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Friday 31st December
Newcastle Airport's fourth first-visit-of-type executive jet of the year appeared just before sun-up on the last day of the year, Citation 560XL N1324B arriving on a delivery flight from St.Johns and departing onwards to Athens after almost an hour on the ground, the aircraft wearing its subsequent Greek identity, SX-DCM, underneath the N-reg sticker.

Thursday 30th December
Cessna 208 F-GROI departed before the sun rose, only as far as Wick - and that was as much as was noteworthy on the day that 'The Magnificent Eight' Newcastle-bred spotters celebrated the G-reg Airliner Bet 'cashing-in' on Newcastle's world-famous Quayside !.

Wednesday 29th December
Only movement of note was a Cessna 208 on delivery, F-GROI arriving from Le Bourget at dusk and night-stopping. The aircraft wore large Air Saint-Tropez titles.

Tuesday 28th December
The first Dornier 328 'prop' of the year appeared during the afternoon, Scot Airways' G-BYTY arriving from Luton as SAY300 with Sky Sports people for the Sunderland/Man United game. The aircraft returned to Luton three minutes before midnight as SAY301.
Stealth Aviation's Lear 45 N459LJ maded another short visit mid-afternoon, arriving from Palma as LTH004 and departing to Leeds eighteen minutes later as LTH005.
AMC5195 9H-ADM AMC5234/5 9H-ABQ

Monday 27th December
EIN302/3 EI-CDF RZO9400/1 CS-TGP

Sunday 26th December
Actually a quieter day for visitors than Christmas Day, with just two showing, Twin Squirrel G-SCOW from Leeds to York during the early afternoon, and Taylorcraft F-22 G-BWBI which popped down from Eshott at lunch-time for a brief visit.

Saturday 25th December
Newcastle Airport had probably its busiest Christmas Day ever, with a total of 26 movements during the day. Nothing of course of too much interest, although there was quite a lot of helicopter movements, with the only visitor being Air Harrods Twin Squirrel G-HARO which spent an hour here at lunch-time, from Stansted to Birmingham. Three Burman Helicopters machines made up the rest, the based Jet Ranger G-INVU flying emergency powerline patrols after the high winds, Robinson R.22 G-OSEE departing to Cranfield after a detachment, and another Jet Ranger G-STOX arriving from Cranfield to presumably begin a detachment.

Friday 24th December
Both night-stopping diversions departed to Edinburgh within ten minutes of each other during the morning, the 'jungle jet' using its registration as a callsign. Interestingly this type of regional jet was joined by another at breakfast-time, the first Maersk CRJ to appear here in a couple of months arriving in the shape of G-MSKL which operated the Birmingham schedule in place of the Gill ATR.
Very likely one of the best movements ever at Newcastle Airport pitched up mid-afternoon, Venezuelan Dornier 228 YV-532C popping down from Prestwick to pick up ferry tanks, and then returning to Scotland to see Christmas out before continuing its ferry to Germany. The aircraft spent just 29 minutes on the ground, and wore the full Linea Turistica Aereotuy (LTA) colour-scheme, looking suspiciously like a British Airways tail design, a large yellow sun stretching down the fin to the rear fuselage !.

Thursday 23rd December
The early morning saw the significant first-visit of a new colour-scheme, the pretty ghastly JMC colours visiting Newcastle for the first time on Boeing 757 G-FCLH which positioned in from Manchester to operate the weekend's flying.
Strong crosswinds at Edinburgh produced two diversions during the late evening, giving us one regular airliner, and one first-visitor. KLMuk Fokker 100 G-UKFJ appeared first as UKA40J from Amsterdam, while of much more interest was the first-visit of British Regional Embraer 145 G-EMBF, which arrived from Birmingham as BAW71K, the aircraft wearing the 'Grand Union' tail design. Both aircraft night-stopped.

Wednesday 22nd December
The visit of Tottenham Hotspur to Newcastle United for the cup replay, saw the return of Titan Airways' 'new' BAe146 G-ZAPN. Arriving from Stansted at lunch-time as AWC511A, the outward sector after the game had to be re-filed to Southend as AWC511C owing to the Stansted closure. Nouvelair Tunisie's first Airbus A.320 TS-INA made its second visit as expected on the weekly Monastir charter.

Tuesday 21st December
The morning Air Malta flight arrived a little early, actually diverting from Glasgow due to poor weather, the Boeing 737 later departing to Malta via Glasgow. Another of the carrier's aeroplanes appeared during the evening, Airbus A.320 9H-ABQ operating an extra charter from/to Malta.
The two night-stopping 'Mike-mikes' departed within fifteen minutes of each other at dawn, Cessna 421 N442MM leaving for Reykjavik at the continuation of its delivery flight, and the regular Hamlin Jet Citation 560 N560MM departing to Biggin Hill.
AMC5194/5 9H-ABR AMC5234/5 9H-ABQ

Monday 20th December
The only visitors of any interest appeared after dark, Cessna 421 N442MM arriving from Lubeck at tea-time on a westbound delivery flight, the aircraft night-stopping, WM Aero Charter King Air 200 D-ICWM arriving from Salzburg much later in the evening and departing to Stuttgart just before midnight, and Comfort Air Citation 560 D-CLEO which diverted in for fuel also during the late evening, en-route from Munich to Reykjavik, the aircraft continuing north-westbound also just before midnight.
RZO9400/1 CS-TGP

Sunday 19th December
Only the second Antonov An-124 to land at Newcastle did so mid-morning, the expected aircraft for the aid flight arriving slightly later than the original Saturday afternoon. Arriving from Maastricht as HLA706, Volga Dnepr's RA-82078 took all the daylight hours to load up its haul of just under 87 tonnes of 'shoe-boxes', and departed unfortunately just as darkness took hold, en-route to Armenia via Stansted again as HLA706.
Possibly a more significant visitor however was the first appearance at Newcastle of a British Midland Airbus, A.321 G-MIDA positioning in from Heathrow before dawn to operate a Christmas day-trip to Kitilla (Finland), the aircraft returning after 10pm and positioning later back to Heathrow.
Cabair-operated Piper Navajo conversion N61422 visited again, day-stopping from/to Elstree as CBR29.
EIN302/3 EI-CDF BMA9771/8071/8072/9772 G-MIDA

Saturday 18th December
A typically quiet December Saturday, the only visitor of note being Danish Air Transport King Air 200 OY-JRN which positioned in from Luton during the afternoon as DTR830P, to operate out with freight to Orebro as DTR830.

