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Thursday 31st December
1998 came to an end at Newcastle Airport with another very quiet day, the only movements of any interest involving Skydrift Bandeirante G-TABS which visited twice engaged on Britannia Airways crew ferries, as DFT835 from/to Norwich at lunch-time and the late afternoon.

Thursday 30th December

Wednesday 29th December
The only movements of note were connected with two Boxing Day storm-damage incidents; Piper Arrow G-EPTR, which had been rocked momentarily onto its wingtip, departed to Aberdeen during the afternoon, similar type G-AXWZ acting as pilot ferry, while a replacement Burman Helicopters Robinson R.22 for the severely damaged G-WIZA arrived from Cambridge, G-OFJS arriving to be based mid-afternoon.
AMC2109 9H-ABT NFA921/121 OY-NPC

Tuesday 28th December
Aer Lingus used an aircraft type on the morning Dublin service, which they had never used before through Newcastle, the obviously first-visiting Boeing 737-400 EI-BXC operating the service 'split' with Leeds as EIN365/6.

Sunday 27th December
The first few hours of the day saw some of the strongest winds ever reported at Newcastle Airport, the highest gust noticed by yours truly being of 77 knots during the early hours .... it really wasn't the best night shift I've ever worked !. Structural damage occurred, and aircraft were damaged, blown around, and blown over, the most serious incidents involving Robinson R.22 G-WIZA, which was blown onto its side, and some minor skin damage suffered by a parked ATR.42.
The lull after the storm saw only the one notable movement, Learjet 35 D-COKE arriving from Alicante on an ambulance flight during the afternoon, the aircraft positioning out to Tempelhof.
EIN302/3 EI-CLY BMA7372/1 G-OBMO

Saturday 26th December
For anybody stupid enough ('g') to get up at 0130L on Boxing Day (before an early shift !), there was a first-visiting Boeing to get 'new', one of two, new-build 737-300's to have been delivered to Air Europa in 1997, neither of which have appeared here before now.
Sabre Airways began a short Lyon ski series, using Boeing 727 G-BPND.
AEA241/2 EC-GMY SBE087P/4086 G-BPND TYR927/8 OE-LCJ

Friday 25th December
Newcastle Airport had its busiest Christmas Day ever, with a grand (!) total of 7 airliner movements during the day.
Everything !:

Thursday 24th December
Only visitor of note was Jet Aviation Citation 550 HB-VGS, which was from Lugano to Zurich as PJS301/2 at lunch-time.

Wednesday 23rd December
Tyrolean's new Dash Eight OE-LTN completed its delivery flight, departing just before 0900L for Innsbruck.
Gill Airways sub-chartered an Airtours Airbus A.320 again, G-TMDP operating inbound from Torp as GIL901 and positioning out to Gatwick as GIL902P at lunch-time.

Tuesday 22nd December
Newcastle Airport kept up its little-known status as 'CitationJet-delivery-City-UK' , with the delivery during the evening of a French example, F-GPLF which was on the ground for just forty minutes during the early evening, from Reykjavik to Le Bourget. If the excitement of our 18th Cessna 525 delivery in recent years wasn't enough, the evening also produced our second brand new Tyrolean Airways Dash Eight in consecutive days, OE-LTN following the biz-jet down from Reykjavik during the evening, and night-stopping.
With Boeing 737-300 CS-TGQ still u/s from Monday afternoon, SATA/Air Azores positioned in their other Boeing, CS-TGP from Funchal, to operate the delayed Funchal departure during the early hours, making for the whole fleet on the ground at the same time. CS-TGQ positioned out to Jersey just before breakfast.
Monday's night-stopping Seneca D-GATE departed to Teuge at lunch-time.

Monday 21st December
The first of an expected two or three Dash Eight deliveries before Christmas arrived a day late, after being delayed in Greenland on Sunday morning due to weather in Iceland. OE-LTM for Tyrolean Airways passed through during the late morning from Reykjavik to Innsbruck.
SABENA RJ.100 OO-DWG appeared on the afternoon Brussels schedule, only its second visit to Newcastle. SATA/Air Azores Boeing 737-300 CS-TGQ went u/s after arrival from Glasgow during the afternoon, and failed to get away to Funchal.
Cessna 206 N70000L continued onto Stornoway during the morning. Piper Seneca D-GATE arrived from Biggin Hill during the afternoon for a night-stop.

Sunday 20th December
Speedwings Citation 550 HB-VLQ made a return visit during the late morning, arriving from Le Bourget with another prospective Newcastle United footballer, as SPW572. The aircraft departed to Amsterdam mid-afternoon as SPW573. The player hasn't signed yet !.
Cessna 206 N7000L arrived from Egelsbach during the afternoon at the start of a delivery flight westbound, the aircraft night-stopping at Newcastle.
British Midland operated yet another Christmas charter, a day-trip to Rovanaimi with Fokker 100 G-BVJD, which positioned from/to East Midlands.
BMA9761/8061/8062/9762 G-BVJD SAB67W/67T OO-DWA

Saturday 19th December
Tyrolean began their winter ski series, as I guess they did everywhere else in the country this weekend, their third series through Newcastle again being operated by Canadair Regional Jets this time around. The first Innsbruck flight was operated by OE-LCG, an aircraft that only visited once during last winter's series, which of course produced all eight aircraft at least once.
Only other movement of note was the Interflight HS.125 G-IFTC which operated an ambulance flight from Malaga during the evening as IFT191B, the aircraft positioning out later to Gatwick as IFT191C.

Friday 18th December
The only visitor of any note was rather impressive, the second Romavia Ilyushin Il-18 to apapear here this year, YR-IMM, operating a cargo flight to Bucharest at lunch-time as RMV114. It had positioned in from Bucharest earlier as RMV113.
VIV1748/9 EC-FFN FUA100/1 LX-LGG

Thursday 17th December
A very un-interesting day with the only aeroplanes of any interest both visiting twice, Skydrift's Bandeirante G-TABS from/to Norwich twice during the afternoon as DFT829, and the very regular Hamlin Jet Citation 560 N560MM.
NFA921/924/924E OY-NPC FUA122A/123 EC-GYK

Wednesday 16th December
Highlight of the day was yet another first-visiting foreign executive jet, only our second 'NetJets' Gulf IVSP appearing, in the shape of N493QS, which was here from mid-morning to mid-afternoon, from/to Luton.
Another King Air 90 passed through on delivery, N113AP being on the ground for less than an hour at lunch-time, from Reykjavik to Le Bourget. A further American-registered machine on the ground at the same time as these two was the returning Piper Malibu N9122N, which was from/to Kidlington.

Tuesday 15th December
It was executive jets again that provided all the interest. Another ex South African Citation delivery appeared during the early hours, Citation 501 N40AJ (c/n 0275 ex ZS-MPN) arriving from Santiago, and departing onwards to Reykjavik mid-morning, while the afternoon saw another exec jet first-visit-of-type, our second this month !. After the IAI Galaxy last Tuesday, our first Learjet 45 arrived in the shape of N459LJ, which arrived from Jersey during the early afternoon and departed to Leeds at tea-time. Owned by Atlantic Gulf Aviation, the aircraft used Stealth Aviation Ltd callsigns in and out, 'Stealth05/06', which must have got the radio spotters guessing !. Strangely both examples of the recent first-visiting exec types were participants at this year's Farnborough Show.
The Skyservice Airbus A.320 C-GTDC, which had been based here since the 1st of November, positioned out to Teesside at lunch-time as AIH001P, in preparation for its delivery flight back to Canada.
The only other visitor of any note was Air Charters Eelde King Air 200 PH-ACZ, which day-stopped again as RCC947/8 from/to Groningen.
NFA921/4 OY-NPC AMC2109 9H-ADH

Monday 14th December
Textron Citation N93TX departed at lunch-time to Bournemouth, and another visiting exec jet was Naske Air's Falcon 20 D-CBNA, which day-stopped from Amsterdam to Frankfurt as HCN991/2.
Gill Airways sub-chartered again, using Emerald Airways HS.748 G-EMRD again, for the Humberside/Esbjerg charter, the positioning sectors being from/to Liverpool.
Aircraft substitutions by scheduled operators included SABENA RJ.100 OO-DWA on the afternoon SAB673/67P, again after the morning flight was cancelled, and another Aer Lingus BAe146-300, EI-CLJ which was used for the evening EIN30C/W.
RZO9400/1 CS-TGP GIL540P/540H/541H/541P G-EMRD FUA114/5 EC-GUI NFA924E OY-NPC

Sunday 13th December
The return sector of the weekly Airtours Orlando charter, finally returned during the early hours, almost 24 hours late, on DC-10 OY-CNO, an aircraft that had been used through Newcastle earlier in the year, and is still the only DC-10 to visit this year. It arrived as AIH052 direct from Sanford and departed to Manchester as AIH052A just after 0500hrs.
Arriving during the evening was another first-visiting executive jet, Textron's Citation VII N93TX which arrived from Gander for a night-stop. Beech Baron N951SF departed to Elstree during the afternoon.
Saturday evening's u/s Aer Lingus Fokker 50 EI-FKF finally departed during the evening, empty to Dublin as EIN2307.

Saturday 12th December
Air 2000 operated a charter to Rovaneimi, one of a number of 'Santa' flights in the area during the day, with Airbus A.321 G-OOAE, which still wears the all-white with titles scheme it visited in during the summer. The positioning flights were from Manchester and to Bristol. Another Christmas flight peformed a flyby of the field during the late morning, Maersk's 737-500 G-MSKC from/to Birmingham as MSK001. Also in the area was 'SantaExpress6029', which was Ryanair 737-200 EI-CJF out of Teesside !.
Aer Lingus Fokker 50 EI-FKF went u/s during the evening, BAe146-300 EI-CLH arriving from Dublin during the late evening as EIN2308 to operate the outbound EIN309. The Fokker 50 remained here overnight.
For the second Saturday in succession, Gill Airways sub-chartered an Airtours Airbus A.320 for the Torp company charter, G-COEZ arriving from Torp late morning as GIL901, and positioning out to Belfast as GIL901P.
The only other visitor of any note was Beech Baron N951SF which arrived from Elstree at lunch-time and night-stopped.
AMM803P/8036/8037/803P G-OOAE

Friday 11th December
Gulfstream IISP N900MP departed to Gander during the early morning after its week at Newcastle.
Titan Airways operated a charter from Antwerp during the late afternoon, with Shorts 360 G-ZAPD as AWC566, the aircraft later positioning out to Stansted as AWC56D.
Airtours' apparent 767 shortage meant no aeroplane available for the morning Orlando flight, normally split with Manchester. Airbus A.320 G-TPTT positioned in from Glasgow to take the US-bound passengers to Manchester, presumably to transfer onto a 'wide-body', the aircraft departing Newcastle as AIH051.
VIV1748/9 EC-FHR FUA100/1 EC-GUI

Thursday 10th December
The only visitor of note was another King Air 200 on delivery, series 200 N2345M passing through at lunch-time from Reykjavik to Bremen.
NFA921/4/4E OY-NPC FUA122/3 EC-GVB

Wednesday 9th December
A pretty busy day, a situation helped by a fair number of airliner and general aviation diversions from the Eastern side of the country. Those airliners to divert included another first-visiting British Midland Boeing 737-500, G-BVKA which appeared twice diverting from Teesside, during the morning and afternoon, the mid-morning KLMuk Fokker 100 arrival into Teesside, and a KLMuk Fokker 50, which was our first ever airliner diversion from Sheffield !.
Highlight of the day though was the latest first-visiting Citation 525, yet another German-registered machine, D-IWHL which came from Hamburg before breakfast, and departed back at lunch-time. Gulfstream IISP N900MP visited Maastricht, departing during the early morning and returning during the late evening.
A British Aerospace charter from Humberside to Sweden was re-planned through Newcastle and Titan Airways BAe146 G-ZAPK appeared during the afternoon as AWC061P from Stansted, departing to Linkoping as AWC061 late afternoon. A related visit was made by Jetstream 31 G-BLKP, which was from/to Warton.
There was a multitude of GA visitors, the best being Cessna 340 N340YP which day-stopped from Edinburgh to Biggin Hill, and the Irish Air Corps King Air 200 240, which visited briefly during the afternoon as IRL240 from/to Baldonnel.

Tuesday 8th December
The day will go down in history as the second one in recent times to produce an Israeli registered, and designed, aeroplane whilst engaged on test flying. After a 'near miss', through the overhead last week, the test IAI Galaxy 4X-IGO made two landings and taxi-arounds at lunch-time, while looking for wet runways on a test flight out of Prestwick. The aircraft was in the same un-painted state it was in at the Farnborough Airshow.Those with good memories will remember an IAI Arava doing something similar during the late 70's.
The Gulfstream IISP N900MP, which arrived two nights previous, made a trip to Birmingham and back during the morning, while another foreign exec visitor was Danish Air Transport's Citation 501 OY-CPW, which visited from Billund to Gothenburg with freight as DTR780P/780 during the afternoon. The two French King Airs present from Sunday evening both departed during the day, Aero Enterprise's King Air 200 F-GDJS to Edinburgh at lunch-time as AON94 again, and the King Air 90 F-GIFK back to Le Bourget during the early evening. Beech Baron N7148R departed to Glasgow at tea-time.
AMC2109 9H-ADH NFA921/4 OY-NPC

Monday 7th December
A cancelled morning SABENA Brussels schedule made for a still uncommon RJ.100 operation for the afternoon flight, producing non other than the latest aircraft, OO-DWG first-visiting as SAB673/67P.
Yet another American-registered Beech Baron visited for the first time, N7148R arriving from EGDK (where ?) during the afternoon and night-stopping. Air Poitiers King Air 90 F-GHUV visited during the evening, joining two other French King Air's on the south apron, as FUR002 from/to, appropriately enough, Poitiers !.

Sunday 6th December
Three foreign King Air's visited during the day, the first passing through in the very early hours, King Air F90 D-ISTB being on delivery from Reykjavik to Stuttgart, and spending just an hour on the ground between half past one and half past two. Air Enterprise King Air 200 F-GDJS arrived from Biggin Hill as AON94 during the early evening, followed by King Air 90 F-GIFK from Le Bourget during the late evening, both of which night-stopped.
Berg Electronics Gulfstream 2SP N900MP also arrived during the late evening, from Heathrow, for its week-long 'detachment' to Newcastle.

Saturday 5th December
Gill Airways sub-chartered again, this time with something slightly bigger, using the based Airtours Airbus A.320 C-GTDC for a company charter to/from Torp, the aircraft positioning out as GIL900P, and returning at lunch-time as GIL901N.
Aer Lingus used another 146 for the evening Dublin rotation, EI-CLI operating the EIN308/W.

Friday 4th December
The cargo flights to Benelux continued, Atlantic Airways' Cessna 406 G-LEAF operating to Liege again during the early hours, and the mid-morning, and AirMedical's Navajo G-PZAZ operating out to Maastricht at tea-time.
Gill Airways sub-chartered the Emerald HS.748 G-EMRD again, this time to operate the Esbjerg company charter, the aircraft positioning from/to Liverpool as GIL550P/551P, and operating to/from Esbjerg as GIL550/1.
VIV1748/9 EC-FHR FUA100/1 LX-LGG

Thursday 3rd December
Atlantic Airways' SA227AC Metro III G-BUKA operated three cargo flights into Europe during the day, the first to Liege during the early hours, with two more to Maastricht during the morning and evening.
Piper Seneca N95D visited again at lunch-time, from/to Humberside.
The Futura Boeing 737-400 EC-GNZ went u/s after arriving from Arrecife, and didn't depart until the early morning of Friday.
FUA122/3 EC-GNZ NFA921/4/924E OY-NPC

Wednesday 2nd December
The only movement of any note during the day was another Teesside diversion, a British Midland Boeing 737-500, G-BVZF arriving from Heathrow during the morning as BMA5WT, and positioning to Teesside a little later as BMA9631.

Tuesday 1st December
A first-visiting executive jet was Citation 650 VP-CDW which spent just nineteen minutes on the ground during the late afternoon, from/to Chester.
AMC2109 9H-ADH NFA921/4 OY-NPC

Monday 30th November
Adria Airways DC-9 S5-ABF got away to Keflavik after its night-stop, just after breakfast.
Aircraft substitutions produced another Aer Lingus BAe146 on the morning Dublin schedule, EI-CLH operating the EIN302/3, and Emerald Airways HS.748 G-EMRD which was used by Gill Airways for a number of scheduled services during the day.
An interesting general aviation visitor over lunch was Piper Cub N6690D which arrived from Gamston and departed to a private site near Aberdeen.

Sunday 29th November
Two Cayman Islands-registered executive jets appeared during the morning/lunch-time, neither of which were terribly exciting; Falcon 50 VP-CEZ appeared first, spending just over half an hour here from Biggin Hill to Nice, while S&N's Citation 560 VP-CSN made a similarly short visit from Edinburgh to Guernsey.
A very interesting movement during the late afternoon involved the arrival from Ljubljana of Adria Airways Douglas DC-9 S5-ABF, at the start of its delivery flight which will reportedly end in Costa Rica. The aircraft wore full Adria colours and was to continue westbound, but this was delayed to a night-stop after the weather deteriorated in Iceland. Possibly our largest delivery in recent times, the aircraft had never visited Newcastle previously wearing a Slovenian prefix, but was of course once regular as YU-AHJ with Inex-Adria, its last visit being in 1988.

Saturday 28th November
An aircraft that had appeared a few times before, on more conventional visits, passed through on delivery during the afternoon, Mooney M.20 N72FG routing Biggin Hill to Reykjavik.
CAE Metroliner F-GJPN departed to Le Bourget during the early evening as FEU749.
A very interesting helicopter visitor was Bristows' Bell 212 G-BGLJ, which stopped briefly during the evening en-route Humberside to Edinburgh.
The returning Airtours Orlando passengers also got a Boeing 757 trip too, G-LCRC arriving as AIH052 at lunch-time from Manchester with the passengers off the 767. It positioned back to Manchester as AIH052P.

Friday 27th November
Highlight of the day was certainly the first-visit of Speedwings' Citation 550 HB-VLQ, which spent a couple of hours on the ground during the late afternoon as SPW551/2 from Geneva to Le Bourget.
Airtours International used Boeing 757 G-PIDS to take their Orlando-bound passengers to Manchester to connect with the 767, the aircraft positioning in from Birmingham as AIH151P, and operating out as AIH151. Futura suffered a heavy delay to their mid-day Tenerife rotation, the flight arriving just before midnight, operated by Spanair MD.83 EC-GVO as FUA100/1. The return of the Air Malta Travel Agent's charter produced nothing as exciting as the outbound, Boeing 737-300 9H-ABR spending just 28 minutes on the ground during the late evening, as AMC6220/1.
The latest Brymon Airways Dash Eight first-visited during the afternoon, G-NVSA operating the BRY56A/B/57A/B Bristol/Aberdeen schedules, wearing an all-white colour-scheme.

Thursday 26th November
On another big military day, the only civilian of any note was another Metroliner, CAE's F-GJPN, which arrived from Le Bourget at tea-time as FEU749 and night-stopped.
FUA122A/123 EC-GUG NFA921/4/924E OY-BPH

Wednesday 25th November
Highlight of the day was only our second ever Falcon 2000, JCB Aviation's G-JCBI spending just 16 minutes on the ground mid-morning, from/to East Midlands, and making a very impressive sight on the south apron, next to two other 'heavies', the CL604 and Falcon 50 still present from Monday. These two did actually depart during the afternoon, C-GPGD to Luton, and OO-LFT back to Le Bourget as AAB11T.
Maersk UK used a Boeing 737-500 for the mid-morning Birmingham schedule, G-MSKC, an aircraft that had only visited twice previously, both visits on the 1st of June 1998, operating the MSK392/3.
On a day when we got a number of very rare military diversions (Harriers, Hawk, Chinook from Leeming), there was only the one civilian divert, Air Iceland Metroliner TF-JML diverting in from Humberside (from Leeds) as FXI755 during the early afternoon, the aircraft continuing on to Aberdeen after a half-hour stop.

Tuesday 24th November
The second of the two Air Malta Boeing 737-400's to appear at Newcastle, first-visited during the evening, 9H-ADK operating a travel agent's charter from/to Malta as AMC6220/1, just over a month after the first-visit by the first, 9H-ADJ at the end of October.
Aer Lingus used BAe146-300 EI-CLJ for the morning Dublin service in place of the usual Fokker 50, the first time the aircraft had visited Newcastle in these marks. It had been seen here before as G-BTNU with Dan Air, and later with British World.
Another very nice Citation II delivery appeared during the evening, the ex Omani machine N410CS, spending just under forty minutes on the ground, from Zurich to Reykjavik. The aircraft wore a thin red/green cheatline with a similar stripe on the tail fin, being an ex-Oman Air operated calibrator aircraft, and was en-route to 'North Carolina'.
Alpla Air Charter King Air 90 OE-FAK was present during the morning, arriving from Friedrichshafen and departing to Cranfield just after lunch.
NFA921/4 OY-BPH AMC2109 9H-ADH

Monday 23rd November
The first Ryanair weather diversion from Teesside occurred during the late morning, Boeing 737-200 EI-CKS arriving as RYR602 from Dublin, and returning there as RYR603A during the early afternoon.
Two returning executive jets arrived on normal November-time visits during the late afternoon, Falcon 50 OO-LFT of Abelag, from Charleroi as AAB11T, and Challenger 604 C-GPGD from Luton. Both night-stopped.

Sunday 22nd November
Emerald Airways operated a passenger charter (day-trip) from/to Cardiff, with a rugby team, with HS.748 G-EMRD as JEM1584/6.

Saturday 21st November
The only movement of note was the appearance of City-Flyer ATR.72 G-BWTM on the night-stopper, now wearing the recently applied 'Benyhone Tartan' colour-scheme.

Friday 20th November
The Hamlin Jet Citation 550 N800LA, which had arrived from Luton on Thursday evening, unusually flew an hour-plus local flight at half past midnight, and then departed back to Luton at half past two !?.
MSR Flug Cessna 425 D-ICMF departed to Coventry during the morning, and the Eurocopter EC.135 G-CCAU departed to Teesside as UKP34, after its demo to the Police Helicopter unit. Airlink King Air 300 OE-FME departed back to Salzburg at tea-time as JAR09.
VIV1748/9 EC-GAP NFA921/924/924E OY-NPC FUA100/1 EC-GYK

Thursday 19th November
All three of the now regular Hamlin Jet Citations were present at some stage during the day; Citation 560 N560MM departed to Frankfurt during the early morning after its night-stop, Citation 550 N19AJ visited during the afternoon from Northolt to Luton, and similar type N800LA arrived from Luton during the evening for a night-stop.
BAC Express Shorts 360 G-VBAC arrived back from Ostend during the afternoon as RPX331, and positioned out to Norwich as RPX008P.
MSR Flug Cessna 425 D-ICMF arrived from Covenry during the evening as EBF319 ('Skyrunner') and night-stopped, and another foreign visitor was the regular Airlink King Air 300 OE-FME, which was from Salzburg to Prestwick as JAR09 during the morning.
The North-East Police Air Support Unit received a demonstration from the Eurocopter EC.135, G-CCAU arriving from Blackpool during the afternoon, flying three local flights, and night-stopping, using the callsign 'Police34'.

Wednesday 18th November
BAC Express operated another passenger charter to Ostend during the morning, this time with a first-visiting Shorts 360, G-VBAC positioning from Norwich as RPX005P, and departing to Ostend as RPX330.
The Zorex Air Transport Metro departed back to Spain at lunch-time, as ORZ101 to Zaragoza, and Aero Services Executive King Air 200 F-GSIN departed back to Le Bourget as BES562 at tea-time, after its double night-stop.
The Air 2000 Larnaca flight was operated by the ex-Leisure Airbus A.320 G-UKLL, the aircraft still being in the Leisure colour-scheme.
AMM456P/456/457 G-UKLL LBT803 EI-CBO

Tuesday 17th November
Gulfstream IISP N900MP spent a few hours here during the evening, from/to Heathrow.
A couple of freight charters during the late evening produced a pair of Metroliners, Bin Air's D-ICRK from/to Nurnburg, and Zorex Air Transport's EC-GPE, which arrived from Pamplona just before midnight as ORZ104, and night-stopped, the aircraft unfortunately being quite a Newcastle regular in the past as OY-JER.
The first weather diversions of the winter appeared during the afternoon, both from Teesside, British Midland Airways Boeing 737-500 G-BVKB arriving from Heathrow as BMA7WT, to where it returned as BMA4TW. The other very regular Teesside diversion when the weather deteriorates, the Air Kilroe Jetstream, also appeared, G-OAKJ from/to Manchester as AKL505/6.
AMC2109 9H-ADI NFA921/4 OY-NPC

Monday 16th November
Another Hamlin Jet Citation 550 appeared during the morning, N19AJ spending just thirty minutes on the ground from Luton to Northolt. The aircraft last visited Newcastle as EI-BYN in 1992.
Aero Services Executive King Air 200 F-GSIN arrived from Le Bourget during the morning as BES562, for an extended stay.
Britannia Airways Boeing 757 G-BXOL departed back to Luton during the late evening as BAL995F, obviously not to become the Newcastle-based aeroplane.

Sunday 15th November
Brymon Airways sub-chartered Titan Airways BAe146 G-ZAPK for the afternoon Southampton/Paris rotation, the aircraft arriving from Stansted as BRY98P, operating out to Southampton and back from Paris as BRY98B/099, and then positioning out as BRY099P to Stansted during the late evening.
Britannia Airways Boeing 757 G-BXOL arrived during the afternoon as BAL998F from Luton, presumably to take up based aircraft duties.
Manx Airlines BAe146 G-MIMA departed back to the Isle-of-Man during the afternoon as MNX978.

Saturday 14th November
Piper Seminole N2288C departed at lunch-time, not westbound, but back to Antwerp.
The usual pre-Christmas shopping trip from the Isle-of-Man produced Manx Airlines BAe146 G-MIMA as MNX977, wearing the very pretty new 'Manx' colour-scheme.
A busy GA mid-afternoon saw Trans Helicoptere Service Falcon 100 F-GPFD visit as THZ142 from Le Bourget to Pontoise, King Air 200 N86Y from Stansted to Kidlington, and Northern Executive's Lear 35 G-ZENO from Manchester to Lyneham as NEX02A/B.
The morning saw two substitutions on scheduled services, Aer Lingus using BAe146-300 EI-CLY for the EIN302/3, an aircraft that last visited Newcastle as G-BTZN with British World in 1996, and SABENA Dash Eight PH-SDM for the SAB671/Z.

Friday 13th November
Piper Seminole N2288C arrived at three minutes after midnight from Antwerp on a delivery flight, but then picked up a technical problem which delayed its onward departure. The aircraft flew a seven minute test flight at lunch-time and then night-stopped on Friday night.
Another delivery at the other end of the day produced BN.2 Islander D-IORC (using the callsign D-IROC !), which passed through during the late evenin from Rotterdam to Cumbernauld.
Beech Baron N27MW visited at lunch-time, from Fairoaks to Carlisle. Aer Lingus used a Boeing 737-500 for the evening flight, EI-CDC as EIN30C/W.
VIV1748/9 EC-GBU FUA100/1 EC-GYK NFA921/924/924E OY-NPC

Thursday 12th November
Not a lot of excitement, the only movements of any interest being two visits by Citation 560 N560MM, and a day-stop from S&N's 560 VP-CSN, which was from/to Edinburgh.

Wednesday 11th November
Aerostar Charter Citation 560 D-CNCI made another visit, arriving from Nurnburg just one minute after midnight on a cargo flight, and departing to Tempelhof before lunch-time. Falcon 900 N77CE departed to Bangor during the late evening.
Visiting during the middle of the day was Cheyenne N80CP from/to Thruxton, while Cessna 340 N340SC departed to Staverton at lunch-time.
British Aerospace Corporate Charter's BAe125 G-TSAM visited over lunch, from Warton to Hamburg.

Tuesday 10th November
Citation 550 N976GA departed to Reykjavik mid-morning after its night-stop, and Falcon 900 N77CE arrived just a little later from Luton. The registration was last seen at Newcastle at the end of last year on a Falcon 50, while the airframe visited Newcastle earlier this year as N991AS.
Staying the afternoon was Ambrion Aviation BAe125 N125XX which arrived from Teesside and departed to Luton.
Cessna 340 N340SC arrived from North Weald during the evening for a night-stop.
BRY052/52B/53A/B G-BUPS AMC2109 9H-ABT NFA921/4 OY-NPC

Monday 9th November
Bosch BAe125 HB-VLG visited briefly over breakfast, from/to Stuttgart, while staying a bit longer was Dennis Vanguard's Gulfstream III VP-BNZ, which spent much of the daylight hours here, from/to Geneva.
Two deliveries appeared, Piper Saratoga OY-JAD from St.John's to Odense mid-morning, actually a diversion from Shannon, and Citation 550 N976GA during the early evening, which arrived from Cologne and night-stopped, the aircraft being an ex-South African registered machine.
Monarch Airlines operated the return of their short Naples series with Airbus A.320 G-MPCD during the early hours as MON9295, the aircraft positioning out to Manchester as MON925P.
RZO9400/1 CS-TGQ FUA114/5 EC-GVB

Sunday 8th November
Staying for a few hours either side of lunch-time was Citation 560 D-CNCI, a registration that has visited before as a Citation 550, but as a 560 is a first-visitor.
Islandsflug Boeing 737 TF-ELL departed back to Keflavik at tea-time as ICB545.
CKT5279/091P G-CVYE

Saturday 7th November
Spanish Air Force Falcon 900 T.18-2 returned at tea-time to collect its VIP, from/to Torrejon again as AME4542. Taubman Air Gulfstream IV N80AT departed to Luton at around the same time.
The Skyservice Airbus A.330 C-FBUS operated the return sector of the Airtours Orlando charter as expected, passing through from Sanford to Manchester as AIH052 before breakfast.

Friday 6th November
Surely one of the most impressive visitors of the year appeared mid-morning, the Skyservice Airbus A.330-300 C-FBUS, only our second of type, operating the Airtours Orlando charter as AIH051.
Islandsflug Boeing 737-200 TF-ELL made its first-visit to Newcastle, arriving from Keflavik just before lunch as ICB544, for a double night-stop, presumably a shopping charter.
Piper Seneca N95D visited twice during the day, from/to Welshpool mid-morning, and from Welshpool to Sleap during the afternoon.
VIV1748/9 EC-FLF FU100/1 EC-GXR NFA921/924/125E OY-NPC

Thursday 5th November
Day-stopping was MSR Flug Charter Cessna 425 D-ICMF, from/to Paderborn as EBF('Skyrunner')305, while Air Normandie Citation 500 F-GJDG visited during the afternoon, as RNO900/5 from Brussels to Bourges.
Spanish Air Force Falcon 900 T.18-2 made another visit at tea-time, bringing its VIP in from Torrejon as AME4541, to where it returned within 30 minutes of landing.

Wednesday 4th November
AerOpe King Air 90 F-GFHQ returned at breakfast-time presumably to collect whoever it dropped off on the 2nd, visiting from/to Pontoise as OPE231/2.
Making a short visit mid-morning was French Air Force EMB.121 Xingu 084, which was from Avord to Dublin as FAF6791.

