GKGL, which visited from/to Le Bourget also during the early evening. The Austrian was King Air 300 OE-FME which departed to Biarritz during the afternoon as JAR09, and on delivery was King Air 90 N1135K which passed through from Reyjavik to Siegerland over lunch-time.
Almost overlooked after all that was the first Nouvelair Tunisie flight, LBT803 being operated by MD.83 EI-CGI.
The new Flyer, G-BXTN appeared on the first arrival of the day, CFE71NA, with the next, CFE73NA and the afternoon CFE75NA arrival, being operated by European One Eleven G-AVMH. 'TN' was also the night-stopper.
Gill Airways Shorts 360 G-OLAH returned to service after its major check, operating the evening Aberdeen departure, GIL779A.

Tuesday 4th November
The first freight flight of 'the strike' appeared during the early morning, Air Sofia Antonov An-12 LZ-SFK (the one in the special scheme) arriving from Pontoise as SFB219. The aeroplane departed during the afternoon to Pamplona as SFB224, and the rumour is that it will remain 'Newcastle-based' for the rest of the week, which is a shame as we have seen it here before, a few months ago.
'That' 727, N763AT, departed to Hamburg during the morning. Visiting executive types included Airlink's King Air OE-FME from Salzburg as JAR09, Aero Services Executive's Gulf I F-GFIB from Troyes to Le Bourget during the afternoon as BES313, and another visit from the very nice Citation 650 D-CACM, which arrived from Braunschweig, and departed to Karlsruhe.

Monday 3rd November
Another of those 'strange' Boeing 727 visits that happen every now and again, produced American Trans Air's N763AT, which arrived from Keflavik during the morning, and night-stopped. The operator was listed as Century Management, but who knows what it was really doing !?.
PSV Eindhoven arrived slightly later than planned, the original Denim Air Fokker 50 not appearing at tea-time, after presumably going u/s. They finally pitched-up at 9pm on Transavia 737 PH-HVG as TRA438 !.
The Corvette OY-SBR departed during the morning, as NFA051, to Leeds, and King Air 200 N8PY arrived from Manchester for a night-stop.

Sunday 2nd November
Poor weather just about everywhere produced two diversions. Diverting from Amsterdam, whilst en-route there from Freeport in the Bahamas, was Challenger 604 D-AMIM, which was in and out before 0900L, departing onwards to Karslruhe, while another diversion at lunchtime involved the slightly less interesting British Airways Boeing 747 G-AWNP, which arrived from JFK on the BAW116, and which spent just under two hours on the ground here, awaiting Heathrow's weather to clear. This aeroplane was however notable in that it was the first ever 'Jumbo' to be pushed-back from a 'nose-in' stand at Newcastle ... all previous visits having gone onto 'self-manoeuvering' stands.
The British World Viscount G-APEY visited for its pleasure flight during the afternoon, the local flight itself being of 34 minutes duration, off to the North along the Northumberland coastline.
Saturday's arriving Piper Malibu on delivery, N22SY, continued onwards to Maastricht at lunch-time, and arriving at tea-time for a night-stop was North Flying's Corvette OY-SBR, from Aarhus.

Saturday 1st November
What would appear to have been the only Nordic flights during this last weekend of the summer season, were operated by Classic Airways Tristar G-IOII, KGC854 from Tenerife, and KGC854P to Stansted.
Gill Airways Shorts 360 G-OLAH was noted engine running during the afternoon, the aircraft having emerged from the hangar after its major check (the most major check ever to have been performed on a Shorts 360), which took almost three months to complete.
Brymon Dash Eight G-BRYO was noted with an extra motif under the Captain's side window. Presumably in connection with Harvey's Bristol Cream, it consists of a square bottle shape with the letter 'H' inside, and the inscription '200th' (the 'h' being the 'H' inside the bottle shape), and 'Harveys Bicentenary 1787-1987'. It is not very colourful, and not really noticable.
Piper Malibu N22SY arrived during the afternoon on delivery from Reykjavik, subsequently night-stopping.
FUA102/3 EC-GOB AIH4118/7 G-YJBM

Friday 31st October
The morning saw three airliners divert from Teesside due fog, British Midland Fokker 100 G-BVJA (BMA5WT/333), Air Kilroe Jetstream 31 G-OAKI (AKL501/2) and Airtours Boeing 767 G-DIMB (AIH044/053P).
The second aeroplane to first-visit in a week, in the BA 'Whale Rider' colours, appeared during the afternoon, Boeing 757 G-CPEO finally visiting on the BAW12G/13J.
The Trislander departed to Cardiff at tea-time as JFK591.

Thursday 30th October
The latest Air UK Fokker 100 G-UKFO, still in basic KLM colour-scheme with Air UK titles, first-visited during the day, operating the following Amsterdam schedules; UKA839/840/843/844.
Airworld A.321 G-BXAW departed to Zakinthos as AWD722P before breakfast.
Trislander G-AZLJ returned, from Liverpool as JFK590A, for a night-stop on the south apron.
AMC098/9 9H-ABF

Wednesday 29th October
Airworld Airbus A.321 G-BXAW arrived early in the morning, after its trip to Toulouse on Tuesday, and its night-stop at East Midlands on Tuesday night ... in fact it arrived in Newcastle only four and a half hours after Dave and I did !. The first-visiting, and only our third, A.321 operated to/from Prague as AWD860/1, and night-stopped at Newcastle.
The new Flyer, G-BXTN, visited again, on the CFE71NA/72NB. Metro EC-GPS made another visit during the early hours, from Barcelona to Cuatro Vientos, and Manhattan Air King Air 200 G-BXMA visited as MHN101B, from Blackbushe to Valenciennes.

Tuesday 28th October
The new 'Flyer', ATR.72 G-BXTN, first-visited on the afternoon CFE75NA/76NB, rather noticable in BA's new colours !.
The last Spanair of the summer EC-FXY, departed during the early hours as SPP025 to Zurich.
OHY441/2 TC-ONN AMC3206/7 9H-ABS

Monday 27th October
No British Regional Jetstream 41's on the Cardiff route as from today, however European Airways began service today with their Jetstream 31 taken off the Newcastle-Manchester route. The first Cardiff flight was operated by G-CBEA as EAW301/2.
BAe125 G-BLTP returned in the afternoon, from Northolt to Heathrow as DRA272/3.

Sunday 26th October
Classic Airways Tristar G-IOII completed the weekend flying during the early hours, arriving from Palma as KGC864, departing during the afternoon to Stansted as BWL001P. It was certainly BMA-day again; Boeing 737-400 G-OBMM operated a Naples return as AMM1166/7, the aircraft positioning from, and to East Midlands as AMM1166P and AMM1167P. Another -400 G-OBMO arrived from Faro during the afternoon as AMM1171, positioning out to Antalya as AMM666P, while Fokker 70 G-BVTG operated an inbound from Malaga, positioning out to East Midlands (BMA7172/9772).
Two charter airliners staying longer than usual over the weekend were the TransAer A.320 EI-TLE which operated the last Heraklion inbound overnight on Friday, the aeroplane departing on Sunday morning as TLA580P to Rhodes, and Air Europa Boeing 757 EC-FFK which operated the last AEA267 from Las Palmas just after midnight on Saturday night, and which departed to Kalmar in Sweden as AEA713 just before lunch-time on Sunday.
The new Gill Airways-operated, Air France Paris CDG schedule began during the afternoon, G-ORFH (strangely enough !) departing as GIL893C, and returning as GIL892C. The aeroplane then operated a Newcastle-Belfast City return !.

Saturday 25th October
The Skyjet DC-10 V2-LEX returned from Tenerife during the early hours, departing empty to CDG as SKJ854P. Classic Airways Tristar arrived from Gatwick at breakfast-time as KGC861P and operated to/from Alicante (KGC861/2), and to Palma as KGC863.
The TransAer A.320 EI-TLE day-stopped after arriving on its usual early morning Heraklion 'W', the aircraft departing on Sunday. This aircraft operated the entire Heraklion series this summer .... every flight !.
We got another new BA c/s, 'Koguty Lowickie' on Boeing 757 G-BPED, which visited on the mid-morning BAW12H/13F.
King Air 90 F-GIZB day-stopped from/to Nantes, while Hughes 500 N1096C made two landings, the second un-intended, returning after departure to Sywell with an open door !.
KGC767/6 G-SBEA ECA824/5 5B-DBB AEA267/8 EC-FFK

Friday 24th October
The beginning of the Nordic weekend flying (Thursday's Arrecife flight not operating at all) was operated by Sky Jet DC-10 V2-LEX, which arrived from Brussels as SKJ851P early in the morning, departing to Tenerife as SKJ851 before 7 o'clock. The final day of British Regional operating the Cardiff/Edinburgh flights saw Jetstream 41 G-MAJJ on all the flights.
BAe 125-700 G-BLTP was an early morning visitor, visiting from Heathrow to Northolt as DRA241/2. NEA's Lear 35 G-LEAR took a certain football manager to Enschede and back, during the afternoon/evening, as NEX1A/B/C/D .... wonder why ?.

Thursday 23rd October
The three footie charters returned during the early hours, Air 2000 Boeing 757 G-OOOV as AMM1663/663P, Monarch A.320 G-MONZ as MON8146/147P, and Leisure A.320 G-UKLL as LEI9009/036P.
The mid-morning SABENA schedule produced a now rare visit from a BAe146-200, OO-DJJ operating the SAB671/2, while the rarest Braathens Boeing 737-500, LN-BRK, made another visit on the tea-time flight.
Maersk Jetstream 41 G-MSKJ failed to operate the mid-morning Birmingham, the afternoon and evening flights being operated by Titan BAe146 G-ZAPK.
The BAC Express Shorts 360 G-CEAL returned from Ostend during the afternoon as RPX475, departing to Southend as RPX008P.
A very nice Challenger called in for fuel during the afternoon, C-GSQI being en-route Sweden to Montreal. In and out at similar times during the afternoon were Citation D-IEIR, from Brussels to Stuttgart, and London Executive's Citation G-FJET as LNX172, from/to Heathrow.
The night-stopping Seneca OE-FEE departed back to Maastricht just before mid-day, while further night-stoppers departed during the afternoon, Commander N70RR to Rotterdam, and Cherokee Arrow N1927H also to Rotterdam.
AMC098/9 9H-ABR

Wednesday 22nd October
Things started to pick up today thankfully. More of the 'Toon Army' departed on Air 2000 Boeing 757 G-OOOV early in the morning as AMM1662, while BAC Express Shorts 360 G-CEAL also operated to Ostend during the morning, as RPX473, after having arrived from Southend as RPX005P. A first-visiting airliner during the afternoon was the Croatia Airlines Airbus A.320 9A-CTF, which operated from Split to Manchester, as CTN1508/9.
We got four American registrations during the course of the day, the best being Falcon 50 N633L which arrived from Luton at breakfast-time, returning to Luton after lunch. Two arrivals during the afternoon for night-stops, were Gulfstream Commander N70RR, also from Luton, and Cherokee Arrow N1927H from Rotterdam. The last was Citation 560 N311DG yet again, from Frankfurt to Manchester. The evening saw Seneca OE-FEE arrive from Maastricht, also for a night-stop.
GAMA Aviation Learjet G-LJET day-stopped arriving from Farnborough, and departing to Stockholm late in the evening, both as GMA395.

Tuesday 21st October
Newcastle United departed to Rotterdam on Leisure A.320 G-UKLL as LEI9008, while part of the 'Toon Army' departed on Monarch A.320 G-OZBB as MON8146.
Gill Airways' ATR.42 G-ORFH arrived back after re-painting into Air France Express colours at Southend, as GIL183P from Edinburgh during the early hours .... and very nice it is too !. It was used for a few Belfast City rotations during the afternoon, the first one being as GIL732B.
OHY441/2 TC-ONM AMC3206/7 9H-ABS

Monday 20th October
The last few days have been very dull up here !!.
Not really news-worthy anymore, but Citation 560 N311DG returned again during the evening, from Manchester for a night-stop.
AIH846/5 C-GTDC SPP3185/6 EC-FZC

Sunday 19th October
The Classic Airways Tristar operated the return sector of the Nordic Palma rotation, during the early hours, the aircraft spending the day at Newcastle, and returning to Stansted during the evening. Apparently this aircraft may be operating all the Nordic flying over the coming weekend - possibly the last we've seen of Nordic !?.
There was lots of extra British Midland flights; Boeing 737-300 G-OBMP operated an early morning Faro as BMA6777, returning from Glasgow during the afternoon as BMA9371P, to operate a Naples departure as BMA6773. The Fokker 70 was G-BVTG again (BMA9771P/7171/7172/9772P).
The extra Air Europa Malaga (AEA229/231) was operated by Boeing 737-300 EC-GHD, the first visit of these marks, but not the aircraft. The Teesside-based Airtours A.320 C-GTDC diverted to Newcastle again first thing (AIH830/1).

Saturday 18th October
The Nordic European Tristar departed empty to Stockholm after operating the morning Alicante rotation, in order to operate a sub-charter (they had wanted to do this before the Alicante rotation, in doing so delaying it, and later flights severely, but were persuaded against it !). The afternoon Palma flight was however delayed by about seven hours, and operated on Classic Airways Tristar G-IOII, which positioned in from Stansted as KGC863P, during the late evening, and which actually operated to/from Palma as KGC863/4.
Airtours A.320 C-GTDC diverted from Teesside during the late evening, due to fog, which had also made Air Kilroe Jetstream G-OAKI divert during the morning.
TLA534/5 EI-TLE KGC767/6 G-SBEA ECA824/5 5B-DBB AEA267/8 EC-FFK

Friday 17th October
As many of you answered correctly the Shell Falcon 50 was indeed I-DENR, which visited from/to London City as SHE752/3.
Bond Super Puma G-PUME arrived during the very early hours from the Glomar Adriatic Rig as BND23D, returning to Aberdeen during the afternoon. The Trislander G-AZLJ departed back to Liverpool before breakfast as JFK591.