Friday 17th December
Slovak Government Tupolev Tu-154M OM-BYO was an early morning visitor, arriving from Bratislava at 0630 as SSG005. The aircraft was present for four hours, and left back to Bratislava again as SSG005, with freight mid-morning. European Aircharter One Eleven G-AVMZ departed to Stansted during the morning, after its Gill flying of the previous day, and Airtours International Airbus A.330 G-MLJL made just its second visit on the morning Orlando departure, the aircraft positioning in from Cardiff - the Manchester passengers arrived to connect with it on A.320 G-RDVE as AIH051A.
Gill Airways chartered Citation 550 G-SPUR to take a crew to Helsinki before lunch-time, the aircraft positioning in from Stansted, and using the callsign LNX320 for both sectors. Another Rockwell Commander 114 passed through on delivery, N92JT arriving from Reykjavik, and departing for Birmingham just after lunch-time, and Cumbrian Seafoods' MD.600 Explorer N600PV made the short trip from its home at Hexham for fuel during the afternoon, prior to a trip to Woodford.

Thursday 16th December
Not much, just the British World ATP which positioned out to Southend just four minutes into the day, after operating Gill sub-charters, and European Aircharter One Eleven G-AVMZ which operated both the afternoon and evening Paris rotations.

Wednesday 15th December
The weekly Nouvelair morning Monastir flight, split with Glasgow, became an Airbus A.320 operation as expected, the carrier's first Airbus TS-INA first-visiting during the morning. More Gill Airways sub-charters saw British World ATP G-OBWO operate the evening outbound and return again, while European Aircharter One Eleven G-AVMZ positioned in during the evening, in preparation for some Paris flying the following day.
Citation 525 D-ISGW spent much of the day on the Samson ramp, from/to Munster, and Falcon 50 N96UT departed to Goose Bay after lunch.

Tuesday 14th December
Falcon 50 N96UT arrived again during the early hours, from Gander for a night-stop, and a day-stopping Citation was North Flying's C550 OY-CYV, which came from/to Billund.
Gil sub-ed again for the evening Paris rotation, using British World ATP G-OBWO, which positioned in from Southend at tea-time.

Monday 13th December
Braathens used a Boeing 737-700 during the week for the first time, LN-TUC operating the morning flight, and Gill Airways sub-chartered the Air Jet BAe146 F-GOMA for an 'in reverse' late evening Paris rotation, an aircraft that had visited previously on a Newcastle United charter on the 2nd and 4th August 1997.
Cessna 210 N210MN departed to Weston mid-morning.

Sunday 12th December
Two N- light aircraft provided much of the day's muted interest, Cessna 210 N210MN arriving from Wick on a ferry flight and night-stopping, and Baron N800VP making a brief tea-time visit on a training flight from/to Biggin Hill.
Aer Lingus produced another Boeing 737 on the morning Dublin rotation as planned in the run up to Christmas, -500 EI-CDG actually making its first visit here since 1993.

Saturday 11th December
A typically quiet winter's Saturday, with the only movement of note being yet another visit from the Airtours Airbus A.321 G-VOLH, which brought the Orlando passengers from Manchester, the delayed A.330 having presumably operated direct to Manchester in an attempt to reduce reactionary delays. The aircraft positioned out to Cardiff mid-afternoon, the second time it had done this in three days !.

Friday 10th December
The victorious Roma team depated mid-morning on another, obviously first-visiting, Alitalia MD.82, I-DANP departing to Bologna, having positioned in earlier as Milan-Linate.
Another Chauffair exec visited during the afternoon, Citation 560 G-CZAR being from/to Farnborough as CFR844.
AZA8206/7 I-DANP

Thursday 9th December
Another interesting day for visiting corporate jets, the first arriving within an hour of midnight, Senator Aviation's Learjet 35 D-CFCF appearing on an ambulance flight from Cologne as SNA304, departing to Leipzig an hour later. Further foreign biz included two Citation I's, Citation 500 I-FARN visited during the afternoon, from/to Milan-Linate, obviously something to do with the game, the aircraft having visited Newcastle previously on the 20th September 1995, and the first-visiting Lamda Jet Citation 500 OO-DCM which visited from/to Brussels during the late evening, using the Abelag callsign AAB42D.
NetJets Europe Hawker 800 N816QS departed to Gatwick during the afternoon, and Champagne Airlines King Air 90 F-GIML visited late at night, from Metz to Le Bourget as CPH030.
Airtours A.321 G-VOLH departed to Cardiff during the morning.

Wednesday 8th December
A pretty interesting day with some rare airliner visitors, and two first-visiting executive jets, one of which was a new type. The first passed through on a fuel-stop early in the morning, Lorien Aviation's Gulfstream II N400M making it in from Iqaluit and out to Schonefeld before 0600. This was followed an hour later by Aero Services Executive's Falcon 20 F-GYSL, which had only first-visited two months previously, from Le Bourget as BES231, departing to East Midlands at lunch-time, and the second first-timer of the day, NetJets Europe Hawker 800XP N816QS, actually our very first Hawker 800XP, which arrived from Linkoping during the evening for a night-stop.
A/S Roma arrived at tea-time in the first Alitalia MD.80 to land at Newcastle, I-DATQ operating from/to Rome-Fiumicino, and Airtours International's Airbus A.321 G-VOLH made just its second landing at the airport, positioning in from Manchester during the morning, and operating the based aircraft's Fuerteventura rotation, subsequently making its third landing here during the evening, before night-stopping !.
AIH861P/1861/1862 G-VOLH LBT803 EI-CNO AZA8206/7 I-DATQ

Tuesday 7th December
Another sub-charter produced another first-visiting British airliner, Titan's latest BAe146 G-ZAPN operating the morning Brymon Airways Bristol/Aberdeen schedules, the aircraft wearing a basic Ansett-New Zealand colour-scheme, and the Lufthansa schedule produced another first-visiting Dash Eight, D-BACH operating today's flight. British World ATP G-OBWO operated the evening Gill Paris schedule again, and then positioned out to Southampton late in the evening.
King Air 200 F-GDJS departed to Luton during the morning as AON31 again, and an afternoon visitor was Chauffair's 125 G-NCFR, from Chester to Northolt as CFR800.
BRY052/510/53A/B G-ZAPN DLH2768/2777 D-BACH AMC5195 9H-ABR GIL55NC/54CN/105P G-OBWO

Monday 6th December
A Gill Airways Fokker 100 on maintenance produced a sub-charter for the evening Paris-CDG rotation, last month's first-visiting British World ATP G-OBWO positioning in from Southend, operating to/from CDG and then night-stopping.
More freight arrived on Flugdienst Fehlhaber Cessna 406 D-INUS, from/to Cologne during the evening as FFG491/2.
BRY052/510/53A/53B G-BUPS RZO9400/1 CS-TGQ GIL105P/55NC/54CN G-OBWO

Sunday 5th December
By an amazing co-incidence the early morning saw another Antonov arrival, the un-connected Czech Air Force An-26 7109 arriving from Kbely as CEF410, and departing to Brussels after just over an hour and a half on the ground.
CitationJet D-IBMS returned to Coburg at lunch-time, and Baron N55BN departed to Cranfield during the afternoon. Locally-based MD.600 Explorer N600PV visited from/to its home at Hexham during the morning, Piper Navajo N97RJ visited during the day, from Earls Colne to Southend, and Aero Enterprise King Air 200 F-GDJS arrived from Brize Norton during the evening as AON31, for a night-stop.