Tuesday 3rd November
The 'Kalitta Jumbo' positioned out during the early hours, direct to Fort Lauderdale as AIH002P.
Four foreign-registered executive jets appeared during the day, the usual Citation 560's N560MM and VP-CSN, a new to Newcastle Citation 501 VP-CAT, which was from Luton to Elstree during the afternoon/evening, and an old friend, Taubman Air Gulfstream IV N80AT, which arrived from Luton at tea-time for an extended stay.
The expected based Britannia Airways Boeing 757 for November arrived before breakfast, the ex Air 2000 and Eastern Airlines aircraft SE-DUN positioning in from Stansted as BAL998F.

Monday 2nd November
Only the second Boeing 747 movement of the year occurred during the early morning, the remaining seventy Airtours Orlando passengers returning on American International AIrways Boeing 747 N704CK via Manchester as AIH5011. The aircraft subsequently night-stopped.

Sunday 1st November
The based Airtours Airbus A.320 for the month of November arrived during the early morning, the Skyservice machine C-GTDC making the short trip from Teesside as AIH830P.
The return sector of the troubled Airtours Orlando charter arrived at Newcastle mid-morning, Air Plus Comet Airbus A.310 EC-GMU arriving as AIH064 and positioning out to Madrid as AIH064P.
Tea-time saw a very rare first-visit from a British Airways Boeing 757, the until recently Gatwick-based G-CPET in the 'Sterntaler' colours making its first appearance at Newcastle on the BAW12N/13K.
BAC Express operated another charter flight during the afternoon, this time with Shorts 360 G-CLAS, which passed through as RPX311A/B from Wick to Cambridge.
Monarch Airlines operated the first in a short series of Turin charters, Airbus A.320 G-MONX arriving as MON928B from Funchal to operate out as MON9292 to Turin.
AerOpe King Air 90 F-GFHQ visited briefly during the evening, as OPE231 from Pontoise, and returning using its registration as a callsign.
JKK3369/70 EC-GOU FUA196/7 EC-GNZ ECA834/5 5B-DBD

Saturday 31st October
It was Airtours International's turn to have problems right at the end of the season, the based Airbus A.320 G-TPTT going u/s in Tenerife overnight. The return, only-loaded sector of the morning AIH817/8 Palma rotation was operated by first-visiting Air Mediterranee Boeing 737-200 F-GOAF, which arrived from Palma via Lyons as AIH818, and which wore an all-white colour-scheme with small titles under the cockpit windows. The aircraft positioned out to Marseilles during the afternoon as AIH818P. The evening Alicante rotation was operated by Airbus A.320 G-SUEE.
Another problem with a 'sick' Boeing 767-300 somewhere meant that the carrier also had to sub-charter for the weekend Orlando charter, Air Plus Comet's Airbus A.310 EC-GMU positioning from Madrid during the afternoon as AIH063P to operate out to Sanford as AIH063. This aeroplane's return on the 1st of November, and the consequent reduction in capacity was to provide some excitement during the first few days of November !.
A pair of arrivals for the West Ham football match were British World Airlines BAC One Eleven G-OBWA which was from/to Stansted as BWL8178/80, and the much more interesting Citation 550 N800LA which was from/to Luton. Challenger VP-BCC returned at tea-time, in the opposite direction, from Stansted to Farnborough.
Twin Commanche OY-RPM visited briefly at tea-time, from/to Bergen.
BRY95B/98B/099 G-BRYZ JKK3341/2 EC-GGV RZO9456/7 CS-TGQ

Friday 30th October
Beech Duke N961EL finally departed the Newcastle south-side for good during the morning, departing to Stornoway apparently en-route to the US.
Another longish-term Newcastle stopper, although not quite so long, departed to the US during the morning, Tradewinds Tristar N310SS leaving an hour before the Duke, direct to Greensbro', North Carolina as TDX310F, after spending three nights at Newcastle.
Maersk UK used a CRJ again on the Birmingham schedule, unfortunately the same one that was used earlier in the month on the 5th, G-MSKM operating the evening MSK396/7.
BAC Express appeared again with Shorts 360 G-OCEA, passing through mid-morning as RPX312A/B from Cambridge to Wick, and THS Falcon 100 F-GHPB departed back to Le Bourget during the early evening as THZ500.
BRY52A/B/53A/B/56A/B/57A/B G-OBWM BRY099 G-BRYZ FUA160/1 EC-GYK CKT603/2 G-CVYE VIV1728/9 EC-GGE NFA921/4/4E OY-NPC FUA102/3 EC-GVB & N560MM

Thursday 29th October
One of Newcastle's permanent fixtures in recent years finally flew again, the Beech Duke N961EL which hadn't flown since its arrival on the 13th April 1995, flying two test flights during the afternoon prior to its impending departure from Newcastle.
Beech Baron EI-CPS stopped for fuel during the afternoon en-route from Aalborg to Donegal, and the evening saw two visiting foreign executive jets, Challenger VP-BCC which stayed for only 13 minutes at tea-time from Farnborough to Stansted, and Trans Helicopter Service's Falcon 100 F-GHPB which arrived from Le Bourget at around the same time as THZ291 for a night-stop.

Wednesday 28th October
Airworld made a rare visit to Newcastle, with the first-visiting Airbus A.320 G-BXTA, which operated a 'day-trip' to Prague as AWD924/5. The positioning sectors were during the very early hours as AWD923P from Manchester, and AWD376 just before midnight to Kos.
The second new Brymon Dash Eight delivery, G-BRYZ also in an all-white colour-scheme, first-visited during the late evening, on the night-stopping BRY099 from Paris-CDG.
Kuwait Airways A.300-600 9K-AMA departed back to Kuwait City during the morning as KAC5104.
Cessna 425 D-ISAR departed to Munich before breakfast.
BRY52A/B/53A/B G-BUPS OHY441/2 TC-ONN & N560MM

Tuesday 27th October
Britannia Airways sub-chartered again, ironically using a Tristar, Tradewinds' N310SS to operate the return, only-loaded sector of the Monday night/Tuesday morning BAL288A/B Palma rotation, the aircraft arriving during the early hours as TDX288B from Palma, and then remaining at Newcastle for an extended stay.
Another freight charter produced something slightly larger, Kuwait Airways Airbus A.300-600 9K-AMA arriving at tea-time from Kuwait City as KAC5103 for a night-stop.
Cessna 425 D-ISAR arrived from Akureyi during the evening also for a night-stop.
JKK3185/6 EC-GVO BRY52A/B/53A/B/56A/B/57A/B G-BUPS NFA921/4 OY-NPC AIH642/1 G-TMDP & N560MM

Monday 26th October
Air Scandic Airbus A.300 G-SWJW returned from Tenerife during the late morning as BAL231B, and positioned out back to Manchester as BAL231F.
The first week of the winter schedules apparently saw Brymon short of aircraft pending the introduction into service of new Dash Eight's, the carrier requiring a number of sub-charters throughout the week through Newcastle. All of the morning and afternoon Bristol/Aberdeen schedules (BRY52A/B, 53A/B, 56A/B, 57A/B) were operated by Titan Airways ATR.42 G-BUPS.
The late evening saw the return of Intermediacion Metro II EC-GMG, which visited on another freight flight from Pamplona to Barcelona.

Sunday 25th October
The problems that affected a number of UK charter airlines during the last week of the season began during this weekend, with Britannia Airways reportedly losing the use of stand-by Tristar's following a CAA grounding, resulting in the loss of one of Newcastle's based 757's/767's to cover flights elsewhere. To cover at Newcastle Britannia sub-chartered Air Scandic Airbus A.300 G-TTMC which arrived from Helsinki during the early hours as BAL574F apparently to operate the Sunday morning Arrecife rotation (BAL574A/B). The aircraft went u/s however and stayed at Newcastle all day, finally positioning back to Helsinki during the late evening as SCY901P !. It's 'sister-ship' G-SWJW positioned in from Manchester as BAL231F just before midnight to operate the Sunday evening BAL231A/B Tenerife rotation, during the early hours of Monday. It's fairly ironic that these two aeroplanes, one of which was originally to be based at Newcastle during this summer, should both first-visit on the same day right at the end of the season !.
The start of the summer schedules saw the apparent backward step of the return of prop equipment on the Amsterdam route, KLMuk introducing Fokker 50's for the first time on the Newcastle-Amsterdam schedule. The first aircraft to visit was G-UKTE as UKA2133/6 during the morning. All of the Fokker 50 fleet have visited Newcastle previously.
As well as a change to the KLMuk callsigns, City-Flyer also 're-jigged' their callsign system as from today !.
FCL3741/0 G-FCLD AIH850/49 G-SUEE ECA834/5 5B-DBC BRY58A/B G-BRYX & N560MM

Saturday 24th October
A very quiet day, certainly the calm before the storm that was the final week of the summer season !!.
JKK3341/2 EC-GXU RZO9456/7 CS-TGP FUA196/7 EC-GXR JKK3369/70 EC-GGV

Friday 23rd October
Falcon 50 N840FJ departed to Gander during the afternoon after its night-stop. Day-stopping exec jet was Citation 501 VP-CFG which was from Teesside to Kidlington. Atlantic Airways' Citation 500 G-LOFT visited during the afternoon from Coventry to Baldonnel as AAG531/2.
Loganair's Shorts 360 G-BNMT finally departed on delivery, to Glasgow at tea-time.
Another interesting 'crew-trainer' was RAF Tristar ZD948 which made two ILS approaches during the afternoon as RRR802.
BRY51A/051 G-BRYX CKT603/2 G-CVYE FUA160/1 EC-GYK VIV1728/9 EC-GAP NFA921/4/4E OY-NPC FUA102/3 G-OABE

Thursday 22nd October
Air Malta finally used one of their Boeing 737-400's through Newcastle, the first-visiting 9H-ADJ operating the evening AMC098/9 charter.
Another freight charter produced Intermediacion Metro II EC-GMG during the very early hours from Pamplona, the aircraft fortunately staying until lunch-time, when it departed to Vienna.
Interesting exec arrival was Falcon 50 N840FJ of the Fred Jones Corp. which arrived from Luton during the early afternoon for a night-stop. This airframe first-visited Newcastle on the 22nd of October last year as N633L !. Citation 525 D-IFAN returned to Paderborn at tea-time.
BAC Express operated the return of Wednesday's Ostend charter, this time with Shorts 360 G-OCEA, arriving as RPX331, and positioning out as RPX008P to Norwich during the afternoon.
NFA921/4 OY-NPC OHY443/4 TC-ONO VIV1718/9 EC-GAP

Wednesday 21st October
BAC Express Shorts 360 G-CEAL operated a flight to Ostend during the morning as RPX330, the aircraft positioning in as RPX005P from Cardiff. Danish Air Transport Citation 501 OY-CPW operated another flight to Maastricht, as DTR562, positioning in from Billund as DTR562P.
The return sector of the Croatia Airlines Split flight produced Boeing 737-200 9A-CTD as CTN1508/9 from Split to Manchester.
Gill Airways required a sub-charter for their Dusseldorf schedule, British World ATP G-OBWL arriving from Southend as GIL285P, operating to/from Dusseldorf as GIL285D/284D, and then also operating the evening Belfast City departure, the GIL744B.
Cheyenne SX-BFR departed to Stornoway at breakfast-time after its night-stop. Citation 525 D-IFAN made its second visit to Newcastle, arriving from Paderborn for a night-stop.
An interesting training movement during the morning was German Air Force Challenger 12+04 which performed a single 'touch-and-go' en-route from Cologne to Prestwick as GAF388.

Tuesday 20th October
Our second Greek Cheyenne in a week appeared at tea-time !, SX-BFR obviously following the similar SX-BFQ to the States, arriving from Kassel and night-stopping.
SABENA used another first-visiting 737 for their evening Brussels schedule, this time a -300 of Sobelair, the recently-delivered OO-SLK operating the SAB67W/T.
The first of the new Brymon Dash Eight's appeared for the first time on the late evening BRY058 from Bristol, G-BRYX in an all-white colour-scheme, continuing on to Aberdeen as BRY58A.
Danish Air Transport Citation 501 OY-CPW operated a freight flight to Maastricht during the afternoon as DTR766, having arrived from Billund as DTR766P.
NFA921/4 OY-NPC & N560MM

Monday 19th October
Cessna 340 N56ME passed through during the afternoon, presumably on delivery to the US, from Elstree to Reykjavik.
Gill Airways ATR.72 G-BXYV entered service during the morning, departing to Torp as GIL900P, and returning during the afternoon as GIL901N.

Sunday 18th October
Cessna 303 OO-ISE returned to Wevelgem during the afternoon.

Saturday 17th October
The late night Futura Palma flight (which actually arrived just after midnight) saw another new reg on a Boeing 737-400, EC-GYK … a first-visitor ??.
Cessna 303 OO-ISE arrived from Wevelgem during the afternoon for a night-stop.
JKK3341/2 EC-GOM RZO9456/7 CS-TGQ JKK3369/70 EC-FXA FUA196/7 EC-GYK & N560MM

Friday 16th October
A very quiet day, the only point of interest being another test flight performed by Loganair Shorts 360 G-BNMT during the afternoon.
FUA160/1 EC-GUG CKT603/2 G-BVYB VIV1728/9 EC-FFN NFA921/4 OY-NPC FUA102/3 G-OABE

Thursday 15th October
Loganair Shorts 360 G-BNMT made its first flight in its new identity, the ex-N160DD flying a local test flight during the afternoon, while another recent re-registration also first-flew during the day, Gill Airways' latest ATR.72 G-BXYV flying as such for the first time on a local test flight as GIL072E.
SABENA used a Boeing 737-500 on the Brussels schedule for only the second time, the first-visiting OO-SYH operating the evening SAB67W/T.
Greek Cheyenne SX-BFQ departed to Stornoway after breakfast, while the other night-stoppers also departed during the day, Seneca OO-VWK to Teesside at lunch-time, and Airlink King Air 300 OE-FME to Salzburg during the late afternoon.
Christen Eagle G-OEGL arrived from Sibson at tea-time for an extended stay.
NFA921/4 OY-NPC OHY443/4 TC-ONR VIV1718/9 EC-FFN AMC098/9 9H-ADH

Wednesday 14th October
Our second exotic delivery in two days appeared during the afternoon, Cheyenne SX-BFQ arriving from Kassel for a night-stop. Other foreign twins included Seneca III OO-VWK which arrived from Wevelgem at breakfast-time, also for a night-stop, and the second Airlink-operated aircraft in three days, the more usual King Air 300 OE-FME arriving from Biarritz mid-morning, also for a night-stop.
The usual Croatia Airlines short series that occurs at this time of year produced nothing more interesting than Boeing 737-200 9A-CTE on the first flight, operating as CTN1509 from Glasgow to Split.

Tuesday 13th October
Another quiet day, the only excitement occurring mid morning with two westbound deliveries passing through; first was the very exotic King Air 90 ZS-MRZ from Cologne to Reykjavik, followed later by Rockwell Commander 114 N195TC which was from Bremen to Reykjavik.
Tarmac Aviation Agusta 109 VP-CCK visited during the afternoon, from Dundee to Wolverhampton as 'Tarmac02'.

Monday 12th October
Bog all !.
IST829/845 TC-AHA AIH846/5 C-GTDC RZO9400/1 CS-TGP OHY441/2 TC-ONP JKK3185/6 EC-GGV

Sunday 11th October
The Vauxhall Frontera launch came to an end with two departures, the Hungaria and Portuguese contingents also getting two nights out of it !. Maersk Boeing 737-500 OY-APP departed as DAN886 to Lisbon during the afternoon, and the third Eurowings first-visiting BAe146 in a week, D-AEWD in full Air France colours, positioned in from Cologne as EWG2738 to depart to Budapest as EWG2739.
I the 27 days of the launch, we got 29 visits, 19 landings from the Maersk 737 OY-APP, 1 from OY-APN, 2 British Midland 737-500's, 3 Eurowings 146's, an Austrian Fokker 70, Falcon 20 OY-BDS, and Lauda Challenger OE-HLE twice. Diverting in for fuel during the evening, from Salzburg to Glasgow was Cheyenne OE-FKH of Airlink as JAR17.
FUA196/7 EC-GVB JKK3369/70 EC-GVI FCL3741/0 G-FCLD VIM717/8 LZ-MIL ECA834/5 5B-DBD

Saturday 10th October
Interesting exec visitor was Citation 500 N900G, which finally made it here after failing to get here on Friday afternoon due to bad weather at St.Mawgan. Operated by Abundant Life, apparently a religous organisation, it visited over lunch-time from/to St.Mawgan.
Flightline Bandeirante G-OFLT spent the afternoon here, from/to Southend, as FLT60A/1.
FUA102/3 G-OABF JKK3341/2 EC-GNY RZO9456/7 CS-TGP

Friday 9th October
The second of three Frontera launch Eurowings BAe146 visits occurred during the afternoon, another first-visiting aircraft, D-ACFA arriving as EWG2724 from Budapest, and positioning out to Nuremburg as EWG2727. Maersk Boeing 737-500 OY-APP operated its last arrival for the launch, as DAN885 from Lisbon, and night-stopped.
Beech Baron D-IASA passed through on delivery at lunch-time, from Marl to Reykjavik, and King Air 200 F-GHCS returned during the evening, from/to Le Bourget.

Thursday 8th October
Beech 36 Bonanza N1067Z passed through on delivery during the morning, arriving from Reykjavik just after midnight, and continuing on to Skive after breakfast. The late evening saw a flurry of foreign visitors, Cheyenne N80CP stopping briefly from Prestwick to Thruxton, Sterling Jets' Lear 31 N331SJ routing from Prestwick to Dresden, and Air Team King Air 90 LN-KCG, which arrived with freight from Bergen as TTX011, to where it departed an hour later as TTX012.
Chauffair 125 G-NCFR arrived from Farnborough during the afternoon as CFR775 for a night-stop.
OHY443/4 TC-ONR TSC241 C-GTSE VIV1718/9 EC-FFN NFA921/4 OY-BPH AMC098/9 9H-ABT

Wednesday 7th October
King Air 200 F-GHCS visited during the early evening, from/to Le Bourget.
DAN9883/884 OY-APP OHY441/2 TC-ONN LEI5134/3 G-UNID

Tuesday 6th October
The afternoon saw possibly the best of the expected Frontera launch visitors, Austrian Airlines Fokker 70 OE-LFP arriving from Vienna as AAT2821 to take the Czech contingent out to Prague as AAT2822, that Eurowings BAe146 D-AJET had brought in on Monday.
King Air 90 F-GHIV departed to Poitiers during the afternoon.

Monday 5th October
A very rare day up here with lots happeing ... I made 3 !!.
Highlight of the day was the first use of Canadair Regional Jets by Maersk UK into Newcastle, required after Jetstream 41 G-MSKJ went u/s for the day. G-MSKM in the 'Sterntaler' scheme operated the two morning rotations, as MSK8390/1/2/3, and it returned for the last of the day, the MSK396/7. The tea-time flight (MSK394/5) was operated by Titan Airways Shorts 360 G-ZAPD. Frontera launch flights included something other than Maersk 737's for a change, Eurowings operating in from Prague and out to Copenhagen as EWG2724/5 with first-visiting BAe146-200 D-AJET. Also returning was the Lauda Challenger OE-HLE which arrived from Luxembourg and took the lucky Polish back to Warsaw, both as LDA601. I know I'd much rather get a Challenger flight than a 737 !.
Citation 525 D-IGME departed to Bremen first thing, and another very interesting delivery during the afternoon was Cessna 208 Caravan N98FD, which passed through from Reykjavik to Ganderkessee. C/n plate was checked and was 00290.
Other visitors were Cessna 425 N425TV from Dublin to Aberdeen during the morning, and King Air 200 F-GHIV which arrived from Frankfurt during the evening for a night-stop.
A notable movement was only the second visit to Newcastle of a Braathens aeroplane in the new colour-scheme, Boeing 737-500 LN-BRJ (which had been tieing with the E-6 at Fairford as the dirtiest aeroplane in Europe over the last few months) appearing in the very pretty new colours on the early evening flight. The first time we saw this scheme at Newcastle was on LN-BRA on the 21st May.
AIH846/5 C-GTDC IST829/30 TC-AHA IST831/2 TC-AJA DAN881/846 OY-APP RZO9400/1 CS-TGQ OHY441/2 TC-ONN SOR901 OY-BPH JKK3185/6 EC-GQG & N560MM

Sunday 4th October
The return leg of the short Catania series produced yet another first-visiting British Midland Boeing 737, the -300 G-OJTW operating as BMA7062/9872 from Catania to Edinburgh during the early hours. The only Maersk flight of the Frontera launch due to be operated by anything other than OY-APP arrived during the early afternoon, the also very new, and first-visiting OY-APN visiting as DAN845/9846 from Athens to Billund. OY-APP was on the ground at the same time as DAN831/878 from Copenhagen to Brussels. Another Frontera launch arrival was the expected Lauda Air Challenger OE-HLE, from Warsaw to Vienna as LDA601, also at around the same time.
BAe125-800 G-VIPI departed during the afternoon back to Southampton, and our first Citation 525 delivery for some time appeared during the evening, D-IGME arriving from Reykjavik for a night-stop.
FCL3741/0 G-FCLE CKT717/6 G-BVYC ECA834/5 5B-DBB

Saturday 3rd October
Not a great deal; BAe125-800 G-VIPI arrived from Southampton during the afternoon for a night-stop, wearing the titles 'Vip One' on the cheatline, and the always impressive shape of the VC-10 appeared again, the RAF's XV108 visiting during the afternoon as RRR2267.

Friday 2nd October
The dejected Newcastle United team arrived back from Belgrade during the early hours on Monarch Airlines Boeing 757 G-MONB as MON8141, and MON141P position out to Glasgow.
Airtours' based Airbus A.320 went u/s during the morning, the delay to the programme being rectified with a sub-charter for the afternoon Palma rotation. Nothing very interesting for us though, the flights operating 'in reverse' on Futura Boeing 737-400 EC-GUI as AIH806/5 during the late evening.
The now usual television coverage helicopters for the weekend's Great North Run, arrived during the afternoon for a weekend stop; they were Sterling Helicopters' Twin Squirrel G-TOPS ('SHL04'), Bo105 G-BFYA ('SHL05') and National Grid's Twin Squirrel G-WIRE ('Grid02'). Another, now quite rare, helicopter visitor was British International's Super Puma G-BSOI, which routed through from Aberdeen to the Glomar Adriatic Rig as BIH04X.
DAN9877/877/828 OY-APP CKT603/2 G-BVYC FUA160/1 EC-GXR VIV1728/9 EC-GGZ NFA921/4 OY-NPC PGT485/6 TC-APP BRY058/58A G-ZAPJ TLA534/5 OY-SEZ FUA102/3 G-OABF

Thursday 1st October
Braathens Boeing 737-400 LN-BRI operated the tea-time BRA575/568, the ex-World Cup special schemed aeroplane now wearing a basic Braathens colour-scheme (old) with no titles and a white tail.

Wednesday 30th September
Newcastle United departed to Belgrade during the morning in Volare Airbus A.320 F-GJVU, which positioned in from Helsinki as VLE8002 and operated out as VLE1528. The aircraft was not a first-visitor of course as it is the ex G-BXAT which was a weekly visitor last summer for Flying Colours.
Loganair's Shorts 360 N160DD arrived back from Southend at lunch-time, where it had been for painting, and took up its usual position in front of the Gill Airways hangar, now wearing the 'Koguty Lowickie' scheme. Sterling Jets' Learjet 31 N331SJ made a re-appearance after quite an absence, visiting twice during the afternoon, from/to Prestwick, and from Prestwick to Belfast City.

Tuesday 29th September
The early morning Emerald Air mail arrival from Liverpool was operated by Channel Express Fokker F-27 G-CEXA as JEM03M. The aircraft day-stopped and positioned out during the evening as JEM815P to Liverpool.
CFE71NA/72NB G-BUPS NFA921/4 OY-NPC LEI5128/7 G-OOAE & N560MM twice

Monday 28th September
Only thing of interest was an un-identified French Navy Falcon 10 performing a 'touch-and-go' during the morning as FNY55A2, from Bristol to the Isle of Man. 'Registration' on the flight plan was F-YDTD.
DAN843A/843 OY-APP IST831/2 TC-AJA IST829/30 TC-AHA AIH846/5 C-GTDC AIH804/3 G-WJAN RZO9400/1 CS-TGQ NFA921E OY-NPC OHY441/2 TC-ONR JKK3185/6 EC-GHE, N560MM & no Midland 'Pigs' !!

Sunday 27th September
The return of the Irish Frontera launch delegation produced our third first-visiting BMA 737 in as many days !; -500 G-BVZG arrived from Manchester as BMA9771, and operated out to Dublin as BMA8071, at lunch-time. The only other visitor of note was another Frontera launch 'participant', Air Alsie Falcon 20 OY-BDS visiting from Helsinki to Sonderborg as ALS5700/1.
DAN9849/849/874 OY-APP JKK3309/10 EC-GVI JKK3369/70 EC-FXA FCL3741/0 G-FCLE CKT717/6 G-CVYD VIM717/8 LZ-MIK ECA834/5 5B-DBC

Saturday 26th September
The start of another very quiet weekend; the only movement of note occurred during the late evening, the start of a short British Midland Airways Catania series producing another first-visiting Boeing 737, -300 G-ECAS positioning in from Edinburgh as BMA9862, and operating out as BMA7061.
DAN873 OY-APP VIM605/6 LZ-MIK BAW1975/4 G-BUWP JKK3341/2 EC-GVI RZO9456/7 CS-TGQ

Friday 25th September
Britannia Airways Boeing 767-300 G-BXOP returned back from Palma during the morning (BAL592B), and then operated another Palma rotation (BAL229A/B), and positioned out to Gatwick at tea-time as BAL989F. The Ibiza return (BAL269B) finally appeared back over 24 hours late during the early morning, on Air Atlanta Tristar TF-ABD, which then postioned out to Manchester as BAL997F. Some variation in the Frontera launch flights was provided by British Midland Boeing 737-500 G-BVZF, a first-visitor, which brought the lucky Irish from Dublin (they get to stay two nights !!) as BMA8051, the aircraft positioning out to Manchester as BMA9752.
SABENA produced two RJ.100's during the day, OO-DWD on the afternoon SAB673/P, and the first-visiting OO-DWF on the evening SAB67W/T.
FUA160/1 EC-GRX CKT603/2 G-BVYC VIV1728/9 EC-GGZ DAN872 OY-APP NFA921/4/924E OY-NPC PGT485/6 TC-APD TLA534/5 OY-SEZ FUA102/3 G-OABF

Thursday 24th September
Highlight of the day was the first visit of Falcon 10 N703JS, operated by Medusa International, which spent a few hours here from/to Bournemouth. Other foreign visitors of note included two Rockwell Commander twins, VP-BRR of Skyline Aviation, from Den Helder at breakfast-time, continuing on to Oxford at lunch-time, and the usual Semitool Europe's N980BH, which was from/to Cambridge during the afternoon. Airlink Citation OE-FGN departed to Innsbruck during the afternoon as JAR20.
The based Britannia Airways flying programmes suffered again, from a combination of Hurricane 'George' and a tech 767 in Ibiza. Boeing 767 G-BRIG failed to return from Ibiza during the morning, the next flight in the programme being operated by Boeing 767-300 G-BXOP, its second appearance here this month, which positioned in from Manchester as BAL993F and operated out to Palma as BAL592A approximately 4 hours late. The morning arrival from Peurta Plata (G-BOPB) failed to show, for obvious reasons, G-BNYS positioning in to operate the afternoon Sanford departure. To be continued ......

Wednesday 23rd September
Airlink Citation 500 OE-FGN arrived from Innsbruck during the evening as JAR20 for a night-stop.
The pair of FR Aviation Falcon 20's departed to Teesside during the morning, 'AF' as 'Broadway34' and 'AM' as 'Broadway35'.
Air 2000 Boeing 757 G-OOOY ceased to become the based aeroplane during the morning after a full week detached to Newcastle. G-OOOI returned from Paphos during the evening.
CMM379/80 C-FXOO CFE71NA/72NB G-BUPS OHY441/2 TC-ONR CKT739/8 G-BVYC LEI5134/3 G-OOAE DAN9869/870 OY-APP

Tuesday 22nd September
Unusually Aer Lingus used two different BAe146's on two of their three daily flights; G-TBIC was used for the morning EIN302/3, the aircraft wearing the carrier's full colours, while EI-CSK was used for the tea-time EIN306/Y.
Two FR Aviation Falcon 20's arrived during the afternoon for night-stops, G-FRAF as 'Braodway36' from Edinburgh and G-FRAM as 'Broadway35' from Teesside. Cessna 310 PH-LAW departed back to Teuge at lunch-time.

Monday 21st September
Gill Airways' new ATR.72 turned up during the afternoon, the expected ex-Transasia machine arriving from Nice with a Transasia callsign (GE8501) and flown by Chinese pilots. Surprisingly it wore full Gill Airways colours, with B-22708 painted in the usual place on the nose. After an engine run, the aircraft was pulled into the right-hand side of the Gill hangar. The two night-stoppers departed during the morning, G.II N900MP to Gander, and King Air F-GHCS to Carlisle.
Skydrift EMB.110 Bandeirante G-TBAS visited at lunchtime as DFT797, from/to Norwich. Cessna 310 PH-LAW landed at the airport at tea-time after spending four hours on a survey flight in the Newcastle area. Staying for a night-stop the aircraft originally departed from Teuge.

Sunday 20th September
The only visitors of note appeared during the evening, Gulfstream II N900MP of Via Systems from Heathrow, and King Air 200 F-GHCS from Le Bourget, both for night-stops.
British Airways Boeing 737-400 G-DOCL first-visited after its repaint into 'Ndebele', on the afternoon BAW12G/13J.
DAN865/9866 OY-APP JKK3309/10 EC-GNY FCL3741/0 G-FCLE CKT717/6 G-BVYC AIH850/49 G-COEZ VIM717/8 LZ-MIG ECA834/5 5B-DBD

Saturday 19th September
Learjet 35 D-COKE was a late evening visitor, an ambulance flight, from Zakinthos to Berlin Tempelhof.
PA-28 Cherokee N2929W visited during the afternoon, from/to Elstree.
DAN864 OY-APP JKK3341/2 EC-GBA BAW1975/4 G-BUWP RZO9456/7 CS-TGP JKK3369/70 EC-GVO

Friday 18th September
The two Macedonian Airlines DC-9's departed after the game on Thursday evening, Z3-ARD to Belgrade just after midnight as MAK942, and Z3-ARE also to Belgrade as MAK942 (!) mid-morning.
The soon-to-be-Loganair Shorts 360 N160DD, which has been here for months, departed to Southend during the afternoon, for painting, and subsequent delivery. Gamston-based Citation 560 VP-CKM finally made its first visit to Newcastle during the evening, from Birmingham to Gamston, and a very interesting light visitor during the afternoon was SIAI-Marchetti SF.260D N260KH, which spent an hour on the ground here, from Old Sarum to Goodwood, and which wore 'EFS - US AIR FORCE' titles on a white/grey fuselage - very T-3'ish.
DC-3 G-AMRA visited during the early hours on what I guess was an extra mail flight, from Southend to Coventry as AAG349.