Thursday 16th October
The two ex-Sunways flights produced an interesting reflection on the worth of 'old' versus 'new'. The flight operated by Airworld arrived approximately eight hours late, G-BVZU arriving from Dalaman as AWD789, presumably after suffering technical problems, while an aircraft that most like to 'knock', the Sabre Airways Boeing 727's, operated the other Dalaman on schedule, G-BPND operating as SBE8081/081P.
A very rare type on the ground at Newcastle, the Trislander made a return, G-AZLJ arriving from Liverpool as JFK590, just before lunch-time.
Others: AMC098/9 9H-ABT

Wednesday 15th October
Croatia Airlines operated that 'split-load Split', with Boeing 737-200 9A-CTD, which arrived from Glasgow as CTN1509.
28 minutes into my first night shift saw a superb delivery, Citation 525 N1293G arriving from Reykjavik for a short night-stop, wearing a colour-scheme, and titles of 'Broad Air Conditioning China'. It also wore a motif on the fin, which if it wasn't the China Southern tail logo, was extremely similar !. Good candidate for a B- reggie ?. It departed to Malta before 8 o'clock on Thursday morning.

Tuesday 14th October
Pegasus 737-400 TC-AFK operated the Sunways flight, as PGT415/6. Gill Airways ATR.42 G-BVJP arrived back in the early hours, resplendant in the new colours, having been painted at Southend over the weekend.
Citation 560 N311DG visited yet again, during the evening from Le Bourget to Manchester , and Air Hanson Beechjet G-RAHL also passed through as AHL11 from Glasgow to Gatwick. Aerostar D-IMMO arrived from Germany during the afternoon for a night-stop, continuing onwards to Stornoway early on Wednesday morning.
OHY441/2 TC-ONP AMC3206/7 9H-ABS

Monday 13th October
With all the sub-charters required by Maersk over the last year, none have ever been flown by the three Boeing 737-500's; until now. We had only seen one before, G-MSKA on the 18th and 19th of October last year, on route-proving flights, but the MSK396/7 today was operated by first-visiting G-MSKB, which is in the 'Blue Poole' scheme according to Dave's list. Brymon used Titan ATR.42 G-ZAPJ for their morning Bristol/Aberdeen's (BRY52A/B/53A/B).
Citation 560 N311DG departed early on, to Frankfurt. AA-5B Tiger EI-BJS visited during the afternoon, from Dublin to Cardiff (after two go-arounds in strong cross-winds !).
AIH846/5 C-GTDC SPP3185/6 EC-GBA

Sunday 12th October
Presumably due to loads dropping off at the end of the season, the Nordic Tristar failed to operate its normal Sunday Malaga rotation, the flight being operated by two aircraft, both of which I got new ! (slack). Air Europa Boeing 737-300 EC-GEQ arrived from Malaga via Leeds at Breakfast-time as AEA231 (its first visit), departing straight back to Malaga as AEA231, while just behind it was British Midland Fokker 70 G-BVTG, which positioned from East Midlands as BMA9771P and operated outbound as BMA7171. It returned in the afternoon as BMA7172/9772P.
Saturday evening's Eurocypria flight operated exactly a day late on Sunday evening !, A.320 5B-DBC operating from/to Paphos as ECA825. Cessna 421 N2657N passed through from Thurrock to Reykjavik (which it seems to do quite often). Those Citations appeared again, N112JS visiting during the afternoon from Nice to Luton, and N311DG arriving from Manchester during the evening to night-stop.

Saturday 11th October
Our 'newest' registration yet (I think) G-BXJV appeared during the afternoon on a Katana from/to Perth.

Friday 10th October
Nordic Tristar SE-DSB arrived from Copenhagen during the evening as VKG1536.
German Air Rescue Lear 35 D-CCAA visited during the afternoon as AMB207, from Athens to Stuttgart, and N112JS departed to Erfurt during the afternoon.

Thursday 9th October
The two Sunways flights in the morning were operated by Pegasus with 737-400 TC-AFK which operated as PGT423/4, and TransAer Airbus A.320 EI-TLH which operated as TLA990/990P.
Citation N112JS departed to Frankfurt early, returning from Agen at tea-time for another night-stop.
TSC240/1 C-GTSN AMC098/9 9H-ABR

Wednesday 8th October
Citation 560 OE-GMI visited during the afternoon, from Coventry to Le Bourget as MGR531/2, and Citation 550 N112JS made the first of a number of visits during the evening, arriving from Luton and night-stopping. CN Air King Air 100 operated another freight flight, arriving just before midnight as ORO303 from Barcelona, and departing in the early hours of Thursday morning back to Barcelona as ORO302.
FCL2315/4 G-FCLD OHY443/4 TC-ONR

Tuesday 7th October
TransAer brought the 'stranded Suntours passengers' back (as described by the local TV news !) more or less on-time !, from Antalya, with Airbus A.320 EI-TLH as TLA987, the aircraft day-stopping and positioning back out to Antalya as TLA988P just before midnight (presumably to collect more 'strandees' !).
A couple of extra freight charters were flown by Spanish Merlins/Metros; EC-GLI of Ibertrans visited during the morning from Barcelona as IBT515, departing to Madrid as IBT520, while EC-GPS of ? arrived during the evening from/to Barcelona.
The other Gill Airways ATR.42 G-ORFH arrived from Edinburgh during the early hours, having been partially re-painted during the previous five days somewhere. It now wears another 'interim' scheme - all white, no titles. For the record G-BVJP is similar, but has a red band (part of the new Gill scheme) at the top of the fin. It would appear therefore that 'FH' will be the aircraft in Air France colours, for the commencement of the Paris schedule at the start of the winter schedules (27th October).
OHY441/2 TC-ONP AMC3206/7 9H-ABR

Monday 6th October
Eurojet Citation 550 G-OCDB visited during the morning as GOJ66A/B, from Edinburgh to Belfast City, and Piper Malibu N88PL visited from/to Wellesbourne Mountford.
AIH846/5 C-GTDC SPP3185/6 EC-GOU

Sunday 5th October
Dash Eight C-GDNG came through on delivery during the afternoon, from Reykjavik to Altenrhein, as DHC451, the aircraft wearing basic Dac Air colours with no titles.
British World operated a morning charter to Bergen with One Eleven G-OBWA as BWL7806. Air 2000 operated an extra Zakinthos arrival (presumably signalling the end of the much-troubled Peach Air series) with Boeing 757 C-FOOG as AMM225.
Enstrom 280 G-GKAT flew for the first time since its arrival and re-registration, to Barton at lunch-time. It hasn't returned yet.

Saturday 4th October
Tottenham Hotspur arrived to get beaten again, in Titan Airways ATR.42 G-ZAPJ, from/to Stansted as AWC889A/B.
Two deliveries passed through; Cessna 208A N1115V arrived from Gander during the early morning, departing to Malta mid-afternoon. The aircraft wore an overall grey colour-scheme with Necon Air titles, and had a final destination of Kathmandu !. Three minutes after it departed, Citation 525 D-IMMD arrived from Rekjavik, continuing onwards to Dusseldorf later in the afternoon.
Gulf IV N600PM departed during the afternoon to Almaty in Kazakhstan, and Castle Helicopters Jet Ranger G-SPEY arrived from Halfpenny Green as 'Castle02' for a 10-day detachment in support of filming in Northumberland.

Friday 3rd October
Top Air failed to appear on their Friday evening Dalaman flight (presumably escaping being impounded), the flight being operated by KTHY MD-90 TC-KTB (only our second MD-90 flight, and unfortunately the same aeroplane) as KYV3833 inbound from Dalaman, and KYV3834 outbound to Anatalya. City-Flyer used Gill ATR.42 G-BXBV for the following flights: CFE70NB/73NA/74NB/002P.
Gulf III VP-BNZ returned at tea-time, from Cambridge to Geneva, while Falcon 900 N349K visited at the same time, from Zurich to Biggin Hill.
CKT602P/602 G-BVYB OHY441/2 TC-ONP FCL4521/0 G-BXAT CKT603/603P G-BVYB FUA102/3 EC-GNC CIM227 OY-CIS

Thursday 2nd October
Newcastle United returned from Kiev during the early hours on Airworld A.320 G-BVZU, while the few supporters who made the trip arrived back on Leisure A.320 G-UKLK.
Cessna 406 N563GA continued on delivery to Reyjkavik during the morning. Quite an interesting day for executive jets with Falcon 50 F-OKSY day-stopping from Teesside to Northolt, Gulf IV N600PM arriving from Luton at lunch-time for an extended stay, and Gulf III VP-BNZ spending just 15 minutes on the ground during the evening, from Coventry to Cambridge. Other, more regular exec jets were Comfort Air's Citation 525 D-ITSV from/to Dresden, and Hamlin Jet's Citation 560 N311DG from Frankfurt to Luton during the afternoon.
TSC240/1 C-GTSJSWW3573/4 TC-INA SWW2571/2 TC-IND AMC098/9 9H-ABT

Thursday 2nd October was my first day back at Newcastle after my US trip ..... Wednesday 1st was not done, and the following, covering the period 18th-30th September, was very kindly done by Dave Webster in my absence.

30th Tuesday
Well the much publicised Sunways events on the mailing list had its effect felt in the North. As I'm sitting typing this (0306 local 1st Oct) our Antalya flight that should have gone this morning is just pushing back. 'Our' MD83 was impounded at Gatwick for non payment of Eurocontrol fees (Is that true?) After that was sorted and the aircraft released, a sub-chater was found and the flight being operted by Pegasus B737 TC-AFU. To make things worse the said 737 had to make a tech stop in Cologne on route to Newcastle for fuel! There has been plenty of publicity in the local media today and judging by what has gone on, there will be more today! For the record the flight is departing just under 18hrs late. Newcastle United departed for Kiev aboard Sabre B727 G-BPND. Irish 125 EI-WDC paid a visit from Kerry to Malaga as EFF025. C421 PH-VCM operated to/from Groningen. BE200 G-HAMA was GMA341 and finally N311DG the Citation night stopped.

29th Monday
The DC8 continued to Warsaw and duly made sure I was up for my early shift at 0530 (and I live 16Km NE!!) As I previously reported, today was US day. Deliveries were our 1st(Is that right Andy?) Starship N8224Q from Frankfurt-Reykjavik, TBM700 N57SL from Geneva-Reykjavik. Others were Semitools N980BH to/from Cambridge and 'Dutch' C303 N9460T paying us a day visit from/to Amsterdam. OE-FME continued on to Prestwick.

28th Sunday
Another DC8 3D-ADR posn in for the Warsaw run. An ex regular visited today, C501 VP-CDM from Paris to Hawarden. Airlink Be300 OE-FME arrived from Manchester as JAR 09 and night stopped.

27th Saturday
If you missed D-IURH last night then you definitely missed it today - it left at 0633 back to Munich!!

26th Friday
DC8 3D-ADV continued on to Warsaw. Air Malta B737 was YU-ANI. As memtioned earlier C525 made his return visit from Reykjavik late in the evening (isnt that a song?) While we were all giving is zzzz's BE200 F-GEPY operated a cargo flight in the early hours. A 1st visiting C425 was N146GA of Davis Aircraft from Prestwick to Teesside.

25th Thursday
Semitools other Ac690 felt lonely and came in to join 129TB. A nice little delivery was BE36 N38049 from Reykjavik to Stornaway. Having enough fuel he made here. The aircraft then went on to Wittering where it will take up residency (allegedly).

24th Wednesday
Today I 1st noted G-BMRF in its new colours. Is it me or does it look like one of those colour-blindness tests? Could I see the number 7 in it?? African DC8 3D-ADV posn in for another cargo flt to Warsaw. Word is this cargo series should end beginning of October. Hamlins N311DG paid another visit as did Westairs BE200 N1069S. Semitool Commander N129TB decided to night stop (and who can blame him) having arrived from Bern-Belp. Another night stopper was an ex long term resident G-AZRH which used to be owned by the Aero Club.

23rd Tuesday
A tech F50 necessitated EIN bring in a B737 in the guise of EI-CDF. New SPP today was EC-GOU (SELCAL JP-QR) On the light front only move of interest was LR35 D-COKE operating late evening from Manston to Berlin.

22nd Monday
C-GBHK continued onto Reykjavik and N321GN continued on to Glasgow. Today was Gulf2 day with N900MP & N902MP both visiting together from Heathrow. Other jets were Hamlin's N311DG, G-ORJB operating as OXO122 from Northolt to Oxford (Did Budge sell this recently?) and NEA's Lr35 G-ZENO as NEX112/3. Other visitor to note was Be200 D-IAAK lunch stopping while operating from/to Luton.

21st Sunday
Obviously some sick holiday makers around. Today's amb flt was by Tyrolean's C550 OE-GAA. Another regular C550 was back with N321GN making a couple of visits and night-stopping. A nice delivery from that well know airfield of Peine-Eddesse was C-GBHK a Be55 ex D-IFBA in fact those previous marks still being visible.

20th Saturday
A tech Nordic L1011 resulted in an AEA sub-charter for some passengers in EC-GBX. On the light front nice C525 D-IURH routed Munich-Reykjavik for Kekuma Gmbh. For those who missed this early bird - it did return (see later). An ambulance flight from Geneva was operated by G-CEGR as "CEG769"

19th Friday
Big visitor was the Dubai 747SP A6-SMR paying a long overdue return visit. An ambulance flight brought in Martinair's PH-MEX to/from Amsterdam. 1st visit went to Top Air's TC-IYC. On the light front only Propair's C421 HB-LSL raised a glance.

18th Thursday
Operating to/from Madrid was Aviaco MD88 EC-FLK to take out the Barcelona Team after THAT match. FXI operated DHC6 TF-JMC on a posn flt to Zurich from Reykjavik. After its night stop, A6-HHH continued on up to Inverness.

The 16th and 17th of September were not done ... thanks to Dave for all the above. Normal service resumes before the 15th of September.