Saturday 4th December
Another freight charter during the early hours produced a real gem, Antonov 26 LZ-NHA of Air Nove, arriving from Barcelona twenty-six minutes into the day, operated by Farmer (Farner ?) Air according to the flight plan, and using the callsign FRN675. The aircraft departed to Basle mid-afternoon as FRN675F.
Falcon 50 N96UT departed to Gander during the morning, and King Air 200 F-GGPR departed back to Le Bourget during the afternoon as BES230. Baron N55BN arrived from Cranfield at lunch-time for a night-stop.
Manx Airlines operated another shopping charter from the Isle-of-Man, using BAe146-200 G-MANS, actually quite a rare machine at Newcastle, having visited only once before as such, on a shopping charter on the 18th November 1995. It of course visited quite frequently in its previous guise of G-CHSR with Air UK.

Friday 3rd December
Highlight of the day was another new German 'CJ', D-IBMS arriving from Coburg at tea-time for two nights here. Seneca OO-VWK returned to Wevelgem during the afternoon, and another Aero Service Exec movement saw Falcon 10 F-GFMD spend thirty minutes on the south apron during the evening, from/to Le Bourget.
City-Flyer's latest ATR.72 acquisition appeared for the first time on the Gatwick schedule, the second ex-British World machine to join the carrier, G-BYTO the ex G-OILA, operating the tea-time rotation. The machine of course wears the 'Union Flag' colour-scheme, and had visited Newcastle in British World service on a number of occasions.

Thursday 2nd December
The Lufthansa Hamburg schedule produced another of the Augsburg fleet for the first time on the service, D-BMUC was not a first-visitor however, having visited on its delivery flight to the carrier, wearing the colours of its previous operator Air Creebec, on the 17th March 1996.
The early hours had seen two Spanish-registered Metroliners visit on freight flights, Euro Continental's EC-GPS appearing first from Nantes as ECN601, departing a little later to Barcelona as ECN602, and Tadair's EC-GKR, which had been seen here before, which arrived three minutes before EC-GPS departed, from Barcelona as TDC501, the aircraft departing to Hahn after just thirty minutes on the ground. Daytime produced more foreign GA than of late; Piper Seneca OO-VWK arrived from Wevelgem during the morning for a night-stop, Magna Air International's Citation 560 OE-GMI spent the afternoon here, from Coventry to Frankfurt as MGR241, Partenavia P.68 N69HA passed through at dusk, from Maastricht to Wick, and Aero Services Executive's King Air 200 F-GGPR arrived from Le Bourget during the evening as BES230 for a two-night stay.
DLH2768/2777 D-BMUC

Wednesday 1st December
Mid American Energy Falcon 50 N96UT arrived for another extended visit, landing direct from Gander during the early morning. Rockwell Commander 114 N247DM departed to Reykjavik later in the morning, after its night-stop.

Tuesday 30th November
A bit of a bonus on a cold, windy, quiet winter's day, was the first-visiting Jersey European Canadair RJ G-JECA which came down from Glasgow on a crew training flight, for an approach, landing, crew change and departure. Wearing full Air France colours of course, the aircraft spent just 17 minutes on the ground at lunch-time, arriving as JEA120T, and returning to Glasgow as JEA220T. Airlink King Air OE-FME returned to Vienna during the afternoon as JAR09, and another delivery flight produced the Rockwell Commander 114 N247DM, which arrived from Bremen during the afternoon, in winds gusting to 57knots !. Others: AMC5195 9H-ABR

Monday 29th November
Another first-visiting Augsburg Airways Dash Eight appeared on the mid-day Lufthansa Hamburg schedule, and Airbus Industrie operated another training flight from/to Toulouse, using the same Star Airlines A.320 again, F-GRSD visiting as AIB293/4.
Airlink King Air OE-FME visited again, arriving from Vienna during the morning as JAR09 for a night-stop.
DLH2768/2777 D-BHAT RZO9400/1 CS-TGP

Sunday 28th November
Aer Lingus used another jet for the morning Dublin schedule, the fifth to appear at Newcastle this month, and the first of an expected planned number before Christmas, Boeing 737-500 EI-CDC operating the morning EIN302/3.

Saturday 27th November
Not much, just another delivery, King Air 90 N652L passing through during the afternoon, from Genova to Reykjavik.

Friday 26th November
Gill Airways' ATR.72 G-UKTJ operated its first passenger service from Newcastle since delivery to the carrier at the beginning of the month, the evening Stansted rotation GIL29NS/30SN.
TLA485/485P EI-TLP MON9621/621P G-MONB AIH051 G-MDBD BRY95A/95B/96A/96B G-ZAPJ

Thursday 25th November
Not too much of interest, however no less than four 125's were present at times during the day, including Surewings' N125XX which day-stopped from/to Luton, Interflight's G-IFTC which departed to Gatwick as IFT24D at lunch-time after its night-stop, and a pair of Aravco-owned machines, G-BTAB and G-TCDI which arrived within two minutes of each other from Le Bourget at tea-time, for a two night stay.
Gill Airways ATR.72 G-UKTJ returned to Newcastle after a few weeks away in Belfast, arriving from Aldergrove as GIL032P during the early hours.

Wednesday 24th November
Another Augsburg Airways Dash Eight first-visited, D-BHAS making its first appearance here on the lunch-time Lufthansa Hamburg schedule. TransAer Airbus A.320 EI-TLP operated a football supporters charter to Rome-Ciampino at lunch-time, the aircraft interestingly having positioned in from Luton using the EasyJet callsign EZY002P.
Agusta 109 N109UK departed to Elstree at sunrise, and a couple of foreign GA visitors pitched up a little later, King Air 90 F-GJSD of Weekend Aviation from/to Le Bourget, and Piper Seneca OY-SMP which passed through at lunch-time from Dublin to Billund. Providing much needed relief from Citation 560 N560MM, which incidentally had also been present overnight, was Hamlin Jet's Citation 550 N345JR, which arrived from Edinburgh during the late afternoon not departing back to Luton until late in the evening.

Tuesday 23rd November
BAC Express took over the evening Newcastle-Stansted mail flight, in order to provide extra capacity, in the run-up to Christmas, the first departure being operated by F-27 G-JEAE as RPX161, which arrived from Exeter during the evening as RPX161P. The aircraft is all-white with BAC Express titles on the nose. Newcastle United departed to Rome in Monarch Airlines Boeing 757 G-MONC during the early afternoon, the aircraft having positioned in earlier from Gatwick.
Slingsby T-67 PH-SGI departed to Carlisle at lunch-time, presumably for painting and UK registry, the aircraft being expected to subsequently return for basing, and a very pretty helicopter visitor was Agusta 109 N109UK, which arrived from Washington (County Durham !) at lunch-time and night-stopped, wearing an all black colour-scheme with flashes of colour.
AMC5195 9H-ABR MON620P/9620 G-MONC RPX161P/161 G-JEAE

Monday 22nd November
A much quieter day, the only movement of interest being another local flight by the KLM-schemed Slingsby T.67C PH-SGI, of almost an hours duration at lunch-time.
RZO9400/1 CS-TGP

Sunday 21st November
Sun Air J41 OY-SVW departed to Copenhagen during the morning as SUS1097, and leaving four minutes later was Mooney M.20 N800AG, departing to Egilsstadir in Iceland.
SABENA RJ.100 OO-DWK made just its second visit on the last Brussels arrival.