Thursday 17th September
A handful of Partizan Belgrade supporters arrived in another Macedonian Airlines DC-9, Z3-ARD wearing MAT-Macedonian Airlines titles, arriving from Belgrade as MAK943, and parking alongside yesterday's arrival, Z3-ARE. Jet Aviation Citation 650 HB-VLP visited again over lunch-time, from Zurich to Frankfurt. Passing through on delivery during the early morning was PA-32 N41257, from Reykjavik to Kassel, and Cheyenne D-ICPA day-stopped from/to Hamburg.
BRY52A/B/053/53B G-BUPS OHY443/4 TC-ONN TSC240/1 C-GTSV BRY56A/B/57A/B G-OBWM VIV1718/9 EC-GGE NFA921/4 OY-BPH AMC098/9 9H-ABT

Wednesday 16th September
The football team Partizan Belgrade arrived during the afternoon on Macedonian Airlines DC-9 Z3-ARE, from Belgrade as MAK941, for a night-stop. The aeroplane wears an all-white colour-scheme, and the titles 'Douglas DC-9-32HK' on the rear fuselage.
Jet Aviation Citation 650 HB-VLP visited during the afternoon from/to Zurich, and OY-APP departed to Frankfurt during the afternoon as DAN862. Air 2000 Boeing 757 G-OOOY became the based aeroplane again during the evening, arriving from Paphos as AMM929.
OHY441/2 TC-ONR CMM379/80 C-FOON CKT739/8 G-BVYA LEI5134/3 G-OOAE

Tuesday 15th September
Maersk 737 OY-APP positioned out to Frankfurt during the morning as DAN9861, returned with 'the German delegation' during the afternoon as DAN861, operated out to Heathrow as DAN860, and then positioned back from Heathrow during the early evening as DAN9860 !.
An afternoon stopper was Cheyenne N80CP which arrived from Cumbernauld and departed to Humberside at tea-time.
NFA921/4 OY-NPC LEI5128/7 G-UNIE AIH642/1 G-TMDP

Monday 14th September
The day saw the start of the much anticipated Vauxhall Frontera launch, and the first visit of Maersk Boeing 737-500 OY-APP, which unfortunately will be used for most of the flights. The aeroplane arrived from Heathrow as DAN859, its passengers walking straight out of the terminal and into a fleet of the vehicles outside, for a drive around Northumberland, followed by a night at a very plush local 'country house' hotel !. This will be repeated almost every day over the next few weeks.
Citation 501 N12NM was a day-stopper, from/to Gamston, and Cessna 414 OY-CFC also spent much of the day here, from Billund to Edinburgh.
Brymon Airways continued to need sub-charters, using Titan ATR.42 G-BUPS for the morning Bristol/Aberdeen schedules, and British World ATP G-OBWL for the afternoon flights.

Sunday 13th September
BAe125 G-TCAP took some fortunate's to Farnborough in style, operating to/from Odiham, and then departing to Warton during the evening.
JKK3369/70 EC-GQG JKK3309/10 EC-GVI FCL3741/0 G-FCLE CKT717/8 G-BVYC AIH850/49 G-COEZ VIM717/8 LZ-MIL ECA834/5 5B-DBB

Saturday 12th September
Mooney M.20 N4443H departed to Wick after lunch, and arriving during the evening for a night-stop was British Aerospace's 125 G-TCAP from Humberside.
FUA102/3 G-OABF VIM605/6 LZ-MIL LEI834 G-UKLI MNX831/2 G-MAJH BAW1975/4 G-BTPF JKK3341/2 EC-FXY RZO9456/7 CS-TGQ

Friday 11th September
The second of the two recently delivered Pegasus 737-400's, TC-APP, first-visited on the evening PGT485/6 Dalaman, and the weekly TransAer Heraklion flight (TLA534/5) also during the evening, was operated by Boeing 727 OY-SEZ for the second week running.
Citation 525 D-IFAN departed to Paderborn during the evening, and arriving also during the evening was Mooney M.20 N4443H on the start of a delivery flight westbound, from Biggin Hill for a night-stop.

Thursday 10th September
Britannia Boeing 767-300 G-BXOP positioned out to Gatwick during the morning as BAL996F, and was replaced by -200 G-BOPB at lunch-time from Luton as BAL992F.
Seneca SE-KFE departed to Torp during the afternoon, and Abelag Learjet 35 OO-GBL visited from/to Brussels as AAB41G.
BRY52A/B/053/53B/56A/B/57A/B G-ZAPL OHY443/4 TC-ONP TSC240/1 C-GTSF VIV1718/9 EC-FFN AMC098/9 9H-ABR NFA921/4 OY-NPC NFA144E/144 OY-NPB

Wedesday 9th September
Things improved significantly; Britannia Airways suffered problems of an unknown nature, which gave us two different aeroplanes on the Newcastle programme. One of the two based 767-200's positioned out during the morning, G-BYAA to Birmingham as BAL994F, the next flight in the programme being operated by the Air Atlanta Tristar TF-ABD, which positioned in from Manchester as BAL991F, and operated the Wednesday Mahon 'W' as BAL024A/B, returning just after midnight, and positioning out to Manchester as BAL995F. The next flight in the programme, the overnight BAL269A/B Ibiza rotation, was operated by the first-visiting, and the first ever Britannia Airways Boeing 767-300 at Newcastle, G-BXOP, which arrived from Manchester just before midnight as BAL993F and departed during the early hours of Wednesday morning.
Last Sunday's first-visiting Air 2000 Boeing 757 G-OOOY completed its short detachment to Newcastle, departing during the morning as AMM928 to Paphos, G-OOOI returning from there during the evening.
The day also saw numerous foreign light visitors, including Air Charters Eelde King Air 200 PH-ACZ, which day-stopped from/to Groningen as RCC957/8. Others were Seneca SE-KFE from Edinburgh during the morning for a night-stop, Cherokee N47BK from Sherburn to Blackpool over lunch-time, and Baron N55EN from/to Elstree at tea-time. Best foreign visitor though was another new Citation 525 for us, D-IFAN which arrived from Paderborn at tea-time for a two night stay.

Tuesday 8th September
Even less !.

Monday 7th September
Nothing of too much interest.
AEA287/8 EC-FUT IST831/2 TC-ARA IST829/30 TC-AJA TSC310/1 C-GTSF AIH846/5 C-GTDC RZO9400/1 CS-TGQ AIH804/3 G-RJGR BRY56A/B/57A/B G-ZAPK NFA121 OY-NPC OHY441/2 TC-ONP JKK3185/6 EC-GHE & N560MM

Sunday 6th September
It was a bit of a 'clearout' day, with four south-side weekend stoppers departing during the day; Gulfstream III N583D was the first to go, during the morning direct to Bangor, Maine. Following were the French trio, King Air 90 F-GFIR and King Air 200 F-GNEG both to Le Bourget, and Falcon 10 F-GHER to Nancy, all over lunch-time.
A very rare type on the ground at Newcastle nowadays is the Sikorsky S-61N, the afternoon seeing Bristows' G-BCLD pass through from North Denes to Aberdeen.
Air 2000's latest Boeing 757 G-OOOY finally made it to Newcastle, arriving from Faro during the evening as AMM935, and becoming the based aeroplane for the time being.
JKK3369/70 EC-GVO JKK3309/10 EC-GNY CKT717/6 G-BVYC AIH850/49 G-TICL VIM717/8 LZ-MIS ECA834/5 5B-DBB

Saturday 5th September
De Havilland Canada's demonstrator Dash Eight 200 C-GEOZ continued on to Farnborough after breakfast as DHC479 again.
Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht (German Air Rescue) Learjet 35 D-CCAA visited during the morning as AMB125, from Stuttgart to Frankfurt, and Gulfstream Commander VP-BMZ appeared at tea-time, from Fairoaks to Badminton.
VIM605/6 LZ-MIG VIV1728/9 EC-FFN MNX831/9605/9604/832 G-MANA JKK3341/2 EC-GHE BAW1975/4 G-BUWP RZO9456/7 CS-TGP

Friday 4th September
Highlight of the day, and our first Dash Eight 'delivery' for some time, was the arrival of the company demonstrator -200Q C-GEOZ, as DHC479 from Reykjavik. The aeroplane night-stopped before continuing on to Farnborough on Saturday, and is only our second -200 version.
The evening saw two aircraft substitutions by regular airlines, Titan Airways BAe146 G-ZAPK in the 'planet' scheme, operating the last Brymon Bristol arrival/Aberdeen departure (BRY058/58A), and Boeing 727 OY-SEZ providing a very welcome change from the hitherto ever-present Airbus A.320 EI-TLO on the TransAer Heraklion rotation (TLA534/5).
The afternoon saw three French executive arrivals, presumably with shooters heading for the moors, Falcon 10 F-GHER arriving first from Nancy, followed by two King Air's, King Air 200 F-GNEG and King Air 90 F-GFIR, both from Le Bourget, all three aircraft night-stopping and staying for the weekend.
L'Equipe Air Citation G-ORJB day-stopped again, from/to Gamston, S&N's Citation 560 VP-CSN visited for the first time in some time during the afternoon, from Norwich to East Midlands, and Interflight BAe125 G-IFTE visited briefly from Gatwick to Biggin Hill at tea-time as IFT004A/B.

Thursday 3rd September
The first of a few quite interesting visitors during the day, arrived during the early hours, Audeli Air Falcon 20 EC-EHC arriving from Ostend and operating out to Hannover with freight, both as ADI411. Another Gulfstream III arrived at tea-time, N583D operated by Conoco, arriving direct from St.Johns for an extended stay, while a smaller aircraft with a very similar registration to the previous day's Gulf III visited briefly at the same time, Commander VP-BMZ, which was from/to Fairoaks.
Another cargo flight produced WDL Fokker F-27 D-AELI from Cologne just before midnight as WDL420, actually operating out with freight back to Cologne during the early hours of Friday as WDL421.
Gill Airways sub-chartered one of the still very interesting British World Airlines ATR.72's again, G-OILA making only its second appearance at Newcastle, having been the first of the pair to visit back in February, arriving from Aberdeen as GIL285P at lunch-time, operating to/from Dusseldorf as GIL285/4, and then operating the evening GIL779A Aberdeen departure, normally a Shorts 360 flight.
OHY443/4 TC-ONP TSC240/1 C-GTSN VIV1728/9 EC-FFN NFA921/4 OY-NPC AMC098/9 9H-ABT

Wednesday 2nd September
Fog at Teesside during the morning produced two diversions to Newcastle, the one that always comes to us, Air Kilroe Jetstream 31 G-OAKJ as AKL501/03 from/to Manchester, and much more interesting, Gulfstream III VP-BNZ of Dennis Vanguard International, which arrived from Geneva and returned there at lunch-time.
The EuroExpress Beech 1900C, D-CARA operated through again on what seems now to be a regular Wednesday 'thing', from Aberdeen to Rotterdam during the afternoon as EEX121/2, and back during the evening as EEX123/4.
Beech Baron N2099L visited again over lunch-time, from Biggin Hill to Sheffield.
CMM379/80 C-FXOO OHY441/2 TC-ONN CKT739/8 G-BVYC LEI5134/3 G-UNIE

Tuesday 1st September
The classic shape of the VC-10 returned to Newcastle, 10Sqn's XV102 visiting twice, and later night-stopping. SABENA RJ.100 OO-DWE made only its second visit to Newcastle, also night-stopping, having arrived on the late evening SAB677.
Two exec jets present from August departed during the day, Hamlin Jet's Citation 560 N560MM during the early morning to Frankfurt, and Citation 525 VP-CCC to Birmingham during the late evening.
LEI5128/7 G-OOAE NFA921/4 OY-NPC

Monday 31st August
Citation 525 VP-CCC arrived from Rothenburg during the afternoon for a night-stop.
AEA287/8 EC-FKI IST831/2 TC-AHA IST829/30 TC-AJA AIH846/5 C-GTDC AIH804/3 G-WJAN TSC310/1 C-GTSN RZO9400/1 CS-TGP NFA924E OY-NPC OHY441/2 TC-ONN JKK3185/6 EC-GOU & N560MM again

Sunday 30th August
L'Equipe Air Citation 500 G-ORJB returned Mr.Gullit from Amsterdam at lunch-time, just in time for his 'rude awakening' (every journalist has used it so why can't I !) at St.James' Park during the afternoon, arriving under an OxAero callsign again (OXE130), and departing shortly after as 'JB' back to Gamston. A rarer UK-registered exec jet up this part of the world appeared during the early evening, possibly connected with the above, Falcon Jet Centre BAe125-700 G-BJDJ visiting from/to Heathrow as FJC877.
JKK3369/70 EC-FTS JKK3309/10 EC-GNY FCL3741/0 G-FCLD CKT717/6 G-BVYC AIH850/49 G-TICL VIM717/8 LZ-MIR ECA834/5 5B-DBC

Saturday 29th August
American Trans Air Boeing 727 N788AT departed to Milan-Malpensa (using its registration as a callsign again !) during the morning after its night-stop.
VIM605/6 LZ-MIR MNX831/9605/9604/832 G-MANC BAW1975/4 G-BTPJ JKK3341/2 EC-GAT RZO9456/7 CS-TGQ

Friday 28th August
Another American Trans Air Boeing 727, and the latest in a long line of 'anonymous' US-registered 727 visits, appeared quite unexpectedly during the afternoon. Our fourth ATA 727 in the last three years, N788AT arrived from Oslo-Gardermoen for a night-stop, wearing the carrier's new colour-scheme. It was a big day for military transports, the Belgian Air Force Airbus A.310 CA02 making no less than three visits during the day as BAF603, at lunch-time, tea-time and supper-time (!), while we got a Belgian and UK C-130 at the same time during the early evening, and the Canadian example departed to Nova Scotia during the afternoon.
Our only British Airways Boeing 737-400 movement of the week (Mon-Fri) produced another first-visit of a re-paint, G-DOCV operating the evening BAW12Q/13L wearing the 'Benyhone Tartan' tail.
The Goodyear Airship N12ZP re-positioned to a site at Morpeth after spending three nights on the northern edge of the airfield. L'Equipe Air Citation G-ORJB arrived from Gamston during the afternoon and departed to Amsterdam under an OxAero callsign (OXE128) presumably with 'you know who' on board.

Thursday 27th August
ACM Air Charter Citation 650 D-CAYK returned during the early hours from Cologne as BVR303, and day-stopped departing to Paderborn at tea-time. Another day-stopping exec jet from Germany was Citation 525 VP-CCC which was from/to Hahn.
Yet another US-registered, but presumably UK-based, Beech Baron first-visited over lunch-time, N2099L arriving from Biggin Hill and departing to Lydd.
Yet another 'new' Canadian Herc first-visited, 130310 arriving from 'Europe' for a night-stop.
OHY443/4 TC-ONM TSC240/1 C-GTSJ VIV1718/9 EC-GGZ NFA921/4 OY-BPH SAB67W OO-DWA AMC098/9 9H-ABR & N560MM

Wednesday 26th August
Euro-Express, who's Beech 1900D D-CBSF isn't appearing at Newcastle this week following European Airways' reported failure, pitched up again with their Beech 1900C D-CARA, operating to the same schedule as last Wednesday, from Aberdeen to Rotterdam and return, as EEX1262/3/4/5.
Citation 650 D-CAYK departed to Cologne as BVR303 during the afternoon, only to return after midnight. Citation 501 N12NM of L'Equipe Air visited from/to Gamston during the morning.
The three JEFTS Slingsby T.67's departed back to Cranwell during the morning, using the same callsigns as for their arrivals on Tuesday. Another East Midlands Helicopter visited during the afternoon, Jet Ranger G-JWBI as 'Costock5', from/to Durham.
OHY441/2 TC-ONM LEI5134/3 G-UNIE CMM379/80 C-FOON CKT739/8 G-CVYE

Tuesday 25th August
A much more interesting day, the highlights being three German-registered executive jets; in order of interest (ascending !) these were Taunus Air Learjet 35 D-CCAY which was from Frankfurt to Pescara at breakfast as TAQ451/442, Aerowest's Citation 560 D-CDUW again on another freight flight from Hannover at lunch-time, and the best of the bunch, the first-visiting Citation 650 D-CAYK of ACM Air Charter, which arrived from Paderborn as BVR303 at tea-time for a night-stop, interestingly wearing its 'last two' on the nose-wheel door !.
Another North Flying Metro III passed through during the late evening, the relatively rare OY-NPD routing Stavanger to Coventry as NFA112. The Joint Elementary Flying Training School appeared again with three Slingsby T.67's, G-BNSR, G-BNSP and G-BONT arriving as CWL83/81/80 respectively during the afternoon, for another night-stop in the Samson hangar.
Goodyear airship N12ZP arrived from Church Fenton during the afternoon, spent a few hours familiarising itself with the local area, and then landed on the 'hover square' on the north-side of the airfield, where it is to remain until Sunday for a football match.
The heavily delayed Air Transat Boeing 757 C-GTSF departed during the early morning as TSC311 to Toronto, only to divert into Shannon on one engine.
LXR5128/7 XA-RLM NFA921/4 OY-BPH AIH642/1 G-DJAR

Monday 24th August
The mid-day Air Transat Toronto flight was substantially delayed, Boeing 757 C-GTSF not arriving until the late evening as TSC310 from Toronto .....
The only foreigner amongst a long list of UK light aircraft was Abelag Learjet 35 OO-LFV, which visited from/to Brussels during the morning as AAB11V/OOLFV.
AEA287/8 EC-GFU IST831/2 TC-AHA IST829/30 TC-AJA AIH846/5 C-GTDC AIH804/3 G-WJAN RZO9400/1 CS-TGQ NFA921E OY-BPH OHY441/2 TC-ONM JKK3185/6 EC-GVO & N560MM

Sunday 23rd August
Danish Air Transport King Air 90 OY-JRO visited again during the afternoon, from Southend as DTR673P, and out to Dresden with freight as DTR673. A pair of marginally interesting helicopters during the morning were East Midlands Helicopters' Twin Squirrel G-TOPC as 'Costock05' from Leicester to Halfpenny Green, and Jet Ranger N206NS, which made an un-scheduled stop (!) en-route Blackbushe to Perth.
JKK3369/70 EC-FTS AIH850/49 G-COEZ CKT717/6 G-CVYE ECA834/5 5B-DBC FCL3741/0 G-FCLD JKK3309/10 EC-GVO VIM717/8 LZ-MIG

Saturday 22nd August
SABENA produced a Dash Eight on the morning Brussels service, the first in a few months, PH-SDU operating as SAB671/67Z. British Airways Boeing 737-400 G-DOCT first-visited in its new colours, the 'Crossing Borders' design, on the tea-time BAW12N/13K.
King Air D-CINA departed to Berlin Tempelhof during the early hours.
VIM605/6 LZ-MIL MNX831/9605/9604/832 G-MANC JKK3341/2 EC-GOU BAW1975/4 G-BTPO RZO9456/7 CS-TGP

Friday 21st August
Cimber Air made a return to Newcastle, although this time with their Citation 501 OY-FFB which day-stopped from/to Sonderborg as CIM501/2. BAe125-800 D-CFAN departed to Paderborn during the evening after its two-night-stop, and King Air 350 D-CINA made another visit during the late evening, arriving from Southend.
NFA921/924/924E OY-NPC FUA160/1 EC-GUI CKT603/2 G-CVYE VIV1728/9 EC-ELY PGT485/6 TC-AFU TLA534/5 EI-TLO FUA102/3 G-OABE

Thursday 20th August
Another German exec visitor appeared during the afternoon, Air Traffic's Learjet 35 D-CHPD arriving from Dusseldorf and departing to Munich, both as 'ATJ202'. Tyrolean Air Ambulance Dornier 328 OE-GBB departed to Innsbruck during the morning after its night-stop.
Another three-ship of JEFTS Slingsby T.67's arrived during the afternoon, G-BNSP and G-BLVI from Cranwell as 'CWL80' and 'CWL83', and G-BNSR from Newton as 'BKH51', all night-stopping on the south apron or in the Samson hangar.
A rare visitor to Newcastle for something based so close, the 'Calibrator' HS.748 G-AVXI returned to ILS calibration duties at Newcastle after a few years of Navajo's, performing the calibration during the early hours, and then spending the day at Newcastle before returning to Teesside during the early evening.
NFA921/4 OY-NPC OHY443/4 TC-ONM TSC240/1 C-GTSJ VIV1718/9 EC-ELY AMC098/9 9H-ABR

Wednesday 19th August
A good day for German-registered aeroplanes, with another Euro Express Beech 1900 first-visiting; the more normal-looking Beech 1900C D-CARA actually visiting twice, from Aberdeen to Rotterdam during the afternoon as EEX1192/3, and going the other way during the evening, as EEX1194/5. Incidentally the company's Beech 1900D D-CBSF, is still operating the twice daily European Airways Southampton schedule.
The evening saw a pair of German exec jets visit, BAe125-800 D-CFAN arriving from Dusseldorf for a night-stop, with Quick Air Services' Learjet 55 D-CCGN arriving a little later from Malaga as QAJ575, departing to Cologne after just thirteen minutes on the ground.
Tyrolean Air Ambulance Dornier 328 OE-GBB made another visit, from Vienna during the late evening, and night-stopping.
CMM379/80 C-FXOO OHY441/2 TC-ONR LEI5134/3 G-UNIE CKT739/8 G-CVYE

Tuesday 18th August
Emerald Airways HS.748 G-BVOU first-visited during the evening, wearing another 'special' colour-scheme, this one for Lynx (a parcel service ?). The aircraft arrived from Belfast International as JEM04P to operate the late evening JEM04M Liverpool departure.
OHY441/2 TC-ONR JKK3185/6 EC-GNY LXR5128/7 XA-RLM AIH642/1 G-DJAR NFA921/4 OY-NPC & N560MM twice

Monday 17th August
The once very regular Aerowest Braunschweig Cessna 425 D-ICHS re-appeared after a little while away during the afternoon, operating another freight flight inbound, from/to Hannover. Another delivery during the early evening involved King Air 90 N8156Z which was from Luxembourg to Reykjavik.

Sunday 16th August
Back to reality !.
JKK3369/70 EC-GBA JKK3309/10 EC-GOM FCL3741/0 G-FCLB CKT717/6 G-BVYB AIH850/49 G-COEZ VIM717/8 LZ-MIR ECA834/5 5B-DBC

Saturday 15th August
Things picked up dramatically with three foreign light aircraft deliveries appearing within eight minutes of each other at lunch-time; first to arrive was Beech Baron D-IHOF which arrived from Marl and departed during the afternoon to Reykjavik, second was Beech Bonanza D-EHIB on the same routing, while last was one going in the other direction, Gulfstream Commander 840 HB-LOL arriving from Reykjavik and departing later to Lugano.
Operating a hospital flight from Corfu during the afternoon was Citation 560 OE-GAA, which departed to Innsbruck after an hour on the ground.
Another new Spanish registration to appear was EC-GXU on a Spanair MD.83 on the afternoon JKK3341/2 Palma flight; c/n not yet known.
The British Airways Jersey schedule, normally an ATP flight, was operated by Boeing 737-200 G-BGDO, the aircraft making its first visit to Newcastle in its 'Whale Rider' colours.
FUA102/3 EC-GRX VIM605/6 LZ-MIS MNX831/9605/9604/832 G-MANA RZO9456/7 CS-TGQ

Friday 14th August
TB.9 PH-TBT visited during the afternoon, from Teesside to Dundee.
FUA160/1 EC-GOB CKT603/2 G-BVYC VIV1728/9 EC-GGZ PGT485/6 TC-AFU TLA534/5 EI-TLO NFA921/924/924E OY-NPC

Thursday 13th August
Bog all ! (again).
NFA921/4 OY-NPC OHY443/4 TC-ONN TSC240/1 C-GTSE VIV1718/9 EC-GGZ AMC098/9 9H-ABS

Wednesday 12th August
The only movement of note was a military one, so outside the scope of this list, but it's still worth mentioning that our 18th different Belgian Army Agusta 109 to visit, appeared during the afternoon, H07 as 'OTARG'.
CMM379/80 C-FOON OHY441/2 TC-ONR CKT739/8 G-BVYC LEI5134/3 G-UNIE

Tuesday 11th August
Nothing !.
NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPC LXR5128/7 XA-RLM AIH642/1 G-DJAR

Monday 10th August
The return home of Juventus F/C produced another nice first-visiting airliner, Azzurra Air BAe146-RJ70 EI-CPL, actually our first ever RJ.70, arriving from Turin just before midnight as AZI8200, and departing to Cuneo (? ... LIMZ) just after midnight as AZI2101.
Another freight flight from Hannover produced a new Ctation 560, D-CDUW of Aerowest Braunschweig, which spent just under an hour on the ground at lunch-time.
Police Aviation Services Twin Squirrel G-PASH which had been standing in for the based G-PASF, departed back to Staverton during the morning as 'Special02'.
IST831/2 TC-AHA IST829/30 TC-AJA TSC310/1 C-GTSJ AIH846/5 C-GTDC AIH804/3 G-JALC RZO9400/1 CS-TGQ BRY56A/B/57A/B G-ZAPK OHY441/2 TC-ONP JKK3185/6 EC-FZC

Sunday 9th August
Surely one of the best airliners of the year so far, the late evening saw the arrival of Juventus F/C on Med Airlines Saab 2000 SE-LSI, from Turin just before midnight as MDS600. Only our second ever Saab 2000, the aeroplane departed to Genova as MDS601 just after midnight.
A new registration, but not aircraft, on a Citation was G-ORHE which visited from/to Thruxton during the morning. Irish Air Corps King Air 200 No.240 passed through again, from Cambridge to Edinburgh.
The Newcastle Aero Club received a demonstration from a Katana DV.20, G-OBDA arriving from Staverton, flying five local flights, and then departing back to Staverton. Another arrival from Staverton during the evening was Police Aviation Services Twin Squirrel G-PASF as 'Special02', returning to be based.
JKK3369/70 EC-FTS JKK3309/10 EC-FXY FCL3741/0 G-FCLC CKT717/6 G-BVYB VIM717/8 LZ-MIS ECA834/5 5B-DBB AEA287/8 EC-FYF

Saturday 8th August
Bog all !.
VIM605/6 LZ-MIL MNX831/9605/9604/832 G-MANU BAW1975/4 G-BTPE RZO9456/7 CS-TGP JKK3341/2 EC-GVI

Friday 7th August
Futura's lunch-time Tenerife flight (FUA160/1) was operated by Boeing 737-400 EC-GXR, the ex PT-TDB.
Irish Air Corps King Air 240 passed through again on another training flight, as IRL240, from Edinburgh to East Midlands.
NFA921/924/924E OY-BPH FCL3524 G-FCLA CKT603/2 G-BVYC VIV1728/9 EC-FLG TLA534/5 EI-TLO PGT485/6 TC-AFU FUA102/3 G-OABF

Thursday 6th August
The two American night-stoppers departed during the morning, Cheyenne N220SC to Leeds as 'Sark01', and Mu-2 N772MA to Milan.
NFA921/4 OY-BPH OHY443/4 TC-ONM TSC240/1 C-GTSE BRA561/574 LN-BRA (new colours) VIV1718/9 EC-FLG FCL3423/3414/3415 G-FCLA AMC098/9 9H-ADI

Wednesday 5th August
Two foreign executive jets arrived from Oslo-Fornebu during the day, North Flying's Corvette OY-SBR which spent all day here as NFA063, and Gulfstream IV N21KR making its second appearance here this year, spending just under an hour on the ground during the evening.
The afternoon/early evening saw three more American's arrive; first was a first visitor, Cheyenne N220SC, which arrived from Biggin Hill as 'Sark01' for a night-stop, followed by two regulars, Mu-2 N772MA from Reykjavik for a night-stop, and Cessna 310 N510PS, from Bristol to Walton Wood.
Two similarly registered Citation 550's shared the south apron during the afternoon, G-JETJ which was from/to Cambridge as HAW548A/B, and G-JETA which was from Leeds to Bournemouth.
The based Police Aviation Services Squirrel became G-PASH during the late evening, a first visitor to Newcastle, which arrived from Staverton as 'Special02'.
CMM379/80 C-FXOO OHY441/2 TC-ONP CKT739/8 G-BVYC LEI5134/3 G-UNID

Tuesday 4th August
Cessna 425 D-IPOS passed through on delivery during the afternoon, from Reykjavik to Dortmund.
The first spell of ILS calibration since the change of contract produced FR Aviation King Air 200 G-FPLB as FPL244 ('Midcal'), in a very pretty overall blue colour-scheme, with a white graduated scale as a cheatline.
NFA921E/921/924 OY-BPH LXR5128/7 XA-RLM

Monday 3rd August
The weekend-stopping 'jets' all departed during the morning, and again little else. The only really excitement of the day had occurred during the early hours, the first-visit of a 'new' Air Europa Boeing 737-400, the ex Carnival/Pan Am EC-GUO, appearing on the delayed AEA287/8 Malaga flight, wearing the carrier's new colours.
Another '400' of note was the first-visit during the evening of British Airways' G-DOCU in its new colours, another, and very different looking adaptation of the South African 'Ndebele' design. The aircraft operated the evening BAW12N/13K rotation, one of a very few Heathrow flights still operated by 737's.
AEA287/8 EC-GUO IST831/2 TC-AHA IST829/30 TC-AJA TSC310/1 C-GTSN AIH846/5 C-GTDC RZO9400/1 CS-TGP OHY441/2 TC-ONP JKK3185/6 EC-GQG

Sunday 2nd August
Again plenty of airshow activity but very little else; North Flying made two 'non-standard' visits with Metro OY-NPD, from Aalborg to Leeds during the early morning, and from Biggin Hill back to Aalborg during the late evening, both as NFA117.
Highlight of the day though was almost certainly the departure of the Sukhoi back to Zhukovsky during the afternoon, which became airborne and rolled through 360degrees just after departure !!.
JKK3369/70 EC-GHE JKK3309/10 EC-GVO FCL3741/0 G-FCLA CKT717/6 G-BVYB AIH850/49 G-DJAR VIM717/8 LZ-MIR ECA834/5 5B-DBD

Saturday 1st August
The first day of the Sunderland Airshow saw the usual amount of related movements, local display flights by those night-stopping aircraft, and others arriving after their display for a Saturday night-stop. Most impressive of these was probably the Gromov Flight Institute Sukhoi Su-27 598 which arrived from Norwich, but most were vintage or recently retired military types.
The morning saw a few foreign light aircraft movements, Piper Seneca N42178, our first ever Seneca V, in a very pretty green colour-scheme passing through before breakfast, from Reykjavik to Kassel, Cessna 210 N5219W also on delivery a little later, from Rotterdam to Wick, and the departure of two of Friday's night-stoppers, Cherokee HB-OWI to Conington, and Bonanza D-EPWS continuing its ferry flight westbound to Reykjavik.
VIM605/6 LZ-MIL MNX831/9605/9604/832 G-MANB JKK3341/2 EC-FXI BAW1975/4 G-BTPJ RZO9456/7 CS-TGQ