Monday 15th September
Atlantic Cargo returned for another cargo charter from Rouen, this time with DC-6 G-APSA, as AAG627, departing to Coventry as AAG628. Atlantic Airways' Metro G-BUKA arrived during the afternoon from Exeter as AAG170, with Oasis on board for their concert tomorrow evening, while Air Europa 737-400 EC-FZZ arrived at tea-time from Barcelona as AEA015, with Barcelona Football Club.
BAe125-1000 N1AB arrived from Oslo-Fornebu during the morning, departing to Biggin Hill during the afternoon.

Sunday 14th September
Bit of a quiet day !
KGC1053/2 G-SBEA AIH836/5 G-RJGR VIM717/8 LZ-MIG

Saturday 13th September
Interflight 125 G-IFTE visited from/to Biggin Hill during the afternoon as IFT132A/P, and we got another Gulf IV, N725LB visiting at tea-time, from Luton to that place KFOK, Suffolk County.
TLA534/5 EI-TLE ABD's TF-ABV MNX9604/5 G-MANM MNX831/2 G-MAJM BAW1975/4 G-BTPG KGC767/6 G-SBEB PGT443/4 TC-AFM ECA824/5 5B-DBB AEA267/8 EC-FTL

Friday 12th September
Maersk used Titan Airways again, ATR.42 G-BUPS operating the two morning flights; the Jetstream 41 G-MSKJ returned in the afternoon. Eurojet's Citation 500 G-OEJA visited from/to Birmingham as GOJ127A/B, and Learjet 35 D-CAVE operated an ambulance flight from Nigeria via Ghardaia in Algeria, departing to Stuttgart. Beech Baron N79AP arrived from Sandtoft for a night-stop.
Sterling Helicopters' Twin Squirrel G-TOPS ('Silverline20') and Bolkow 105 G-BFYA ('Silverline19') arrived for the Great North Run on Sunday.

Thursday 11th September
Nissan required more urgent shipments of components, which is always good news for us; CN Air King Air 100 EC-CHD ('ORO302/3') was an early morning visitor from Vittoria, returning to Barcelona, while later on in the morning, WDL F-27 D-AELC operated inbound from Rouen as WDL411, departing empty to Cologne as WDL413. A late night cargo flight was operated by Air Sofia Antonov An-12 LZ-SFK (the one in the 'special' scheme) from Pontoise as SFB183, departing to Ostend as SFB184.
Maersk's Jetstream 41 G-MSKJ failed to appear again, the morning flights being operated by Titan Airways BAe146 G-ZAPK, while ATR.42 G-BUPS was used during the afternoon, and One Eleven G-AWYV during the evening.
Sunways had problems with their normally very punctual three Thursday morning flights; one was four hours late, while another was almost 18 hours late operating in the early hours of Friday morning. Unfortunately strong tailwinds meant that most of the expected Air Race traffic overflew, although the Beech Bonanza D-EGUW did make a quick re-fuelling stop (15 minutes on the ground) using the strange call-sign 'Rectimo' !. North Flying Corvette OY-SBR visited during the morning from Roskilde to Blackpool ('NFA054/054E'). Challenger N801GC departed during the early evening direct to Gander.
A new helicopter was Bell 222 G-NOIR which visited during the afternoon as 'Starspeed20' (SSP), from Blackbushe to Chollerford.
SWW3573/4 TC-INA TSC240/1 C-FTNL AMC098/9 9H-ABS

Wednesday 10th September
As far as I can tell, our busiest day of the year so far, with even more movements than the Saturday of the Sunderland Airshow !.
Maersk were missing their J41 again, using Emerald Air HS.748 G-EMRD for the first three flights, and One Eleven G-AWYS for the last flight. Atlantic Cargo DC-6 G-SIXC went u/s overnight, resulting in the arrival of Cessna 402 G-NOSE from Coventry ('AAG405') with engineers, and Cessna 310 G-BODY ('AAG41'). The aircraft was servicable again to operate out to Rouen as AAG625, back as AAG626 with more Nissan parts, and finally out to Coventry as AAG627. Titan Airways BAe146 G-ZAPK was needed to operate another cargo flight from Rouen in the morning, as AWC868, which the DC-6 was unable to do. African International DC-8 3D-AFX arrived just before midnight from Stansted, to operate out to Warsaw on Thursday morning.
Visiting exec jets included Eurojet's Citation 500 G-OEJA as GOJ107B/C from Humberside to Edinburgh, and Gama's Citation 550 G-JETJ from Heathrow to Copenhagen (with certain Newcastle United personnel) as GMA289, and return after the Denmark vs. Croatia game. That Citation 560 N311DG came back, from Le Bourget to Manchester in the afternoon.
LEI5134/3 G-UKLO LEI3460/59 G-UKLJ FCL2315/4 G-FCLD OHY443/4 TC-ONM

Tuesday 9th September
My run of good luck continued, getting my last Spanair MD.83 (EC-GCV), and my last Braathens 737, LN-BRK on only its third visit to Newcastle (its first two were on the same day last year) during the morning. Nordic Tristar SE-DPX returned after a couple of weeks away, from Cardiff as AIH640P.
Atlantic Cargo DC-6 G-SIXC arrived from Rouen during the afternoon as AAG622, returning there as AAG623, and arriving back during the evening as AAG624. All bringing in car parts for Nissan.
Visiting during the early hours was Aero Services Executive King Air 90 F-GGPR, from/to Le Bourget as BES139, apparently with Eric Cantona on board for some filming. Two very interesting exec visitors came through en-route to Iceland, Cheyenne TC-THK from Linz to Reykjavik, and Citation 525 TC-CRO from Zurich to Reykjavik (This aircraft wasn't cancelled of course, it only appeared that way over the weekend when it changed handling agents ! .... sorry !). It wore a multitude of inscriptions and motifs on the fuselage, including 'Young Turks' on the nose, 'Palm Beach Hotel, Famagusta' on the rear fuselage, what looked like an old guys head under the cockpit window, and the wording 'Future is in the sky' next to it !. I only saw the port side btw.
Citation 560 N311DG departed to Siegerland after its night-stop, and Bonanza D-EGUW departed to Reykjavik. Gulf IV VH-NCP left for Edinburgh mid-morning.
Schleicher ASK-16 G-BCTI was an unusual visitor during the afternoon, from Sherburn to Portmoak.
SPP3185/6 EC-FZC SWW1571/2 TC-IND SPP3365/6 EC-GCV OHY441/2 TC-ONP LEI8811 G-UKLK AMC3206/7 9H-ABR

Monday 8th September
The Flugledir Fokker 50 came through at lunchtime, fuel-stopping en-route Reykjavik to Vienna with a football team on board, and was TF-FIS. The two day-time Cimber Air flights were operated by ATR.42-300 OY-CIT (my last one), only its third and fourth visits.
PA-31 Navajo EI-JTC visited at lunch-time from Denmark to Donegal, and Citation 560 N311DG visited again, arriving from Luton. Be35 Bonanza D-EGUW arrived from Augsburg at tea-time for a night-stop.
Nordic Tristar SE-DSB departed to Manchester late on, as AIH1323.

Sunday 7th September
The Biarritz Rugby team arrived for their match against Newcastle-Gosforth in Regional Airlines Saab 2000 F-GMVD, which day-stopped, from/to Biarritz as RGI1342/3. The aircraft wore full Air France colours (or as full as AFR can ever be !) with Air France Express titles, and was our first ever Saab 2000 !. The 'EuroBelgian'/Virgin Express flight for the same game never appeared (bad rumour). Both British Airways 757's wore the new colours, the afternoon flight being operated by G-BIKC while the night-stopper was G-CPEP again. The weekend charter operation seemed to go by without too many prblems ..... makes a change !.
Challenger N801GC arrived from Gander at lunch-time for its extended stay, joining Gulf IV VH-NCP on the south apron !. It wears quite a bonny scheme, with an orange/black fuselage stripe, and the 'Gulf' logo on the fin (this is the Challenger !) .... why can't all biz-jets have their operators so prominently marked ?.
More visiting 'biz' were Maersk 125 OY-MCL which day-stopped from/to Copenhagen as DAN8071/2 (that operator prefix should have been withdrawn as a mark of respect !) and Falcon 20 G-BGOP from/to Heathrow. Falcon 10 F-GHER went back to Nancy during the afternoon. King Air 200 F-GDCS arrived from Le Bourget during the evening and night-stopped.
KGC299/1052 G-SBEA AIH836/5 G-WJAN VIM717/8 LZ-MIL

Saturday 6th September
Finnair made another rare appearance, DC-9 OH-LYY positioning from Helsinki as FIN7617, to collect those passengers for Gothenburg that 'YS' brought to us on Thursday evening. Departure to Gothenburg was as FIN7618. The late Air Europa Las Palmas was operated by Boeing 757 EC-FTL, for the eighth week running !.

Friday 5th September
Falcon 10 F-GHER (from Nancy) and Citation 500 G-JEAN (Biggin Hill to Glasgow) joined the Australian Gulf IV and Spanish Westwind on the south apron during the morning. The Westwind departed to Burgos during the afternoon as GES181, and Citation 650 D-CACM visited again, from Munich to Paderborn.
We acquired a new resident, Cherokee Archer G-KEVB (the reg relating to the owner's name) arriving from Bournemouth during the morning. PA-32 G-OSCC visited from Bournemouth to Fairoaks using the callsign 'Tubby 001' ! (DJI).

Thursday 4th September
The morning Brymon Bristol/Aberdeen schedules (BRY52A/B/53A/B) were operated by Emerald HS.748 G-EMRD. Both British Airways Boeing 757 flights were operated by aircraft in the new scheme, the afternoon by G-CPEL which has been seen up here a few times already, and the night-stopper by G-BIKJ, and our first sight of the 'wavey' colours.
Nordic suffered a delay to their first flight of the weekend programme, the early morning Arrecife, with SE-DSB not positioning in from Manchester until mid-afternoon (presumably operating an Airtours flight from there in 'slot one' of the day). It finally departed to Arrecife 10 hours late.
Another now regular German Citation, 525 D-ITSV, visited again, from/to Dresden. Much more interesting was the expected Gulfstream IV VH-NCP, which arrived from Luton during the morning for an extended stay, and which is possibly our first ever Australian executive jet (?).
SWW3573/4 TC-INA SWW2571/2 TC-IND SWW2573/4 TC-INC TSC240/1 C-FTNL AMC098/9 9H-ABR

Wednesday 3rd September
It was Leisure's turn to have a bad time of it out of Newcastle, needing four aeroplanes to operate their two 'W's from Verona and Salzburg. Airbus A.321 G-UKLO was as usual, one of these four, although it positioned in from Gatwick as LEI133P and operated the LEI5133 to Verona 3 hours late. The next aircraft to appear was (another !) Air Atlanta Tristar TF-ABD, which arrived from Manchester as LEI459F and operated the outbound Salzburg, to Linz (!), 3.5 hours late. The 'inbound' sectors were operated by Monarch Boeing 757 G-MOND which arrived as LEI5134 from Verona 6 hours late, positioning out to Gatwick as LEI513P, and Airbus A.320 G-UKLL which arrived as LEI3460 from Salzburg almost 7 hours late, and which positioned out to Stansted as LEI134P.
Finnair DC-9 OH-LYS operated a late night passenger charter from Gothenburg as FIN7615, positioning back to Helsinki as FIN7616.
Exec jets were Abelag Lear 35 OO-LFV, from/to Brussels as AAB32V, Citation 650 D-CACM again, from Paderborn to Cologne, and Gestair Westwind EC-GIB which arrived from Stansted for a two-night-stop during the evening as GES183. The best however was Gulfstream III N23ET which visited from/to Luton during the evening.
FCL2315/4 G-FCLD OHY443/4 TC-ONN

Tuesday 2nd September
Another 'new' Spanish registration appeared, EC-GNY on the morning Spanair MD.83.
Gestair King Air 300 EC-FLX visited during the late morning, as GES092/3 from/to Vitoria
VIV1004/5 EC-FHR SPP3365/6 EC-GNY OHY441/2 TC-ONP SWW1571/2 TC-INB LEI8811 G-UKLK AMC3206/7 9H-ABF

Monday 1st September
Flying Colours Airbus A.320 G-BXAT diverted in during the evening en-route Dalaman-Glasgow as FCL4161, with a medical emergency.
AIH846/5 C-GTDC SPP3185/6 EC-FXA

Sunday 31st August
Airtours almost got back to normal, albeit with a few hours delay, with the arrival back from Oporto of A.320 G-SUEE during the early morning (a day late). Tristar SE-DSB operated the Saturday night/Sunday morning Las Palmas. Nordic however continued to have problems; their Saturday night Ibiza flight unusually being operated by an Airtours A.320, G-TICL (with the remainder of the passengers apparently being coached to Manchester), while the day-time Malaga was operated by Corsair DC-10 OO-JOT. Arriving from Orly as CRL071, it operated to/from Malaga as NOD871/4, arriving back in the early hours of Monday, and then departed back to Orly as CRL074.
The early morning Air Europa Palma (AEA193/4) was operated by Boeing 737-300 EC-GPI ... a new aeroplane or re-registration ??. The last Heathrow arrival was again operated by G-CPEP, and had me on board .... but not my bag !.
Cessna 425 N425HS visited again during the afternoon, from/to Antwerp, while also here was Auster G-ASZE, from Lee-on-Solent to Leuchars.
KGC1053/2 G-SBEA AIH836/5 G-WJAN VIM717/8 LZ-MIL