Saturday 20th November
Sun Air Jetstream 41 OY-SVW arrived from Berlin-Schonefeld during the early hours as SUS1097, the aircraft due to remain here until Sunday morning, presumably something to do with 'The Tube' TV show, which may have been the reason for other recent 'GA' visitors.
Manx Airlines operated their usual pre-Christmas shopping charter from the Isle-of-Man, BAe146 G-MIMA appearing again, day-stopping as MNX981/2. Keenair Bandeirante G-FLTY visited twice, as JFK700P/701 from Liverpool to Connaught during the morning, and as JFK702/3 in reverse at lunch-time.
Two deliveries arrived during the day, Piper Cheyenne N855GA at lunch-time from Toussus-le-Noble continuing onwards to Reykjavik, and Mooney M.20 N800AG, which arrived from Karlovy Vary during the early evening and night-stopped.
Another Aer Lingus substitution produced another first-visiting aeroplane, BAe146-300 EI-CTM operating the evening Dublin rotation.

Friday 19th November
The last few day's distinctive Dutch flavour continued with another rare exec jet visitor, Falcon 20 PH-BPS operatng under Martinair callsigns as MPH4897/8, spending a few hours on the south apron from/to Amsterdam at lunch-time. Martinair's Citation 650 PH-MFX had departed earlier in the morning after its night-stop, to Budapest on a 'state' flight, and another Dutch-registered aircraft of a slightly different dimension, the prospective new resident Slingsby T-67 PH-SGI, looking very attractive in KLM colours, flew a thirty minute local flight during the afternoon.
The previous night's first-visiting CitationJet, HB-VKB, departed late morning to Paris-CDG as EXZ525, and New Air F-27 OY-EBC visited again just after lunch-time, from Eindhoven to Gardermoen as NAW9243/2123.
Another Aer Lingus Boeing 737-400 first-visited, EI-BXD operating the morning Dublin rotation.
EIN302/3 EI-BXD AIH042P/051 G-MDBD DLH2768/2777 D-BACH

Thursday 18th November
A good day for foreign executive jets, with two first-visitors; the International Paper Co. Falcon 900 N881P came first, from Niort in the morning, departing direct to Albany, NY during the afternoon, and was followed by Executive Air Transport's CitationJet HB-VKB, which arrived from Geneva during the evening as EXZ526 and night-stopped. Other visitors included Heerema Citation S550 PH-RMA twice, from Rotterdam to Inverness mid-morning, and again in reverse at tea-time, Martinair's Citation 650 PH-MFX from Milan during the evening as MPH4897 for a night-stop, and a first-visiting British machine, Gold Air's 125-800 G-OLDD during the evening from Dublin to Biggin Hill as GDA26B/C.
New Air F-27 OY-EBC departed to Budapest early morning as NAW9743, and another nice 'Fokker' was the first Netherlands Air Force Fokker 50 to visit, U-06 arriving from Edinburgh at lunch-time as NAF51, and departing to Valkenburg mid-afternoon.

Wednesday 17th November
Another new Dash Eight appeared on the Lufthansa schedule, D-BACH operating today's flight. SABENA RJ.100 OO-DWL made its second landing here on the last Brussels arrival.
King Air 200 D-IHUT day-stopped from/to Cologne, and New Air F-27 OY-EBC arrived from Gardermoen during the evening as NAW1123 for a night-stop.

Tuesday 16th November
City-Flyer sub-chartered again for their mid-evening Gatwick rotation, the flight today being operated by the first-visiting British World Airlines ATP G-OBWO.
Falcon 100 SE-DVP departed to Limoges during the early morning, and an interesting arrival during the afternoon was Slingsby T-67 PH-SGI in full KLM colours from Norwich, which disappeared almost immediately into a hangar, and is either on demonstration to a local owner, or a possible new resident.

Monday 15th November
Falcon 100 SE-DVP of Andersson Business Jets made two visits during the day, from Bromma to Brussels during the late morning/lunch-time, and an arrival from Brussels late afternoon, the aircraft subsequently night-stopping.
DLH2768/2777 D-BHAM RZO9400/1 CS-TGQ CFE21HC/24JK G-ZAPJ

Sunday 14th November
The second consecutive SABENA RJ.100 landing produced another new aeroplane, OO-DWL following Friday night's OO-DWK, first-visiting on the late evening SAB677 night-stopping arrival.

Saturday 13th November
Last weekend's first-visiting Airtours A.330 G-MDBD operated the reurn leg of the Orlando charter, after having swopped with yesterday's first-timer, G-MLJL in Florida.

Friday 12th November
The second week of Airtours Airbus A.330's on the Orlando charter saw the second first-visitor from the current fleet of two aircraft, G-MLJL being the aircraft in question, while another first-visiting airliner arrived on the late SABENA Brussels arrival, BAe146-RJ100 OO-DWK. British Airways Boeing 757 G-BIKW was another night-stopper, having arrived on the BAW12T, it first-visit to Newcastle since re-paint from the Ndebele colour-scheme into this year's 'Pause to Remember', poppy-tail.
Falcon 50 C-FKCI departed to Glasgow mid-morning.

Thursday 11th November
The new Lufthansa Hamburg service which had been cancelled on the first three days of its second week of operation, resumed at lunch-time with a different Dash Eight D-BHAM appearing - not a first-visitor though as it visited Newcastle as OE-LEC of Tyrolean, while leased to SABENA on 20th April 1996.
Tyrolean Air Ambulance Citation 560 OE-GAA operated an ambulance flight inbound from Palma during the afternoon, the aircraft later departing to Innsbruck, and Falcon 50 C-FKCI of Irving Oil arrived from Luton during the early evening for a night-stop, another aeroplane that last visited Newcastle during 1996.

Wednesday 10th November
Only movement of note was the return of Bonanza N6096E which passed through at lunch-time again, from Aberdeen to Texel.