Friday 31st July
More Lourdes charters were flown by British World and Classic Airways, the former with One Eleven G-OBWA as BWL262/1, and the latter with Tristar G-IOII as CCN189/191.
Leadair Falcon 50 F-GGVB visited during the morning as LEA044B from Munich to London City.
Cherokee HB-OWI returned from Edinburgh during the evening, to night-stop, and Beech Bonanza D-EPWS arrived a little later at the start of a ferry flight west-bound, from Marl, also to night-stop.
The main arrivals day for the Sunderland Airshow produced less of interest than in recent years; six fast-jets, a Tucano, and a couple of vintage aeroplanes, were possibly overshadowed by the arrival during the evening of Sukhoi Su-26 RA-02384. Of course this itself will be eclipsed by another Sukhoi expected over the weekend; just add 1 !.
FUA160/1 EC-GOB CKT603/2 G-BVYB VIV1728/9 EC-ELY NFA921/924/924E OY-NPC PGT485/6 TC-AFZ TLA534/5 EI-TLO FUA102/3 G-OABF

Thursday 30th July
'Visitor of the year' so far, and a wonderful birthday present, was our first look at a 'next generation' Boeing 737 at Newcastle, the first on the UK register, Sabre Airways 737-800 G-OKDN, (quite handily :-) !) operating its CAA route-proving flight through Newcastle during the afternoon. It arrived from Gatwick as SBE738, and departed after 59 minutes on the ground, to Southend as SBE738T. What a most impressive, and very pretty machine !!. Cessna 210 LN-TFJ passed through at lunch-time for a fuel-stop from Cork to Oslo-Fornebu. The night-stopping Cherokee HB-OWI departed to Edinburgh during the afternoon.
OHY443/4 TC-ONM TSC240/1 C-GTSF VIV1718/9 EC-ELY NFA921/4 OY-NPC AMC098/9 9H-ABR

Wednesday 29th July
The mid-day Leisure Verona 'W' was again operated by Air 2000 Airbus A.321 G-OOAE as LEI5134/3.
Night-stopping BAe125-800 N270HC departed during the morning to Keflavik.
OHY441/2 TC-ONP CMM379/80 C-FOON CKT739/8 G-BVYC & N560MM

Tuesday 28th July
The Air Luxor Boeing 757 XA-RLM was used again for the afternoon Leisure Alicante 'W' as LXR5128/7.
City-Flyer's fifth RJ.100 first-visited on the last arrival, G-BZAV appearing on the CFE79NA, and night-stopping. The aeroplane wears the 'Chelsea Rose' tail design.
BAe125-800 N270HC arrived from Frankfurt during the morning to night-stop; Cherokee HB-OWI arrived from Cambridge during the evening and also night-stopped.
FCL3115/115P G-FCLE NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPC AIH034P/641 G-DJAR & N560MM

Monday 27th July
'Bog all' of any interest !.
AEA287/8 EC-GEU IST831/2 TC-AJA IST829/30 TC-ARA TSC310/1 C-GTSF AIH8465 C-GTDC AIH804/3 G-JALC RZO9400/1 CS-TGP OHY441/2 TC-ONP FCL114P/3114 G-FCLE JKK3185/6 EC-GQG

Sunday 26th July
Britannia Airways again produced a sub-charter after Boeing 757 G-BYAO failed to return from Gerona on the BAL272B on Saturday evening. It did however position in from Gatwick during Sunday morning, the passengers returning on Air Atlanta Tristar TF-ABD during the afternoon, approximately 10 hours late, as BAL272B, the aircraft positioning out to Manchester during the afternoon as BAL997F.
The Newcastle Aero Club Open Day produced the usual mix of locally-based light aircraft visitors, and the odd vintage military and 'Yak' participants. Taking part were : Microlight G-MZDG (Eshott), Yak 18 RA-44480 (dep to North Weald), Tiger Moth T7909 (Sherburn), Jodel G-AXFN (Kearsley), Piper Cub G-AJAO (Kearsley), Luscombe G-BPVZ (Croft), AA-5 G-BCEO (Teesside), LongEz G-BMUG (Croft), Bede 4 G-BOPD (Yearby), Wittman Tailwind G-BOHV (Yearby), Jodel G-BHKT (Croft), Cessna 152 G-BAYO (Peterlee), Piper Cub G-AWOH (Chester-le-Street), Cessna 172 G-BBXH (Chester-le-Street), Piper Cub G-BRIL (Peterlee), Spitfre PS915 (Coningsby), Europa G-BVGF (Brunton) & Yak 52 G-BVVA (dep to Little Gransden).
JKK3369/70 EC-GHH JKK3309/10 EC-GOM FCL3741/0 G-FCLA CKT717/6 G-BVYA AIH850/49 G-TMDP VIM717/8 LZ-MIS ECA834/5 5B-DBB

Saturday 25th July
Classic Tristar G-IOII departed to Lourdes as CCN183, and One Eleven G-OBWC followed it later in the morning as BWL261.
Friday's arrival for the Aero Club Open Day, Yak 52 G-BVVA made a trip to Millfield during the day, and another 'Yak', 18 RA-44480, arrived from Breighton during the afternoon to night-stop for the Open Day.
Beech Baron EI-CPS passed through during the afternoon, from Sindal in Denmark, to Donegal.
VIM605/6 LZ-MIR MNX831/9605/9604/832 G-MANB BAW1975/4 G-BTPJ JKK3341/2 EC-FXY RZO9456/7 CS-TGP

Friday 24th July
SABENA's latest BAe146-RJ.100 appeared on the last arrival of the day, OO-DWE first-visiting on the SAB677 and night-stopping. British World ATR.72 G-OILB made another very rare appearance, operating for Brymon again on the evening BRY058/58A, Bristol to Aberdeen schedule.
Two British airliners arrived during the evening to night-stop and operate Lourdes charters on Saturday, Classic Airways Tristar G-IOII from Amsterdam as AHR528P, and British World One Eleven G-OBWC, in an all-white colour-scheme, from Glasgow as BWL90P.
The first arrival for the Aero Club Open Day this weekend was Yak 52 G-BVVA, which arrived from Sherburn during the afternoon.
CKT603/2 G-BVYA FUA160/1 EC-GNZ FUA102/3 G-OABF LEI833 G-UKLI NFA921/924/125 OY-NPC PGT485/6 TC-AFK TLA534/5 EI-TLO VIV1728/9 EC-ELY & D-ICHS & N560MM

Thursday 23rd July
Danish Air Transport King Air OY-JRO operated an early morning freight flight to Quimper as DTR728, having arrived from Amsterdam as DTR728P.
Night-stopping Cherokee D-ETAJ departed for Aberdeen during the afternoon, returned to Newcastle due to weather half an hour later, and left for Southend later on, obviously abandoning its trip to Scotland !.
OHY443/4 TC-ONO TSC240/1 C-GTSE VIV1718/9 EC-ELY AMC098/9 9H-ABP SAB677 OO-DWB NFA921/4 OY-NPC & D-ICHS (twice)

Wednesday 22nd July
A fairly hectic day with lots of military around, including a large number of helicopters taking part in Exercise 'Atlantic Bandit' operating out of Ouston, but not too much of interest civil-wise.
The late morning did produce two more first-visiting airliners though, the weekly Canada 3000 flight producing another new Boeing 757, C-FXOO on the CMM379/380, and another surprise, the new Leisure Airbus A.321 on the weekly Verona charter, G-OOAE showing obvious signs of the airline's future, wearing an all-white colour-scheme with Air 2000 titles !.
CKT739/8 G-BVYB OHY441/2 TC-ONP & D-ICHS (twice) & N560MM (twice)

Tuesday 21st July
Exotic first-visitor was the TAESA Boeing 757 XA-RLM which operated the first Tuesday afternoon Alicante 'W' for Leisure International, the LEI5128/7. Being leased to Air Madeira, on the Air Luxor AOC, it operated through Newcastle with 'Luxor' callsigns, LXR5128/7.
Cherokee D-ETAJ arrived from Norwich mid-afternoon and night-stopped, and folowing it a little later was Mooney M.20 PH-WGW which arrived from Reykjavik and departed on delivery to Seppe.
NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPC & D-ICHS

Monday 20th July
Air Europa operated their first flight through Newcastle this summer, although still not with anything of note, Boeing 737-300 EC-FKJ operating as AEA287/8 from/to Malaga during the early hours.
Visiting only a few hours later was Beech King Air 90 N3265K on delivery eastbound, arriving from Reykjavik and departing to Bremen at 0700L. Another delivery, this one going the other way, appeared during the late morning, another Tyrolean Dash Eight returning to Canada, OE-LTB arriving from Innsbruck and departing to Reykjavik. This aircraft was also delivered through Newcastle when new with Tyrolean, as C-GFUM during March 1991.
The late evening British Airways arrival, the night-stopper, which had become a Boeing 737-400 operation at the beginning of the summer schedule, reverted as expected back to a Boeing 757 as from today, G-BMRH being the aeroplane involved.
IST831/2 TC-ARA IST829/30 TC-AHA TSC310/1 C-GTSJ AIH846/5 C-GTDC RZO9400/1 CS-TGQ AIH804/3 G-LCRC OHY441/2 TC-ONP JKK3185/6 EC-GGV & D-ICHS (twice)

Sunday 19th July
Our second Belgian Air Force Airbus A.310 to visit appeared during the evening, the first-visiting CA02 spending exactly two hours on the ground, arriving from Birmingham and departing to Melsbroek as BAF603.
Yet another BA tail design first-visited, 'Paithani' on Boeing 757 G-BMRA on the evening BAW12N/13K.
Danish Air Transport used a different King Air 200 for a passenger charter to Skien (Norway) during the afternoon, OY-JRN arriving from Esbjerg as DTR651P, and operating out as DTR651.
FCL3741/0 G-FCLD CKT717/6 G-BVYA BRY56A/B/57A/B G-ZAPK VIM717/8 LZ-MIS ECA834/5 5B-DBB

Saturday 18th July
Another BA aeroplane first-visited in the 'Blue Poole' design, Boeing 757 G-BIKA operating the afternoon BAW12G/13J.
Cessna 421 OO-STG visited during the afternoon, from Maastricht to Inverness.
VIM605/6 LZ-MIL MNX831/9605/9604/832 G-MANA BAW1975/4 G-BTPO JKK3341/2 EC-GQG RZO9456/7 CS-TGP JKK3369/70 EC-GBA JKK3309/10 EC-GCV

Friday 17th July
Cessna 303 D-IHDT of Aerowest operated another freight charter from Hannover during the morning, and Citation 560 N560MM visited again during the afternoon, from Northolt to Luton.
NFA921/924/924E OY-NPC FUA160/1 G-OABF LEI833 G-UKLH CKT603/2 G-BVYA VIV1728/9 EC-FHR PGT485/6 TC-AFK TLA534/5 EI-TLO FUA102/3 G-OABE

Thursday 16th July
The early morning Emerald Airways mail arrival from Liverpool produced another 'new' HS.748, G-OPFW wearing an overall red Royal Mail colour-scheme, and 'Parcel Force Worldwide' titles. It day-stopped and departed back to Liverpool during the late evening as JEM04M.
The morning also saw a pair of freight charters from Hannover, the not so exciting Aerowest Cessna 425 D-ICHS again, and the much more interesting Citation 560 OE-GPA, which routed from/to Hannover. Cessna 414 D-ILLL passed through during the afternoon on a ferry flight, from Reykjavik to Jersey.

Wednesday 15th July
British Airways colour scheme 'Blomsterang' visited Newcastle for the first time during the evening, on Boeing 737-400 G-DOCE on the BAW12N/13K, and then again on the night-stopping BAW12T.
Hawker 800 HB-VLG departed to East Midlands after breakfast after its night-stop. Irish Air Corps Super King Air 240 passed through mid-morning on a training flight, from Edinburgh to Manchester as IRL240. Citation 560 N560MM visited yet again, during the evening from Frankfurt to Luton.
Cessna 182 D-EKOS arrived from Sherburn during the evening, flew a local flight, and then returned to Sherburn before dark. Balladou G-ATSY arrived on a trailer, for maintenance in the Aero Club/Littlewings hangar.
CMM379/80 C-FOON CKT739/8 G-BVYB LEI5134/3 G-UNIE OHY441/2 TC-ONM

Tuesday 14th July
Bosch Hawker 800 HB-VLG arrived from Lyneham at lunch-time and night-stopped. Citation 560 N560MM visited again at tea-time, from Luton to Frankfurt.
NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPC JKK3185/6 EC-GCV

Monday 13th July
Air Transat suffered another substantial delay, Boeing 757 C-GTSV not arriving until after midnight, and routing from Toronto to Glasgow as TSC310/1, over twelve hours late.
Citation VII N95TX departed during the morning to Leeds, and Citation 560 N560MM visited again during the morning, from Luton to Northolt. Aerowest Cessna 425 D-ICHS operated another freight flight from Hannover during the afternoon, to where it returned.
Keenair Bandit G-BGYT fuel-stopped during the evening en-route (empty) from Maastricht to Inverness as JFK221/222A.
IST831/2 TC-AHA IST829/30 TC-ARA AIH846/5 C-GTDC AIH804/3 G-PIDS RZO9400/1 CS-TGP OHY441/2 TC-ONM

Sunday 12th July
On an otherwise quiet day, the evening threw up some excitement; Citation VII N95TX of Textron arrived from Keflavik for a night-stop, and SABENA used a Boeing 737 for the very first time on their Brussels schedule, 737-500 OO-SYI operating the evening SAB67W/T.
JKK3309/10 EC-FXY JKK3369/70 EC-GNY FCL3741/0 G-FCLE CKT717/6 G-BVYA AIH850/49 G-TMDP VIM717/8 LZ-MIS ECA834/5 5B-DBB

Saturday 11th July
Gill Airways ATR.72 G-BXXA returned from Southend during the afternoon as GIL072P after its re-paint, not conclusively revealing its new scheme, although the blue fin and engines, on an all-white fuselage would seem to indicate that it will indeed be Euroscot.
Another Tyrolean Dash Eight passed through on delivery, this time eastbound, OE-LTC routing Innsbruck to Reykjavik during the evening, presumably leaving the fleet. This aircraft was delivered through Newcastle to Tyrolean as C-GFYI in October 1990.
VIM605/6 LZ-MIR MNX831/9605/9604/832 G-MANA BAW1975/4 G-BTPO JKK3341/2 EC-GGV RZO9456/7 CS-TGQ

Friday 10th July
'Colours' 757 G-FCLB departed back to Manchester during the early hours as FCL415P after its single Mahon rotation. The fourth aeroplane to visit Newcastle in the BA 'Blue Poole' design appeared during the evening, Boeing 737-400 G-DOCC visiting for the first time after its re-paint, on the BAW12Q/13L.
Piper Aerostar N6286Z continued its delivery flight eastbound to Cologne just before lunch-time.
NFA921/924/924E OY-NPB FUA160/1 G-OABF CKT603/2 G-BVYC VIV1728/9 EC-FLG PGT485/6 TC-AFJ TLA534/5 EI-TLO FUA102/3 PT-TDB

Thursday 9th July
The Air Transat flight was unexpectedly operated by a Tristar, C-FTNH arriving as TSC240, and then encountering some problem which kept it on the ground until the late evening, finally departing as TSC241 to Toronto, ten hours late.
Based Flying Colours Boeing 757 C-FOOE missed out one rotation overnight, presumably still recovering from its technical problems of the day before, G-FCLB arriving from Manchester as FCL341P to operate the 'night' Mahon.
Citation 560 N560MM departed to Cannes early on, returning from Cagliari during the afternoon and departing again to Luton. Citation 525 VP-CCC day-stopped from/to Dresden. Yet another Aerostar pitched up mid-afternoon, N6286Z arriving from Vagar on a ferry flight and night-stopping.
NFA921/4 OY-NPB OHY443/4 TC-ONP VIV1718/9 EC-FLG AMC098/9 9H-ADI

Wednesday 8th July
Quite substantial disruption to the based Flying Colours programme brought their latest Boeing 757 G-FCLE back to Newcastle, operating as FCL318P/3318 from Manchester to Larnaca during the morning. The delayed C-FOOE diverted into Dusseldorf during the morning on its way back from Heraklion from where it returned during the afternoon as FCL321P, picking up the based aircraft programme on schedule again during the evening. The return sector of the Larnaca rotation was flown by G-FCLD which arrived as FCL3319, and departed empty to Manchester during the evening as FCL231P.
Another British Airways Boeing 737-400 visited in its new colours, G-DOCD in 'Animals and Trees' on the tea-time BAW12N/13K, returning on the night-stopping BAW12T.
Cessna 425 D-ISAR passed through during the morning from Reykjavik to Munich; not a delivery, but with passengers. Citation 560 N560MM returned from Frankfurt at tea-time for another night-stop.
CMM379/80 C-FOON OHY441/2 TC-ONM CKT739/8 G-BVYC LEI5134/3 G-UNIE

Tuesday 7th July
Things remaining extremely quiet ....
Swiss Air Ambulance BAe125-800 HB-VIK operated inbound from Tours during the afternoon as SAZ245, departing a little later as SAZ246 to Exeter. Citation 560 N560MM departed to Frankfurt early on after its night-stop.
NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPB

Monday 6th July
Still not much better .... Hamlin Jet's/Sagesoft's Citation 560 N560MM made another two visits, from Luton to Cannes at lunch-time, and back from Cannes during the evening for a night-stop.
ECA834A/5 5B-DBB BRY52A/B/53A/B G-ZAPK IST831/2 TC-ARA IST829/30 TC-AHA TC310/1 C-GTSN AIH846/5 C-GTDC AIH804/3 G-JALC RZO9400/1 CS-TGP OHY441/2 TC-ONM JKK3185/6 EC-FTT

Sunday 5th July
Not a great deal more exciting !; Mitsubishi Mu-2 N772MA passed through during the morning (with passengers) from Vienna to Reykjavik, the Flying Colours Gerona 'W' was G-FCLE, only its third visit to Newcastle, and Gill Airways ATR.72 G-BXXA, still in Air Tahiti colours, departed to Southend during the evening, presumably for repainting.
JKK3369/70 EC-FXA JKK3309/10 EC-GOM CKT717/6 G-CVYE AIH850/49 G-TMDP VIM717/8 LZ-MIS

Saturday 4th July
The only movement of any note during the day involved a short notice substitution on the mid-day British Airways Heathrow arrival, which produced first-visiting Boeing 767-300 G-BNWB (old colours) as BAW12G/13J.
VIM605/6 LZ-MIL JKK3341/2 EC-FXI BAW1975/4 G-BTPE MNX831/9605/9604/832 G-MANC UKA633/2 G-UKHP RZO9456/7 CS-TGQ

Friday 3rd July
Another Quick Air Service Cheyenne appeared during the evening to operate a car-part charter to Spain, D-ICDU arriving from Cologne and continuing to Vigo, as QAJ237.
NFA921/924/124E OY-NPC CKT603/2 G-BVYC FUA160/1 G-OABF VIV1728/9 EC-GAP PGT485/6 TC-AFM FUA102/3 PT-TDB TLA534/5 EI-TLO

Thursday 2nd July
Our first Citation 525 delivery for a few months appeared during the early hours, a rather old example, N96GD arriving from Reykjavik just after midnight, and departing to Lelystad before 0700L. Bonanza D-EADT continued on its delivery flight west-bound, to Reykjavik just a little later.
Norwegian Air Force Falcon 20 053 visited during the morning, as NOW5001 from Rygge to Wiesbaden, and Citation 560 N560MM was present again for the morning, from Luton to Cagliari.
The night-stopping City Flyer RJ.100 G-BZAU failed to operate the early morning Gatwick departure due to technical problems, and performed a crew training sortie during the afternoon, flying eight visual circuits, before positioning to Gatwick at tea-time.
OHY443/4 TC-ONO TSC240/1 C-GTSN VIV1718/9 EC-GAP AMC098/9 9H-ABT NFA921/4 OY-NPC

Wednesday 1st July
After almost two months of the same Leisure Airbus A.321 (G-UNID) on the Wednesday Verona charter, we finally got the new one, G-UNIE first-visiting on the mid-day LEI5134/3. The third Canada 3000 flight saw another different Boeing 757, although not a first-visitor, C-FOOH having visited Newcastle before as G-OOOH with Air 2000.
Citation 501 N12NM of L'Equipe Air spent the day here from/to Gamston. The evening saw Bonanza D-EADT arrive from Marl for a night-stop, and also Aerowest Cessna 425 D-ICHS again, from/to Hannover.
NFA123E (twice) OY-NPC CKT739/8 G-BVYC OHY441/2 TC-ONM

Tuesday 30th June
The only thing of note was another visit from the Grupo Mayoral Corvette EC-DQG, making its fourth appearance at Newcastle over lunch-time, from Malaga to Torrejon as MYO211/2.
NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPC

Monday 29th June
More BA tail colours appeared for the first time; Boeing 757 G-CPEM operated the late morning BAW12H/13R wearing the 'Blue Poole' design, its first visit as such, and only the second aeroplane to visit Newcastle in this design (the first was ATP G-MAUD last summer), while another strange BA new colours co-incidence occurred when Maersk UK Boeing 737-500 G-MSKA appeared on the evening MSK396/7 Birmingham rotation, also of course wearing the 'Blue Poole' design. This aircraft was the first Maersk UK Boeing 737-500 to visit Newcastle back in 1996.
Two more car part freight charters from Hannover produced Aerowest Cessna 425 D-ICHS again during the early hours, and King Air 350 D-CINA a little later which departed to Berlin-Tempelhof.
IST831/2 TC-AHA IST829/30 TC-ARA TSC310/1 C-GTSJ AIH846/5 C-GTDC AIH804/3 G-WJAN RZO9400/1 CS-TGQ OHY441/2 TC-ONM JKK3185/6 EC-GQG

Sunday 28th June
A crewing delay to the based Britannia Airways Boeing 757 'line' during the morning, made for a tasty sub-charter for the afternoon Faro rotation. Co-incidentally last June produced two Air Europe Italy Boeing 767-300's at Newcastle on weekend 'subs', and our third first-visiting example, EI-CPV, appeared from Milan as BAL182F during the afternoon. Operating to/from Faro as BAL182A/B, the aeroplane positioned back to Milan as BAL763F during the late evening.
Gill Airways Shorts 360 G-KBAC returned from Southend as GIL360P during the evening (it had departed there on the morning of the 22nd), after re-painting into the Gill Airways colour-scheme. With this, the last 360 to be re-painted, as far as I can tell this is the first time in over ten years of Gill Shorts service, that the whole fleet has been in the same colour-sheme !.

Saturday 27th June
The day after we got our first visit from the BA 'Wings' design, we saw it again on a different aeroplane, the third Heathrow-based Boeing 737-400 to be re-painted, G-DOCB, first visiting in its very smart new colours, on the early evening BAW12N/13K. The night-stopping Airbus A.320 (BAW12T) was the first 'Wings' aircraft to visit, G-BUSI returning for its second visit in two days.
Citation 560 N560MM returned from Lille at the stroke of midnight, and was present for the first 35 minutes of the day, departing back to Luton. DARTA King Air 200 F-GHOC visited twice during the day, from Le Bourget to Brest early on, and in the other direction during the early afternoon, both as DRT3800. Seneca D-GOOO departed to Wick during the morning. One of a number of UK-registered general aviation visitors for the races, was Citation 550 G-ESTA making its first visit, from/to Staverton.
VIM605/6 LZ-MIR MNX831/9605/9604/832 G-MANA BAW1975/4 G-BTPE JKK3341/2 EC-GCV RZO9456/7 CS-TGP JKK3309/10 EC-GHH JKK3369/70 EC-FZC

Friday 26th June
Another British-registered Futura Boeing 737-400 appeared on their lunch-time Tenerife charter, G-OABF operating the FUA160/1, and then returning on the late night FUA102/3.
Another British Airways tail design visited Newcastle for the first time, the popular and very pretty 'Wings' appearing on Airbus A.320 G-BUSI during the early afternoon, on the BAW12G/13J. Being the ex 'British Blend' painted aeroplane, this is consequently the first British Airways aeroplane to visit in two different designs.
Another German light aircraft visitor was the interestingly-registered Piper Seneca D-GOOO (calling himself 'Delta-Golf-three Oscars' !), which arrived during the evening from the also unlikely-sounding airfield of Langeoog !?. Atlantic Gulf's Citation 500 G-LOFT visited at tea-time, from Oxford to Southampton.
NFA924/921/924/924E OY-NPC CKT603/2 G-BVYB VIV1728/9 EC-ELY PGT485/6 TC-APD TLA534/5 EI-TLO

Thursday 25th June
Aerowest Cessna 425 D-ICHS returned in the early hours on another freight flight from Hannover, while joining it was similar type D-IRGW, which also arrived from Hannover, and departed to Ganderkessee. Mooney M.20 D-EFFS departed to Aschaffenburg at lunch-time after its night-stop.
Cessna 560 N560MM made another visit during the afternoon, from Luton to Lille.
NFA921/921E OY-NPC OHY443/4 TC-ONM TSC240/1 C-GTSJ VIV1718/9 EC-ELY AMC098/9 9H-ABS

Wednesday 24th June
The second Canada 3000 flight produced a different, and consequently first-visiting, Boeing 757, C-FXOF operating direct from/to Toronto as CMM379/380.
A good day for German light aircraft with no less than six visiting. Operating freight flights from Hannover were Cessna 425 D-ICHS of Aerowest during the early morning, Westflug Cessna 303 D-ICLY as WFA276 during the afternoon which departed to Aachen, and Cessna 404 D-IMAP which returned to Hannover during the evening. Flugdienst Fehlhaber Cessna F406 D-ISHY operated a freight flight outbound, to Geneva during the morning as FFG472, having arrived from Cologne as FFG471, while a smaller visitor was Mooney M.20 D-EFFS from Stornoway during the evening, for a night-stop, and another in the same direction was Beech Duke D-INEC during the evening, from Reykjavik to Munster.
OHY441/2 TC-ONO CMM379/80 C-FXOF CKT739/8 G-BVYC LEI5134/3 G-UNID

Tuesday 23rd June
The special marks SABENA BAe146-RJ.100 OO-DWD made only its second visit to Newcastle, on the morning SAB671/67Z.
Highlight of the day was our second, first-visit-of-type executive jet, in consecutive months, although today's new shape was less radical than last month's Falcon 2000. Our first Citation 550 Bravo spent just fourteen minutes on the ground during the morning, N829CB of Westair/JJB Sports arriving from Blackpool and departing to Prestwick.
Aerowest Cessna 425 D-ICHS visited again, arriving just before midnight from Hannover, departing just after midnight.
The JEFTS from Cranwell came visiting again, four yellow Slingsby T-67's lunch-stopping, routing from Cranwell to Edinburgh. The registrations were G-BNSP, G-BNSR, G-BONT and G-KONG.
NFA921E/921 OY-NPC NFA924/921E OY-NPA JKK3185/6 EC-FTT MSK396/7 G-AWYS

Monday 22nd June
Quick Air Service Cheyenne D-IQAS operated the early hours freight charter, to Vigo as QAJ269, having arrived from Cologne. An aircraft used extensively for these flights recently, visited again, presumably on a different 'mission', FlyJet's Citation 550 I-FJTO passing through at lunch-time, from Turin to Reykjavik.
AIH846/5 C-GTDC AIH804/3 G-PIDS IST831/2 TC-AHA IST829/30 TC-AJA MSK396/7 G-AWYR OHY441/2 TC-ONO RZO9400/1 CS-TGP TSC310/1 C-GTSE

Sunday 21st June
Westair HS.125 EI-WDC departed to Glasgow during the afternoon, again as EFF025, and Keenair Bandeirante G-BGYT visited again, on a passenger charter from Dublin as JFK134, the aeroplane departing to Liverpool as JFK135.
FCL3741/0 G-FCLA CKT717/6 G-CVYE AIH850/49 G-SUEE VIM717/8 LZ-MIK ECA834/5 5B-DBD

Saturday 20th June
The inbound sector of Friday lunch-time's Futura Tenerife charter arrived back on Air Plus Comet Airbus A.310 EC-GOT during the early hours, as FUA160, the aeroplane positioning back to Madrid as FUA160P.
Another three-letter code change this summer affects SATA Air Azores, which is now RZO (from SAT); today's flight was the first to use the new prefix. Dash Seven S5-ACA departed at dawn to Reykjavik, after having spent three nights at Newcastle. Other night-stoppers to depart were Airlink's King Air 300 OE-FME to Prestwick as JAR09 at lunch-time, and Granada's 125 G-WBPR to Luton at tea-time. Arriving during the afternoon to night-stop was Westair's very green, and very attractive, HS.125 EI-WDC, from Belfast City as EFF025.
FUA102/3 G-OABE VIM605/6 LZ-MIG SAB671/2 OO-DWB MNX831/9605 G-MANB BAW1975/4 G-BTPO JKK3341/2 EC-GNY UKA633/2 G-UKRC RZO9456/7 CS-TGQ MNX9604/832 G-MANE JKK3369/70 EC-GOM JKK3309/10 EC-FTS

Friday 19th June
Flying Colours Boeing 757 G-FCLE departed during the morning as FCL3524 to Tenerife, where it swopped back with C-FOOE, which arrived back at tea-time as FCL3525. Futura used first-visiting Air Plus Comet Airbus A.310 EC-GOT for their lunch-time Tenerife, the aircraft unusually operating 'in reverse', arriving from Madrid as FUA161P at tea-time, and operating the outbound sector (FUA160) six hours late. The inbound sector operated in the early hours of Saturday morning, substantially late.
More new equipment on the car-part freight charters during the afternoon was Danish Air Transport Cessna 406 OY-PEU, which visited from Luton to Turin as DTR714P/714. A couple of visiting King Air's during the late afternoon were Airlink's King Air 300 OE-FME from Paderborn as JAR09 for a night-stop, and King Air 350 D-CAAA of Windrose Air, which visited from/to Berlin Tempelhof. Granada-operated BAe125-800 G-WBPR arrived during the evening from Eglington for a night-stop. Keenair Bandeirante G-BGYT visited again during the afternoon, on a passenger charter this time, from Liverpool empty as JFK130, departing to Dublin as JFK131.
NFA921/4 OY-NPC CKT603/2 G-CVYD VIV1728/9 EC-FLF PGT485/6 TC-AFA TLA534/5 EI-TLO