Saturday 30th August
The start of a terrible weekend for two of our based charter operators !. Obviously I wasn't around, so I don't know all the details, but here goes ...
Airtours' problems started with G-SUEE which departed to Teneriffe late on Friday night, and which didn't return on Saturday morning, having diverted into Oporto on the way back due to an engine problem. The next two flights in the programme were combined onto Tristar SE-DSB, 'taken' off the Nordic weekend programme (as it's an Airtours 'standby' aircraft), and departed during the afternoon, AIH817 to Palma (7 hours late) & AIH819 to Alicante (just 1 hour late), operating NCL-PMI-ALC-NCL. Obviously this meant that Nordic had no aeroplane for their own flying (SE-DPX still on maintenance in Cambridge), having to sub-charter Air Atlanta Tristar TF-ABD which arrived from Manchester as NOD8863, to operate the NOD863 to Palma (3 hours late). On its return it positioned out to Manchester as NOD8864. The saga continues tomorrow !!.
Another new BA colour-scheme for us was that worn by ATP G-MAUD, which visited on the mid-day Jersey. Our second 'new' Air UK Fokker 100 in a week, G-UKFL, appeared during the afternoon.
Waco N250YM left to Londonderry during the morning after two nights here, while Mooney D-ELWK left to Frankfurt after 11 nights here. Cessna 310 N310KZ visited again during the afternoon, from/to Toussus, as did the Dubai Air Wing Gulf 4 A6-HHH which was Farnborough-Heathrow.
FUA102/3 EC-GOB TLA534/5 EI-TLE MNX9604/5 G-MAUD MNX831/2 G-MAJM BAW1975/4 G-BTPJ KGC767/6 G-SBEB PGT443/4 TC-AFM ABD101P/394/395/395P TF-ABV ECA824/5 5B-DBB AEA267/8 EC-FTL

Friday 29th August
Tristar SE-DSB arrived back from Manchester early in the morning, to continue the Nordic based aircraft programme. Top Air showed us a different Boeing 727 for the first time this summer, TC-IYB operating the evening TOP503/4. The Friday night-stopping Cimber was OY-CIS.
Our new resident, the Bell 47 F-GGTT, made its first flight since arrival, as G-GGTT, a local flight during the afternoon, as 'Delta47'.
OHY441/2 TC-ONN CKT601/2 G-BVYA FCL4521/0 G-BXAT FUA134/5 EC-GOA

Thursday 28th August
Quite a busy day, the best airliner being one of three wide-bodies during the day, the Channel Express Airbus A.300 G-CEXC, which positioned in from Luxembourg as EXS935P, during the late evening, and departed just after midnight (ie. on Friday morning) to Cologne as EXS2936, with only six tons of Ford dashboards on board !.
Two Tristars visited, the Air Transat C-FTNG, and another Air Atlanta aeroplane, TF-ABD operating the Thursday Arrecife (NOD841/2) for Nordic European (still no sign of SE-DPX), which arrived from Manchester at lunch-time, to where it was due to return in the late evening, however it is still sitting here u/s as I write this !.
England's second Champions League team arrived back in Monarch A.320 G-MONZ, which positioned out to Birmingham (MON8141/141P), while the few supporters who braved the wrath of the Croatian hordes, arrived back in Boeing 757 G-MONB (MON8129/129P). The South-African design on Boeing 757 G-BIKC appeared again on the night-stopping flight.
Citation 551 D-IAWA arrived from Tempelhof during the afternoon, continuing onwards to Cologne, while Citation 650 D-CACM visited again, arriving from Neuburg during the evening, departing to Paderborn.
A very interesting GA arrival during the afternoon was Waco N250YM, which arrived from Duxford, and was hangared overnight. Cessna 425 N425HS visited from/to Antwerp during the afternoon.
A number of helicopters visited during the day, including Robinson R.44 G-BVMC and R.22 G-OICV during the morning, and Bond's Puma G-PUMA as BND36C at lunch-time.
I got my last British Hawk T.1 too, XX156 which was one of five that night-stopped !.
SWW2571/2 TC-INB SWW2573/4 TC-INA SWW3573/4 TC-INC AMC098/9 9H-ABR

Wednesday 27th August
Newcastle supporters went to Zagreb early on, on Monarch Boeing 757 G-MONB, as MON8128. Air UK Fokker 100 G-UKFN first-visited, operating all three Amsterdam flights during the afternoon/evening.
The Dubai Air Wing returned, Gulf IV A6-HHH operating a trip from/to Farnborough during the afternoon.
King Air 90 D-IHDE arrived from Reykjavik early evening, continuing on to Bayreuth. Unsure yet whether it was a delivery.

Tuesday 26th August
The morning saw our first ever TEA Swiss aircraft visit, HB-IIG positioning in from Zurich as TSW9244, and departing to Zagreb as TSW7244 with the Newcastle United team.
Citation 650 D-CACM visited again over tea-time, from Dusseldorf to Deauville. Cessna 310 N310KZ visited during the morning, from/to Toussus-le-Noble.
VIV1004/5 EC-GGZ SPP3365/6 EC-GBA OHY441/2 TC-ONP SWW1571/2 TC-IND LEI8811 G-UKLL AMC3206/7 9H-ABT

Monday 25th August
The last Heathrow arrival was operated by Boeing 757 G-BIKC, our first sight of its new colours. This weeks day-time Cimber is OY-CIC.
Yet another delivery, Beech Duke F-BVVL, which arrived from Amsterdam and departed to Reykjavik, both during the early evening.
AIH846/5 C-GTDC SPP3185/6 EC-GCV

Sunday 24th August
We got only our second visit from Airtours Boeing 757 G-WJAN, on the afternoon Faro 'W'. The first Sunday night British Airways night-stopper in two weeks (the last two flights having been cancelled ... still getting over the strike ?) produced the lovely G-CPEP again, which is quite a regular now on Sunday nights. Might I get to fly on it next Sunday ??????.
Another delivery appeared, this time a Malibu, F-GSJR which arrived from Reykjavik and departed to Chambery.
Heathrow Jet Charter Lear 35 G-JETN operated a trip to Tromso and back as HJC362, the positioning sectors being from/to Luton.
Slightly outside the scope of this list, but worth mentioning was a practise-diversion by GAF Transall 50+56 ('GAF352') ... at lunch-time on a Sunday !. The aircraft wore an all-white colour-scheme.
AEA193/4 EC-GGO AIH836/5 G-WJAN KGC1053/2 G-SBEA VIM717/8 LZ-MIK

Saturday 23rd August
The two Cessna 172's, D-EAKI and D-EINC continued on delivery to Wipperfurth, within five minutes of each other, early in the morning.
TLA534/5 EI-TLE ABD's TF-ABV MNX831/2 G-MAJF MNX9604/5 G-MANE BAW1975/4 G-BTPO KGC767/6 G-SBEB PGT443/4 TC-AFM AEA267/8 EC-FTL ECA824/5 5B-DBB

Friday 22nd August
SE-DSB operated its first passenger flight from Newcastle since the end of May, the NOD851/2 to/from Teneriffe.
Falcon 50 N77CE arrived back from Warsaw at breakfast-time, continuing onwards to St.Johns, Newfoundland thirty minutes later. Citation 650 D-CACM returned for another visit at tea-time, from/to Cologne.
Two Cessna 172's arrived at tea-time on delivery from Reykjavik, D-EAKI and D-EINC.

Thursday 21st August
Nordic Tristar SE-DPX departed to Cambridge as NOD8012 during the afternoon, after operating the first flight of the weekend programme, the NOD841/2 to/from Arrecife, presumably for maintenance (it was due to position out to Abu Dhabi at least twice in the preceeding four days, but never did). SE-DSB arrived from Cambridge during the evening as NOD8009.
Apart from that a predominately-military day, including another Belgian Army Agusta 109.
SWW3573/4 TC-INC SWW2571/2 TC-IND SWW2573/4 TC-INA CFE71NA/37NB PH-DMC TSC240/1 C-FTNH AMC098/9 9H-ABR

Wednesday 20th August
The latest African International flight was operated by DC-8 3D-AFX, which arrived from Stansted as AIN101, for a night-stop and departure to Warsaw early on Thursday. Leisure sub-chartered TransAer A.300 EI-TLL to operate the outward portion only of their lunch-time Salzburg 'W', the aircraft arriving from Manchester as LEI459P, and departing to Linz as LEI3459, as it couldn't get into Salzburg !.
The inbound portion of the flight was operated by A.320 G-UKLL which departed to Manchester as LEI002, before EI-TLL had arrived (?). On the day that I go to Manchester, my last Flying Colours 757 comes into Newcastle, only G-FCLA's second visit !!.
Falcon 900 N349K departed back to Omaha after breakfast, and Falcon 50 N77CE left for Warsaw during the afternoon. An interesting arrival at tea-time was Citation 650 D-CACM, which visited from Cologne to Biggin Hill.
Visiting GA traffic included Rijnmond Air Services Mu-2 PH-RAZ, in the morning from Norwich to Aberdeen, Falcon 10 F-GHER from/to Nancy-Essey, and Aerope's King Air 90 F-GFHQ again, from Rouen to Pontoise as OPE231.
Hawkair Citation G-BFRM returned from Pisa in the early hours from Pisa as HAW736C, returning to Cambridge later in the day as 'D'.

Tuesday 19th August
The overnight Monday/Tuesday Spanair flight, SPP3185/6, was operated by an Air Europa 737-400 EC-FXQ. The early morning saw Airtours A.320 C-GTDC divert again from Teesside due fog there, on the AIH852 from Rhodes. Another diversion from Teesside was Sunways MD.83 TC-INC from Izmir as SWW3581.
The first of our weekend-stopping execs departed, Gulf IV N745UP to Luton during the afternoon.
Visiting exec jets were Air Hanson's Beechjet G-RAHL from East Midlands to Vienna as AHL11, Hawkair's Citation G-BFRM from Cambridge to Pisa as HAW736A/B, and L'Equipe Air's Citation 501 N12NM from/to Gamston. Mooney M.20 D-ERAW visited from/to Kassel, and similar type D-ELWK arrived from Liverpool during the afternoon.
SWW1571/2 TC-INB VIV1004/5 EC-GBU SPP3365/6 EC-FXA OHY441/2 TC-ONR LEI8811 G-UKLK AMC3206/7 9H-ABT

Monday 18th August
The new week started with another ATR.42-300 on the day-time Cimber Air flights, this week's aircraft being OY-CIS.
Aerope King Air 90 F-GFHQ visited from/to Pointoise as OPE231.

Sunday 17th August
Dove D-IKUR returned to Rotterdam at lunch-time after yesterday's pleasure flying.
AEA193/4 EC-FXP AIH836/5 G-PIDS KGC1053/2 G-SBEA VIM717/8 LZ-MIL

Saturday 16th August
The Air Atlanta flights were operated by Peach Air Tristar TF-ABE !.
The Dove D-IKUR operated five local pleasure flights for employees of Siemens, over their new factory in Walker.
An excellent day for biz-jets, one of the few that I needed of all those to visit this week however, visited during the early hours while I was sleeping off an evening 'doon the Toon', Lear 35 D-COKE arriving from Gatwick, and departing to Tempelhof. Further arrivals were Falcon 50 N77CE from Gander during the morning, and Citation 650 LN-NLC which arrived from Oslo-Fornebu and departed to Bergen during the morning as NOO02. Gulfstream IV N745UP arrived direct from Dallas-Love Field during the late evening, joining the Falcon 50 and 900 on the south apron for a few days ... quite an impressive, and unusual sight up here !.
TLA534/5 EI-TLE MNX9604/5 G-MANM MNX831/2 G-MAJB BAW1975/4 G-BTP? KGC767/6 G-SBEB PGT443/4 TC-AFU ECA824/5 5B-DBD AEA267/8 EC-FTL

Friday 15th August
The 'Friday evening' Cimber Air was OY-CID.
Tyrolean Air Ambulance Dornier 328 OE-GBB visited again during the afternoon, from Vienna to Palma.
De Havilland Dove D-IKUR arrived from Rotterdam during the afternoon for some local flying over the weekend. Falcon 900 N349K arrived direct from Omaha. Nebraska during the late evening for an extended stay. Gulf IV N1GT departed to Luton at tea-time.
OHY441/2 TC-ONO CKT601/2 G-BVYC FCL4521/0 G-BXAT AMM923/2 G-OOAA FUA134/5 EC-EVE TOP503/4 TC-IYA FUA102/3 EC-EXY

Thursday 14th August
The Air Transat flight was operated by Tristar C-FTNG, probably a first-visitor I think.
Citation 560 N311DG left to Frankfurt during the morning, and returned from there at tea-time, finally departing to Luton. Taunus Air Lear 35 D-CCAY visited during the evening as TAQ442 from Malaga, and TAQ452 to Frankfurt. Sun Air Jetsream 31 OY-SVP was servicable again and departed to Billund during the evening. The two French helicopters are both still present, but hangared.
SWW3573/4 TC-INA SWW2571/2 TC-IND TSC240/1 C-FTNG SWW2573/4 TC-INB AMC098/9 9H-ABT

Wednesday 13rd August
SABENA's RJ.100 OO-DWA made only its second visit on the SAB673/4 during the afternoon.
Our second (but not last) Gulfstream IV of the week arrived for a two-night stop at tea-time, N1GT direct from White Plains. Beech Baron N524CB continued on delivery to Reyjavik during the morning.
Another French helicopter arrived during the morning, Bell 47 F-GGTT, which has reportedly been purchased by the same local helicopter owner, and which will be based along with his Jet Ranger and R.22. The Bell 47 is also hangared.
LEI5134/3 G-UKLO LEI3460/59 G-UKLK FCL2315/4 G-FCLD OHY443/4 TC-ONO CTN1492/3 9A-CTB

Tuesday 12th August
The two Sun Air Jetstream 31's appeared within four minutes of each other during the afternoon from Leeds, and were OY-SVP and OY-SVF. 'VP' wore the new British Airways colours, unfortunately without a tail scheme (it was all-white), and suffered an engine fire during the taxi-in, which kept the aeroplane here for two days. 'VF' wore the old BA colours, and left to Billund 'on schedule' at tea-time. Falcon 10 F-GHER day-stopped from/to Nancy, Citation 560 N311DG arrived for a night-stop from Le Bourget, as did King Air 300 OE-FME which arrived from Prestwick. Beech Baron N524CB arrived from Le Bourget during the evening also for a night-stop.
Jodel F-PRSG departed to Duxford after a two-night stop. A late night helicopter arrival (at 9.30) was Enstrom 480 F-GKAT from Gamston, on demonstration to a local helicopter owner. It was hangared overnight, and is still present.
SPP3185/6 EC-GAT SWW1571/2 TC-INB VIV1004/5 EC-ELY SPP3365/6 EC-GBA OHY441/2 TC-ONR LEI8811 G-UKLL CTN1490/1 9A-CTD AMC3206/7 YU-ANI

Monday 11th August
This weeks 'day-time' Cimber Air ATR.42 would appear to be OY-CIG. The first of a 'brace' of American Gulf 4's visited briefly during the morning, N464QS from/to Luton. Mitsubishi Mu-2 made another appearance from Reykjavik to Milan-Malpensa. Citation 560 N311DG departed to Le Bourget during the early afternoon.