Tuesday 9th November
Citation 750 G-HERS returned for another spell of training, spending most of the afternoon here from Leeds, and making five full-stop landings in the process.
Citation 525 D-ILAT spent the morning on the south apron, from Friedrichshafen to Kerry, and Cessna 406 D-ISHY made another two visits, both from/to Cologne again, during the morning and evening. Falcon 50 N96UT departed to Gander 'first thing' after four nights here, and other departing night-stoppers were Piper Saratoga N2923N, which departed to Kemble during the afternoon, and Airlink King AIr OE-FME which also left during the afternoon, to Paderborn. Interesting light aircraft visitor was V-tailed Bonanza N6096E which passed through at lunch-time, not a delivery flight though, from Texel to Wick.
AMC5195 9H-ABR

Monday 8th November
The executive jet type we'd all been waiting for up here, at least I had, finally appeared for the first time during the afternoon, the amazing shape of the Citation X, courtesy of Red Aviation's G-HERS, making the trip from Leeds for a few training sorties, with an almost two hour stay on the south apron in between. It's interesting to note that although this aircraft is of such exotic design (a number of phone calls were received in ATC asking just what it was), it is actually one of the closest based exec jets to Newcastle Airport.
Aliparma Beechjet I-OTTY returned to Parma during the afternoon as PAJ333 again, after spending two nights here, Flugdienst Fehlhaber Cessna 406 D-ISHY operated a cargo flight from/to Cologne at tea-time as FFG471/2, and Airlink King Air 350 OE-FME arrived from Salzburg during the evening as JAR09 for a night-stop.
RZO9400/1 CS-TGQ

Sunday 7th November
Sunday proved to be 'delivery day' again, with Piper Seneca OY-JAU continuing on to Odense during the morning, and Mooney M.20 N91595 routing through from Toussus-le-Noble to Reykjavik over lunch-time. Another US single was Piper Saratoga N2923N which arrived from Redhill at tea-time for a night-stop.
Skyservice Learjet 35 C-GTDE made another visit during the early evening, arriving from Villafranca on an ambulance flight and continuing onwards an hour later to Keflavik.
Aer Lingus used Boeing 737-500 EI-CDB for the morning Dublin rotation, and the evening Braathens flight was also operated by a 737-500.

Saturday 6th November
Probably the most interesting exec jet visitor of the week appeared during the afternoon, Aliparma's Beech 400 I-OTTY arriving from Parma for a double night-stop. Three of the 'heavies' departed during the day, Gulfstream II N52NW to Liverpool early afternoon, with Falcon 50 VP-BCZ and Gulfstream IV N80AT both departing to Luton at tea-time.
Piper Seneca OY-JAU arrived direct from St.John's, Newfoundland during the afternoon, the aircraft subsequently night-stopping, while another making a somewhat quicker Trans-Atlantic crossing was the returning Airbus A.330 G-MDBD which arrived back at lunch-time, keeping up the previous record of each A.330 visitor to Newcastle by making two consecutive landings (EI-DUB and C-FBUS being the previous two).

Friday 5th November
Gulf IV N80AT and Falcon 50 VP-BCZ were joined on the south apron during the morning by another 'big Falcon', Mid American Energy's Falcon 50 N96UT arriving from Gander for another extended stay. These three were joined by yet more 'big biz' during the afternoon and evening, the afternoon seeing Multiflight Falcon 900 G-MLTI operate a crew training sortie from Leeds, spending a little while on the north apron stands, while Gulfstream II N52NW arrived from Stansted during the evening for a night-stop, the aircraft also parking on the terminal side.
The first Airtours Orlando charter of the winter produced a new type on the route, one though that is bound to become regular in future seasons, Airbus A.330 G-MDBD operating the first Manchester-Newcastle-Bangor-Sanford flight a few hours late, the aircraft not arriving at Newcastle until mid-afternoon. Only the third different A.330 to have landed at Newcastle, the aircraft becomes our first A.330-200.
Edelweiss Airbus A.320 HB-IHX returned to Zurich after breakfast, and another departing night-stopper was Euro Continental Metro III EC-GPS, which departed to Barcelona in the early hours as ECN505.
Aero Commander 114 N926GW departed to Guernsey on what may well have been the last sector of its delivery flight late morning, and another Multiflight-operated aircraft, Eurocopter EC.135 G-BXXV visited from Leeds for demonstration to a local operator.

Thursday 4th November
Another day, another first-visiting Edelweiss Airbus A.320 !. HB-IHX was today's aeroplane which arrived from Zurich as EDW943 mid-morning, and which stayed until after the game. There was plenty of others of interest though, as a pretty interesting week up here drew to a close. Another A.320 of interest had visited a couple of hours prior to the Swiss machine, Star Airlines' F-GRSD flying a training flight, actually operated by Airbus Industrie, from/to Toulouse, using the Airbus callsigns AIB401/2. With all the exotic A.320's presumably lieing around at Toulouse at the moment, it was a shame that the training flight involved an aircraft that had visited Newcastle previously, co-incidentally as part of the Barcelona 'airlift' for a Newcastle United Champions League match on November 25th 1997.
There was plenty of other interesting visitors including a new Beech 1900D from Occitania Jet, F-HBCA day-stopping from/to Le Bourget as OJF449, and Euro Continental Metroliner EC-GPS which actually diverted in from Glasgow during the afternoon, as ECN502 on a hospital flight from Barcelona, and which night-stopped.
The Sioux Corporation's Falcon 50 VP-BCZ, which had arrived on Tuesday, took a trip to Luton during the afternoon, returning at tea-time for another night-stop, and the second Portuguese Citation 650 of the week also appeared during the afternoon, Air Luxor's CS-DNF arriving from Le Bourget and departing to Northolt after two hours on the ground.
Finally, quite possibly hidden amongst the heavy metal 'biz' still present on the south-side, and a pair of Belgian Army Agusta 109's, was Aero Commander 114 N926GW, which arrived from Reykjavik during the afternoon for a night-stop.
DLH2768/2777 D-BPAD

Wednesday 3rd November
Highlight of the day was certainly the anticipated Edelweiss Airbus A.320 delivering the FC Zurich football team for the second leg against Newcastle United, the first-visiting HB-IHY arriving from Zurich mid-morning as EDW935 and positioning out to Las Palmas as EDW431F.
On the ground at the same time was King Air 350 N2317N which routed through on a ferry flight to Reykjavik, having arrived from Augsburg, which leads nicely onto the Lufthansa Hamburg service, which, as I suspected, continued to produce the same Dash Eight.
LBT803 F-GHEC DLH2768/2777 D-BPAD

Tuesday 2nd November
Early November always produces exec jet visitors in connection with game shooting on the moors, and the late afternoon saw three arrive; first came a very regular Gulfstream IV, N80AT which has appeared now during early November for every year since 1991 (and before that the G.III N80AT was an 'every year' November visitor), arriving from Exeter for an extended stay. Two first-timers did appear later though, Air Luxor/NetJet Europe Citation 650 CS-DNE arriving just seven minutes later, from Geneva, the aircraft departing shortly after to Zurich, while another first-visitor, the Sioux Corporation's Falcon 50 VP-BCZ arrived from Luton thirty minutes later for another double-night-stop.
The new Lufthansa Hamburg service was again operated by Dash Eight D-BPAD, while the second morning of Gill Airways operating for Maersk(UK) on the Birmingham schedule saw the first full rotation being operated by Titan Airways ATR.42 G-BUPS.
MSK390/1 G-BUPS AMC5195 9H-ABR DLH2768/2777 D-BPAD