Thursday 18th June
Based Flying Colours Boeing 757 C-FOOE, which had been present since the beginning of the summer season, finally needed some maintenance, and swopped with one of the carrier's own aeroplanes in Arrecife on the morning FCL3422/3 rotation. Arrivng back at tea-time was the carrier's newest Boeing 757 G-FCLE making its first-visit, the aeroplane then operating the evening FCL3414/5 to/from Mahon.
We had waited so long to see British Airways Boeing 737-400's in the new colours, that it was a little ironic that the first two Heathrow-based aeroplanes to be re-painted first appeared at Newcastle in their new colours on consecutive flights, within two hours of each other !. G-DOCG in 'Chelsea Rose', was the first, operating the BAW12N/13K, while G-DOCH wearing 'Grand Union' followed it later in the evening, as BAW12Q/13L.
After flying three air tests during the last few days, Gill Airways ATR.72 G-BXXA operated its first service during the evening as GIL744B to Belfast City (and then presumably to Stansted on the 'night mail'). The aeroplane still wears basic Air Tahiti colours with Gill Airways titles.
The only exec jet of the day was L'Equipe Air Citation 500 N12NM, which day-stopped from/to Gamston. Interesting visitor, and almost an executive jet, was Jet Provost G-BVSP which visited over lunch-time en-route Edinburgh to Norwich as 'Strikemaster1'.
Belgian Air Force Falcon 20 CM02 visited again during the afternoon, from/to Melsbroek as BAF602, and the night-stopping C-12 84-0161 returned to Vicenza during the afternoon, again as 'Grit62'.
Aerowest Cessna 425 D-ICHS visited during the evening, from Hannover with freight, departing to Osnabruck.
OHY443/4 TC-ONO TSC240/1 C-GTSV NFA921/4 OY-NPC VIV1718/9 EC-FLF AMC098/9 9H-ABT

Wednesday 17th June
The European Airways schedules continued to be operated by Avanti Air Beech 1900D D-CBSF, but began to use 'EuroExpress' callsigns (EEX) as from today, although with the same numbers. The first Canada 3000 flight of the summer arrived during the morning, the first-visiting Boeing 757 C-FOON operating as CMM380 from East Midlands to Toronto.
The second ex-Adria Airways Dash Seven pitched up as expected, S5-ACA arriving during the evening from Ljubljana for a two-night stay. The aeroplane was again in an all-white colour-scheme.
The usual early hours freight charter was operated by Quick Air Service Learjet 35 D-CFTG which visited from/to Cologne as QAJ534. Airlink Citation 500 OE-FGN departed during the morning as JAR20 to Prestwick, and Hamlin Jet Citation 560 N560MM visited again during the afternoon, from Le Bourget to Luton.
The afternoon also saw a couple of military execs visiting in connection with Exercise 'Ardent Ground' at Otterburn; Belgian Air Force Falcon 20 CM02 visited from/to Melsbroek as BAF602, while much more interesting was US Air Force C-12 84-0161 which arrived from Vicenza as 'Grit62' and night-stopped. Cessna 425 D-IRGW of Atlas A/S was another visitor during the early evening, with freight from Hannover, departing empty to Bremen.
OHY441/2 TC-ONM CKT739/8 G-BVYC LEI5134/3 G-UNID

Tuesday 16th June
The early morning produced an impressive sight, three Britannia Boeing 767-200's on the ground at the same time !, probably the first time we've had three 767's at the same time. The aircraft involved were the 'based' G-BRIG, the aircraft that operates two flights on Monday's before positioning out on Tuesday morning (G-BOPB), and the inbound positioner for the morning Sanford departure (G-BYAB).
The European Airways flights were again operated by Beech 1900D D-CBSF, as they are likely to be for quite some time.
Interesting late evening freight visitor was WDL F-27 D-AELJ which visited from/to Cologne as WDL160/261.
Citation 560 N560MM of Hamlin Jet departed to Frankfurt before breakfast, and arriving a few hours later was Airlink's Citation 500 OE-FGN, which replaced the usual King Air OE-FME, and which arrived from Salzburg as JAR20 for a night-stop. Cessna 425 D-ICHS visited during the afternoon from Hannover to Schwerin-Parchim. Danish Air Transport Citation 500 OY-CPW visited again during the early hours, as DTR707P/707, from Billund to Turin, again with freight.
NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPC AIH642/042P G-TMDP

Monday 15th June
European Airways produced quite a surprise during the early morning, using Avanti Air Beech 1900D D-CBSF for their morning Southampton rotation (EAW101/2). The aeroplane returned for the tea-time rotation, and will reportedly operate for up to a month, following the end of the lease period of Jetstream 31 G-OBEA. Wearing an all-white colour-scheme with no titles, the aeroplane is our first-ever Beech 1900D !.
Gill Airways' latest ATR.72 G-BXXA made its first flight at tea-time in its new marks, a 1 hour local test flight as GIL072E.
A passenger charter during the morning produced Air Traffic SA.226T D-INWK as 'Snoopy156', from Dusseldorf to the Isle-of-Man.
First-visiting executive jet was another Hamlin Jet Citation 560, N560MM (0235) arriving from Luton during the late evening, and night-stopping. Slightly 'off-topic' but it's worth mentioning the two foreign C-130's we had on the ground at the same time during the morning, a Canadian example, and my last Norwegian machine !.
AIH846/5 C-GTDC AIH804/3 G-MCEA (still with Spanair titles) IST831/2 TC-AJA IST829/30 TC-ARA JKK3185/6 EC-FTS OHY441/2 TC-ONM SAT9400/1 CS-TGQ

Sunday 14th June
An excellent exec jet first-visitor was CL.604 Challenger N311FX spending much of the day here, from Heathrow to Stansted. This is only our third CL.604.
Danish Air Transport King Air 90 OY-JRO appeared again during the afternoon, as DTR701P/701 from Aalborg to Southend.
FCL3741/0 G-FCLB CKT717/6 G-BVYB AIH850/49 G-VCED VIM717/8 LZ-MIL ECA834/5 5B-DBB

Saturday 13th June
British Airways Boeing 757 G-BMRE made only its second visit to Newcastle wearing the 'Rendezvous' tail design (the one with the white background) on the lunch-time BAW12G/13J; its first was actually missed by myself, on the 2nd of June.
The late evening saw the expected change to one of the based Britannia Airways programme's, from a Boeing 757 to a Boeing 767-200 operation. G-BRIG was the first aeroplane detached, arriving empty from Luton during the evening, with the first flight to become 767-op being the overnight BAL434A/B to/from Alicante.
An interesting pair of helicopters were Hughes 500 G-IDWR and Robinson R.22 G-BSCE, which stopped for fuel en-route Sherburn to Dundee, the two flying in a loose formation.
VIM605/6 LZ-MIS LEI834 G-UKLH MNX831/2 G-MANH BAW1975/4 G-BTPH JKK3341/2 EC-GOU SAT9456/7 CS-TGP UKA633/2 G-UKID JKK3309/10 EC-FXI JKK3369/70 EC-FXA

Friday 12th June
The week's superb list of overshooters was supplemented by the extremely rare sight of a wide-body in our visual circuit, the Classic Airways Tristar G-IOII arriving from Stockholm-Arlanda under a Blue Scandinavia callsign (BLX9582) for a crew change, and then departing to Stansted with the same callsign, making three very impressive visual circuits, and touch-and-go's, before its departure south-bound.
An aircraft that had been very welcome only seven days previous, and present on a similar pre-delivery mission only the day previous, City Flyer BAe146-RJ.100 G-BZAU, returned on what must have been its first day of service for the airline, appearing on the evening arriving, and night-stopping, CFE79NA.
All the night-stoppers departed during the morning, Dash Seven S5-ACB to Reykjavik, and then onwards to North Bay for storage, and the French pair back to where they came, CAE Metro F-GJPN to Le Bourget as FEU344, and Chalair King Air 100 F-GGLV to Caen as CLG551.
Quick Air Service Learjet 35 D-CFTG visited during the morning as QAJ526, from Cologne to Turin, again with freight.
Another freight charter produced a now rare visit from a Herald, Channel Express's G-BEYF operating out to Antwerp as EXS2311 during the evening, having arrived earlier as EXS310P from Bournemouth.
Notables amongst the multitudes of 'fair weather' general aviation visitors were Cessna 414 N414FZ from Prestwick to Southampton, Beech Baron N60526 from/to Elstree, and Robinson R.44 G-MURY in a red colour-scheme with 'Round the World in 97' titles, from 'Near Lossiemouth' to Denham, all during the afternoon and evening, one of the strangest and busiest shifts a lot of us had ever worked - one disadvantage of nice weather.

Thursday 11th June
An interesting ferry flight arriving during the evening was ex-Adria Airways Dash Seven S5-ACB, which arrived from Ljubljana and night-stopped. The aircraft was in all-white colour scheme. Apparently the other one (S5-ACA) is also due in the coming weeks. Both of these have visited Newcastle before, during May 1992 when they ferried back to Slovenia through us, after 'battle damage repair' work in Canada !.
Best visitor of the day was probably another French military, but civilian type, Aeronavale EMB.121 Xingu No.79 performing a touch-and-go mid-morning as FNY5730, from Blackpool to Edinburgh.
The new City Flyer BAe146-RJ.100 G-BZAU visited again for some pre-delivery crew-training work, performing three ILS approaches and touch-and-go's over lunch-time as 'Avro06' from/to Woodford, whose ILS was on maintenance.
The first hour of the day saw a flurry of visitors; Titan Airways Citation 500 G-ZAPI visited from/to Stansted as AWC900/900P, Danish Air Transport King Air 90 OY-JRO on another freight charter as DTR296P/296 from Milan to Turin, and Rockwell Commander 114 N114JT arriving from Cologne, and continuing onwards to Reykjavik mid-morning.
The mid-morning also saw two French passenger charters arrive within two minutes of each other, CAE's Metro III F-GJPN from Le Bourget as FEU344, and Chalair's King Air 100 F-GGLV from Caen as CLG551. Both aircraft night-stopped. Another French visitor appeared during the afternoon, Occitania Jet's Falcon 20 F-GROC arriving from Heathrow and departing to Le Bourget as OJF609.
Piper Navajo SE-ILY visited again during the late evening, from/to Bergen.

Wednesday 10th June
Highlight of the day was one that didn't actually land, French Air Force Twin Otter 603 (F-SDMB) making one overshoot as FAF9216 mid-morning, from Inverness to Cardiff.
Brymon's new Dash Eight G-BRYW first-visited during the late evening, on the BRY058/58A from Bristol to Aberdeen, wearing the 'Koguty Lowickie' tail design.
An early evening freight charter was flown by Aerowest Cessna 425 D-ICHS, which was from/to Hannover, with freight inbound.

Tuesday 9th June
Hamlin Jet's Citation 560 N311DG passed through again during the afternoon, from Frankfurt to Manchester, and Monday's star visitor, the MTM Aviation Dornier 328 D-CMTM, departed mid-afternoon to Humberside as MTM33.
Aviation Beauport Citation 550 G-BJIR spent most of the afternoon on the south apron, from/to Jersey, as AVB891/2, while the afternoon also saw a now very rare visit from an 'oil support' helicopter, Brintel's Super Puma G-BKZE visiting from/to Aberdeen as BIH01C.
An early morning arrival was Keenair Bandeirante G-BGYT from Milan as JFK115, the aircraft departing during the afternoon as JFK116 to Liverpool.

Monday 8th June
Star visitor of the month so far was MTM Aviation Dornier 328 D-CMTM which arrived from Frankfurt during the morning as MTM33, and night-stopped. Citation 560 N311DG departed to Frankfurt during the early morning.

Sunday 7th June
Two American-registered aircraft passed through on Trans-Atlantic trips, one in each direction, Piper Malibu N22SY from Maastricht to Reykjavik at lunch-time, and Citation 500 N91DZ from Reykjavik to Mainz during the afternoon.
Citation 560 N311DG arrived from Manchester during the evening for a night-stop, and Danish Air Transport King Air 90 OY-JRO arrived from Birmingham during the evening as DTR273P, to operate out with cargo to Turin in the early hours of Monday as DTR273.
An interesting ligh aircraft visitor was Murphy Rebel G-BUTK which arrived from Sandtoft during the afternoon and night-stopped .... whatever one of those is ?.
FCL3741/0 G-FCLB CKT717/6 G-CVYD AIH850/49 G-SUEE VIM717/8 LZ-MIS ECA834/5 5B-DBD

Saturday 6th June
A very rare type at Newcastle, the SAAB 340, re-appeared during the day, British Midland's G-GNTB day-stopping from/to Aberdeen as GNT920/1. An early morning freight flight to Turin was flown by North Flying Merlin OY-BPM as NFA086, having positioned in from Aalborg as NFA086E.
Sterling Jets' Learjet 31 N331SJ came through during the evening, from Prestwick to Dresden.
VIM605/6 LZ-MIL LEI834 G-UKLH JKK3341/2 EC-GCV BAW1975/4 G-BTPJ MNX831/2 G-MANH UKA633/2 G-UKHP SAT9456/7 CS-TGQ MNX833/4 G-MAJM JKK3369/70 EC-FXA JKK330910 EC-GQG

Friday 5th June
The only real highlights of the day were two first-visiting airliners; the first was the latest City Flyer RJ.100 G-BZAU, presumably escaping 'Connie Fever' and airshow arrivals at Woodford, on a pre-delivery test flight as 'Avro06' (WFD06), making two 'touch-and-gos' and two 'go-arounds' before landing for fuel mid-afternoon. The aircraft was of course from/to Woodford and wore full British Airways colours and the 'Colum' tail design. The second first-visiting airliner was our first sight of one of the new Pegasus Boeing 737-400's, TC-APD operating the evening PGT485/6. Futura used the Brazillian-registered PT-TDB through Newcastle again, on the mid-day FUA160/1, and Maersk used Titan Airways ATR.42 G-BUPS for the three Birmingham rotations flown during the day, the MSK392/3/4/5/6/7.
The only executive jets to visit were our two most regular, FlyJet Citation I-FJTO which departed before breakfast to Turin, and Sterling Jets Lear 31 N331SJ which visited briefly during the evening, from Nice to Dresden.
NFA921/924/924E OY-BPH CKT601/2 G-CVYD LEI833 G-UKLH VIV1728/9 EC-GGZ AMM917/6 G-OOOV AMM923/2 G-OOOJ TLA534/5 EI-TLO FUA102/3 EC-GNZ

Thursday 4th June
A pretty busy day with lots of military around, and in the airport including Belgian Army Agusta 109's, a German Army UH-1, and a Belgian Air Force C-130.
Freight flights to the 'Med' continued with Danish Air Transport Citation OY-CPW during the early hours, from Billund to Milan as DTR760P/760. The German arrivals of the previous evening were actually inbound freight charters with car parts for Nissan at Sunderland, as was Agusta 109 G-USTA which arrived from the plant only six minutes into Thursday. The helicopter departed to Nottingham during the afternoon, and arrived back just before midnight, again from the Nissan plant. Another German freight visitor was Night Express Beech 99 D-IBEX which visited over lunch-time as EXT241/2, from Hannover to Frankfurt. The night-stopping Arcus Air Dornier 228 D-CUTT departed at tea-time as AZE011, and Citation I-FJTO arrived from Friedsrichafen at one minute to midnight.
SABENA joined the 'silly callsign club' as from today the last number of five of the eight daily flights being replaced by a single letter !. The SAB671, 673 and 677 remain unchanged, while the 678 is now the 67V, the 672 the 67Z (!), the 674 the 67P, the 675 the 67W, and finally the 676 becomes the 67T !.
OHY443/4 TC-ONP TSC240/1 C-GTSF VIV1718/9 EC-GGZ MSK396/7 G-AWYR AMC098/9 9H-ABS NFA921/4 OY-BPH

Wednesday 3rd June
Maersk (UK) Jetstream 41 G-MSKJ returned to service during the morning, operating all the day's flights.
The car-part freight series continued to produce foreign visitors; the early hours saw FlyJet Citation 500 I-KWYJ yet again, from/to Milan, but the late evening saw some new additions to the list of 'freighters' used over the last few months, this time bringing freight in for Nissan. First to arrive was Arcus Air Dornier 228 D-CUTT from Hannover as AZE012, which night-stopped, while following was SA226TC Metro D-ICRK also from Hannover, which departed to Nuremburg just after midnight.
OHY441/2 TC-ONM CKT739/8 G-BVYB LEI5134/3 G-UNID

Tuesday 2nd June
Maersk (UK)'s Jetstream 41 was missing again, Boeing 737-500 G-MSKB operating the mid-morning MSK392/3, and BAC One Eleven G-AWYS the afternoon and evening rotations.
Very little else, apart from our fifth day running of miserable weather !.

Monday 1st June
Interestingly the week that the first Maersk CRJ enters service, their Jetstream 41 G-MSKJ goes on maintenance (or u/s ?), two events that are probably not un-connected !. Unfortunately we didn't see the CRJ in place of 'KJ', but we did get a first-visiting Boeing 737-500 out of it, G-MSKC, yet another aeroplane in 'Waves of the City' to appear at Newcastle and the one remaining out of their first three never to have visited Newcastle, operating the two morning Birmingham rotations, MSK390, 391, 392 and 393. A new British Airways tail design did first visit during the day however, Boeing 757 G-BIKY giving our first look at the Romanian design 'Primavera' on the mid-day BAW12H/13R rotation.
The Skyservice Airbus A.320 C-FTDA is still based at Teesside obviously, the aircraft operating the weekly Reus 'W' (AIH846/5) through Newcastle during the early afternoon.
The first visitor of June arrived at 0000hrs !, Quick Airways' Lear 35 D-CFTG on another freight charter, this time to Milan as QAJ512. Another cargo flight to Milan was operated by Danish Air Transport King Air 90 OY-JRO which arrived from Southend during the evening as DTR292P and operated out as DTR292.

Sunday 31st May
Airtours' attempt at getting their based aircraft programme back on schedule was made with the Saturday afternoon Alicante flight, the outbound passengers for which were coached to Manchester airport on the Saturday evening, probably to connect with the DC-10 OY-CNO which operated the return sector, the AIH820, back into Newcastle from Alicante via East Midlands during the afternoon, approximately 16 hours late. Looking very smart in the full Airtours colour-scheme, the DC-10 departed to Manchester also as AIH820, during the afternoon.
Our first CitationJet delivery for some time appeared during the late evening, N740JV arriving from Reykjavik and departing to Southend just before midnight with the callsign 'FLT02', presumably on delivery to Flightline.
JKK3369/70 EC-GBA JKK3309/10 EC-GAT FCL3741/0 G-FCLC CKT717/6 G-BVYB AIH850/49 G-SUEE VIM717/8 LZ-MIK ECA834/5 5B-DBD

Saturday 30th May
Severe Air Traffic Control restrictions imposed as a result of staff shortages in Spain produced some substantial delays during Friday night/Saturday morning. The Friday lunch-time Viva flight from Tenerife, VIV1728 operated by EC-GGZ, finally arrived just after midnight from Palma, approximately 10 hours late, the crew then presumably going out of hours, the aeroplane remaining at Newcastle until Saturday lunch-time, finally departing as VIV1729 to Tenerife, 21 hours late !. Another Spanish operator was also affected although not to the same extent, Futura's Friday evening Tenerife flight (FUA102/3) arriving at Newcastle on Saturday morning approximately 7 hours late, in the shape of Boeing 737-400 PT-TDB wearing basic Futura colours and TransBrasil titles. The worst affected UK airline was unfortunately Airtours again, all of their flights during this period being to Mediterranean destinations. The based A.320 was 8 hours late on Friday evening, which became 10 hours on Saturday, prompting a nice aircraft substitution for Sunday afternoon !.
FlyJet Citation 501 I-KWYJ visited again during the early hours, from/to Turin, while another foreign executive jet to return, although not on the car-part freight charter series, was Grupo Mayoral Corvette EC-DQG which arrived from Malaga as MYO111 during the afternoon, departing shortly after to Farnborough as MYO613.
VIM605/6 LZ-MIL LEI834 G-UKLH BAW1975/4 G-BUWP MNX831/2 G-MAJJ UKA633/2 G-BSNR JKK3341/2 EC-GHE SAT9456/7 CS-TGQ AIH054P/063 G-DIMB

Friday 29th May
The Muk Air Copenhagen schedule, which the carrier took off Cimber Air at the end of March, ceased as from today. In the second, and final month of operation Muk Air used only Cimber Air ATR.42's on the route !, the last flights today being flown by OY-CIU. Another scheduled destination lost. 'New' Emerald HS.748 G-SOEI made its second visit on the day-stopping JEM03M/04M.
Avcon Cheyenne HB-LNX departed to Turin mid-morning, the Samson apron containing two German Learjet 35's at the same time; Quick Airways' D-CJPG visited from Cologne to Vigo, and Taunus Air's D-CGRC visited from Teesside to Naples.
NFA035/924E/921 OY-BPH FUA160/1 EC-GUG CKT603/2 G-CVYD LEI833 G-UKLH PGT485/6 TC-AFA TLA534/5 EI-TLO

Thursday 28th May
The only car-part freight charter movements of the day involved Avcon Cheyenne HB-LNX which arrived from Grenchen and night-stopped to operate out on Friday morning, and NEA Lear 35 G-LEAR which routed Bristol to Turin as NEX01A/B.
NFA034 OY-BPH OHY443/4 TC-ONO TSC240/1 C-GTSJ VIV1718/9 EC-GGZ AMC098/9 9H-ADI

Wednesday 27th May
Croatia Airlines operated the return flight of last Wednesday's Split charter, Boeing 737 9A-CTB arriving from Split as CTN1508, and departing to Cardiff as CTN1509.
After a number of visits from I-FJTO, another FlyJet Citation thankfully turned up, Citation 501 I-KWYJ visiting from/to Turin during the early hours, and then returning during the evening from Turin, departing back with freight just after midnight. Another car-part freight charter produced North Flying Merlin OY-BPM which arrived from Aalborg during the morning as NFA083E, and which departed to Vigo during the afternoon as NFA083.
OHY441/2 TC-ONM LEI5134/3 G-UNID CKT739/8 G-BVYA

Tuesday 26th May
Danish Air Transport Citation 501 OY-CPW spent much of the day on the south apron after arriving from Billund as DTR242P, finally departing on another car-part freight charter to Vigo at tea-time as DTR242.
Gill Airways ATR.42 G-WFEP operated its first flight in KLM colours, the early morning UKA24NC to Stansted. The 'Air Tahiti' ATR.72 destined for Gill Airways was re-positioned in the Gill Airways hangar during the morning; it now wears Gill Airways titles on an otherwise Air Tahiti colour-scheme, and its new registration G-BXXA.
The new Cessna 172R D-EWAU departed on delivery to Aachen during the morning, and Cessna 182 N735CX returned to Barnards Farm during the evening.
Chauffair Citation G-JCFR visited during the morning as CFR429, from Stavanger to Leeds.
NFA032E/032 OY-BPH SBE036P/3061 G-BNNI AIH642/1 G-TICL

Monday 25th May
Two new colour-schemes appeared during the day; British Airways Boeing 757 G-BIKF visited for the first time in 'Wanula Dreaming' on the mid-day BAW12G/13J, and Gill Airways ATR.42 G-WFEP returned back from Teesside during the evening, now wearing full KLM(uk) colours, and very pretty it is !.
An early hours freight visitor was Quick Airways Learjet 35 D-CFTG which routed from Cologne to Turin as QAJ501, while FlyJet's Citation 550 visited yet again during the afternoon, from/to Turin.
Cessna 182 N735CX arrived from Barnards Farm during the morning and night-stopped, and the newer Cessna 172R D-EWAU arrived from Reykjavik during the evening on delivery, and night-stopped.
On the helicopter front, Agusta 109 G-TELY departed to Fadmoor during the morning as 'Film1', and Jet Ranger G-ONTV operated locally again as 'Castle02'. Robinson R.22 G-UNYT visited again from/to East Boldon.
AIH8465 C-FTDA AIH804/3 G-RJGR IST830/29 TC-AHA IST831/2 TC-ARA OHY441/2 TC-ONM SAT9400/1 CS-TGQ

Sunday 24th May
Citation 550 I-FJTO visited again at tea-time, from/to Milan.
A few helicopters arrived presumably in connection with the cycle race that night-stopped in Newcastle, Castle Air's Agusta 109 G-TELY (the real star of Robbie Williams' 'Angels' video !), which arrived from Galashields as 'Film1', and Jet Ranger G-ONTV which arrived from Barton as 'Castle02'.
Robinson R.22 G-UNYT visited again at lunch-time from/to East Boldon.
NFA027E OY-NPC AIH849P/849 G-SUEE AIH850/890P G-TMDP AIH064/066P G-DIMB CKT717/6 G-CVYE ECA834/5 5B-DBB FCL3741/0 G-FCLD JKK3309/10 EC-FXY JKK3369/70 EC-GHE VIM717/8 LZ-MIK

Saturday 23rd May
Suckling Airways produced a first-visiting Dornier 328 as they did in late April, G-BWWT visiting from/to Luton as SAY900/901T during the afternoon, only our fifth Dornier 328.
Another Aerostar passed through on delivery, N602PK being present over lunch-time, en-route Keflavik to Hamburg.
What would appear to be a new locally-based helicopter visited for the first time, Robinson R.22 G-UNYT arriving from, and departing to, East Boldon near Sunderland.
AIH054P/063 G-DIMB BAW1975/4 G-BTPJ FUA102/3 G-OABE JKK3341/2 EC-GBA LEI834 G-UKLI MNX831/2 G-MAJM SAT9456/7 CS-TGP TLA534/5 EI-TLO VIM605/6 LZ-MIL

Friday 22nd May
One of the best looking airliners to appear all monh operated the lunch-time Caledonian Airways Mahon 'W' in place of the usual Airbus A.320; the much more interesting Sabre Airways Boeing 727 G-BNNI operating the CKT602/1.
One of April's bext exec jet visitors returned during the afternoon, Grupo Mayoral's Corvette EC-DQG visiting during the afternoon as MYO512/3 from Toulouse to Malaga. The FlyJet Citation 550 I-FJTO visited yet again at tea-time, from/to Turin with freight again.
The new third daily Aer Lingus Dublin flight (which actually only operates on Mon/Fri/Sun !) was, after getting our hopes up with a 146 on Monday, operated by a Fokker 50.

Thursday 21st May
We got our first sight of the new Braathens colour-scheme, the re-painted Boeing 737-400 LN-BRA operating the morning BRA561/574.
Danish Air Transport King Air OY-JRO operated out again with freight, as DTR480 to Turin again, at lunch-time, the aircraft having arrived from Stansted again as DTR480P. Cessna 421 D-ILMS visited briefly during the late morning, spending under an hour on the ground, from/to Hamburg.
Another 'Danish' aeroplane spent longer on the ground, the Citation 500 OY-CPW arriving from Billund as DTR481P at lunch-time, and not departing until the early evening to Vigo as DTR481.
OHY443/4 TC-ONO TSC240/1 C-GTSN NFA921/4 OY-NPC VIV1718/9 EC-GGZ AMC098/9 9H-ABT

Wednesday 20th May
An interesting day which produced two first-visitng propliners; first to arrive during the early hours was the day-stopping Emerald Airways HS.748 G-SOEI which arrived from Liverpool as JEM03M and returned there on the usual daily mail flight during the late evening as JEM04M. The other arrived on what may become the first of a short series of freight flights to Bucharest, Romavia Ilyushin Il-18 YR-IMZ visiting during the afternoon from/to Bucharest as RMV113/4.
Croatia Airlines operated their first of an expected small number of ad-hoc charters during the afternoon, using Boeing 737 9A-CTD to operate from Cardiff to Split as CTN1509.
Keenair Bandeirante G-BGYT visited during the afternoon on a cargo charter to Cologne as JKK105, having positioned in from Liverpool as JFK105P.
GAMA Aviation's Lear 35 G-JETG visited during the morning from Heathrow to Edinburgh, and then again in the afternoon, from Edinburgh to Heathrow, both as GMA963, and Oxaero's Citation 500 G-JEAN, once an almost daily visitor to Newcastle in the early eighties, operated a freight charter to Vigo during the morning as OXE120, the aircraft positioning in from Oxford.
Danish Air Transport King Air 90 OY-JRO also took freight out in the morning, as DTR474 to Turin, the aeroplane arriving from Southend as DTR474P.
Gill Airway Shorts 360 G-BLZT arrived back from Southend during the evening as GIL360P now wearing the full Gill Airways colour-scheme (it had previously been all white). It had departed to Southend on the evening of the 14th.
CKT739/8 G-CVYE LEI5134/3 G-UNID

Tuesday 19th May
Chauffair 125 G-NCFR first-visited during the afternoon as CFR397, from Yeovilton to Eindhoven. Cherokee N1927H departed to Rotterdam during the afternoon.
NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPC AIH642/1 G-TICL

Monday 18th May
The Istanbul 757 we had yet to see duly appeared, TC-AHA operating the IST829/30 from/to Izmir; the aeroplane had last visited as G-BPEH of Caledonian Airways.
The third Aer Lingus daily rotation began as expected and produced a BAe146, EI-CLI operating as EIN306/7, on what would appear to be more a substitution than an indication of future equipment used on this new flight.
Mooney M.20 D-EPAX departed to Reykjavik during the morning on the continuation of its delivery flight west-bound. Piper Cherokee N1927H arrived from Rotterdam during the evening for a night-stop. KLM uk's call-signs changed again as from today, to two numbers and two letters !. Newcastle's inbound letter code is 'CL' while the outbound code is 'NC' (unusually this is the same for both destinations served from Newcastle - Stansted and Amsterdam). The two numbers are the last two of the flight number - Newastle however has a UKA2400, and this has become UKA24NC (and not UKA00NC !).
IST831/2 TC-ARA AIH846/5 C-FTDA SAT9400/1 CS-TGP AIH804/3 G-RJGR OHY441/2 TC-ONN JKK3185/6 EC-FXI

Sunday 17th May
Caledonian Airways Airbus A.320 G-CVYE made its first appearance on the afternoon Zakinthos 'W', the CKT717/6.
Danish Air Transport Citation 501 OY-CPW operated a freight flight to Santiago during the late evening as DTR280, having arrived from Billund as DTR280P.
Piper Malibu D-ENRE departed to Baden-Baden first thing, signalling the end of the returning German 'Air Rallye' visitors. A true delivery arrived during the evening however, Mooney M.20 D-EPAX arriving from Cologne and night-stopping.
AIH064/066P G-DAJC AIH850/49 G-RDVE

Saturday 16th May
The second SATA/Air Azores Boeing 737 appeared on the first Saturday Faro flight, the first-visiting CS-TGQ operating as SAT946P/9457. The Skyservice A.320 C-FTDA made one more visit than was expected, diverting in from Teesside during the early morning as AIH826 from Tenerife, the aircraft operating the next flight in the programe from Newcastle, the AIH801 to Alicante.
Visitors in connection with the Cup Final included Atlantic Airways SA227AC Metro III G-BUKA which visited during the morning as AAG106/7 from Coventry to Luton, returning during the evening as AAG108/9, and British World One Eleven G-OBWC which departed to Luton as BWL8061, and which returned during the evening as BWL8062, the aircraft positioning out to Stansted as BWL062P. Two executive jet owners/charterers also obviously were able to get tickets, S&N's Citation 560 passing through twice from Edinburgh to Luton and vice versa, and Sterling Jets Lear 31 N331SJ which also passed through twice from Prestwick and Luton and vice versa (wonder how many away matches they'd gone to !).
Mooney M.20 N310FW departd to Meinerzhagen during the morning after its night-stop. More fuel-stops involved two more arrivals from Reykjavik during the afternoon, King Air 200 N518D which departed later to Osnabruck and Aerostar D-IIWA which departed later to Cologne. Piper Malibu D-ENRE also arrived from Reykjavik during the evening and night-stopped.
LEI834 G-UKLH AIH054P/054 G-DAJC JKK3341/2 EC-GOM BAW1975/4 G-BTPO MNX831/2 G-MAJD UKA633/2 G-UKSC JKK3309/10 EC-GCV JKK3369/70 EC-GOU

Friday 15th May
It was quite a superb day for foreign light aircraft diverting in for fuel; arriving within an hour during the afternoon were Aerostar N60HT, Cessna 425 D-IPAS, Cheyenne D-IKET and Baron D-IBPN, all arriving from Reykjavik, and continuing on to Straubing, Dusseldorf, Landshut and Monchengladbach respectively. Another fuel diversion arrival from Reykjavik during the evening involved Mooney M.20 N310FW, which night-stopped. The Islandsflug Super King Air diverted in for fuel again, going the other way, TF-ELT arriving from Brussels and departing to Akureyi.
FlyJet's Citation 550 I-FJTO made another visit during the early hours, arriving from Turin and operating out to Paris-CDG with freight. Another freight charter during the evening produced Quick Airways Learjet 35 D-CFTG, which arrived from Prestwick and departed to Milan-Malpensa as QAJ494. Tyrolean Air Ambulance's Falcon 10 OE-GSC visited during the afternoon, from Corfu to Innsbruck. British World One Eleven G-OBWC arrived from Luton during the evening as BWL061P to night-stop and operate out in connection with some football match on Saturday morning.