Sunday 10th August
We finallly saw the new Airtours Boeing 757 G-WJAN, which operated the afternoon Faro 'W' (AIH836/5).
Citation 560 N311DG arrived from Manchester during the evening for a night-stop. King Air N59MS departed to Biggin Hill during the morning, with Cessna 172 N172SE continuing on to Southend a little later.
Jodel D.120 F-PRSG diverted in during the afternoon, en-route York-Edinburgh, and is still present. Hughes 500 G-LOGO visited during the afternoon, from Dundee to Brough
. Others:
AEA193/4 EC-GBN KGC1053/2 G-SBEA VIM717/8 LZ-MIS

Saturday 9th August
BAC Express Shorts 360 G-CLAS arrived on a charter from Cardiff during the afternoon as RPX442, positioning out to Exeter as RPX002P.
Cessna 441 D-IAPW passed through on delivery to the US over lunch-time, arriving from Munich and departing to Reykjavik. Brand new Cessna 172R N172SE, apparently the first in Europe (?), arrived from Perth during the afternoon, on a demonstration tour. Another delivery arrived just before midnight, King Air 90 N59MS arriving from Reykjavik.
TLA534/5 EI-TLE CC101P/394 TF-ABV MNX831/2 G-MAJB BAW1975/4 G-BTPO MNX9604/5 G-MANP KGC767/768 G-SBEB PGT443/4 TC-AFU CC395/102P TF-ABV ECA824/5 5B-DBD AEA267/8 EC-FTL

Friday 8th August
The Friday night Cimber Air was OY-CIE.
Gold Air King Air 200 G-REBK returned, as GDA084, from Teesside to Edinburgh. Auster G-AIJT visited during the afternoon, from Aberdeen to Leeds.
OHY441/2 TC-ONR FCL4521/0 G-BXAT CKT601/2 G-BVYB PGT483/4 TC-AFK FUA102/3 EC-ETB

Thursday 7th August
A couple of German GA visitors were the returning Comfort Air Citation 525 D-ITSV from/to Dresden, and Cessna 421 D-ILMS from/to Hamburg. A new aeroplane/operator for Newcastle was Gold Air's King Air 200 G-REBK which visited from Leeds to Northolt as GDA074.
TSC240/1 C-FTNL SWW3573/4 TC-INC SWW2573/4 TC-INA SWW2571/2 TC-IND AMC098/9 9H-ABS

Wednesday 6th August
Another good military day, but absolutely no civil of note to talk about !.
LEI5134/3 G-UKLO LEI3460/59 G-UKLK FCL2315/4 G-FCLD OHY443/4 TC-ONP

Tuesday 5th August
We finally saw the latest Onur Air MD.88 TC-ONR, on the OHY441/2 during the morning. I wasn't at work, but I still managed to see it taxi-ing out on my way to Tesco's .... honest !!.
Bonanza N900TT was a delivery during the afternoon, from Reykjavik to Nuremburg.
SWW1571/2 TC-INB VIV1004/5 EC-GAP SPP3365/6 EC-GHH LEI8811 G-UKLL AMC3206/7 9H-ABS

Monday 4th August
The Air Jet 146 returned from Rimini during the early hours as AIJ2281 with Newcastle United, positioning back to Paris-CDG as AIJ3301. The Nordic Tristar SE-DPX continued to do unusual things, this time a twenty minute test flight at One O'clock in the morning, in 400metres of fog !. Apparently there was a directive out to Tristar operators to test their Ram Air Turbines, which the aircraft actually 'dropped' before departure. Would have been an interesting sight if the aircraft had been visible from the tower !.
This weeks' daytime Cimber ATR.42 is OY-CID, which began the weeks flying on Monday morning. The based Airtours A.320 G-TPTT picked up another delay first thing, resulting in an ingenious plan during the afternoon, devised to minimise further delays; G-YJBM which arrived from Reus as AIH846 (the Teesside 'W') became the new based aircraft on arrival, Boeing 757 G-MCEA arrived from Gatwick as AIH845P to operate the outbound Reus, and G-TPTT operated the morning Corfu slightly late over lunch-time. 'TT' returned from Corfu during the evening, and positioned out to Gatwick as AIH421P.
It was a military-dominated day though, with 14 departing airshow aeroplanes (all active military), 2 visiting Harrier T.10's supporting the departure of a previously knackered Harrier GR.7, 3 visiting Hawks, a Belgian Merlin and Islander, an Army Lynx twice, and 2 Nimrods and a single Dominie overshooting !!!!.
SPP3185/6 EC-GOM

Sunday 3rd August
G-CPEP arrived on the last Heathrow flight of the day, as it did last Sunday night.
The three Magisters returned via Birmingham during the afternoon, Cherokee PH-DVE returned to Rotterdam, and Seneca D-GIOR departed to Southend. AA-1 N5644L passed through, from Aberdeen to Biggin Hill during the afternoon.
AEA193/4 EC-GAZ KGC1053/2 G-SBEA AIH836/5 G-PIDS VIM717/8 LZ-MIK

Saturday 2nd August
Newcastle United left for Italy in Air Jet 146 F-GOMA, which positioned in from Paris-CDG as AIJ3300 and departed to Rimini as AIJ2280. A diversion during the late evening was Top Air Boeing 727 TC-IYA, which diverted from Manchester to Liverpool due to an overnight 'chapter Two' ban, and then from Liverpool to Newcastle because there were no landing charts for Liverpool on board !. Flight number was TOP601.
An early morning Exec Jet visitor was Taunus Air Lear 35 D-CGRC which arrived from Frankfurt as TAQ251, and departed to Stuttgart as TAQ242.
The 'Patrouille Cristalline' (Fouga Magisters F-GKYD/E/F) arrived via Birmingham at lunch-time for the Sunderland Airshow.
Two European light aircraft arrived for night-stops during the afternoon, Seneca D-GIOR from Inverness, and Cherokee PH-DVE from Rotterdam.
TLA534/5 EI-TLE CC101P/394 TF-ABV MNX831/2 G-MAJM BAW1975/4 G-BTPO KGC767/6 G-SBEB PGT443/4 TC-AFM CC395/102P TF-ABV ECA824/5 5B-DBC AEA267/8 EC-FTL

Friday 1st August
The Lourdes charters were operated by two British World One Elevens, G-OBWE during the afternoon, and G-OBWA in the evening. Both Air Toulouse flights were operated by the same Boeing 737-200, F-GLXF. The Friday evening Cimber Air flight reverted to an ATR.42-300, OY-CIT.
Mooney M.20 N9170T continued on delivery to Bremen during the early morning. The two night-stopping Sterling Helicopters continued northbound to Knockhill racing circuit.
The real excitement centred around arriving airshow traffic though: 4x F-16, 2x Tornado GR.1, 2x Hawk, 2x PC-7, 2x Harrier GR.7, a Jaguar and Sea Harrier !.
OHY441/2 TC-ONN CKT601/2 G-BVYB AMM923/2 G-OOAD AMM917/6 G-OOAA FCL4521/0 G-BXAT PGT483/4 TC-AFK FUA102/3 EC-EXY

Thursday 31st July
A bad day for both Airtours and Nordic !. The based Airbus A.320 G-SUEE was unable to operate Wednesday night's Palma rotation, the flight being operated by Boeing 757 G-CSVS which positioned from Manchester during Thursday, and operated the flight at lunch-time, approximately 15 hours late. G-SUEE incidentally operated the 'next' flight in the based aircraft programme, Thursday mornings' Gerona, on schedule, after becoming servicable again overnight. Based Nordic European Tristar departed on schedule to Arrecife just after 0600, only to return on a full emergency 24 minutes later, after shutting down an engine !. SE-DPX finally operated the flight at tea-time, over 12 hours late. Peach Air Boeing 737 G-SBEA dropped in for fuel during the evening as KGC644, from Rome to Edinburgh.
'Animals and Trees' on Boeing 757 G-CPEL appeared again during the afternoon .... beginning to get boring now :-)
Bandeirante G-JBAC visited twice during the day, using a Directflight callsign (DCT631), Norwich to Wick and return. The aircraft is all-white with small Skydrift titles on the nose. Aero Commander 114 N388CA passed through en-route Kirkwall to White Waltham, and Mooney M.20 N9170T arrived late in the evening all the way from St.Johns, Newfoundland, a diversion from Jersey due to it being closed.
The Press Review for the Sunderland Airshow produced the two Extra's of the Rover Team, G-HIII and G-SIII, and a Lossiemouth-based Jaguar, all of which performed for the media over the display site at Seaham.
An awful lot of visiting helicopters appeared during the day (pay attention Jeremy); Jet Ranger G-OCST of Polo Aviation arrived at the airport as 'Chucker18' from/to a site at North Shields, Twin Squirrel G-ICSG of ICS visited at tea-time from Denham to Perth, and two Sterling Helicopters night-stopped, Jet Ranger G-BNYD as 'Silverline19' and Bolow 105 G-BFYA as 'Silverline20', both from Silverstone.
SWW2571/2 TC-INB SWW2573/4 TC-INA TSC240/1 C-GTSZ SWW3573/4 TC-INC AMC098/9 9H-ABR

Wednesday 30th July
33 today ... good grief !!.
We got our second BA 'tail fin', on Boeing 757 G-CPEL, during the afternoon ..... not as nice as 'EP' !.
Robinson R.22 F-GIHH visited during the afternoon from Ripon to Millerstown, while the first arrivals for the Sunderland Airsow were the Rover Team, Extra 300's G-HIII and G-SIII.
LEI5134/5 G-UKLO LEI3460/59 G-UKLJ FCL2315/4 G-FCLD OHY443/4 TC-ONN

Tuesday 29th July
The evening Air Malta flight was operated by 737-300 YU-ANI, wearing full Air Malta colours.
Abelag Learjet 35 OO-GBL arrived for a night-stop, from Brussels as AAB21G. BAe125 VP-BMD arrived from Athens during the afternoon, departing later to Luton.
VIV1004/5 EC-FFN SWW1571/2 TC-IND SPP3365/6 EC-FTS OHY441/2 TC-ONM LEI8811 G-UKLL AMC3206/7 YU-ANI

Monday 28th July
Denim Air Fokker 50 PH-DMC appeared again on the afternoon Gatwick service (CFE75NA/76NB). The evening Spanair flight was operated by MD.83 EC-GOM; looking at the SelCal on the flight plan (EHKP), it would appear to be ex-EC-EIG, but this is obviously not confirmed. Citation 500 VP-CTB visited during the morning, from Mainz to Reykjavik, although it was not thought to be a delivery as such.
AIH846/5 C-GTDC SPP3185/6 EC-GOM

Sunday 27th July
City-Flyer had no aeroplane here for the first Gatwick departure of the day (G-BWTL having positioned out to Gatwick late on Saturday night), Gill's ATR.42 G-BVJP being used, which returned as CFE002P. Denim Air Fokker 50 PH-DMC appeared again on the last arrival of the day, the night-stopping CFE26NA. Another night-stopper was our first sight at Newcastle of a new BA colour-scheme on a 'mainline' aeroplane, Boeing 757 G-CPEP, an aircraft which I didn't expect to see up here, as it's in shuttle config. Of course I had 'published' this fact in July's Air North magazine, only last week hadn't I !; sod's law again I guess !.
Ravenair produced a new aeroplane, Seneca G-RVRB, which visited from Manchester during the morning as RVR03. Bolkow 105 G-WMAA operated an ambulance flight to the Freeman Hospital as 'Helimed06', the helicopter arriving at the airport for fuel, before returning to Defford near Worcester.
Cessna 172 N546CF continued on delivery at lunch-time, departing direct to Szczecin-Golenow in North-west Poland.
The Newcastle Aero Club Open Day has been covered in a separate posting.
ECA824/5 5B-DBB AEA193/4 EC-FXQ KGC1053/2 G-SBEA VIM717/8 LZ-MIK

Newcastle Aero Club Open Day - South-side Newcastle Airport, 1200L-1700L Sunday 27th July

A very pleasant event !!

ZF162/162 Tucano T.1 bk 1FTS
G-ONHH Forney F.1A Aircoupe
G-BVEZ Jet Provost T.3A 'XM479'
G-EZOS Rutan Vari-eze
G-BACJ Jodel D.120A
G-RIAN Bell Jet Ranger
G-BOZP B76 Duchess
G-BUFP Slingsby T.61A
G-BPTP Robinson R.22B
G-MWCH Rans S.6 Coyote
G-MZDG 'Microlight'
G-MYRF Pegasus Quantum 15
G-MWVL Rans S.6 Coyote
G-ATLM Cessna 172G
G-AZOE Glos-Airtourer 115
G-BRIL Piper J-5A Cub
G-BRPE Cessna 120
G-ARTL DH.82A Tiger Moth

Visiting aircraft on the south aprons during the afternoon (some not connected to Open Day):
G-BFRV Cessna FA152
G-BMTA Cessna 152
G-VICC PA-28-161 Warrior II
RA-44480 Yakovlev Yak-18
G-MUVG Cessna 421C
N546CF Cessna 172 (Delivery Reykjavik-'Poland')
G-BVVA Yakovlev Yak-52
G-ZERO AA-5B Tiger
G-WMAA Bo.105 'Helimed06'

Based aircraft on the south aprons:
N407FD SIAI-Marchetti SF.260MB
G-BFMH Cessna 177B
G-BHGO PA-32-260 Cherokee Six
G-BIOE Shorts 330
G-BUIF PA-28-161 Warrior II
G-BAWK PA-28 Cherokee 140
G-BMUZ PA-28-161 Warrior II
G-KART PA-28-161 Warrior II
G-BRJV PA-28-161 Warrior II
G-AVVC Cessna F172H
G-BMUT PA-34-200T Seneca II
G-UPMW Robinson R.22B
N961EL B60 Duke (wfu)
G-ANDX Devon (wfu)

Flying Display (not as such as they're not allowed here, but the following performed display-type manouevres during take-off and landings):
G-BVVA Yakovlev Yak-52
N407FD SIAI-Marchetti SF.260MB
G-PASF AS355F Twin Squirrel
? Sea King HAR.3

G-BWDB ATR.72 Gill Airways (crew training all afternoon)

The following Airliners operated to/from the main, North-side during the Open Day (1200L-1700L):
LN-BRR B.737-500 BRA
G-SBEA B.737-200 KGC
G-BYAL B.757-200 BAL
G-DOCY B.737-436 BAW
G-PIDS B.757-200 AIH

The Emerald Airways HS.748 parked up was G-ATMI, alongside wfu Shorts 330 G-BHHU.