Monday 1st November
The first weekday of the winter schedule saw the beginning of another European scheduled service route from Newcastle, a daily Lufthansa Hamburg service. Operated by Augsburg Airways Dash 8's, the first flight touched down just after mid-day, and was flown by first-visiting Dash 8-300 D-BPAD. Another regular series of flights begins then, operated by aircraft that are pretty rare elsewhere in the UK - let's hope this venture is more successful than previous, 'rare' visitors to the UK we've seen at Newcastle in recent years (SAS Fokker 50's, Cimber ATR's etc.).
DLH2768/2777 D-BPAD RZO9400/1 CS-TGR

Sunday 31st October
The first of two ex KLMuk ATR.72's for Gill Airways arrived at Newcastle on delivery to our based airline during the morning, G-UKTJ arriving from Stansted as GIL072P, wearing basic KLM colours with no titles, and a white tail fin. The aircraft had visited Newcastle only twice before, on KLMuk flights on the 6th July 1999.
The Sunderland/Tottenham football match produced a couple of visitors, Titan Airways ATR.42 G-ZAPJ from/to Stansted as AWC937A/B, and the now monthly visit from the once rare Citation 550 G-SPUR, which was also from/to Stansted as LNX100.
Mooney M.20 N1143A departed for Inverness during the morning after its night-stop, and King Air 90 N790A spent just over an hour on the south apron during the evening, from/to Toussus-le-Noble.
BRA561/4 LN-TUF FCL811/0 G-FCLJ AIH900/899 G-MCEA BRA575/8 LN-TUB

Saturday 30th October
The only visitor on a pretty bad weather day, was Mooney M.20 N1143A which actually diverted in due en-route weather during the afternoon, arriving from Monchengladbach and night-stopping.
IWD3437/8 EC-HCR JKK3341/2 EC-GCV CUS4602/462P SX-BGI RZO9456/7 CS-TGQ CUS4604/464P SX-BGI ECA810/1 5B-DBC AEA184/5 EC-GUO

Friday 29th October
Gill Airways used European BAC One Eleven G-AXLL for a couple of afternoon/evening Belfast rotations.
MD.600 Explorer N600PV visited the airport during the morning, from/to Hexham, presumably on demonstration to the owners of Hexham-based Enstrom 480 G-PPAH, and Stealth Aviation Learjet 45 made another very brief visit during the afternoon, from Palma to Leeds as LTH004/5.
FUA160/1 EC-HCP GIL485/488/493/494 G-AXLL SCY752/3 G-SWJW CUS4600/461P SX-BBU FUA102/3 EC-HBZ

Thursday 28th October
Another quiet day; Cessna 421 N2657N passed through during the morning, from Fairoaks to Reykjavik.

Wednesday 27th October
Zilch !.

Tuesday 26th October
None of the excitement of the previous day; Danish Air Transport ATR.42 OY-JRJ departed to Amsterdam mid-morning, and Air Reconnaissance Aztec N250MC dropped in again whilst on a survey flight in the local area, from/to East Midlands.
JKK3185/6 EC-GCV DTR3253 OY-JRJ SAB671/91E OO-DWJ AMC5180/1 9H-ABS

Monday 25th October
Quite a day with three extremely interesting airliner visitors; first came the only one of the three to have visited us before, Lauda Air Boeing 737-400 OE-LNI being used by Gill Airways to cover for a Fokker 100 which had encountered weather delays. The aircraft, which had last visited Newcastle on a Futura 'sub' on 20th May 1997, operated inbound from Paris during the morning as AFR5100, and positioned out to Vienna as AFR5100P. The first-visitors came in the afternoon and the late evening, the first being the possibly garish, but very attractive, Danish Air Transport ATR.42 OY-JRJ, which arrived from Edinburgh for a night-stop on the south apron. Four minutes to nine in the evening saw the real stunner though, Maersk's brand new Boeing 737-700 OY-MRG operating a charter flight from Bergen, and positioning straight back out to Copenhagen after under thirty minutes on the ground. The machine, actually our third Maersk NG to appear here this year, had only been delivered six days previously - I saw it only 23 days ago, and it was still five days away from being painted then !.
AFR5100 OE-LNI AIH846/5 C-FTDA RZO9400/1 CS-TGQ DTR3252 OY-JRJ OHY441/2 TC-ONN DAN1625/9626 OY-MRG

Sunday 24th October
Panther conversion Piper Navajo N61422 made another appearance, day-stopping from/to Elstree as CBR29, while of possibly more interest was the first-visit during the very late evening of Leeds-based Citation 500 VP-CMO. Operated by the Tunstall Group the aircraft routed Edinburgh-Newcastle-Leeds, spending just eighteen minutes on the ground.
British Airways Boeing 757 G-BMRB first-visited since its re-paint into the 'Union Flag' design, on the night-stopping BAW12T, over two months since it was painted.
BRA561/4 LN-TUG FCL811/0 G-FCLB AIH900/899 G-JALC BRA575/8 LN-TUD

Saturday 23rd October
A very quiet day, with the only notable movement being the return to Munich of Sun Air ATP OY-SVU during the afternoon.
IWD3437/8 EC-GUR CUS4602/3 SX-BGI JKK3341/2 EC-GOM RZO9456/7 CS-TGR ECA810/1 5B-DBD CUS4604/5 SX-BGI AEA184/5 EC-FXP

Friday 22nd October
The last Sun Air ATP to visit, OY-SVU which had first-visited on the last of the series of flights on July 18th, made its return during the late morning, operating a passenger charter from Munich and night-stopping.
Stealth Aviation Lear 45 N459LJ made another short visit, from Leeds to Jersey at tea-time as LTH006, and Bristows Super Puma G-BWWI made its first visit over lunch-time, arriving from Aberdeen and operating out to a North Sea oil rig as BHL78X.

Thursday 21st October
Now that North Flying's regular Metroliner 'detachments' have come to an end, it was good to see one of the carrier's aircraft here again, Piper Navajo OY-FRE day-stopping from/to Aalborg as NFA214. Another foreign GA visitor was Mooney M.20 N281FH, a delivery flight during the afternoon, from Reykjavik to Bremen.

I'm back .... !

Wed Oct 20th
CH-09 finally left today but not before sister-ship CH-11 'BAF632' called in. Irish Be200 240 'IRL240' made an approach to round of the 'foreign' mil.
SE-DVY departed in the afternoon to Oslo 'INR505' with HS125 G-WBPR taking its parking place up for a night stop. Calibration time, which means a visit from Be200 G-FPLB 'CALIBRATOR' for numerous approaches. Fisheries patrol F406 G-MAFA 'WDG 71' was back again for a night stop. And to round things off, BE55 G-BXDF and C303 G-EDRY were also visitors on this blustery day (cue Winnie the Pooh!)