Thursday 14th May
Bad weather at Teesside produced a couple of diversions, the usual Air Kilroe Jetstream 31 G-OAKI from/to Manchester as AKL501/2A, and the much more welcome UAE Royal Flight Boeing 737 A6-ESH which arrived from Gatwick mid-morning as 'Sharjah01', returning back to Gatwick during the afternoon.
The evening Air Malta flight was subject to a change of equipment and routing, Airbus A.320 9H-ABQ operating as AMC091 from Stansted to Malta.
Foreign Citation's continued to operate freight charters to Turin, HB-VLY arriving from Hamburg and operating out during the evening. King Air 200 TF-ELT of Islandsflug passed through on a fuel diversion during the evening from Akureyi to Brussels.

Wednesday 13th May
Gill Airways' Shorts 360 G-BVMX flew a test flight at lunch-time as GIL360A, and then departed during the afternoon to Guernsey, and its new operators, Aurigny Air Services. Its last Gill service was the GIL743B Belfast City-Newcastle on the evening of Tuesday 12th. Co-incidentally G-BNYI operated its first service for Gill on the afternoon of Wednesday the 13th, the GIL732B from Newcastle to Belfast City.
Citation 525 D-IURH passed through yet again, from Reykjavik to unich during the morning, and Quick Airways' Cheyenne D-IQAS operated a cargo flight to Turin as QAJ194, as did Danish Air Transport King Air 90 OY-JRO, which departed as DTR254.
OHY441/2 TC-ONN MUK441/2/5/6 OY-CIR LEI5134/3 G-UNID

Tuesday 12th May
It was another exciting day as the EC Agriculture Minister's meeting came to a close. Spanish Air Force Falcon 20 T.11-5 departed first, back to Torrejon at breakfast-time, and arriving mid-morning was Italian Air Force DC-9 MM62012, from Villacoublay. This, the one AMI DC-9 we needed to see, MM62013 having visited in 1989, departed during the afternoon to Rome-Ciampino. The three other night-stoppers all departed during the afternoon, the German Air Force VFW-614 from the previous afternoon to Stuttgart as GAF685, while the two civilian exec jets that had stayed since the Sunday also departed, BAe125 OY-RAA of Air Alsie to Rotterdam, and Citation 560 OE-GDA of Magna Air back to Vienna as MGR321. The Irish Gulf IV 251 came back during the afternoon, from/to Dublin as IRL251, and European Air Charter One Eleve G-AVMS arrived back from Manchester as EAF497P, departing to Brussels as EAF4971.
The return flight of Britannia's Las Palmas flight the outward leg of which had been operated by Corsair Boeing 747 F-GPJM on Monday night, was operated by Air Holland Boeing 757 PH-AHK, arriving as BAL407B during the early hours, and departing to Manchester after only thirty minutes on the ground. SABENA's special-schemed BAe146-RJ100 OO-DWD made its first visit during the afternoon, on the SAB673/4, and the Islandsflug ATR.42 TF-ELJ made its second visit to Newcastle on the afternoon CFE75NA/76NB.
Quick Airways Learjet 35 D-CJPG operated another freight charter to Turin during the morning, as QAJ490, the aircraft arriving from Cologne. Our first ever Falcon 2000, N48CG of Corning Glass, departed back 'stateside' at lunch-time, routing via Gander, after its two-night-stop.
Gill Airways' latest Shorts 360 G-BNYI arrived from Guernsey during the afternoon as GIL360P, wearing the carriers full colour-scheme.

Monday 11th May
The first major problems of the summer season hit Britannia Airways during the day, following Boeing 757 G-BYAK going u/s in Tenerife overnight on Sunday night. Another 757, G-BYAH, positioned from Luton during the morning to operate the next flight in the 'line', an early morning Kavala departure. This aeroplane returned to Luton during the evening though after this rotation, the next flight in the programme, an overnight Las Palmas being operated by Corsair Boeing 747 F-GPJM, which arrived from Orly as BAL747F, and operated outbound via Luton as BAL267A, just after midnight, approximately 7 hours late. Boeing 757 G-BYAK returned from Tenerife during the evening, approximately 15 hours late.
The Monday Reus 'W' from Teesside produced the stunning Skyservice Airbus A.320 C-FTDA again on the AIH846/5 during the early afternoon.
The afternoon/evening saw further arrivals for the EC Conferene; German Air Force VFW-614 17+03 arrived from Cologne during the afternoon as GAF685 for a night-stop, and Spanish Air Force Falcon 20 T.11-5/45-05 arrived from Torrejon during the evening as AME4527, also for a night-stop. Strangely both of these aircraft have visited Newcastle before, the 614 during the mid eighties when it collected the bodies of the crew of a crashed GAF Tornado at Otterburn.
Quick Airways Cheyenne D-IQAS visited again during the early hours, as QAJ191 from Cologne to Turin.

Sunday 10th May
The day we had been looking forward to for some time, our first EC Conference-type thing, an Agriculture Ministers Meeting. Before any arrivals for this however, the early morning produced two exec jet visitors, Hekuma's Citation 525 D-IURH again, passing through to the USA from Munich to Reykjavik, and a rare occurrence, an exec jet first-visit-of-type; our first Falcon 2000 appeared at 0715L, Corning Glass's N48CG arriving direct from Gander for a two-day stop.
The first visitor for the conference was slightly less interesting, European Air Charter One Eleven G-AVMS arriving from Brussels with delegates, as EAF4970, the aircraft later positioning out to Manchester as BRT900P. The main interest though revolved around the expected foreign military 'biz', although against all hopes these only involved two aeroplanes; Italian Air Force Falcon 50 MM62020 arrived from Ciampino as 'I2020', and following this five minutes later was Irish Air Corps Gulfstream IV 251 which arrived from Dublin as 'IRL251'. Both returned from where they came after an hour on the ground. Two more related arrivals within the hour after these two, were Air Alsie BAe125-800 OY-RAA which arrived from Rotterdam, and Magna Air International Citation 560 OE-GDA which arrived from Vienna as 'MGR371', both of which night-stopped Delegates also arrived on KLM uk and SABENA schedules during the day. Not bad though ... four first-visiting biz-jets in one day !.
The first Air VIA flight of the summer produced Tupolev Tu-154M LZ-MIK on the evening VIM717/8.
Twin Commanche OY-RPM visited again during the afternoon from/to Bergen. Baron N951SF departed during the afternoon to Elstree.
AIH850/49 G-RDVE AIH064/064P G-SJMC CKT717/6 G-CVYD

Saturday 9th May
Beech Baron N951SF arrived from Elstree for a night-stop .... and that was all, as we waited in anticipation for Sunday 10th.
AIH054P/063 G-SJMC LEI834 G-UKLI MUK441/2 OY-CIS JKK3341/2 EC-GGV BAW1975/4 G-BTPE UKA633/2 G-BTTP JKK3309/10 EC-GOM JKK3369/70 EC-GQG

Friday 8th May
Muk Air operated their first flight in almost two weeks due to the Danish 'general' strike, although still with a Cimber Air ATR.42, OY-CIS operating the MUK445/6.
The first Pegasus flight of the summer season unfortunately failed to produce anything new, the evening PGT485/6 being operated by TC-AFA.
Air Center West King Air 200 OY-CBP operated another early morning freight flight to Milan as BDI287. having arrived from Odense as BDI287F. Bell 430 N1207V departed to Rocester during the morning after its night-stop, and then visited again during the afternoon, from Rocester to Retford. Semitool Europe's Commander 695 N980BH day-stopped from Plymouth to Cambridge. Beech Duke D-IUSA departed to Mannheim during the afternoon after its night-stop.
A late evening visitor was Twin Commanche OY-RPM, which spent an hour on the ground from/to Bergen.

Thursday 7th May
A 'new' American registered Short 360 arrived but not the one we were expecting; Gill's new delivery N360CC/G-BNYI didn't appear, but N160DD did !. Wearing a white fuselage with a blue cheatline, and an American Eagle rudder, the aeroplane arrived from Belfast City during the morning and parked outside the Gill Airways hangar (next to inactive ATR.72 F-WQGJ). Whether it is destined for operation or just maintenance with Gill is not yet known.
VLM returned for their second ad-hoc flight of the week, Fokker 50 OO-VLG positioning in from Maastricht as VLM847P and operating out to Paris-CDG as VLM847.
The first Air Transat flight of the summer season produced Boeing 757 C-GTSE operating as TSC240/1, from Gatwick to Toronto. Air Malta's latest Boeing 737-300 9H-ADI made only its second appearance on the evening AMC098/9.
A first-visiting exec jet was Gulfstream IV N21KR which spent just 13 minutes on the ground during the evening from Oslo Fornebu to Molde.
Flugdienst Fehlhaber Cessna 406 D-ISHY visited during the early hours on a freight charter, arriving from Cologne as FFG473 and departing to Turin as FFG474. Other foreig 'twin' visitors included Beech Baron N55BN which day-stopped from/to Cranfied, and Beech Duke D-IUSA which arrived from Woodford during the evening for a night-stop.
Bell 430 N1207V arrived from Battersea Heliport during the evening for a night-stop, using the callsign JCB05.
NFA921/4 OY-NPC OHY443/4 TC-ONR VIV1718/9 EC-GGE

Wednesday 6th May
For the second day in succession we got a first-visit of a new Brymon Dash Eight in its new colours. G-BRYV was aother aircraft however that was delivered through Newcastle during April wearing Pelangi colours, its first visit to Newcastle in airline service being on the BRY52A/B morning Bristol-Aberdeen flight, the aeroplane now wearing the 'Colum' tail design, and again, looked extremely pretty. The 'tartaned' G-BRYU was also present flying the Paris 'line' all day.
The first Leisure International flight of the summer season produced Airbus A.321 G-UNID on its first-visit to Newcastle wearing this new registration, the aeroplane having been a weekly visitor to Newcastle last summer as G-UKLO.
The early afternoon saw two Cessna 421's pass through on delivery flights westbound. Arriving from Tossus-le-Noble within nine minutes of each other were N57AZ and N112DF, two ex-Moroccan registered aeroplanes, their new registrations giving a clue to their old identities. 'AZ' being ex CN-TAZ, and 'DF' being ex CN-TDF !.

Tuesday 5th May
Making its second visit to Newcastle was Dash Eight G-BRYU, although in a different, but no less stunning colour-scheme. Having been delivered through Newcastle during April wearing Pelangi of Malaysia colours, the aeroplane arrived on its first flight for its new operators at Newcastle, the mid-day Paris arrival via Southampton (BRY95B) now wearing the 'Bennyhone Tartan' tail design, looking very pretty indeed. More Brymon news involved a change to their schedules through Newcastle wef today; there is now only one night-stopping aeroplane, the Paris aircraft, the other now night-stopping at Aberdeen, meaning the airline now has three schedules per day to/from Aberdeen and Bristol. The day also saw the re-commencement of the fourth-daily, evening KLM uk Amsterdam schedule (UKA13W/14B).
Deutsche Rettungflugwacht PA-42 Cheyenne D-IHLA visited just a few minutes into Tuesday arriving from Hannover on an ambulane flight as AMB3816 to where it returned shortly after. 'Danish' King Air OY-JRO arrived again during the evening as DTR247P fro Southend, to operate out on another cargo flight during the early hours of Wednesday.

Monday 4th May
The summer season 'exploded' during the morning with four 'never-seen-at-Newcastle' before airliners; the Istanbul Airlines series' began with the two Boeing 757's on the ground at the same time. TC-ARA arrived first from Izmir as IST8291, departing to Bodrum as IST832, TC-AJA following it an hour later as IST829 also from Izmir, departing as IST830 back to Izmir. None of the fleet are strangers to Newcastle of course however, being ex-UK registered aeroplanes. The space of four minutes just after mid-day did see some first-visiting airliners however !; the expected Skyservice Airbus A.320 on the Airtours Reus 'W' from Teesside was first (AIH846/5), the aeroplane looking absolutely immaculate in full Skyservice colours, which was followed by our first SATA/Air Azores visit, Boeing 737-300 CS-TGP arriving from Funchal via Glasgow as SAT9400, and departing direct to Funchal as SAT9401.
Another first-visiting airliner was VLM Fokker 50 OO-VLE which arrived from Paris-CDG during the evening as VLM846, the aircraft departing shortly afterwards to Antwerp as VLM846F.
The car-part freight flights to Italy/France have died off of late, but Danish Air Transport persevere with their King Air 90 OY-JRO, which visited during the early morning as DTR246P from Amsterdam, departing to Dijon as DTR246.
Air Kilroe visited briefly during the afternoon with Jetstream 31 G-OAKI, as AKL61/62 from/to Manchester.
Hughes 500 N252JP visited during the evening from Sywell.

Sunday 3rd May
The first Caledonian Salzburg 'W' of the season produced first-visiting Airbus A.320 G-CVYD on the CKT717/6.
European Air Charter BAC One Eleven G-AVML operated a charter to Bergen as EAF4892 during the afternoon, having positioned in from Bournemouth as EAF892P.
King Air N537EC continued its delivery flight to Reykjavik mid-morning.
JKK3369/70 EC-GOM AIH064/064P G-DAJC AIH850/49 G-CRPH

Saturday 2nd May
The day's first-visiting airliner was TransAer's new Airbus A.320 EI-TLO which arrived one minute into Saturday as TLA001P from Leeds, departing on the first TLA535 Heraklion of the summer. Tyrolean Dash Eight OE-LTK departed to Innsbruck during the morning. Another new BA colour-scheme showed on the afternoon BAW12G/13J, Boeing 757 G-BIKT wearing the Egyptian inspired 'Crossing Borders', and the name of the country below the design, just to help us 'un-cultured' masses.
King Air 350 D-COLA visited during the early hours, arriving from the 'Med' on an ambulance flight via Liverpool, and departing to Berlin-Schonefeld. King Air 90 N537EC arrived from Toussus-le-Noble at lunch-time at the start of its delivery flight, for a night-stop, the aeroplane being last registered in India.
One interesting GA visitor amongst the masses of fair-weather PPL's was PA-28 Cherokee LX-AVG which routed through from Biggin Hill to Cork.
Resident Aircoupe G-HARY returned from Blackpool during the afternoon after maintenance there.
AIH054/063 G-DAJC BAW1975/4 G-BTPF UKA633/2 G-UKHP JKK3341/2 EC-FXA JKK3309/10 EC-FXA

Friday 1st May
The first day of the summer season produced its usual excitement and anticipation, although the majority of the 'unusuals' were on scheduled services. Gill Airways had problems with their ATR.42 scheduled for the KLMuk Stansted flying, the days' flights being 'sub-chartered'; Titan's ATR.42 G-ZAPJ operated the UKA39Y mid-morning arrival and UKA40B mid-morning departure, and the afternoon UKA40C and UKA40K. The lunch-time departure was operated by KLMuk BAe146 G-BTTP, which diverted in en-route Edinburgh to Stansted as UKA36K, departing as UKA00A ... very strange call-sign !. The evening arrival was operated by Fokker 50 G-UKTE which arrived as UKA40F and departed as UKA502 to Norwich.
After numerous close-calls, including a lease period to Gill Airways, Islandsflug ATR.42 TF-ELJ finally made it to Newcastle, operating the tea-time City Flyer Gatwick schedule CFE77NA/78NB. Notables amongst the first day of the summer charter season included the first Caledonian Airbus A.320 for some time, G-BVYA on the Mahon CKT601/2, and Boeing 737-400 G-OABE on the lunch-time Futura Tenerife FUA160/1, which wore full Futura colours. The first Flying Colours service operated by based Canada 3000 Boeing 757 C-FOOE was FCL3524/5 to/from Tenerife.
The second Tyrolean Dash Eight in a week to be delivered through Newcastle arrived during the late evening from Reykjavik for a night-stop. OE-LTK was again in full Tyrolean colours, and like OE-LTL a few days previous, was confirmed as the same airframe that was delivered through Newcastle last December. Both aircraft are now -314's though, having been converted in the meantime. The third aeroplane, OE-LTJ, overflew Newcastle during the week on its delivery flight.
AMM923/916 G-OOOS AMM917/922 G-OOOA VIV1728/9 EC-GGE NFA921/4/924E OY-NPC FUA102/3 EC-GOB

Thursday 30th April
Canada 3000 Boeing 757 C-FOOE arrived from Dublin during the evening as CMM951, to be based for the summer to operate the Flying Colours based flying. The aircraft of course now wears full Flying Colours colours !.
The long line of excellent foreign 'biz' during April came to a slightly less interesting end, the only two of the day being Falcks A/S's Citation 650 OY-CCG, which arrived from Gatwick during the morning and departed to Karup during the afternoon, both as FLK30D, and Citation 560 N311DG which visited at tea-time from Le Bourget to Luton.
Another arrival from Le Bourget during the afternoon was PA-42 Cheyenne N202VJ on delivery, departing a little later to Reykjavik. Flugdienst Fehlhaber Cessna 406 D-ISHY visited during the early hours, as FFG471/2, from Cologne to Turin with freight again.
The three Hunting Aviation Slingsby T.67's returned to Cranwell at lunch-time, using the same call-signs as the day before.
Northumbria Ambulance Service's 'Medic' helicopter, Twin Squirrel G-NAAS, which had been roaded out to Staverton only a few days ago, arrived by air from its base at Blyth at tea-time, presumably for more maintenance in the PAS hangar.

Wednesday 29th April
Gill needed to sub-charter to bring Sunderland Football Club back from their visit to Ipswich, using first-visiting Suckling Airways Dornier 328 G-BWIR, which arrived as GIL216N at 0058L, positioning out to Luton as GIL217L at 0119L. This is only our fourth Dornier 328 to visit Newcastle.
Sterling Jets' Lear 31 N331SJ returned from Dresden just after midnight continuing on to Prestwick at 0100. The first-visiting exec jets keep coming, Falcon 20 D-CBNA of Naske Air (?) day-stopping, interestingly visiting from/to Boscombe Down as HCN9991/2. One more regular, Hamlin Jets' Citation 560 N311DG visited from Manchester to Le Bourget during the afternoon.
Yet another European-registered Seneca visited, D-GLPE from/to Monchengladbach, and another Cheyenne appeared during the afternoon, Quick Airways' D-IQAS routing from Cologne to Naples with freight as QAJ177. Similar type HB-LRV departed on a similar 'mission' to Turin at breakfast-time, after its night-stop.
Interesting arrivals during the afternoon were a trio of Hunting Aviation Slingsby T.67's, G-BNSO, G-BNSP and G-BNSR, which all arrived for a night-stop, as 'CWL82', '81' and '80' respectively.
The based Northumbria Police-operated Twin Squirrel changed during the afternoon, from G-PASF, which departed to Staverton as 'Special139', to G-PASE which had arrived earlier under the same callsign from Leeds.

Tuesday 28th April
The 'newest' Boeing 737 to appear at Newcastle first-visited during the morning, Air Malta's 9H-ADI operating the morning AMC2107 from Malta/Glasgow to Malta.
Day-stopping exec jet was Comfort Air's new Citation 560 D-CLEO which spent most of the day on the south apron, from/to Dresden. A shorter visit was made by Quick Airways' Learjet 35 D-CFTG, which arrived from Glasgow as QAJ479, and departed to Milan with freight at lunch-time. Anderssons Business Jets' Falcon 100 SE-DLB was present during the afternoon, from Munich to Luton. Lear 31 N331SJ passed through again at dawn, from Prestwick to Dresden.
Commander 112 N747WW and Seneca D-GANO continued on their delivery flights west-bound within three minutes of each other late morning, both to Reykjavik. Another Seneca, PH-CDL of Cordial BV, visited during the afternoon, from/to Groningen, and Piper Cheyenne HB-LRV positioned in from Grenchen during the late evening, in order to operate a freight flight on Wednesday morning, the aeroplane wearing a 'special scheme', with a multitude of different coloured 'squiggles' plastered all over !. Very nice.
Flightline Bandeirante G-FLTY operated a freight flight to Dusseldorf at lunch-time as FLT284, having positioned in from Southend as FLT284P.

Monday 27th April
Tyrolean Dash Eight OE-LTL came through on delivery (again !) visiting at lunch-time, from Reykjavik to Innsbruck. The c/n hasn't been confirmed yet.
Citation 550 I-FJTO of FlyJet visited again briefly during the afternoon, from/to Milan.
A pair of delivery flights arrived during the late evening, Seneca D-GANO from Marl, and Commander 112 N747WW from Bournemouth, both night-stopping.

Sunday 26th April
Braathens Boeing 737 LN-BRJ was in again during the morning, still wearing an all-white colour-scheme.
Citation 550 I-FJTO returned for its fourth visit in a week, from/to Turin during the afternoon.
We didn't get the hoped-for 'twenty' German light aircraft passing through on their rally to Mexico, but we did get a couple; Baron D-IBPN transitted during the morning from Monchengladbach to Reykjavik, and Duke D-INEC followed at lunch-time, from Osnabruck to Reykjavik.
BAW12H/13F G-BUSJ 'Water Dreaming' BAW12G/13J G-BUSK 'Waves and Cranes' MUK445/6 OY-CIG CFE79NA G-BZAT (Last BAW A.320's and CFE RJ.100's to appear here)

Saturday 25th April
Cessna 210 D-ERBE departed mid-morning for Reykjavik, but then diverted into Carlisle with an emergency soon after departure.

Friday 24th April
Citation 550 D-IMME departed during the early hours with its consignment of freight to Santiago. Arriving mid-morning from Brussels was Senator Aviation Learjet 35 D-CITY as SNA102, the aircraft departing also with freight to Milan-Linate during the afternoon, again as SNA102. The now regular late evening biz-jet visitor was Air Center West Citation 550 OY-BZT, which arrived from Stauning as BDI579F and departed after midnight to Santiago as BDI579. S&N's Citation 560 VP-CSN passed through again during the afternoon, from Cork to Edinburgh.
Cessna 210 D-ERBE arrived from Groningen during the afternoon, and night-stopped. This was reportedly one of approximately twenty German light aircraft due through over the weekend, on their way to Mexico City !.
AIH053 G-DAJC BAL990F/362A G-BYAB BAW12J/13E G-BUSK 'Waves & Cranes' VIV1748/9 EC-ELY FUA100/1 EC-FZT BAW12G/13J G-BUSB 'Kogutki Lowickie' NFA921/4 OY-NPB CFE79NA G-BXAS MUK441/2/5/6 OY-CIG

Thursday 23rd April
Quite a day !; eight visiting foreign executive jets, from seven different countries, three of which were first-visitors !. Fly Jet's Citation I-FJTO departed just after midnight to Turin with freight, and the following three hours saw three more arrive, Tyrolean Jet Service Falcon 10 OE-GSC which arrived from Faro, and departed to Innsbruck at lunch-time, while two more who didn't wait around for daylight were first-visiting Citation 560 D-CTAN of Air Evex which arrived from Cologne and departed to Naples at 0500L with freight, and Sterling Jets' Learjet 31 N331SJ which routed from Prestwick to Dresden, departing at 0430L. Visiting at more sociable hours were S&N's Citation 560 VP-CSN from Leeds to Cork during the morning, and first-visiting Falcon 50 N50HE of Timberland Aviation which arrived from Glasgow during the morning and departed direct to Bedford-Hanscom Field at lunch-time.
Two more appeared at tea-time, N331SJ returning from Dresden to Belfast City, and NetJets Europe Citation 550 CS-DNA which arrived from Farnborough and departed to Heathrow during the early evening. Further arrivals for freight flights just before midnight were Citation 550 I-FJTO again, from/to Turin, and first-visiting Citation 550 D-IMME of Avanti Air which arrived from Frankfurt and departed early on Friday.
Something appeared to have happened somewhere in the region which prompted the arrival of three day-stopping turbo-prop airliners; Titan Airways ATR.42 G-ZAPJ visited from/to Stansted as AWC177A/B, while of much more interest were two Scandinavian F-27's. SE-KZF wearing Swe Aviation titles and SAE on the tail fin, visited from/to Aberdeen as NAW1745/2745, and OY-EBC wearing a blue-red cheatline and no titles, which appeared from/to Stavanger as NAW2755/3755.
The North Flying/Muk Air visits didn't get any easier to understand !. Metro III OY-BPH which had arrived on the afternoon Muk Air Copenhagen schedule on Wednesday afternoon and night-stopped, positioned out to Stansted at lunch-time as NFA034E. Metroliner OY-NPB had positioned in from Aalborg an hour earlier as NFA921E, and then operated the NFA921/4 to/from Aberdeen. Both Muk Air schedules were operated by Cimber Air ATR.42 OY-CIG.

Wednesday 22nd April
Muk Air Metro III OY-NPC, which should have stayed for the week, positioned out to Aalborg during the morning as NFA924E. OY-BPH positioned in from Stansted at lunch-time as NFA003E, and operated the morning Copenhagen Muk Air departure (MUK442) slightly late. It returned during the evening as MUK445, and night-stopped, presumably to operate Thursday's (North Flying) Bergen flight.
The BAC Express Shorts 360 G-OCEA returned from Ostend at tea-time as RPX225, positioning back to Southend as RPX002P.
Yet another freight charter to Milan produced Citation 550 I-FJTO during the late evening, the aeroplane departing back to Milan after midnight. Mooney M.20 N72FG departed to Birmingham during the morning.
BAW12J/13E/12G/13J G-BUSE 'Tartan' LBT803 F-GHEC SAB675/6 OO-DWA CFE79NA G-AVMP

Tuesday 21st April
Brymon Airways Dash Eight G-BRYJ was first noted during the morning wearing a new colour-scheme rudder !. The aeroplane is still in the old colours, but the rudder is 'Benyhone Tartan' !. British Airways Airbus A.320 G-BUSJ, the last we had to see in the new colours, visited over lunch-time on the BAW12G/13J, wearing the 'Water Dreaming' design.
BAC Express operated a charter flight to Ostend with Shorts 360 G-OCEA, the aircraft positioning in from Southend as RPX001P (Jetstream G-OBEA landing 8 minutes later !), and operating out as RPX214.
Siebe Corp's Citation 560 N2000M visited during the morning, from Plymouth to Donaueschingen, and Mooney M.20 N72FG arrived from Jersey during the afternoon for a night-stop.
MUK441/2 OY-JRT AMC2107 9H-ADH NFA921/4 OY-NPC MUK445/6 OY-SBR (Corvette !) CFE79NA G-AVMP AMM514 G-OOOD AMM515 G-OOOI

Monday 20th April
Gill Airways' latest ATR.72 arrived from Naples during the early evening; F-WQGJ (c/n 301) is indeed in full Air Tahiti colours, although looking quite tatty !.
Lear 31 N331SJ departed to Malaga during the early morning, and a day-stopper was Control Technique's Gulfstream Commander VP-BLK, from/to Welshpool.
The North Flying aeroplane for the week's Bergen/Aberdeen flying was Metro III OY-NPC, which positioned in from Copenhagen during the late evening, using a Muk Air callsign (MUK9446), the aircraft having operated the afternoon Muk Air schedule through Newcastle, the MUK445/6.
MUK441/2 OY-JRT BAW12J/13E/12G/13J G-BUSC 'Olympic' CFE79NA G-AVMP

Sunday 19th April
A very unusual day with some extremely exotic stuff in the area !. The Chilean Puma was visible to those few who lived 'by the coast', while another zone transitter, the Dominican Republic Twin Otter was apparently not visible as it passed overhead at Flight Level 60. I couldn't get myself out of bed to attempt to see it.
One I could get up for, was Dash Eight VH-SDA which diverted in for fuel en-route Reykjavik-Rotterdam during the afternoon. In an all-white colour-scheme with no titles, the aeroplane was our first ever -200 series (a -202), the c/n being 482. On delivery to Sunstate it departed to Corfu.
Lear 31 N331SJ arrived during the evening from Dresden for a night-stop.
BAW12H/13F G-BUSC 'Olympic' BAW12G/13J G-BUSB 'Koguty Lowickie' MUK445/6 OY-JRT CFE79NA G-BXAR

Saturday 18th April
The morning Muk Air flight (MUK441/2) was finally operated by what is meant to, the leased-from-Danish Air Transport Brasillia OY-JRT !. The new Saturday evening SABENA arrival which night-stops, was, for the third week running, a Dash Eight, SAB675 operated by PH-SDR.
Danish Air Transport King Air 90 OY-JRO operated the day's car-parts freight charter to the Mediterranean, operating out to Turin during the early morning as DTR238, having arrived from Southend as DTR238P. North Flying Metro III OY-NPC positioned out to Aalborg at the end of its weeks flying, during the morning as NFA924E.
Sterling Jets' Learjet 31 N331SJ visited again during the afternoon, from Dresden to Luxembourg.
'Based' Twin Commanche G-ATEW returned from Carlisle during the afternoon, where it had been on maintenance since the 31st May 1997 !.

Friday 17th April
Airworld operated an Athens departure during the morning, with Airbus A.320 G-BXRW as AWD952, the aircraft positioning in from Manchester.
The morning Muk Air departure was operated by the night-stopping Metro III OY-NPA, while the afternoon rotation saw yet another aircraft type used on the route, Shorts 360 OY-MUG operating the MUK445/6, an aircraft which last visited as G-BNDM with Titan Airways during February 1993.
Another pretty good day for biz-jets; Jet Aviation's Falcon 10 HB-VME returned early morning, from Cologne, departing straight away to Birmingham. A day-stopper was Abelag Lear 35 OO-GBL which was from/to Brussels as AAB51G, and best of all, our third Corvette of the month appeared in the shape of Mayogal's EC-DQG (only my fourth new Corvette this decade !), which visited during the early afternoon as MYO512/3, from Santander to Bournemouth.
The expected Cheyenne on delivery, N881SW, overflew to Glasgow due to our strong crosswind.
Two UK-registered 'twins' operated freight charters to Santiago during the evening, Atlantic Airways Metro III G-BUKA as AAG297, and Edinburgh Air Charter's Cessna 310 G-TKPZ as EDC361K.