Saturday 26th July
The four morning Lourdes charters operated as expected: the night-stopping British World One Eleven G-OBWA departing as BWL261, while G-OBWD arrived from Stansted as BWL061P and departed as BWL273. Two 146's were also used, Debonair's G-DEBE as DEB910P/4910 from Luton to Lourdes, and Air Jet's F-GMMP (a first visitor) as AIJ3898/2274 from CDG to Lourdes.
The Air Atlanta Kos/Rhodes operation, which started last week, was again flown by Tristar TF-ABV, possibly the best-looking Tristar we've seen all year; unusually some of the sectors were filed with a two letter ('CC') operator code, with the callsign 'Caledonian' ?.
Arrivals for the Newcastle Races included Cessna T303 N624TC from/to Prestwick, Senecas G-BEHU ('LNX788') and G-EXEC ('LNX792') and TB.20 G-FFTI, while arrivals for Sunday's Aero Club Open Day included Vari-eze G-EZOS from Brunton and Non-radio Tiger Moth G-ARTL from Whitby, which was escorted into controlled airspace, and to the airport, by based Jet Ranger G-RIAN ('Delta66').
At one minute past midnight (so it should really appear on tomorrow's re-cap) Cessna 172 N546CF arrived from Reykjavik, actually diverting from Wick, on delivery, the aeroplane night-stopping.
TLA534/5 EI-TLE ABD101P/CC394 TF-ABV MNX831/2 G-MAJL BAW1975/4 G-BUWP MNX9604/5 G-MANH KGC767/6 G-SBEB PGT443/4 TC-AFU CC395/395P TF-ABV AEA267/8 EC-FTL

Friday 25th July
After a few weeks of the normally interesting, Friday night Cimber Air flight producing relatively boring (at least to us !) ATR.42-500's, tonights flight produced an ATR.42-300, OY-CIS, a first-visitor.
British World One Eleven G-OBWA positioned-in late on as BWL032P from Gatwick, in order to operate an early Saturday morning charter to Lourdes.
Aeromega's Twin Squirrel G-SITE ('Omega14') visited during the afternoon from Berwick to East Midlands.
An arrival for the Newcastle Aero Club's open day on Sunday (see separate posting) was Yak 52 G-BVVA, from Little Gransden.
OHY441/2 TC-ONN FCL4521/0 G-BXAT CKT601/2 G-BVYA TOP503/4 TC-IYA FUA102/3 EC-GOA

Thursday 24th July
British Airways again used One Eleven G-AVMS for the mid-morning BAW12H/13R, while their 'new-ish' 757 G-CPEM only made its second visit to Newcastle, on the afternoon BAW12G/13J. Gill Airways had to sub-charter to cover for, presumably u/s, ATR's; Emerald HS.748 G-OJEM was used to operate the GIL285D/284D to/from Dusseldorf, and the GIL736B to Belfast City in the evening. Braathens' 'last-delivered' 737-500 LN-BUG visited on the late afternoon flight, only its second visit also). Britannia Airways operated their first 'loaded' arrival into Newcastle from Puerta Plata, G-BRIG arriving as BAL465B.
Norwegian Air Force Falcon 20 No.0125 visited during the morning, as NOW5006, from Gardermoen to Lakenheath. The expected French Air Force Airbus A.310 finally made it, after the Wednesday afternoon flight was cancelled, No.421 arriving from Paris-CDG and departing to Bordeaux with troops, both as CTM1063. These aeroplanes can't be that common in the UK ?.
Katana DV.20 D-EWAX visited during the afternoon, from/to Staverton.
SWW3573/4 TC-INC SWW2571/2 TC-IND SWW2573/4 TC-INA TSC240/1 C-FTNH AMC098/9 9H-ABR

Wednesday 23rd July
Nordic Tristar departed early on as NOD8801 to operate a forces charter ex Brize Norton. The mid-morning Heathrow schedule (BAW12H/13R) seems to be the one Newcastle flight BA are still having problems operating, European Airways using One Eleven G-AVMS on todays flight.
Gulfstream IISP N902MP visited from/to Heathrow during the morning.
LEI5134/3 G-UKLO LEI3460/59 G-UKLJ FCL2315/4 G-FCLD OHY443/4 TC-ONN

Tuesday 22nd July
Maersk used One Eleven G-AWYR for their first Birmingham schedule of the day. Nordic Tristar SE-DPX returned from Heathrow as BAW9155. MD.900 N92001 departed to Penrith during the morning.
SWW1571/2 TC-INB VIV1004/5 EC-FHR SPP3365/6 EC-GGV OHY441/2 TC-ONM LEI8811 G-UKLL AMC3206/7 9H-ABS

Monday 21st July
For the second morning running the Teesside-based Airtours A.320 C-GTDC diverted into Newcastle due to fog. A new-ish ATR.42 appeared on the Cimber Air day-time flights, OY-CIR, not a first-visitor however. The aircraft has appeared on every day-time flight since. British Airways almost got back to normal, operating three of five day-time flights with 737/757's, with one other operated by One Eleven G-OBWC. City Flyer used Fokker 50 PH-DMB for a morning flight also. Nordic Tristar SE-DPX positioned out to Heathrow again during the afternoon, as BAW155P obviously to do the LHR-Cairo again.
MD.900 (some sort of helicopter ?) N92001 arrived from Police Headquarters at Ponteland, on a demonstration flight to the local Police Helicopter Support Unit, with whom it spent the night in their hangar.
AIH848/848P & 846/5 C-GTDC

Sunday 20th July
The night-stopping 'Flyer' was Denim Air Fokker 50 PH-DMB.
BAW12G/1333 G-OBWC BAW1338/G-OBWC AEA193/4 EC-GAZ AIH836/5 G-PIDS KGC1053/2 G-SBEA VIM717/8 LZ-MIL

Saturday 19th July
The previous Peach Air-operated Kos/Rhodes flight became an Air Atlanta flight, the outward flight now operating during the morning, with the return during the evening. This operation will now run until the beginning of October. Tristar TF-ABV was the aircraft involved. Manx used two ATP's for their Jersey flight, G-MANM as BRT7902/MNX9605, from Belfast City to Jersey, and G-BRLY as MNX9604/BRT7903, from Jersey to Glasgow. The first British Airways 'night-stopper' in a week and a half was One Eleven G-OBWC which arrived as BAW323P from Stansted.
Tulip Air PA-31 PH-IDA visited from Rotterdam as TLP04A/B. We nearly got the overshoot of the year, when a request was made to B-1 'Jayhawk11' 'stooging around' out of Fairford, but he said he couldn't make it !.
TLA534/5 EI-TLE FUA102/3 EC-GOB SBE377/6 G-BPND MNX831/2 G-MAJL BAW1975/4 G-BTPC PGT443/4 TC-AFA AEA267/8 EC-FTL ECA824/5 5B-DBD

Friday 18th July
British Airways 737-400's returned after an absence of well over a week, on the LHR schedule (we normally get five flights a day !). There were still sub-charters though, Gill Airways ATR.42 G-ORFH being used for an evening one-way as BAW1335.
Lear 60 N699SC visited twice, during the morning from Birmingham to Prestwick, and in the opposite direction during the evening. Another Lear was Eurojet Italia's I-AGEN which visited during the late morning, from Milan to Luton, as ERJ1133.
CKT601/2 G-BVYB FCL4521/0 G-BXAT TOP503/4 TC-IYA

Thursday 17th July
Duchess EI-CMX visited again, en-route Denmark to Donegal, while Cessna 172 PH-VLS diverted in en-route Chester to Teesside.
BAW12J/13E G-AVMT BAW1326/1331 G-OBWE BAW1334/13K G-OBWE SWW3573/4 TC-INA SWW2573/4 TC-INC TSC240/1 C-GTSB SWW2571/2 TC-IND AMC098/9 9H-ABR

Wednesday 16th July
Only three British Airways flights were operated, all by One Elevens, G-AVMT (BAW12J/13E), and G-OBWE (BAW1326/1331 & BAW1334/1335). African International DC-8 3D-ADV arrived from Stansted at lunchtime for another early morning Thursday departure to Warsaw. Nordic Tristar SE-DPX arrived back from Heathrow as BAW9155.
Another American-registered Citation 525 appeared, N1280A arriving from Exeter early morning, departing to Manchester at lunchtime. Cessna 177 N30745 departed to Calais during the morning.
LEI5134/3 G-UKLO FCL2315/4 G-FCLC LEI3460/59 G-UKLJ OHY443/4 TC-ONN

Tuesday 15th July
British Airways again only operated two out of six Heathrow services, with 757's G-BIKG and G-BIKH. Makes you wonder whether our Heathrow schedule will ever get back to normal (local news report it won't be until next Monday).
Nordic Tristar SE-DSB appeared again after some time away, arriving from Manchester as BLX8007 (BLX ?). I forgot to mention yesterday, that SE-DPX departed on Monday afternoon as BAW155P to Heathrow, presumably to operate flights for BA.
Cessna 177 N30745 arrived from Wick at lunch-time. Cessna 172 N130DA continued on to Inverness during the morning.
VIV1004/5 EC-GGZ SWW1571/2 TC-INB SPP3365/6 EC-GHH OHY441/2 TC-ONM LEI8811 G-UKLL AMC3206/7 9H-ABT

Monday 14th July
We got our first British Airways Heathrow flights since last Tuesday afternoon (!), only two of the normal six daily flights operating though, on 757's G-BMRI and G-BIKD.
Citation 560 OE-GAA departed to Molde during the morning. Citation 500 N12NM returned during the afternoon from Cranfield to Gamston.
AIH846/5 C-GTDC SPP3185/6 EC-GAT

Sunday 13th July
The SABENA RJ.100 OO-DWA first-visited arriving on the last arrival and night-stopping.
Another night-stopper was Tyrolean Air Ambulance Citation 560 OE-GAA which arrived from Marina Di Campo (in Italy). Just behind it was Cessna 172 N130DA which came in from Elstree, and is still present on Tuesday morning.
AEA193/4 EC-FYF KGC395/395P TF-ABM KGC1053/2 G-SBEA AIH836/5 G-MCEA VIM717/8 LZ-MIL

Saturday 12th July
Only thing of interest was that Citation 525, N1216K, which came through on delivery during the late evening, arriving from Reykjavik, and departing to Zagreb (possibly gonna be a good subsequent id !?).
TLA534/5 EI-TLE JEM03M/04M G-BIUV MNX9604/5 G-MANO MNX831/2 G-MAJK BAW1975/4 G-BTPH KGC394P/394 TF-ABM SBE377/6 G-BPND PGT443/4 TC-AFM ECA824/5 5B-DBD AEA267/8 EC-FEE

Friday 11th July
Citation N12NM first-visited at lunch-time from/to Gamston, and Irish Air Corps Super King Air 240 visited on another training flight, from Glasgow to Leeds.
Mooney M.20 PH-MSE was the first of a number of foreign light aircraft visitors, on what turned out to be quite a busy day, arriving from Seppe, and departing to Reykjavik. Others were Beech Duke D-IUSA from Oslo Fornebu to Woodford, Cheyenne N809SW from Gamston to Leeds, and a delivery, Malibu N92832 which arrived from Reykjavik and departed to Kassel. Cessna 210 LN-FOC departed to Prestwick at lunch-time.