Tue Oct 19th
As promised earlier, in came the BAF. BN2 -B10 'OTALJ' kicked things off, then C-130 CH-09 'BAF607' who went tech and necessitated a visit of HS748 CS-03 'BAF691' with spares. Another biz, C650 SE-DVY 'INR545' arrived for a night stop from Gothenburg and of course the day wouldn't be complete without N560MM. N520AW continued on to Groningen.
Today's sub-charter goes to Airtours who used Sabre's 'bomber' G-BNNI 'AIH884' from Alicante.

Mon Oct 18th
On the GA front, a few biz showed their faces. Best (I missed it) was C525 EC-HBC 'GES242' from/to Barcelona at lunch-time. North Flying used C500 OY-CEV 'NFA041' on a charter to Trollhattan-Vanersborg but the 1st visitor of the day was a night stopper, when Falcon20 N520AW arrived from Luton. Moving on to the lighter side, royal helicopter S76 G-XXEA put in a few visits for fuel as did AS355 G-BRVO. To rounds things off we also had G-BBYH C182 and C152 G-BDRD.
More GIL sub-charting this time on the Dusseldorf with ATR42 G-ZAPJ doing the honours.

Sun Oct 17th
Main story of the day was the Malaysian GP - the Ferraris must be reinstated!
Back to the 'planes. C402 G-NOSE'AAG402' popped in from Inverness to Coventry and was the 1st visitor of the day and apart from Maule G-BTXT they were the only GA visitors. Another GIL sub charter on the Stansted saw ATR42 G-ZAPJ make an appearance, while BAF Merlin CF-04 'BAF649' arrived for a night stop. In fact the BAF were to make several visits over the next few days...

Sat Oct 16th
D-BOBU went home to Hanover at tea-time as mentioned previously. The Belgians were back again with BN2 B-10 'OTALJ' from/to Liege. Last weekend's Be200 was back, F-GGPR 'BES955' operating from/to Paris Le Bourget. And with Be76 G-OADY was about the size of it!

Fri Oct 15th
Kicking off with the military, nice to see a Belgian AF 748, CS-03 'BAF639' made a brief stop to/from Melsbroek, while night stopping Islander B-08 continued on to Liege. Temporary resident R22 G-ROGG departed home to Cranfield. A shortage of aircraft (is that right Greg?) necessitated Gill sub-chartering 1-11 G-AVMP to operate the lunch-time Dusseldorf service and another 1-11 was subchartered for the Stavanger charter 'GIL311'. Final charter for the day was 1st visiting (?) DHC-8 D-BOBU 'RUS2015' operating from Hanover and night stopping. On to the GA traffic now, biz jets. A hospital flight from/to Cologne (or Koln) brought us LR35 D-CFTG 'QAJ677'. And finally a rather smart Challenger HB-IVT spent a few hours on the ground during the morning before moving on to Farnborough.

Thu Oct 14th
A rather sad day here with the loss of a 15Sdn Tornado GR1B and its crew just 8NM NW of the airfield. This resulted in Prestwick based Sea-King ZG817 'RESCUE 137' dropping in.
So what else, SH360 G-ZAPD rescued the Birmingham service after CRJ G-MSKK went tech. BE90 D-IAGB went from Karlsrhue to Reykjavik, Be200 F-GKCV operated to/from Le Bourget, N560MM was back again, nice PA34 OO-VWK stayed all day, F406 G-MAFA night stopped and with the lights: C172 G-BMHI & C172 G-BWRR rounded off the day.

Wed Oct 13th
Off with the biz, N560MM departed after his night stop, 125 G-HCFR dropped in as 'CFR681, Falcon 10 F-GSLZ 'popped' in for a night stop. Other aircraft now, yesterdays 2 gazelles like it here so much they came back! The Irish, god bless 'em (especially their Guinness) paid us a quick call with their Kingair 240 'IRL240', other Kingair G-OMNH graced us twice during the day, N250MC liked it so much he came back, Jetstream XX499 'CWL 71' came for lunch and finally C172 G-OPFT dropped in as 'CSE 86'.

Tue Oct 12th
Fairly quiet day, only 2 biz to report, one being THAT citation again N560MM but more interesting was a hospital flight from Sliac to Canada. Lr35 C-GTDE in full Skyservice colours did the honours. For completeness, other moves were, B206 G-AYMW 'PDG 41', Robin G-BXGW, PA23 N250MC on a survey, G-BLEZ AS365 'Helimed 5' and those 2 gazelles XX419 & ZB669.

Wed 11th Oct
Another fairly uninteresting day 'up north'. CSE sent 2 PA34s for training G-BXPV 'CSE101A' G-BXPW 'CSE102A'. N560MM graced us once again (!) whilst (bit Dickensian that) Be200 G-BPPM 'GMA467' came in on a hospital flight. If it were'nt for the military there would not have been much. 2 Harriers ZD465/ZG502 'GIANT 1&2' and 2 gazelles XX419 & ZB669 filled in the day.

Sun Oct 10th
Bit of a sporting day in the North east. Newcastle hosted to Great North Run, with helicopters Bo105 G-BFYA, AS355 G-TOPS an AS355 G-WIRE providing aerial coverage for the BBC. After local flying they all departed in the afternoon. Down the road at the Stadium of Light, England played Belgium. The Belgium officials arrived in 146 OO-DJS 'DAT571/2' from Brussels and posn. out. (How did they get home?) The team departed in the early evening aboard a Virgin Express (Ireland) B737-400 making its 1st visit. 'VEX1071' operated to/from Brussels (Officials on this one?).
To round it off, Titan ATR42 operated an extra mail flight 'AWC900A/B' Ravenair opr a crew ferry PA34 G-RVRB 'RVR14A/N' regular citation N560MM PA23 G-BCRP 'UKA5000' opr a maint flt from Norwich and finally C152 G-BCKV and C172 G-BCOL rounded things off.

Sat Oct 9th
One note worthy regular was today's JKK, EC-HFP. This is one of the newly acquired MD82s on a 1st visit. The England team arrived today in BAC11 G-OBWD 'BWL823' from Stansted (wow!).

Fri Oct 8th
It's the Great North Run weekend and so as expected was an influx of choppers. Bo105 G-BFYA 'GPH 05', AS355 G-WIRE 'GRD 02' and AS355 G-TOPS 'GPH 04' took up residence for the weekend and operated local flying. Others were C550 G-BJIR, C182 G-BXZM, AA5B G-BYDX and S76 G-BOYF as 'LYN 23'. As well as being the GNR, England also play Belgium this weekend at the 'Stadium of Light'. So in came the Belgium team in B737-400 OO-VJO 'VEX1070', a 1st visitor.

Thu Oct 7th
Britannia crew ferry saw return of Metro G-BUKA a 'AAG419' from Manchester. Be200 F-GGPR arrived from Le Bourget and stayed until Saturday tea-time (yes Hoops TEA-TIME!!). Regular 'biz' was C560 N560MM which left the remainder of visitors as 'puddlies'. G-ROGG R22 arrived from Gamston and has been here ever since operating with Burman Helicopters. Others were PA32 G-GOTO, and C172 N80533 arriving from Cardiff and returning there on the afternoon of the 9th. Finally, night stopper was F406 G-MAFB as 'WDG 72'.