Thursday 16th April
The morning Muk Air (MUK441/2) was operated by North Flying Metro III OY-NPB, with the afternoon arrival (MUK445) operated by another new Metro OY-NPA, the aeroplane night-stopping instead of returning to Copenhagen !.
Falcon 10 HB-VME of Jet Aviation finally arrived from Cologne at lunch-time, departing to Heathrow during the afternoon.
The North Flying Metro operated out to Aberdeen during the afternoon as NFA921, normally an early morning Bergen departure, and returned back from Aberdeen late evening as NFA924. In the meantime Corvette OY-SBT visited during the early evening, as NFA074E/075, from Aberdeen to Oslo-Fornebu.
Atlantic Airways Citation 500 G-LOFT visited at lunch-time, as AAG513/4 from Coventry to Vigo, and S&N's Citation 560 made another very short visit, 9 minutes, at tea-time, from Glasgow to Edinburgh.
BAW12J/13E/12G/13J G-BUSC 'Olympic' FUA122/3 EC-GRX CFE79NA G-BXAS

Wednesday 15th April
The Muk Air flights were operated by North Flying Metro III OY-NPB (MUK442/5/6).
Aeroleasing Learjet 35 HB-VJL departed to Geneva during the afternoon as FPG688, after its night-stop, and Sterling Jets Lear 31 N331SJ passed through a little later, from Belfast City to Dresden. Falcon 10 HB-VME was due from Cologne during the evening, but was replaced by Quick Airways Learjet 35 D-CJPG, which arrived from Cologne as QAJ488 during the late evening, spending just 18 minutes on the ground before returning to Cologne. This by the way was flown by a young lady ..... and if a female Lear 35 pilot wasn't enough, we were 'overshot' during the evening by another lady flyer, in her Leuchars Wing Tornado F.3 !!.
Air Center West King Air 200 OY-CBP visited again each side of midnight, arriving from Stauning as BDI279F, and operating out with freight to Turin as BDI279.

Tuesday 14th April
Air Malta's new Boeing 737-300 9H-ADH made only its second visit, on the morning AMC2107. The Dash Eight G-BRYV departed to Eindhoven at 0417 !.
The Muk Air flights were operated by Cimber Air ATR.42 OY-CIK in the morning (MUK441/2) and North Flying Metro III OY-NPB in the afternoon (MUK445/6).
Aeroleasing Learjet 35 HB-VJL diverted in from Teesside early on, arriving from Geneva as FPG688, and night-stopping. The evening's cargo flight was operated by Air Center West King Air 200 OY-CBP which arrived from Stauning as BDI279F and operated out to Milan as BDI279 either side of midnight.
BAW12J/13E/12G/13J G-BUSI 'Britsh Blend' NFA921/4 OY-NPC AMM514/5 G-OOOD CFE79NA G-AVMP

Monday 13th April
The next Brymon Dash Eight arrived at tea-time, on delivery from Keflavik; another ntu Pelangi Airlines of Malayasia machine, the aircraft again wore Pelangi colours, although this time full colours, the last one, G-BRYU not wearing the rear fuselage stripes. The aeroplane wore its c/n (462) on the nose in large letters, while its 'previous' registration 9M-PGB could be seen beneath its new registration, G-BRYV. It night-stopped before continuing on to Eindhoven on Tuesday.
The previous Danish Air Transport flying to Bergen/Aberdeen, has now passed to North Flying permanently, and the aircraft for this week arrived from Haugesund during the evening, Metro III OY-NPC positioning in as NFA021E.
A now daily visitor, Danish Air Transport King Air 90 OY-JRO operated another evening cargo flight, this time to Lyons as DTR233, the aircraft again positioning in from Stansted as DTR233P.
Yet another Danish Air Transport connection !, the days' Muk Air flights were operated by Brasillis OY-JRT (MUK442/5/6).
BAW12G/13J G-BUSC 'Olympic' CFE79NA G-AVMP

Sunday 12th April
Danish Air Transport King Air 90 OY-JRO visited again during the evening, arriving from Southend again as DTR234P, and departing to Brest with freight as DTR234.

Saturday 11th April
Aer Lingus used one of their new BAe146-200's for the first time through Newcastle, EI-CSK operating the evening EIN30C/309. The new night-stopping SABENA flight, which arrives as SAB675, was a Dash Eight again, PH-SDP.
GAMA Aviation's Learjet 35 G-LJET visited during the afternoon as GMA865, arriving from Palma and departing to Heathrow.

Friday 10th April
Both Muk Air flights were again operated by Cimber Air ATR.42 OY-CIL !.
Taunus Air Lear 35 D-CCCA day-stopped, arriving from Amsterdam at breakfast-time as TAQ341, and departing to Brussels during the early evening as TAQ351. Citation 560 N311DG visited again during the afternoon, from Luton to Manchester.
Danish Air Transport operated another early morning freight charter to Dijon, with King Air 90 OY-JRO as DTR457, the aircraft arriving from Amsterdam this time as DTR457A.
NFA921/924/924E OY-BPH AIH053 G-SJMC VIV1748/9 EC-FFN BAL990F/362A G-BYAA FUA108P/101 EC-ETB CFE79NA G-BXAR FUA100/100P EC-GRX

Thursday 9th April
Highlight of the day was a first visit of type, our first Airbus A.319, Eurowings' D-AKNG operating the Gill/Eurowings Dusseldorf schedule as GIL284/5 during the early evening, due to an unservicable Gill Airways ATR.72. Another aircraft substitution on a European schduled service, saw KLM 737-400 PH-BPG operating two KLM UK flights, the UKA13L/V Amsterdam's, due to an unservicable Fokker 100 G-UKFI.
British Airways used two different Airbus A.320's in the new colours, G-BUSG in 'Bauhaus' on the BAW12J/13E, and G-BUSK in 'Waves and Cranes' on the BAW12G/13J.
Brymon Airways Dash Seven G-BRYD operated the middle part of the Paris programme during the afternoon, as BRY98A from Aberdeen, and BRY95C back to Aberdeen, connecting with a late Dash Eight, G-BRYJ, which arrived and departed from/to Southampton/Paris.
Both Muk Air flights were operated by Cimber Air ATR.42 OY-CIL !. Danish Air Transport operated a breakfast-time freight flight to Dijon as DTR455 with King Air 90 OY-JRO, the aircraft having positioned in as DTR455P from Southend.

Wednesday 8th April
The morning Muk Air schedule (MUK441/2) was operated by Corvette OY-SBR !, with the afternoon (MUK445/6) operated by the Brasillia OY-JRT.
Rijnmond Air Services' Metroliner PH-RAZ arrived from Rotterdam during the early hours as RAZ603, to operate a freight flight to Turin as RAZ604. Citation 560 N311DG visited again during the morning, from Biggin Hill to Luton.
The two night-stopping Agusta 109's both departed during the morning, VP-CCK back to Hexham as 'Tarmac01', and G-VJCB to East Midlands as 'JCB05'.

Tuesday 7th April
Two Agusta 109's visited during the afternoon/evening, JCB's G-VJCB from Rocester as 'JCB05', and Tarmac's VP-CCK from Hexham as 'Tarmac01'.

Monday 6th April
Both Muk Air rotations were operated by Brasillia OY-JRT. The 'Waves and Cranes'-ed Airbus A.320 G-BUSK operated the afternoon BAW12G/13J. Maersk used One Eleven G-AWYR for the evening MSK396/7.
King Air 90 N970GA continued onwards to Reykjavik at breakfast-time, and Citation 560 N311DG departed to Northolt at the same time. The Brymon-to-be Dash Eight G-BRYU continued on to Eindhoven mid-morning. Day-stopping visitor was Commander 690 VP-BLK, which arrived from, and departed to, Welshpool.
North Flying arrived again during the evening for the DTR work, using Metro III OY-BPH again, arriving from Aalborg as NFA921E.

Sunday 5th April
The afternoon Muk Air flight (MUK445/6) was again operated by North Flying Metroliner OY- NPB.
Taunus Air Learjet 35 D-CGRC arrived during the early morning as TAQ242 from Palma, the aircraft departing during the early evening as TAQ243 to Tanagra. PA-32 D-EPHG continued onwards to Reykjavik mid-morning. Citation 560 N311DG visited twice, at lunch-time, from Luton to Manchester, returning during the evening for a night-stop. Tyrolean Air Ambulance Dornier 328 OE-GBB visited again, arriving from Birmingham mid-afternoon, and departing shortly afterwards to Innsbruck. King Air 90 N970GA arrived from Toussus-le-Noble just before midnight at the beginning of a delivery flight to the States.
Best delivery of the day however was Brymon's first 'new' Dash Eight G-BRYU, which arrived during the early evening from Keflavik for a night-stop. The aeroplane wore full Pelangi colours !.

Saturday 4th April
The morning Muk Air flight was operated again by North Flying Metro III OY-NPB (MUK441/2). A new addition to the SABENA Brussels schedule for the summer is a Saturday evening arrival, which night-stops and departs on Sunday morning. The first such rotation was operated by Dash Eight PH-SDR (SAB675/8*).
Citation 525 returned eastbound from the USA, passing through during the afternoon, from Keflavik to Munich. Danish Air Transport King Air 90 OY-JRO visited again during the afternoon, as DTR452P/452, from Southend to Lyons. Arriving during the evening and night-stopping on a delivery flight westbound, was PA-32 D-EPHG, which arrived from Cologne.
AIH054 G-SJMC BAL362B/992F G-BRIF BRY52A/B/53A/B G-BXPZ (last time this will be included) CFE008P G-BXAS

Friday 3rd April
North Flying completed the DTR flying for the week, Metro III OY-BPH positioning out to Aalborg at tea-time as NFA924E. Yet another North Flying Metroliner, OY-NPB operated both Muk Air Copenhagen rotations (MUK441/2/4/5) !!.
Danish Air Transport did appear however, in the form of King Air 90 OY-JRO which operated a freight charter to Dijon as DTR231 during the afternoon, the aircraft arriving at Newcastle from Southend.
The based Airtours Airbus A.320 reverted back to G-TPTT (from G-TICL).
NFA921E/4 OY-BPH BAW12J/13E/12G/13J G-BUSD (last time non-new scheme A.320's will be included) AIH053 G-SJMC BAL990F/362A G-BRIF BRY52A/B/53A/B G-BXPZ VIV1748/9 EC- FFN FUA100/1 EC-ETB BRY058 G-BXPZ CFE79NA G-BXAS

Thursday 2nd April
Another new colour-scheme on an A.320 appeared, the 'tartaned' G-BUSE operating the morning BAW12J/13E, and the afternoon BAW12G/13J. EMB.120 OY-JRT operated the morning Muk Air Copenhagen schedule (MUK441/2), but the afternoon flights (MUK445/6) were operated by even more 'varied equipment', North Flying's Metro III OY-NPD.

Wednesday 1st April
Monarch Airlines Airbus A.320 G-MONY returned from Gatwick during the early hours, as MON9619, the aircraft positioning out to Aberdeen mid-morning as MON516P. British Airways Airbus A.320 G-BUSI, with the tea cup on the fin, operated the morning BAW12J/13E, and the afternoon BAW12G/13J. Muk Air's equipment continued to vary on the Copenhagen schedule, the morning flight (MUK441/2) being operated by Corvette OY-SBR (!), and the afternoon MUK445/6 by the aircraft that we expected to be used, EMB.120 Brasillia OY-JRT on lease from Danish Air Transport, looking very smart in the radical 'United Colours of Danish Air Transport" colour-scheme !. The night-stopping City-Flyer (CFE79NA) was RJ.100 G-BXAR.

Tuesday 31st March
Monarch Airlines operated a flight to Gatwick with Airbus A.320 G-MONY, presumably a football charter, as MON9618 during the morning, the aircraft positioning in as MON618P from Luton. Muk Air used Cimber Air ATR.42 OY-CIR again for the morning and afternoon Copenhagen schedules. An unservicability to Gill Airways' ATR.42 G-BXBV in Stansted meant the use of Fokker 50 G-UKTA for the last Stansted schedule of the day, the UKA40F, the aircraft positioning back to Stansted as UKA755.
Citation 525 D-IURH passed through again during the morning, on its way to the States, from Munich to Reykjavik. Citation 560 N311DG visited again during the evening, from Frankfurt to Luton.

Monday 30th March
Quite bizarrely the first Muk Air Copenhagen flights to actually land at Newcastle, were operated by Cimber Air ATR.42 OY-CIR, on the morning MUK441/2 and afternoon MUK445/6 !!.
On the second day of planned RJ.100 use on the last Gatwick arrival, City-Flyer used One Eleven G-AVMP on the night-stopping CFE79NA. Yet another operator arrived to fly the week's Danish Air Transport Bergen/Aberdeen flights, North Flying with Metro OY-BPH, which arrived during the late evening as NFA921E from Aalborg.
Gulfstream IISP N902MP made another visit, from Heathrow before breakfast, departing to Birmingham during the afternoon, while Falcke's Learjet 35 OY-CCJ visited over lunch-time, as FLK30F, from Copenhagen to Palma. Citation 560 N311DG departed to Le Bourget early on.
BAW12J/13E G-BUSC BRY094/95B/C/98A/B/099 G-BXPZ BAW12G/13J G-BUSC

Sunday 29th March
The new Muk Air Copenhagen schedule got off to a bad start, the first flight, operated by Corvette OY-SBR !, diverting to Teesside during the afternoon due to fog at Newcastle.
Changes to the scheduled timetable effective from today include the new KLM UK call-signs, the Stansted's becoming UKA40(letter), and Amsterdam's UKA13(letter). British Airways also bring the Airbus A.320 back on the Newcastle-Heathrow route after a while off, G-BUSC in the British Olympic Association colours operating the morning BAW12H/13F, and G-BUSB in 'Koguty Lowickie' the afternoon BAW12G/13J. City Flyer also introduced their RJ.100's for the first time as programmed equipment, on the night-stopping Gatwick flight, G-BXAS arriving as CFE79NA. A significant, but negative change, is the replacement of the Boeing 757 on the night-stopping Heathrow service, by a Boeing 737-400, G-DOCH arriving as the BAW12T to operate what is the busiest Heathrow flight of the week, the early morning Monday departure. Apparently the 757's are needed to compete with BMA at Manchester.
The night-stopping Sun Air Jetstream 31 OY-SVZ and Falcon 100 OY-PHN, both departed to Billund during the afternoon. British World One Eleven G-OBWE returned from Paris CDG as BWL7858, positioning out to Stansted as BWL858P. Citation 560 N311DG arrived from Luton during the evening for a night-stop.

Saturday 28th March
Unfortunately British Regional used the same EMB.145 for the return of NUFC from Southampton, G-EMBA arriving from Southampton as MNX9112, and departing back as MNX912P. Quite co-incidentally we got two Sun Air Jetstreams during the day, Jetstream 31 OY-SVZ, in Sun Air colours, which arrived from Billund during the morning as SUS1054 for a night-stop, presumably on a corporate charter, and Jetstream 41 OY- SVZ, which operated a single City Flyer Gatwick rotation, the lunch-time CFE69NA/80NB.
Citation 560 N2000M departed back to Stuttgart during the early morning, and Pharma Nord's Falcon 100 OY-PHN made a return visit, arriving from Billund during the afternoon, and also night-stopping. S&N's Citation 560 VP-CSN visited, as ever very briefly, during the morning, from Edinburgh to Southampton.
Two One Elevens operated ad-hocs, British World's G-OBWE to Paris CDG as BWL7857, positioning from Stansted as BWL857P, and European's G-AVML which day-stopped from Bournemouth as EAF6000/1.

Friday 27th March
Only our second Embraer 145 appeared, our first British Regional aircraft G-EMBA arriving as MNX911P from Southampton during the afternoon, returning there as MNX9111 with Newcastle United football club.
Aer Lingus used a 737 for the morning Dublin rotation, -500 EI-CDE operating the EIN302/3. Brymon used Dash Eight G-BXPZ through Newcastle again, on the afternoon Bristol/Aberdeen schedules (BRY56A/B/57A/B). The final day of Cimber Air operating the Copenhagen schedule produced OY-CIR on the afternoon CIM223/6, and amazingly, on the last ever flight, our rarest aircraft, OY-CIB in Team Lufthansa colours, on the night-stopping CIM227 !.
A big day for American exec jets, three out of four being regular though; Sterling Jets' Lear 31 N331SJ visited during the morning from Prestwick to Northolt, Citation 560 N2000M arrived from Stuttgart late morning for a night-stop, and 560 N311DG visited during the early evening, from Sheffield to Gatwick. The 'good' one was Gulfstream IV N981SW, which spent under an hour on the ground during the afternoon, arriving from Frankfurt and departing onwards to Bangor, Me., operator was Wal-Mart.
IBZ684/687/043 SE-LIL BAL221B/326A G-BYAB VIV1748/9 EC-ELY AIH053 G-DAJC FUA100/1 EC-GOB

Thursday 26th March
Gill Airways sub-chartered European Airways BAC One Eleven G-AVMH for their afternoon GIL740B/741B Belfast City flights, the aircraft positioning from Bournemouth as GIL111P, and back to Bournemouth as GIL741P.
Cessna 303 OE-FPF arrived from Vienna during the evening, to night-stop and continue on delivery to Reykjavik early on the 27th. An extra early morning mail flight was operated by Atlantic Airways DC-3 G-AMRA, as AAG311/2 from East Midlands to Coventry.

Wednesday 25th March
A much quieter day, with the only visitor of note being Citation 550 VP-CTJ, which visited from/to Luton during the evening/late evening.

Tuesday 24th March
A fairly interesting day, with a few un-expected airliners !. Flying Colours Boeing 757 G-FCLA, the rarest one at Newcastle during last summer's flying, operated a trip to Venice and back, beginning and ending at Glasgow, as FCL900 during the morning, and back as FCL901 during the evening, both totally unexpected movements for us in ATC (before the FPL's came through of course !)... lack of communication ? ... who said that ?. Air Malta produced their brand new Boeing 737-300 9H-ADH on the weekly Malta, also split with Glasgow, the mid-morning AMC2107, and Aer Lingus showed us (hopefully !) of things to come, with Boeing 737-500 EI-CDH on the evening EIN308/9.
The two night-stopping Falcon 900's departed either side of lunch-time, VP-CGB first as AFS201 again back to Braunschweig, and N991AS to Luton.
Mid-afternoon saw King Air 200 N500HY pass through on delivery, from Reykjavik to Budapest.
IBZ681/683 SE-LIL

Monday 23rd March
We'd waited so long to see a British World ATR.72, and then in the space of a few weeks, we get them both !. Gill Airways sub-chartered one of the two this time, using the one we needed, G-OILB, for the afternoon Belfast City rotation (GIL732B/735B). The aeroplane positioned from/to Aberdeen as GIL732P/735P.
Air Luxor/NetJets Europe Citation S550 CS-DNB visited during the afternoon, from Farnborough to Stuttgart, and Falcon 900B VP-CGB joined N991AS on the south apron during the afternoon also, arriving from Braunschweig as AFS201, operating for Volkswagen.
International Business Air Metro III SE-LIL arrived from Stockholm-Bromma during the evening, as IBZ041, to operate the week's Danish Air Transport flying again, apparently while Beech 1900 F-GTOT gets re-registered.

Sunday 22nd March
Falcon 900 N991AS arrived during the early morning, direct from Omaha, Nebraska, for a two-day stay.

Saturday 21st March
Britannia Airways Boeing 757 G-BXOL first-visited in its new guise, on the afternoon/evening Lyons, split with Glasgow.
AA-5 N666GA visited during the afternoon, from/to Enniskillen.

Friday 20th March
Futura used somebody else's Boeing 757 for the Friday Tenerife again, Air Europa's EC-FFK operating the FUA100/1, more or less on schedule.
Brymon used Titan Airways ATR.42 G-BUPS for the morning Bristol/Aberdeen schedules (BRY52A/B/53A/B), and their 'new' Dash Eight G-BXPZ again, for the afternoon schedules (BRY56A/B/57A/B). Another new British Airways colour-scheme appeared for the first time on the afternoon BAW12G/13E, the stunning 'whatever-its-called' design, on Boeing 757 G-BMRJ.
Afternoon stoppers were Fischer's King Air 90 D-IEAH, from/to Dortmund, and Cessna 303 N624TC, from Sheffield to Prestwick.
DTR684/683/152 F-GTOT VIV1748/9 EC-GGE AIH053 G-DIMB

Thursday 19th March
The day saw a lot of UK-registered light aircraft visitors, although not much else. One of interest though was BAe125 G-VIPI during the afternoon, from Teesside to Edinburgh.
Monarch Airlines Airbus A.320 G-MONY departed during the morning after its night-stop, as MON320T to Brize Norton. The based Airtours A.320 changed during the afternoon/evening, from G-TPTT to G-TICL.

Wednesday 18th March
Monarch Airlines operated the return sector of last Wednesday's Naples charter, with Airbus A.320 G-MONY, which arrived during the evening as MON9513, and night-stopped.
Air Luxor Citation 500 CS-AYY was in and out before 0530, from/to Santiago, as LXR101/2, while staying longer was Air Enterprise Falcon 100 F-GKAE, which day-stopped from/to Teesside as AEN169V.
Danish Air Transport King Air 90 OY-JRO positioned in from Amsterdam at lunch-time as DTR601P, and operated out to Stockholm-Skavsta as DTR601. Partenavia P.68 N997JB arrived from Lands End at tea-time, and Cessna 425 N146GA diverted in en-route Amsterdam to Edinburgh during the evening.

Tuesday 17th March
Brymon used their 'new' Dash Eight G-BXPZ through Newcastle for the first time during the morning, the all-white aircraft with British Airways titles, operating the BRY52A/B/53A/B Bristol/Aberdeen schedules.
Cessna 421 N421BA passed through on delivery during the early afternoon, from Eindhoven to Reykjavik. Night-stopping TB.10 Tobago D-EAVE departed to Manston after breakfast.
A military aeroplane but worth mentioning, was our first RAF Squirrel, ZJ270 visiting at lunch-time, from Dishforth to Shawbury.
DTR681/3 F-GTOT AMC2107 9H-ABS

Monday 16th March
Visitor of the day was Air Data Falcon 50EX VP-CHG which spent a few hours on the ground during the afternoon, from/to Chester as AFS202, and which wore a very effective colour-scheme.
Night-stopping King Air 300 OE-FME of Airlink, departed early in the morning as JAR09 to Prestwick, and TB.10 Tobago D-EAVE arrived at tea-time from Cambridge, for an overnight stay.
AAG152/3/4/5 G-BUKA DTR151 F-GTOT

Sunday 15th March
Visiting during the morning was Ravenair's 'new' Aztec G-RVRC as 'RVR06' from/to Manchester. Airlink's King Air 300 OE-FME arrived from Salzburg at lunch-time for a night-stop.
BMA7372/1 G-OBMF

Saturday 14th March
RAF VC-10 XV101 operated a trooping flight out to Evenes in Norway during the morning, as RRR2808, the aircraft positioning in from Brize Norton. The Tyrolean Innsbruck failed to operate, the series ending three weeks earlier than expected on Saturday the 7th, which makes the use of our last CRJ OE-LCL last Saturday even more amazing !.
The early evening saw a visit from a very rare type at Newcastle nowadays, the Saab 340, British Midland's first-visiting G-GNTI positioning in from East Midlands as BMA9761, operating out to Coventry as BMA8561, presumably with Coventry FC.
Based Bell 47 G-GGTT, which had departed to Blackpool for maintenance on the 11th of October, returned back at lunch-time. It was noted local flying on Sunday 15th as 'Delta47'.

Friday 13th March
The mid-day Futura Tenerife charter was operated by Air Holland with Boeing 757 PH-AHO, 'in reverse', operating the outbound first as FUA101 (after having positioned in from Amsterdam as FUA101P) at lunch-time, returning as FUA100 just before midnight. It positioned out to Stockholm-Arlanda just after midnight, presumably to do a Novair 'sub', as it used the callsign 'NVR861P'.
SABENA produced another RJ.100, OO-DWA again on the mid-morning SAB671/2. A delayed departure of the early afternoon KLM UK Stansted service (op by Gill ATR.42 G-BXBV approx. 3.5 hours late), meant a sub-charter for the tea-time return and departure back to Stansted, Titan Airways ATR.42 G-BUPS operating the UKA595/6. 'BV' returned as normal on the evening arrival.
Citation 560 N560WE departed back to Jersey at tea-time.
DTR684/3/152 F-GTOT AIH053 G-DAJC VIV1748/9 EC-GAP

Thursday 12th March
City Flyer used a BAe146-RJ.100 on the Gatwick schedule, for only the second time, the third visit of one producing the one we needed, the first-visiting G-BXAS ('Animals and Trees'), on the mid-morning CFE73NA/74NB. The evening saw another RJ.100, SABENA using OO-DWA again on the SAB675/6.
Aviation Beauport's Citation 560 N560WE arrived from Jersey during the morning and night-stopped.

Wednesday 11th March
Star visitor, possibly of the year so far, was Belgian Air Force Airbus A.310 CA-01, which replaced the expected HS.748 on a flight during the early afternoon, arriving with personnel for a conference at the Otterburn training area. A flight that was originally planned to be a Merlin III, it was then combined onto a HS.748 flight from Brussels to Bournemouth, which of course then became the A.310 !. Using the callsign 'AFB606' the aircraft arrived at Newcastle from Bournemouth and departed to Melsbroek.
Monarch Airlines operated an extra flight, which may be the start of a short series of Naples charters, with Airbus A.320 G-MONZ, arriving from Manchester during the morning as MON510P, and operating out to Naples as MON9510.
Interesting day-stopper was King Air 200 PH-ACZ of Air Charters Eelde, which visited from/to Groningen as RCC947/8.

Tuesday 10th March
Nothing that was really worthy of comment !.
DTR681/683 F-GTOT AMC2107 9H-ABS

Monday 9th March
SABENA BAe146-RJ.100 OO-DWB appeared again, on the mid-morning SAB671/2, an increase in capacity which probably had something to with the early morning departing aeroplane, OO-DJW, going u/s, this positioning out later as 'SAB5678'.
Nice exec visitor was Aerodienst BAe125-1000 D-CBWW which spent just under an hour on the ground, during the early evening. Arriving from Stuttgart and departing to Nurnburg using the callsign 'ADN6631', it was only our third ever BAe125-1000. Danish Air Transport Beech 1900 F-GTOT returned during the evening as DTR151 from Esbjerg to operate the weeks flying.

Sunday 8th March
Atlantic Airways Metro III G-BUKA visited from Luton as AAG130/1, presumably in connection with the football. Taunus Air Lear 35 D-CGRC went to Malaga during the evening as TAQ241.
BMA7372/1 G-OBMF

Saturday 7th March
We got our last Tyrolean CRJ, OE-LCL visiting on the evening Innsbruck charter - getting the 8 in 12 flights is pretty good I think !.
Taunus Air Learjet 35 D-CGRC arrived early from Teesside as TAQ253 and night-stopped. Edinburgh Air Charter's new Cessna 404 first-visited, G-ILGW being from/to Edinburgh as EDC287W/120W.

Friday 6th March
The planned Air 2000 A.320 flying was operated by Boeing 757 G-OOOD, and the afternoon saw a rare BAe146-200 on the SAB673/4 Brussels service, the Air Meuse aeroplane OO-MJE.
International Business Air Metro III SE-LEF completed its weeks flying for Danish Air Transport, positioning out to Kristianstad in Sweden at tea-time.
MTM Aviation Lear 55 D-CVIP day-stopped from/to Munich ('MTM26'), as did Airlink King Air 300 OE-FME ('JAR09'). Sterling Jets' Lear 31 N331SJ spent just eleven minutes on the ground during the afternoon, from Paderborn to Prestwick, while a much more interesting aeroplane on a similar routing, was Lake LA-250 Renegade N8418B, which diverted into Newcastle at lunch-time, arriving also from Paderborn, and continuing onwards to Loch Lomond.
IBZ684/687/033 SE-LEF AIH053 G-DIMB VIV1748/9 EC-GBU FUA100/1 EC-GRX

Thursday 5th March
The afternoon British Airways Boeing 757 flight saw another new tail design, G-BMRC in the British Olympic Association colours.
Cessna 340 D-IRRV continued its delivery flight during the early morning, also departing to Vagar in the Faroes. The morning saw three foreign twins visit, of varying interest; a Dutch pair of Rijnmond Air Services Metro III PH-RAZ ('RAZ815') and Tulip Air King Air 200 PH-ATM ('TLP09A/B'), passed through from Rotterdam to Inverness, while of much more interest was Tadair Cessna 414 EC-FJF, which operated a freight flight inbound from Dinard as TDC603, departing shortly afterwards to Limoges as TDC604. Challenger EI-MAS departed during the afternoon to Dusseldorf, again using the strange callsign 'E010'.
On a day which saw numerous military overshoots of various types, the only one I can really mention here involved French Navy Falcon 10 No.133, which did a touch-and-go from Landivisiau to Cardiff, as FNY55H9 during the afternoon.

Wednesday 4th March
Brymon Airways sub-chartered another first-visiting British World aircraft, ATP G-OBWL, for their morning Aberdeen/Bristol services (BRY52A/B/53A/B).
Challenger EI-MAS arrived from Bristol during the evening for a night-stop, using a very unusual call-sign, 'E010'. PA-46 Malibu N9122N visited during the day, from/to Oxford, and Manag'Air King Air 90 F-BXSN operated a cargo flight inbound from Orleans as 'MRG110', departing to Amiens as 'MRG100'. Cessna 340 D-IGOL continued its delivery flight during the morning after its night-stop, to Vagar in the Faroes, while another 340, D-IRRV, also on a delivery flight, diverted in during the evening en-route Hannover to Wick, this one also night-stopping.

Tuesday 3rd March
BAe 146-RJ100 OO-DWB arrived on the night-stopping SAB677, only its second visit.
Sterling Jets' Lear 31 N331SJ visited during the evening, from Belfast City to Dresden, and Cessna 340 D-IGOL arrived from Rotterdam at the beginning of its delivery flight to the US, the aircraft night-stopping at Newcastle.
An early morning helicopter visitor was Tarmac Aviation's Agusta 109 VP-CCK which arrived from Wolverhampton and departed to Sywell, as 'Tarmac01'. Metro Radio's (Burman Helicopters) Jet Ranger G-AVSZ finally appeared back after repair following its emergency landing in December. The helicopter, which had been 'roaded-out' at the beginning of January, arrived from Rufforth at tea-time as 'Starburst01', its replacement G-STOX having departed using the same callsign to Rufforth at lunch-time.
IBZ681/683 SE-LEF AMM514/5 G-OOOI AMC2107 9H-ABR

Monday 2nd March
First-visiting was SABENA's brand new RJ.100 OO-DWC which operated the mid-morning SAB671/2.
Britannia Airways operated another flight from Santo Domingo, with Boeing 767 G-BRIF as BAL469B, the aircraft positioning out to Manchester as BAL990F.
International Business Air Metro III SE-LEF arrived during the evening from Bromma as IBZ680, to operate the Danish Air Transport programme for the week, following further technical problems with their Beech 1900 F-GTOT.