Thursday 10th July
The Skyvan G-PIGY operated seven local flights dropping parachutes into the Otterburn range during the morning and early afternoon, and departed back to Oxford during the afternoon, all as RRR933.
The last Maersk Birmingham schedule of the day was operated by One Eleven G-AWYR.
Citation 525 D-ITSV visited again, from/to Dresden, and Cessna 210 LN-FOC arrived from Groningen during the evening for a night-stop.
JEM03M/04M G-BVOV SWW3573/4 TC-INC SWW2571/2 TC-INB SWW2573/4 TC-INA TSC240/1 C-FTNL AMC098/9 9H-ABT

Wednesday 9th July
We finally got our last Flying Colours 757, G-FCLA first-visiting on the FCL2315/4 Barcelona 'W'. Nordic Tristar SE-DPX returned from Brize Norton just before midnight as NOD8802.
Belgian Air Force Falcon 20 CM01 appeared during the afternoon, arriving from Zagreb, departing to Melsbroek. Citation 525 D-ITSV departed back to Munich at tea-time after its night-stop. Shorts Skyvan G-PIGY arrived during the late evening as RRR933 from Hucknall.
Cherokee N8289A departed to White Waltham at lunch-time. Enstrom 480 G-OSKP visited during the afternoon, arriving from 'Near Doncaster', and departing to 'Near Edinburgh'.
JEM03M/04M G-AYYG LEI5134/3 G-UKLO LEI3460/59 G-UKLK OHY443/4 TC-ONN

Tuesday 8th July
Nordic Tristar SE-DPX which had operated an Airtours Dalaman overnight on Monday night, departed to Brize Norton during the evening as NOD8801 to operate a forces charter.
Directflight operated the return of Monday's charter, Bandeirante G-JBAC visiting as DCT620, from Inverness to Norwich.
Cherokee N8289A arrived from Rotterdam during the morning, and night-stopped (not a delivery), while Cheyenne N560GA arrived from Bremen at lunch-time, continuing onwards to Reykjavik during the afternoon. Partenavia P68 N997JB departed to Exeter during the morning. Citation 525 D-ITSV visited again, arriving from Munich and night-stopping.
Two civil types in military marks were on the ground at the same time during the morning, Belgian Air Force Merlin IIIA CF06 visiting from/to Melsbroek, and Irish Air Corps Super King Air 240, which arrived from Edinburgh and departed to East Midlands.
JEM03M/04M G-BIUV SWW1571/2 TC-IND VIV1004/5 EC-FFN SPP3365/6 EC-FTS OHY441/2 TC-ONN LEI8811 G-UKLL AMC3206/7 9H-ABR

Monday 7th July
Airtours suffered again on Sunday afternoon, which prompted a change to the based A.320 on Monday morning, G-VCED arriving as AIH865P from Manchester, and becoming based for the time being. Directflight operated a charter with Bandeirante G-JBAC as DCT620, from Norwich to Inverness.
Partenavia P68 N997JB arrived from Chester at tea-time and night-stopped.
AIH846/5 C-GTDC SPP3185/6 EC-FXA

Sunday 6th July
Maule G-MAWL arrived during the late evening from Carlisle, night-stopping and departing to Cumbernauld on Monday.
ECA824/5 5B-DBB KGC395/395P TF-ABM KGC1053/2 G-SBEA VIM717/8 LZ-MIK

Saturday 5th July
Cheyenne N809SW made another appearance during the morning, from Leeds to Teesside, while other 'lights' of interest were Piper Cub G-BILI which routed Glenrothes to Bagby, and Katana G-BWPY which made the first fof two weekend visits from Dundee. Denim Air Fokker 50 PH-DMB visited again on a 'Flyer' service, CFE75NA/76NB.
JEM03M/04M G-AYYG MNX9604/5 G-MANP MNX831/2 G-MAJL BAW1975/4 G-BTPO SBE377/6 G-BPND KGC394P/394 TF-ABM PGT443/4 TC-AFZ AEA267/8 EC-GCA BCM311/2 EC-GNB

Friday 4th July
Abelag Learjet 35 OO-GBL day-stopped from Brussels as AAB51G, and Citation OY-SVL arrived during the afternoon from Billund, returning there on Saturday afternoon.

Thursday 3rd July
A slightly more interesting exec jet, Gulfstream III JY-HAH, visited during the afternoon, from Coventry to Farnborough using the callsign RJA650. BAe125-800 G-TSAM visited from/to Farnborough, and Air Atlantique Cessna 406 operated a freight charter to Cologne as AAG439 also during the afternoon.
JEM03M/04M G-AYYG SWW3573/4 TC-INC SWW2571/2 TC-INB TSC240/1 C-FTNA SWW2573/4 TC-INA AMC098/9 9H-ABS

Wednesday 2nd July
Visiting exec jets were Falcon 10 F-GHER from/to Nancy and Citation 550 D-ICHE which arrived from Cardiff during the late evening, departing soon after to Hannover.
JEM03M/04M G-BIUV LEI5134/3 G-UKLO FCL2315/4 G-FCLD LEI3460/59 G-UKLL OHY443/4 TC-ONN

Tuesday 1st July
Another day when the military produced most of the interest. The Cessna 172 HB-CQQ on delivery into Europe, departed at tea-time to Luxembourg.
Citation 501 VP-CFG visited from/to Oxford, spending most of the day on the south apron, while Air Atlantique's Cessna 406 G-TURF operated an evening freight charter to Cologne as AAG434 (position in as AAG433).
Nordic Tristar SE-DPX returned from Manchester during the late evening as NOD8009.
JEM03M/04M G-ATMI SWW1571/2 TC-IND VIV1004/5 EC-ELY SPP3365/6 EC-FSY OHY441/2 TC-ONM LEI8811 G-UKLK AMC3206/7 9H-ABT

Monday 30th June
Lots of military around, but very little civil of interest.
Flightline operated a cargo charter to Cologne with Bandeirante G-FLTY as FLT902 (position in from Southend as FLT092P). Cimber Air ATR.42-500 OY-CIJ operated both 'day-time' flights, the first time -500's have been used on these flights for a few months. You're probably all very sick of me enthusing about Tristars, but as the month ends, it's time for a bit of trivia ..... Newcastle Airport had no less then 79 Tristar movements in June.
Another delivery appeared in the shape of Cessna 172 HB-CQQ (172-8102) at tea-time from Reykjavik. The aircraft spent the night in the Samson hangar getting its long-range tanks removed.
BRA561/574 LN-BUF AIH846/5 G-YJBM BRA575/568 LN-BUF

Sunday 29th June
BCM Spain finally appeared on the early morning Ibiza (another Ibiza ?, Nordic _did_ operate also ?) with Airbus A.320 EC-GNB ('BCM311/2'). The Peach Air Tristar TF-ABM ran slightly late again back from Kos, departing back to Manchester just before nine. Nordic's SE-DPX didn't hang around after completing the weekend's flying, departing to Manchester late in the evening.
As already mentioned here Saab 340A N374DC (081) passed through on delivery from Basle to Reykjavik, using 'N314DC' as a callsign due to a FPL'ing error !.
KGC1053/2 G-SBEA AIH836/5 G-MCEA VIM717/8 LZ-MIS

Saturday 29th June
I didn't think June could get any worse, weather-wise, but it certainly did today - it was truly a grim day !. Anyway a few brave souls made it through the murk, the incentive being 'Plate Day' ('The Pitman's Derby') at Newcastle Racecourse. The afternoon saw two first-visiting helicopters, Twin Squirrel N766AM (c/n Jeremy ?) which visited from/to 'Near East Midlands', and Sloane Helicopters Agusta 109 G-BWZI, which arrived from Bovingdon, and departed to the racecourse itself.
Another interesting day for Tristars !. SE-DPX was engaged on the normal flying throughout Saturday. SE-DSB positioned in from Manchester mid morning as NOD8005, only to position back there at tea-time as NOD8006 - still makes very little sense to me (they would appear to have a maintenance base here now ?). A third aircraft was the Peach Air machine TF-ABM which also positioned in from Manchester during the late afternoon, and departed as KGC394 to Rhodes/Kos. 'DPX' was on its way to Malaga at the time, so we just missed 'three at once' again.
TLA534/5 EI-TLE AIH063P/064 G-DAJC MNX831/2 G-MAJM BAW1975/4 G-BTPD MNX9604/5 G-MANE SBE377/6 G-BNNI PGT443/4 TC-AFM ECA824/5 5B-DBD AEA267/8 EC-GCA

Friday 28th June (Possibly one of the grottiest 'mid-summer' days I can remember !)
After having three Tristars on the ground at the same time on Thursday (2xNOD, 1xTSC), we were left with none by Friday lunchtime, SE-DPX having departed on a service, and SE-DSB departing to Manchester as NOD8004. This was, apart from the Airtours Teneriffe 'sub' it flew last Saturday, DSB's first flight since arriving at Newcastle ten days ago !. Top Air resumed their Friday evening Dalaman charter series with Boeing 727 TC-IYA, making some very strange 'banging' noises (with associated flame !) from the No.2 engine on the taxi out !.
Cimber Air's 'always different' Friday night-stopping ATR.42 was OY-CIG. OY-CIC (in Team Lufthansa c/s) had operated all the day-time flights this week.
Swiss Air Force Lear 35 returned as expected during the morning, this time from/to Dubendorf. Citation F-GGGA departed for Northolt also during the morning.

Thursday 26th June
Sunways sub-chartered a Pegasus 737-400 again, TC-AFM operating the SWW3573/4 a few hours late. Air Transat produced a first-visiting Tristar on the TSC240/1, C-GTSB.
A day-stopper GA visitor was Leadair Falcon 10 F-BJLH, which routed Le Bourget-Heathrow as LEA044H, while Citation 550 F-GGGA arrive from Northolt during the evening for a night-stop.
Our second foreign military exec jet in a few days appeared in the shape of Norwegian Falcon 20 053, which arrived from Rygge, departing later to Aviano, both as NOW5005.
JEM03M/04M G-BVOV SWW2571/2 TC-IND SWW2573/4 TC-INA AEA236/7 EC-FJZ AMC098/9 9H-ABT

Wednesday 25th June
African International DC-8 3D-AFR arrived to operate another freight flight to Warsaw, as AIN101 from Stansted at lunch-time. Caledonian Airways operated the outbound-only sector of the weekly Leisure International Salzburg 'W', A.320 G-BVYB operating as CKT7634, from Manchester to Salzburg.
We've only had one Tristar here for a few days (!), although SE-DPX returned just before midnight, using an Air Inter callsign (ITF3683), arriving from Montpellier.
King Air 200 F-GHLB arrived from Staverton during the evening for a night-stop. A civil type in military marks, Learjet 35 T-781 visited during the morning, arriving from Dubendorf, and departing to Valkenburg.
JEM03M/04M G-AYIM LEI5134/3 G-UKLO LEI3460/0043 G-UKLL FCL2315/4 G-FCLB OHY443/4 TC-ONN

Tuesday 24th June
The first Emerald Airways arrival on the Liverpool mail flight was operated by G-BVOV. If anybody needs Cimber ATR.42 OY-CIC then it's operating all the daytime flights up here at the moment; there's been no sight of F-GIIA for a few days thank god !.
Interesting GA visitor was Yak 52 RA-44514 which arrived from Humberside during the morning, returning there over lunch-time. Tulip Air Navajo PH-ABD visited from/to Rotterdam as TLP02A/B. Duchess EI-CMX continued onwards to Donegal during the morning.
SWW1571/2 TC-INB SPP3365/6 EC-GBA OHY441/2 TC-ONM VIV1004/5 EC-FFN LEI8811 G-UKLKAMC3206/7 9H-ABR

Monday 23rd June
Emerald Airways began operating the nightly Liverpool mail 'run', HS.748 G-AYIM positioning in as JEM04M during the evening to operate the first departure. Flight numbers are JEM04M outbound, and JEM03M return the following morning.
GA visitor was Beech 76 EI-CMX which arrived from Denmark and night-stopped.
AIH846/5 G-YJBM SPP3185/6 EC-GGV

Sunday 22nd June
A _very_ quiet day, the only movement of any note being the first-visit of Yorkshire Helicopters' new Jet Ranger G-SHRR, which arrived during the evening from Rotherham, and night-stopped.
One of the Tristars departed, SE-DPX positioning out to Paris-Orly as NOD8805 around tea-time, leaving SE-DSB still here.
KGC1053/2 G-SBEA AIH836/5 G-MCEA VIM717/8 LZ-MIS

Saturday 21st June
Airtours' newly-based A.320 G-CRPH failed to operate the Friday evening Teneriffe due 'tech', the flight operating during the early hours of Saturday morning on Tristar SE-DSB, which of course was conveniently parked-up here. Flight numbers were AIH849/850.
Manx Airways' ATP G-MANH went u/s after arrival from Jersey, spares and an engineer arriving from Ronaldsway in Aztec G-BAED wearing full Manx Airways colours (no titles).
City Flyer used leased-from-Denim Air Fokker 50 PH-DMC for their afternoon CFE75NA/76NB Gatwick rotation.
We got another Aviaco MD.88 on the night Ibiza, EC-FPJ being this weeks first-visiting aeroplane.
TLA534/5 EI-TLE MNX9604/5 G-MANH MNX831/2 G-MAJK BAW1975/4 G-BTPG SBE377/6 G-BNNI PGT443/4 TC-AFA ECA824/5 5B-DBB AYC8132/3 EC-FPJ AEA267/8 EC-GCA

Friday 20th June
Brymon again used Titan ATR.42 G-BUPS for the morning Bristol/Aberdeen schedules. Cimber Air produced something out of the ordinary, as far as the last six weeks of the weekday schedule goes, last Friday night's first-visiting OY-CIC operating both daytime flights. OY-CID operated the Friday night, night-stopping flight, as indeed it had done on Thursday night, but I missed it on the log sheet !.
The Airtours based A.320 changed from G-TPTT to G-CRPH on the morning Mahon rotation. It looks like Emerald Airways may have taken over the Channel Express Herald mail operation; HS.748 G-BEJD arrived from Liverpool during the early hours, and positioned back out immediately to Liverpool, while G-BVOV positioned in from Belfast shortly afterwards, and day-stopped to operate the evening mail departure to Liverpool. For the last month or so Reed Aviation HS.748 G-BEJD has been alternating on this flight with 'Chanex' Heralds.
Gulf IISP N900MP departed during the late morning for Edinburgh, while the other night-stopper D-IAAK, left for Paderborn during the afternoon.
OHY441/2 TC-ONM CKT601/2 G-BVYC FCL4521/0 G-BXAT FUA134/5 EC-GNC PGT483/4 TC-AFK FUA102/3 EC-GOA

Thursday 19th June
A much busier day, with three American exec jets visiting. Nothing too exciting though, although Gulf IISP N900MP was a first-visitor, arriving from Heathrow during the morning and night-stopping. The others were Comfort Air Citation 560 N68MA, again day-stopping from/to Dresden, and similar type N2000M, which visited over lunch-time, from Glasgow to Coventry. Another regular, King Air 200 D-IAAK, arrived from Paderborn during the afternoon, also for a night-stop.
Brymon used Titan ATR.42 G-BUPS for their morning Bristol/Aberdeen schedules (BRY52A/B/53A/B), while an extra British Regional ATP, G-BUUP, visited, operating from/to Manchester as BRT936A/7908, inbound with passengers off a cancelled European Airways flight. Nordic European Tristar SE-DPX arrived back from Cambridge as NOD1113 during the evening, presumably after maintenance, to join 'DSB' on the ground here, which hadn't flown since its arrival on Tuesday night, and which had indeed been u/s since then, performing full-power engine runs on stand on Thursday !.
A slightly different helicopter was Aeromega's Twin Squirrel G-SITE which arrived from Coldstream, departing to Barton as 'Omega14'.
SWW3573/4 TC-INA SWW2573/4 TC-INC SWW2571/2 TC-IND TSC240/1 C-GTSE AEA236/7 EC-FYF AMC098/9 9H-ABS