Sunday 1st March
Gill Airways' latest ATR.42 G-WFEP entered service during the afternoon, its first revenue-earning flights being GIL734B/737B to/from Belfast City. It then operated the evening Air UK Stansted service. The KLM UK Amsterdam services during the day were operated by the new-schemed Fokker 100 G-UKFO, only the second day it had operated through Newcastle since re-painting.
Citation 525 N525GM (0240) passed through on delivery during the morning, arriving from Reykjavik and continuing onwards to Munich.
BMA7372/1 G-OBMF

Saturday 28th February
The seventh different Tyrolean CRJ in eleven flights, OE-LCH, appeard on the evning Innsbruck charter; we now only need to see one (OE-LCL), one of only two of the fleet I needed when they started coming to Newcastle !.

Friday 27th February
On one of the windiest days most of us could ever remember (a gust to 69kts being recorded during the morning) there was little of interest.
Braathens Boeing 737-500 LN-BRJ operated the morning schedule, and still wears an all-white fuselage. Another Norwegian connection involved 32(TR)Sqn BAe146 ZE700, which visited as RRR1407/1587, from Aldergrove to Bergen.
AIH053 G-DAJC VIV1748/9 EC-GAP FUA100/1 EC-GOB DTR684/687/152 F-GTOT

Thursday 26th February
Emerald Air HS.748 G-OJEM was used by Gill Airways again for the afternoon Belfast City flights.
Citation 525 D-IURH passed through again during the morning, on its way back from the USA, arriving from Keflavik and departing to Munich. Falcon 10 OY-PHN departed to Billund during the afternoon.
Piper Cheyenne D-ILCE visited during the evening on a freight flight, from Eisenach to Reichelsheim.
DTR681/3 F-GTOT FUA122/3 EC-GOB GIL732P/732B/735B/740B/741B/741P G-OJEM

Wednesday 25th February
Gill Airways used Emerald Airways HS.748 G-OJEM for the afternoon Belfast City rotations.
Falcon 10 OY-PHN arrived from Billund at breakfast-time for a night-stop. Two British Citations visited during the day, L'Equipe Air's G-ORJB from/to Gamston, and Aviation Beauport's G-BJIR, from/to Birmingham. French Navy Falcon 10 No.101 performed a single touch-and-go at lunch-time, as FNY55A2.
Sterling Helicopters' Jet Ranger G-OVBJ arrived from Hexham during the morning as 'Pipeline10', continuing onwards to Cumbernauld after a short visit.
LBT803 EI-CGI GIL732P/732B/735B/740B/741B/741P G-OJEM

Tuesday 24th February
Gill Airways used the BAC Express Shorts 360 G-OCEA again, the aircraft arriving from Southend as GIL732P, operating the GIL732B/735B/740B/741B to/from Belfast City twice, and then positioning out to Southend again as GIL741P.
ATR.42 G-WFEP arrived back from East Midlands during the afternoon as GIL042E, not in the full Gill Airways colour-scheme as assumed, but an all-white colour-scheme, with Gill Airways titles on the forward fuselage. Might as well have left it in the 'bonny' colours !.
It was a colourful afternoon though, with the very smart 'Tartaned' Boeing 757 G-BIKL, and ATR.72 G-BVTJ on the ground at the same time mid-afternoon.
DTR681/3 F-GTOT AMM514/5 G-OOOW AMC2107 9H-ABS

Monday 23rd February
Gill Airways used BAC Express Shorts 360 G-OCEA for two Belfast City rotations during the afternoon/early evening. Wearing a basic Community Express colour-scheme with BAC Express titles, the aircraft positioned from Leeds as GIL623P, operated the GIL732B/735B/740B/741B, and positioned out to Southend as GIL741P.
European Airways Jetstream 31 G-CBEA, which had spent the weekend 'half in' the Gill Airways hangar getting a new engine fitted, flew for the first time since the 3rd of February, on a test flight as EAW001M during the afternoon.
Marshall's Citation 550 G-BFRM visited twice on Hawkair flights, before breakfast as HAW169A/B from Cambridge to Manchester, and then back in the other direction at tea-time as HAW169C/D. Beech Starship N8224Q departed to Reykjavik at 0830.
Danish Air Transport's Beech 1900 F-GTOT returned during the evening after its 'week off', as DTR151 from Esbjerg, to be based for the week again.
An interesting civil overshooter was FR Aviation's Cessna 441 G-FPCL from Teesside which performed one ILS go-around at mid-day as 'Rushden83'.

Sunday 22nd February
A German Citation 525 that regularly routes to the USA (not delivery flights) through Newcastle, appeared again during the morning, D-IURH arriving from Munich and departing to Reykjavik. One that was a delivery however was our second visit from a Beech Starship, unfortunately the same aeroplane though, N8224Q, which arrived from Frankfurt for a night-stop.
Air Kilroe Jetstream 31 G-OAKA visited from/to Luton as AKL71/2, which judging by its time of arrival and departure, must have been in connection with the Newcastle vs Leeds football match.
City Flyer ATR.72 G-BVTJ visited for the first time since its re-paint into the 'Waves and Cranes' tail design, on the afternoon CFE75NA/76NB.
BMA7372/1 G-OBMF

Saturday 21st February
Only the third Tyrolean Canadair RJ to repeat this winter, OE-LCK, operated the evening Innsbruck charter, meaning we still need to see two (H and L).
The only other movement of note was Beech Bonanza D-EAOF on delivery during the afternoon, from Marl to Reykjavik.

Friday 20th February
Night-stopping Kuwait Airways Airbus A.300-600 9K-AMA departed at lunch-time, direct to Kuwait City as KAC5104. Gill Airways' ATR.42 G-WFEP flew for the first time since its arrival on the 13th of November, a 28 minute test flight during the afternoon as GIL042A. It departed to East Midlands during the early evening, as GIL042P (wheels-down !) for painting into the Gill Airways colour-scheme.
It was an excellent day for first-visiting British airliners, with two very notable first appearances. After a 'false start' on the previous Wednesday, when it was flight-planned in but didn't appear, City Flyer's RJ.100 G-BZATappeared on the mid-morning CFE73NA/74NB. This was the first time City Flyer had used a RJ.100 on the Gatwick service, and only the second time we had seen one here, the first being G-BXAR on a crew training sortie last spring. The other first-visiting airliner, was the long-awaited first visit to Newcastle of a British World ATR.72, G-OILA operating a single sector (BRY57A), of the evening Brymon Airways Bristol/Aberdeen schedules, from Aberdeen to Newcastle as BAW4057 and then positioning out to Aberdeen as BAW057P (note Speedbird callsigns).
Citation 525 VP-CCC departed to Rothenburg at breakfast-time, the only exec jet movement of the day. IBA SA227AC Metro III SE-LIL completed its weeks worth of flying for Danish Air Transport, departing to Liverpool as IBZ421 just before midnight.
IBZ647/640 SE-LIL AIH053 G-DIMB VIV1748/9 EC-GAP FUA100/1 EC-GNC

Thursday 19th February
Kuwait Airways Airbus A.300-600 9K-AMA arrived at tea-time as KAC5103 from Kuwait City, to night-stop, and operate a cargo flight on Friday morning.
Day-stopping executive jet was Citation 525 G-OCSB of Kestrel Aviation, the first time we'd seen the registration at Newcastle, but this was in fact the second Citationjet in a matter of days, that had visited under a previous identity, this as N1280A. The first, VP-CCC, also appeared again, arriving from Basle during the evening for another night-stop. JS Aviation's Citation 550 N213JS followed it in five minutes later from Frankfurt, departing to Luton later in the evening. Another Citation visitor, that's been seen here before wearing a previous registration, arrived during the afternoon, Air Luxor's Citation 500 CS-DCA (the one-time PH-CTD) arriving on an ambulance flight from Oporto as LXR413, departing later using its registration as a callsign, to Le Bourget. Gulfstream IVSP N451GA of the Dana Corporation departed direct to Toledo, Ohio just before lunch-time.
All in all a pretty busy day, with in particular, lots of military helicopters, of which I got three 'new' !.

Wednesday 18th February
The first Maersk Birmingham schedule was cancelled, the second and third was operated by Titan Airways Shorts 360 G-ZAPD again, and the last by their own BAC One Eleven G-AWYR. Drillo's 737 visited again on the morning flight (Braathens -400 LN-BRI), and British Airways Boeing 757 G-BMRG made only its second visit in the 'Rendezvous' colours on the afternoon Heathrow schedule.
While the rest of the country got interesting diversions, following the morning's widespread fog, all we got was an Air Kilroe Jetstream 31 (G-OAKJ AKL501/2A), and a 'Clifton' Navajo (G-OLLY CLF91), both from Teesside !.
The two night-stopping Citations both departed to Germany before breakfast, 550 N213JS to Frankfurt, and 525 VP-CCC to Dusseldorf. Dana Corporation Gulfstream IVSP N451GA returned for another visit during the afternoon, from Pamplona for a night-stop.

Tuesday 17th February
Braathens SAFE Boeing 737-400 LN-BRI operated the morning BRA561/574, its first-visit in its new special colour-scheme, basically a footballer on the fin, and the wording 'Vi Flyr Drillos' along the length of the fuselage. Maersk sub-chartered for their Birmingham schedules again, the two morning flights being operated by Titan Airways Shorts 360 G-ZAPD, also in the 'planet' colour-scheme, the second time in two days we'd seen it here, on two different aeroplanes, while the afternoon and evening flights were operated by British Airways Boeing 737-200 G-BKYE, once a regular visitor, on its first appearance here since 1993, in the 'Water Dreaming' tail design, actually using 'Speedbird' call-signs.
Two foreign night-stoppers departed during the early hours, International Business Air's Metro III SE-LIL as expected to Bergen as IBZ641, and Air Normandie's King Air 90 F-GELL, to Lorient as RNO3717. SE-LIL returned in the afternoon from Aberdeen as IBZ643. Two Citation's arrived around tea-time, both night-stopping, 550 N213JS of JS Aviation from Luton, and 525 VP-CCC, one of the first of the type to visit Newcastle as D-ISCH, which arrived from Rothenburg.
AMM514/5 G-OOOW AMC2107 9H-ABT

Monday 16th February
Maersk UK's Jetstream 41 was missing again, the two morning Birmingham flights being operated by first-visiting Titan Airways BAe146 G-ZAPL in the 'planet' colour-scheme, the first time we'd seen it here on a 146. The evening flights were operated by their own One Eleven G-AWYS. Another British Airways Boeing 757 first-visited in the new colours, G-BMRE on the afternoon BAW12G/13J, although we had seen the 'Rendezvous' design first on G-BMRG ten days ago.
International Business Air SA227AC Metro III SE-LIL arrived from Stockholm-Bromma as IBZ640 during the late evening, to operate the Danish Air Transport programme for the week, while their Beech 1900 F-GTOT is u/s. Three minutes later Air Normadie King Air 90 F-GELL arrived on a cargo flight from Tours as RNO3716.

Sunday 15th February
Boeing 767 G-BRIG operated out to Santo Domingo during the morning as BAL469A, via Shannon.
BMA7372/1 G-OBMF

Saturday 14th February
The Tyrolean Innsbruck charter was operated by CRJ OE-LCM, only the second aircraft to visit more than once. Britannia Airways Boeing 767 G-BRIG positioned in during the evening as BAL994F from Gatwick, to operate a Sunday departure to the Dominican Republic.
Taunus Air Lear 35 D-CCAY was present for the afternoon, arriving from Teesside as TAQ452, and departing to Athens during the early evening as TAQ443.
Lothian Helicopters' Long Ranger G-IANG departed to Gosforth Park during the morning after its night-stop.

Friday 13th February
Atlantic Airways SA227AC Metro III G-BUKA operated a late evening cargo flight from Stuttgart as AAG255, departing shortly afterwards as AAG256 to Coventry. An interesting pair of UK-registered light visitors were Tri-Pacer G-BTLM and F.8L Falco G-OCAD, which both visited from/to Leicester. A rare helicopter type at Newcastle re-appeared in the afternoon, Lothian Helicopters' Bell Long Ranger G-IANG arriving, rather appropriately for this time of year, from Gretna, and night-stopping.
DTR684/687/152 F-GTOT AIH053 G-DIMB FUA100/1 LX-LGG VIV1748/9 EC-GAP

Thursday 12th February
Kwik-Fit's Citation 525 G-BVCM spent just 12 minutes on the ground during the early morning, from Edinburgh to Luton, while Comfort Air's D-ITSV spent the whole day here from/to Dresden. Ambrion Aviation Bae125 N125XX departed to Birmingham during the morning.

Wednesday 11th February
Air 2000 began the four-day, 'end-of-week' detachment with a Boeing 757 in place of the usual Airbus A.320, G-OOOA being the aircraft involved. The first-ever daylight visit to Newcastle of the BA tail design 'Benyhone' occurred during the afternoon on Boeing 757 G-BIKL (It had actually first-visited on the night-stopper last Sunday, but I hadn't noticed it).
Abelag Learjet 35 OO-LFV was in and out from/to Brussels as AAB31V before 0900, and BAe125-700 N125XX made two visits, from/to Luton during the morning, and from Islay in the evening for a night-stop. Two night-stoppers from Tuesday departed during the afternoon, Air Kilroe Jetstream G-OAKI as AKL82 to Shannon and Beech Duchess EI-BUN back to Weston.
Making a single overshoot during the early evening was FR Aviation Cessna 441 G-FCAL from Teesside as 'Rushden83'.

Tuesday 10th February
Another schedule change: As from this morning the early morning Emerald Airways HS.748 aeroplane (JEM03M) will depart as JEM815A to Liverpool (Out0215) empty, returning empty as JEM815B from Belfast (In0615). The first such operation this morning was flown by G-OSOE.
Air Kilroe Jetstream G-OAKI arrived during the afternoon as AKL81 from Aberdeen for a night-stop, as did Beech Duchess EI-BUN from Weston.
DTR681/3 F-GTOT AMM514/5 G-OOOA AMC2107 9H-ABR

Monday 9th February
Not much of a better day, the only point of interest being a German Air Force C.160 Transall, 50+35, which made one overshoot during the late morning as GAF271, from Cologne to Cottesmore.

Sunday 8th February
The only movements of note were the afternoon British Midland charter, from/to Turin, by Boeing 737-400 G-OBMF again.

Saturday 7th February
British World operated a charter from/to Stansted with BAC One Eleven G-OBWE as BWL7887/8, in connection with the Newcastle United/West Ham game. The only Tyrolean CRJ we had seen twice before, OE-LCF, appeared for its third time on the evening Innsbruck charter. Others:

Friday 6th February
Brymon needed help for the afternoon Paris again, Titan Airways BAe146 G-ZAPK arriving as BRY98A from Aberdeen, and then onwards to Southampton/Paris as BRY98B. Returning as BRY099 from Paris, it positioned out to Stansted as BRY099P.
We saw another British Airways colour-scheme for the first time, Boeing 757 G-BMRG operating the afternoon BAW12G/13J, wearing the 'Rendezvous' tail design.
Apart from that very little else, the only visitor being the regular Commander 690 N980BH.

Thursday 5th February
Certainly a problem-filled day !!. Technical problems with a Gill Airways ATR caused the cancellation of the morning Stansted rotation, an Air UK (oops !) BAe146, G-UKHP 'dropping in' on the UKA559 Stansted-Edinburgh with some northbound passengers. The lunch-time Stansted departure (UKA592) departed on ATR.42 G-BXBV which then returned to Newcastle with a slight problem. The evening Stansted rotation did operate, albeit a little late, on slightly larger equipment, ATR.72 G-BWDB. City Flyer used One Eleven G-AXLL for two rotations, the CFE73NA/74NB and CFE75NA/76NB, and Airtours A.320 G-TPTT helped out with problems for Maersk UK at Birmingham, the aircraft departing Newcastle as MSK300P, and returning as MSK301P at tea-time.
Technical problems weren't confined just to aeroplanes ! - a North Sea ferry was u/s somewhere, its passengers arriving during the evening on an extra Braathens flight, Boeing 737-400 LN-BRP arriving as BRA1197 from Bergen, departing to Gardermoen as BRA8198.
DTR681/683/152 F-GTOT FUA122/3 LX-LGG

Wednesday 4th February
Brymon used British World's ATP G-OBWM, a first-visitor, for their afternoon Paris rotation, after problems with Dash Eight G-BRYS. The ATP positioned in from Southend as BRY098P, and operated to Paris via Southampton as BRY98B, back direct as BRY099, and then positioned out again to Southend during the late evening as BRY99P.
Gulfstream III N400J departed during the afternoon, to Shannon, and then presumably back to the US. Citation 550 N213JS visited again at tea-time, from Le Bourget to Luton, and Airlink's King Air 300 OE-FME arrived from Manchester a little later, as 'JAR09'. Atlantic Airways operated another freight charter from Troyes just before midnight, this time with Cessna 406 G-LEAF, as AAG458/9, the aircraft departing again to Coventry.

Tuesday 3rd February
City Flyer used a European One Eleven again, G-AYOP on the CFE73NA/74NB.
Hamlin Jet's Citation 550 N213JS departed to Kassel first thing, after it's night-stop in the 'Exec' hangar. Our second American 'Grumman' in two days, GIII N400J of Johnson & Johnson arrived direct from Mercer County, Trenton NJ, late in the evening for a night-stop.
Arriving even later from Troyes was Atlantic Airways Metro III G-BUKA, as AAG211 on a freight charter, the aircraft departing just before midnight as AAG212 to Coventry.
Another interesting light helicopter during the afternoon was Enstrom 480 G-BWMD, which arrived from Hexham, and departed to Woodford.
AMM514/5 G-OOOD AMC2107 9H-ABT

Monday 2nd February
Only in existence for a few days, but we got our first sight of the new KLMUK colour-scheme on Fokker 100 G-UKFO which operated the three Amsterdam rotations during the day ...... very strange !.
Danish Air Transport's Beech 1900 F-GTOT returned again for the week, arriving during the evening as DTR151 from Esbjerg.
Gulfstream IV N451GA first-visited, arriving from Pamplona at lunch-time, and departing to Zurich just before tea-time, while CItation 550 N213JS of Hamlin Jet arrived during the evening from Luton for a night-stop in the 'Exec' hangar.
Interesting light helicopter visitor was Robinson R.44 G-NTEE which spent a few hours on the ground, from/to Northampton.

Sunday 1st February
BMA7372/1 G-OBMF

Saturday 31st January
Tyrolean produced yet another different Canadair Regional Jet on the evening Innsbruck charter, OE-LCK being our sixth out of seven flights !.
Aero Services Executive King Air 200 F-GGPR returned to Le Bourget at tea-time as BES517, and GAMA's Citation 550 G-GJET operated an ambulance flight from/to Heathrow just before midnight as GMA680.

Friday 30th January
SABENA RJ.100 OO-DWA appeared again, on the afternoon SAB673/4. Air UK (or should that be klmuk ?) Fokker 100 G-UKFA diverted in during the evening, en-route Stansted to Inverness as UKA137, with a medical emergency.
Citation VP-CDM departed back to Chester early on, and GAMA's Lear 35 G-JETN returned from Norrkoping at lunch-time as GMA646, positioning out to Birmingham.

Thursday 29th January
New Gill Airways Shorts 360 G-KBAC operated its first service during the afternoon, as GIL732B to Belfast City.
Lear 31 N331SJ operated another trip to Dresden, outward at breakfast-time, and back again late in the evening, positioning from and to Prestwick at either end. A flurry of foreigners around tea-time included King Air N8PY from/to Isle-of-Man, Aero Services Executive King Air 200 F-GGPR from Le Bourget as BES516, and Citation 501 VP-CDM, which arrived from Chester for a night-stop.

Wednesday 28th January
A pretty varied and diverse day !. Another German Citation 525 first-visited, D-ILAT (0209), from Kerry to Friedrichshafen.
Interesting UK-registered visitors were Microlight G-MYRU which came down from Eshott over lunch-time, while at around the same time HM Coastguard Sikorsky S-61 G-BDIJ visited, arriving from Fair Isle, and departing to Aberdeen. A military aircraft, but a civil type in my db, and the highlight of the day, was Irish Air Corps CN.235 No.253, which spent just eleven minutes on the ground (just a 'taxi-around') on a training flight, from Baldonnel to Leeds.

Tuesday 27th January
Beech Sundowner PH-MBS continued its journey, departing direct to Lelystad, but then diverting again, into Southend !. GAMA Lear 35 G-JETN operated another flight to Norkoping during the morning, as GMA564.

Monday 26th January
Gill Airways' new Shorts 360 G-KBAC arrived during the evening, as GIL360P from Guernsey.
Beech 23 Sundowner PH-MBS diverted in during the afternoon, en-route Inverness to Cambridge. Visiting during the evening was Aviation Beauport's Citation 550 G-BJIR, notable in that it visited from/to Sheffield.

Sunday 25th January
British International Super Puma G-GHCA passed through during the afternoon, from Blackbushe to Aberdeen.
BMA7372/1 G-OBMF

Saturday 24th January
The first Tyrolean CRJ to make a second appearance at Newcastle, OE-LCF, operated the evening Innsbruck service.

Friday 23rd January
Beech 1900 F-GTOT arrived back just after midnight on the 22nd as DTR682 from Bergen, and departed to Esbjerg at lunch-time as DTR683P. Falcon 100 SE-DLB departed to Orebro, Sweden during the early hours.
BAe 125-800 G-WBPR visited during the morning, from Northolt to Leeds.

Thursday 22nd January
European Airways used Atlantic Airways' SA227 Metro III G-BUKA again for the morning Southampton rotation (EAW102/3), the aircraft having positioned in from Belfast Aldergrove as EAW102P. Brymon used Emerald HS.748 G-EMRD for their afternoon Paris rotation (BRY98B/099), the aircraft positioning in from Liverpool as BRY095P, and out to Liverpool as BRY099P.
Beech 1900 F-GTOT operated out to Bergen at lunch-time after a two-night-stop, as DTR681. The Gulf IV N1PG departed early in the morning to Brussels. Andersson Business Jet's Falcon 100 SE-DLB arrived late in the evening from Stockholm-Bromma for a short night-stop.

Wednesday 21st January
Proctor & Gamble's Gulfstream IVSP N1PG arrived at breakfast-time for a night-stop, direct from Lunken Field, Cincinatti. Air Normandie's King Air 90 F-GJAD visited during the evening as RNO421/400A, from Nevers to Pontoise.

Tuesday 20th January
Kuwait Airways Airbus 9K-AME operated out to Kuwait City mid-morning as KAC5104. Aer Lingus used BAe 146-300 EI-CLH for the morning EIN302/3, surprisingly a first-visitor !.
Taunus Air Lear 35 D-CCAY departed during the early hours as TAQ451 to Edinburgh, and the Beech 1900 F-GTOT departed just after as DTR681 to Bergen, returning during the afternoon as DTR683 from Aberdeen. Air Alsie Citation 560 OY-CKT returned at tea-time, as ALS2300, from Sonderborg to Northolt.
AMC2107 9H-ABT

Monday 19th January
The first snow of the year caused six scheduled services to divert away during the evening, the SABENA RJ.85, 'Air France' ATR.42, Gill SH360 from Belfast, Air UK Amsterdam schedule, and Aer Lingus Fokker 50 all going to Leeds, and the evening British Airways arrival, operated by 737-400 G-DOCB, which went to Manchester as BAW12Q, arriving at Newcastle later on in the evening as BAW1336. One that made it in presumably just before it began to fall was Kuwait Airways A.300-600 9K-AME, which arrived from Cairo at tea-time as KAC1802, to operate a cargo flight outbound on the following day. Not a first-visitor though as we've had all five in the fleet in before !.
We got another, now very rare visit from a British Airways Airbus A.320 during the morning, G-BUSD operating the BAW12H/13R, and possibly being the last time we'll see one at Newcastle in the 'old' colours.
Taunus Air Lear 35 D-CCAY returned from Nurnburg during the early hours as TAQ444, and night-stopped. Air Alsie's Citation 560 appeared during the morning, as ALS2298/9, from Northolt to Sonderborg, only spending thirty minutes on the ground. In for a similar duration during the afternoon was Citation 500 N12NM again, from Cranfield to Leeds.
The Danish Air Transport Beech 1900 F-GTOT returned for some more oil-related work during the evening, as DTR681P from Esbjerg.

Sunday 18th January
Taunus Air Learjet 35 D-CCAY arrived from Frankfurt during the afternoon as TAQ451, and operated out to Parma as TAQ442, obviously another Newcastle United-related flight, while arriving shortly after was Tyrolean Air Ambulance's Dornier 328 OE-GBB, which operated a medevac inbound from another, spelled slightly differently, Palma !, departing to Prestwick after only thirty minutes on the ground.
BMA7372/1 G-OBMF

Saturday 17th January
The Tyrolean Innsbruck charter produced another first-visiting Canadair Regional Jet, OE-LCJ making it five out of five !.
Bond helicopters' Sikorsky S-76 G-SSSD passed through at lunch-time from Humberside to Aberdeen.

Friday 16th January
British Airways put in another Boeing 767-300 on the Heathrow schedule, the first-visiting G-BNWW operating the mid-morning BAW12J/13E. Cimber Air dropped the morning Copenhagen rotation as from this morning, the flight numbers of the affected flights being CIM221/4.
RN Aviation's King Air 300 EI-CRI visited over lunch-time, as RMN02C/D from Dundee to Birmingham, and another UK-based foreign executive transport, Citation 560 N560WE departed during the afternoon to Jersey. Yet another was Citation 500 N12NM which visited during the afternoon, from Gamston to Cranfield.

Thursday 15th January
Futura produced a 'new' Boeing 737-400 on the lunch-time FUA122/3 from/to Arrecife, EC-GRX which is c/n 24123, a -46B, ex G-OBMN and G-BOPJ. The based Airtours A.320 finally changed from G-RDVE, G-COEZ becoming the new detached aeroplane; it actually arrived on Wednesday evening. First-visiting airliner during the evening was SABENA's second RJ.100 OO-DWB which operated the SAB675/6.
Learjet 60 N899SC visited briefly at tea-time, from Glasgow to Birmingham (it had visited Newcastle before as N399SC), and Citation 560 N560WE arrived from Leeds during the evening for a night-stop. Cessna 425 D-ICHS, operated by Aerowest Braunschweig, arrived from Liverpool during the afternoon, to operate a freight flight to Cologne during the early hours of Friday.

Wednesday 14th January
Nothing !.

Tuesday 13th January
African International DC-8 3D-ADV arrived during the afternoon from Manston as AIN303, to operate a cargo flight to Caracas, via the Azores, as AIN555 early on Wednesday morning.

Monday 12th January
British Airways Boeing 757 G-CPEN visited on the afternoon as BAW12G/13J, only its second appearance here.
Danish Air Transport Beech 1900 F-GTOT returned during the late evening from Esbjerg as DTR681P. This is likely to become a regular visitor, flying a charter series which runs until the end of March.

Sunday 11th January
BMA7372/1 G-OBMG

Saturday 10th January
A strange day with two unusual airliner flights from Manchester ..... Air UK Fokker 50 G-UKTD arrived from Manchester at lunch-time as UKA9701, apparently with spares for a u/s Fokker 100 at Newcastle, the aircraft departing to Humberside shortly afterwards as UKA9701A. The Airtours flight from Orlando (split with Manchester) appeared to have operated direct to Manchester (apparently after a delay), the passengers for Newcastle arriving on Boeing 757 G-PIDS which operated as AIH054A, and departed to Gatwick as AIH041E.
The fourth different Tyrolean CRJ in four flights appeared on the evening Innsbruck, the new OE-LCM being our latest first-visitor. Thanks to Dave W. the c/n was confirmed as 7205.

Friday 9th January
The only news-worthy item was Titan Airways Shorts 360 G-ZAPD which operated the morning Brymon schedules (BRY52A/B/53A/B), wearing the 'planet' scheme.

Thursday 8th January
Brymon used Titan ATR.42 G-BUPS for the morning Bristol/Aberdeen schedules (BRY52A/B/53A/B), and City Flyer used European One Eleven G-AVMP for the afternoon CFE77NA/78NB.
Danish Air Transport Beech 1900 F-GTOT, which had been here since Tuesday, departed to Bergen during the early hours as DTR681, returning from Aberdeen as DTR683 during the afternoon, and then out to Esbjerg as DTR683P.
A first-visiting exec jet just before lunchtime was Air Luxor Citation S550 CS-DNC, which arrived from Madrid and departed to Birmingham shortly after.

Wednesday 7th January
Citation 525 D-IFUP (0126) passed through on delivery at lunchtime, from Reykjavik to Augsburg. On the ground at the same time was Gama's Lear 35 G-LJET, which operated another charter to Norrkoping as GMA602.

Tuesday 6th January
Danish Air Transport Beech 1900 F-GTOT departed during the early hours as DTR681 to Esbjerg, and returned during the afternoon as DTR683 from Aberdeen, for another night-stop. Lear 35 G-ZENO departed during the afternoon to Jersey as NEX02A.
Bell Jet Ranger G-STOX, which had arrived from Sandtoft on the 28th of December, flew the Metro Radio traffic report sortie as 'Starburst1', in place of the usual G-AVSZ, which hasn't flown since its emergency landing last month.
AMC2107 9H-ABR CIM223/6 OY-CIC

Monday 5th January
We got our first visit of a British Airways Airbus A.320 since the 26th of October 1996, G-BUSG in 'Sterntaler' operating the afternoon flight in place of the usual Boeing 757.
We lost the Teuto Air Let-410 OY-TCM which diverted to Teesside low on fuel, on a cargo flight (not a delivery) from Germany, but gained Beech 1900 F-GTOT later on, operated by Danish Air Transport, which arrived from Esbjerg as DTR681P to operate another freight flight during the early hours of the 6th.
NEA Lear 35 G-ZENO arrived from Luton as NEX02T during the afternoon, and made a trip to Nice and back as NEX02B/C.

Sunday 4th January
Aer Lingus used Boeing 737-500 EI-CDT for the lunch-time EIN304/5 ... my last Aer Lingus aeroplane ! :-)
Gill Airways operated the morning Brymon Paris rotation again, again using the 'Air France Express' ATR.42 G-ORFH.
BMA7372/1 G-OBMF

Saturday 3rd January
Brymon suffered some sort of aircraft shortage, requiring help for the afternoon Paris flight from Gill Airways, making for a slightly bizarre situation, ATR.42 G-ORFH in Air France colours (BA's rival on the Newcastle-Paris schedule) operating as BRY98B/099 !. Tyrolean produced their third first-visiting CRJ in three flights, OE-LCF operating the TYR987/8.
North Flying Metro OY-BPH visited twice as planned, during the early hours as NFA026E/026, and again in the afternoon as NFA026/026E. Jersey European made a very rare visit up here, with F-27 G-JEAE day-stopping from/to Exeter with a Rugby team as JEA073/4.

Friday 2nd January

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