Wednesday 18th June
Not much to say, the only visitor of note being TB.20 G-BWLS which visited from/to Leeds.
LEI5134/3 G-UKLO LEI3460/59 G-UKLK FCL2315/4 G-FCLD OHY443/4 TC-ONN

Tuesday 17th June
Bandeirante F-GEDR finally came through on delivery during the morning, routing from Toulouse to Reykjavik. Maersk used a One Eleven, G-AWYV, for the second morning-Birmingham schedule, the first having been cancelled. Robin D-EJRD continued northwards to Prestwick.
I've just about given up trying to understand Nordic's operations; SE-DPX, which had flown the weekend programme, departed to Cambridge during the evening, as NOD1113, SE-DSB arriving just before midnight as NOD8003 from Manchester.
SWW1571/2 TC-INB SPP3365/6 EC-FTT OHY441/2 TC-ONM VIV1004/5 EC-FFN LEI8811 G-UKLL AMC3206/7 9H-ABT

Monday 16th June
City-Flyer used Titan ATR.42 G-BUPS for their second Gatwick return of the day. 'That' Bandeirante failed to show, although there was still one in over lunchtime, Flightline's G-FLTY, which operated a cargo charter to Saarbrucken as FLT975.
Britannia's Cherokee G-BTNT arrived from Luton, probably for an extended visit, and will probably perform local flying by based 757 pilots. Robin DR.400 D-EJRD arrived from Southend and night-stopped.
AIH846/5 C-GTDC SPP3185/6 EC-FTT

Sunday 15th June
The Air Europe Italy 767-300 EI-CLS made it back from Orlando mid-afternoon, and positioned back out to Milan as AIH064P. We got both Peach Air 737's on the ground at the same time, G-SBEA operating the arrival from Zakinthos a little late, and because it couldn't get back there before it closed, positioned out to Gatwick. The outbound flight was re-scheduled and operated about eight hours late on G-SBEB which had positioned in from Manchester.
Interesting GA visitor was Grob 115 EI-CAD during the afternoon, which arrived from Carlisle, and departed to Movenis.

Saturday 14th June
As already mentioned here, Tyrolean Dash 8 OE-LTH came through on delivery during the morning, from Reykjavik to Innsbruck (0755L-0925L). Another 'already mentioned' was the Airtours 767 G-SJMC which positioned-in from Manchester, but then was unable to operate out to Orlando, and left empty to Luton. Air Europe Italy Boeing 767-300 EI-CLS (our second AEL 763 in two weeks !) was sub-chartered to operate the flight, arriving as AIH063P from Milan during the early evening, and departing direct to Sanford approximately eight hours late.
These two aeroplanes (along with OY-CIC and Aviaco MD.88 EC-FOF) made for quite a day for me, four 'new' airliners. There's only been two other days within the last twenty years that I've 'made' this many airliners in one day at Newcastle !. Pretty sad eh ?.
Cherokee D-EOCM continued on to Southend during the afternoon, while visiting also during the afternoon was Bristows Bell 214 G-BKFP, which arrived from Esbjerg (!), departing to Aberdeen.
MNX9604/5 G-MANP MNX831/2 G-MAJD BAW1975/4 G-BTPC PGT443/4 TC-AFM ECA824/5 5B-DBC SBE377/6 G-BNNI AYC8132/3 EC-FOF

Friday 13th June
'Hot & New' during the morning was the first-visit by Onur Air MD.88 TC-ONP, on the OHY441/2 from/to Dalaman. Cimber Air produced the goods on a Friday night again, with first-visiting ATR.42 OY-CIC, wearing Team Lufthansa colours.
Cherokee D-EOCM arrived from Southend during the afternoon, departing to Dundee later on, only to return due en-route weather.
CKT601/2 G-BVYA FCL4521/0 G-BXAT FUA134/5 EC-GOB PGT483/4 TC-AFK FUA102/3 EC-GOA TLA534/5 EI-TLE

Thursday 12th June
Lots of GA news today ..... Citation 560 N2000M arrived during the morning from Farnborough, returning there after lunch, while Citation 500 G-LOFT, looking very pretty in Atlantic colours, arrived from Leeds as AAG560 and night-stopped. Air Atlantique's Caravan II G-LEAF operated an afternoon cargo charter to Maastricht as AAG495, having positioned in from Coventry as AAG495P. This aircraft wears 'National Test Pilots School' titles ... anybody know why ?. PA-31 Navajo G-OHOP arrived from Dublin during the afternoon from Dublin as EXS25, with spares/engineers for Herald G-AVPN, departing to Bournemouth as EXS35. Air Center West King Air 200 OY-CBP returned to Esbjerg during the afternoon as BDI235 ('Birdie' !).
SWW3573/4 TC-INC SWW2571/2 TC-INB SWW2573/4 TC-INA TSC240/1 C-GTSN AEA236/7 EC-FYF AMC098/9 9H-ABS

Wednesday 11th June
Nordic European Tristar SE-DPX arrived from Manchester during the morning, and sat all day next to sister-ship SE-DSB, which positioned out to Manchester just before midnight. Maersk J41 G-MSKJ was still missing, Gill 360's operating three of the morning flights, the other being cancelled, while One-Eleven G-AWYS operated the evening rotation, again after the tea-time rotation had been cancelled.
Falcon 50 N77CE arrived from Luton during the morning, departing to Gander just after midnight. Air Centre West King Air 200 OY-CBP arrived from Esbjerg as BDI235 during the afternoon, and night-stopped.
LEI5134/3 G-UKLO LEI3460/59 G-UKLK FCL2315/4 G-FCLD OHY443/4 TC-ONO

Tuesday 10th June
A very quiet day, the only news-worthy item being the first sight of one of the new BA colour-schemes (!), on Brymon Dash Eight G-BRYT, which operated the afternoon/evening Bristol/Aberdeen flights (BRY56A/B 57A/B). 'Colours down a slide' apparently, and from a distance it looked pretty hideous !.
SWW1571/2 TC-IND SPP3365/6 EC-GGV OHY441/2 TC-ONO VIV1004/5 EC-GGE LEI8811 G-UKLL AMC3206/7 9H-ABT

Monday 9th June
Still no sign of Jetstream 41 G-MSKJ (tech again ?, or was it being painted !), Titan Shorts 360 G-ZAPD was used all day on the Birmingham schedules. Tristar SE-DSB returned to Newcastle during the late evening, as NOD8160 from Manchester, SE-DPX departing for Manchester just after midnight.
Dash Eight OE-LTI departed at 0839L on delivery to Innsbruck. Other GA visitors included Locavia King Air 90 F-GFHC on an ambulance flight from Dinard, returning to Poitiers, as LOC84BA, and Irish Navajo EI-JTC in a very pretty light blue colour-scheme.
AIH846/5 C-GTDC SPP3185/6 EC-EXY

Sunday 8th June
Nordic Tristar SE-DSB finally got to Copenhagen as VKG9547 during the morning.
Canadian Twin Otter departed to Reykjavik a little later than planned, at 1051L, due to a poor Icelandic forecast. The day produced two more deliveries, Bandeirante F-GESB, which routed from Toulouse, to Reykjavik, wearing what I think I remember as a Europe Aero Service colour-scheme (?) with no titles (horizontal yellow and blue lines on fuselage and fin), while the Tyrolean Dash Eight OE-LTI arrived from Rekyjavik just before midnight for a night-stop. The aircraft is in a special colour-scheme, with a blue band, outlined in green, sweeping down from the nose, to the rear fuselage. The usual Tyrolean tail colours are super-imposed with some stylised mountains, in the same blue/green.Probably not a good description, but there you go !.
BRA563/4 LN-BUF KGC1053/2 G-SBEA AIH836/5 G-MCEA VIM717/8 LZ-MIK

Saturday 7th June
Nordic European had a 'strange' day; the based aeroplane has been SE-DPX for some time now, but SE-DSB returned to Newcastle for the first time since its 'accident', during the early hours, empty from Mahon, on an Airtours positioning callsign ('AIH02P'). It didn't fly all day, 'DPX' operating the flights, and then departed empty to Copenhagen, during the evening with a Premiair callsign, as VKG9335. About sixty miles east of Newcastle, it shut-down an engine, and returned to Newcastle !. A more successful attempt was made to get to Copenhagen early on Sunday morning. Judging by the aircrafts' call-signs through Newcastle, is this now the Airtours stand-by aeroplane ?.
Manx Airlines operated two ATP flights, a Jersey with G-MANP as MNX9604/5, and a late Isle-of-Man, normally a J41, with G-BUUP. The first of a small number of interesting delivery flights arrived during the afternoon, Twin Otter C-GASV arriving from Zurich and night-stopping.
TLA534/5 EI-TLE AIH054 G-SJMC BAW1975/4 G-BTPE SBE377/6 G-BNNI PGT443/4 TC-AFK ECA824/5 5B-DBB AEA267/8 EC-GCB AYC8132/3 EC-FHG

Friday 6th June
Maersk used Shorts 360 G-ZAPG for one of the morning Birmingham schedules, and the afternoon, while the evening was operated by One Eleven G-AWYR. The night-stopping Cimber Air ATR.42 was OY-CIE. A rare foreign 'single' was Cessna 172 PH-LIN which visited from/to Rotterdam.
OHY441/2 TC-ONO AWD651/0 G-BVJV SBE601/2 G-BPND FCL4521/0 G-BXAT FUA134/5 EC-GOB PGT483/4 TC-AFJ FUA102/3 EC-GNZ

Thursday 5th June
The first Air Transat Tristar of the summer appeared, and was C-FTNC, and the evening Air Malta flight was operated by an A.320 9H-ABQ. The afternoon Maersk schedule was operated by Titan Shorts 360 G-ZAPG. Britannia Airways positioned Boeing 767 G-BRIF from Glasgow, apparently by mistake, the aircraft departing shortly after, empty to Exeter. G-BRIG positioned in from Birmingham later in the morning to operate the outbound Sanford !.
Citation 525 D-ITSV day-stopped again, from/to Dresden.
SWW3573/4 TC-INC SWW2571/2 TC-IND SWW2573/4 TC-INA AEA236/7 EC-FXQ

Wednesday 4th June
The day-stopping VLM Fokker 50 was, not surprisingly, OO-VLM again. The morning Brymon Bristol/Aberdeen schedules were operated by Titan ATR.42 G-BUPS. African International DC-8 3D-AFR arrived from Stansted as AIN101 during the afternoon, for a night-stop and early morning Thursday departure to Warsaw. Air Atlantique operated a freight charter to Saarbrucken during the afternoon with Cessna 406 G-LEAF, as AAG491. Another freight charter arrived just before midnight, Ibertrans Metro EC-GFK arriving from Santander as IBT602, departing to Madrid as IBT603 during the early hours of Thursday. Streak Shadow G-MYCM with its paraplegic pilot, continued onwards to Cumbernauld during the morning.
LEI5134/3 G-UKLO LEI3460/59 G-UKLK FCL2315/4 G-FCLB OHY443/4 TC-ONO

Tuesday 3rd June
WDL operated an early morning freight charter from Nice, with F-27 D-AELK, arriving at 0351L as WDL150, departing to Cologne as WDL153 at 0507. The day-stopping VLM Fokker 50 was OO-VLM for the second day running. Brymon sub-chartered again, using Titan ATR.42 G-BUPS for the morning Bristol/Aberdeen's, while Gill Airways Shorts 360 G-BVMX did work ex Bristol for Brymon, the aircraft departing and returning to Newcastle under Brymon positioning call-signs. The morning Spanair Palma, SPP3365/6, was operated as expected by Adria A.320 S5-AAB. Another Titan ATR.42, G-ZAPJ operated another freight charter from Eindhoven during the afternoon as AWC900, departing to Edinburgh during the evening as AWC100P.
Loganair Islander G-BLDV passed through en-route Kirkwall to Southend, where it will be re-painted, while an interesting arrival from Sherburn was Streak Shadow G-MYCM, flown by a paraplegic pilot, on some sort of fund-raising flight around the UK.
OHY441/2 TC-ONO SWW1571/2 TC-INB VIV1004/5 EC-GGE LEI8811 G-UKLL AMC3206/7 9H-ABT

Monday 2nd June
My theory that we would get three different Cimber ATR's a day, once the third daily service started, went completely 'out of the window', the first day of the operation seeing the leased aircraft F-GIIA operating both morning and afternoon flights (if it wasn't enough that this aircraft has operated the daytime flight for well over a month now, it looks like we are going to see it _twice_ a day forever .... time for that telex to Cimber Ops Jan :-) !).
The day-stopping VLM Fokker 50 was OO-VLM. Titan ATR.42 G-BUPS operated a freight charter inbound from Eindhoven as AWC633 during the evening, positioning out to Leeds as AWC25P.
AIH846/5 C-GTDC SPP3185/6 EC-GKS

Sunday 1st June
Another bad day for Airtours, a substantial delay being put on their morning departure to Malaga, after the based Airbus A.320 G-TPTT was 'taken away' to operate an already substantially delayed flight ex Glasgow. The delayed Newcastle-Malaga rotation was initially to be operated by one of their own 757's, but this later changed to a sub-chartered Boeing 767-300 of Air Europe Italy ... a much better idea methinks !. EI-CJB was the aeroplane which arrived from Milan as AIH879P during mid-afternoon, and operated the AIH879/880 to/from Malaga, and then returning to Milan as AIH880P just after midnight. G-TPTT arrived back from Glasgow during the early evening. Kuwait Air Force MD.83 arrived from Stansted during the afternoon for a two-night stop, wearing a new colour-scheme ! ... at least to Newcastle.
KGC1053/2 G-SBEA AIH836/5 G-RJGR VIM717/8 LZ-MIK

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