Wed Oct 6th
Before I get on to the star visitor, here are the more 'mundane' moves. Airtours crew ferry produced PA34 G-RVRB 'RVR05A/B' and PA32 G-BYFR 'popped' in. In connection with the 'star' was S-76 G-BOYF which positioned in for the passengers from our 1st BBJ, B737-7E0 A6-HRS taking the honours. 'DUB003' arrived from Dublin and then flew to Farnborough. Very nice!!

Tue Oct 5th
G-CLAS returned to Cardiff today after its maint. using 'GIL360P'. Metro G-BUKA opr a charter from Lille positioning to Coventry. Bell222 G-OWCG dropped in from Catterick, while a nice delivery was Be200 N3262P arriving from Reykjavik to Augsburg. Finally, another new SAB RJ100 pitched up on the afternoon Brussels run. OO-DWJ operated the 'SAB673/67P'.

Mon Oct 4th
Busy little GA day. G-LOFT C500 'AAG504/5' from Prestwick to Cardiff. CF-02 Merlin 'BAF612', G-OBPL EMB110 'CDE801 1st visiting on a crew ferry.
Falcon2000 HB-IAZ 'FPG131' dropped in along with C550 G-BJIR and C560 N560MM. Finally a couple of 'puddlies' PA23 G-OPME and PA32 G-BIWL. Today Gill took the Stansted service over from KLMuk. Not a great start though, with only one sector operating with SH360 G-ZAPD 'UKA41/44R'

Sun Oct3rd
Those polluting spotting Belgiums brought our only visitor BN2 B-02 'OTALB' for a night stop.

Sat Oct 2nd
An early hours hospital flight got the 2nd underway with C421 G-DOBN opr 'EDC287S/120D' from Cork to Edinburgh. Skyteam pitched up again with D-ADUP posn in from Eindhoven and out to Frankfurt as the 'XST767/368'. Other GA visitors were Be200 G-BXMA as 'MHN101A', smart Be60 with winglets was G-IASL. Final GA was A109 N108VT which was on the ground for 28 mins whilst en route Westland to Loch Ness. Final move to report was SH360 G-CLAS which arrived from Cardiff at 2340 as 'GIL555P'.

Fri Oct 1st
Belgium AF Merlin CF-01 paid us a visit today, along with BE90 G-FLTI as "FLT01". Lr35 G-RAFF paid us 2 visits, arriving from Leeds departing to Geneva and then in reverse (not literally!). And last but not least was a charter by Skyteam F27 D-ADUP arriving from Frankfurt as the 'XST354' and positioning to Falconara as the 'XST755' 90 minutes later.

While I was on holiday, Dave Webster stood in and made the following reports - thanks Dave !.

26th-30th September - not done, sorry

Saturday 25th September
Very quiet, just two Cessna 172 movements to cover - PH-LIN returned to Rotterdam after its night-stop mid-morning, and N9727G arrived from Slinford after lunch, also to night-stop.
VIM605 LZ-MIS IWD3437/8 EC-GUR JKK3341/2 EC-GXU CUS4602/3 SX-BBU BRT563/4 G-EMBB RZO9456/7 CS-TGP ECA810/1 5B-DBD CUS4604/5 SX-BBU AEA184/5 EC-FZZ IWD3441/0442 EC-GUR

Friday 24th September
Not as interesting a day; Falcon 50 N881M left similar type N96UT on the south apron, departing late morning to Connaught.
Cessna 172 PH-LIN arrived from Rotterdam during the afternoon and night-stopped.

Thursday 23rd September
The mid-morning saw two first-visiting 'big Falcons' take turns in joining yesterday's arrival Falcon 50 N96UT; first came Air Alsie Falcon 2000 OY-CKN which arrived from its home at Sonderborg, and departed after just one hour on the ground to Tel Aviv, just after 10 o'clock, both sectors operating as MMD6018. The aircraft wore Danfoss titles on the tail and forward fuselage. Just over an hour later the International Paper Company's Falcon 50 N881M arrived from Niort/Souche in France, the aircraft subsequently night-stopping.
Piper Malibu N4140S departed to Genova during the morning, after its night-stop, presumably at the end of its delivery flight. Piper Saratoga G-BYFR vsited from/to East Midlands during the day, flying a local flight in between, on the day that it featured in the BBC's mid-evening 'Airshow' programme.
Amsail Citation 550 G-SPUR visited again during the evening, from Stansted to Helsinki as LNX961/961A.
OHY443/4 TC-ONR TSC240/1 C-GTSV FUA132/3 EC-GRX FCL933/783/784 G-FCLG AMC082/3 9H-ABE

Wednesday 22nd September
Mid American Energy Holdings' Falcon 50 N96UT returned again, arriving from St.Johns during the early morning for another extended stop.
Piper Malibu N4140S arrived from Reykjavik during the late evening for a night-stop.

Tuesday 21st September
The third consecutive RJ.100 on a SABENA Brussels arrival, produced the first-visiting OO-DWJ on the mid-morning flight. Another first-visiting airliner saw the re-appearance of Eastern Airways, Jetstream 31 G-OEST operating a passenger charter from/to Humberside as EZE41/42.
Merlin LN-SFT departed to Aalborg at lunch-time, and our first Beech 99 since June 1998 was F-GFPE which operated a freight flight from Charleville at tea-time, departing shortly after to Toussus-le-Noble.
SAB43M OO-DWH TLA570/1 EI-TLP SAB671/91E OO-DWJ AMC5180/1 9H-ADH NFA931/924/924E OY-BPH

Monday 20th September
Rockwell Commander 112 D-EYCA routed through on delivery at lunch-time, from Maastricht to Reykjavik, Merlin LN-SFT operated by Wideroe, arrived from Oslo during the early afternoon for a night-stop, and Tyrolean Air Ambulance Falcon 10 OE-GSC operated an ambulance flight from Malaga during the afternoon, departing later to Innsbruck.
'Royal' Sikorsky S-76 G-XXEA made a rare visit to Newcastle, arriving from Longtown an departing to Middlesbrough during the afternoon, both as 'Rainbow1R'.
IST829/830 TC-IAH AIH846/5 C-FTDA RZO9400/1 CS-TGQ NFA921E/931/924 OY-BPH UKA43R/46R G-ZAPD SAB67W/67T OO-DWI OHY441/2 TC-ONO SAB677 OO-DWH JKK3185/6 EC-HBP

Sunday 19th September
Not much more - there was however yet another first-visiting Metroliner, SA227DC Metro 23 I-VICY which arrived from Forli during the early morning, and departed to Linate just after ten o'clock'.
BRA561/4 LN-TUE FCL811/0 G-FCLA CKT717/6 G-BVYA AIH900/899 G-RJGR BRA575/8 LN-TUD VIM705/6 LZ-MIK ECA864/5 5B-DBC

Saturday 18th September
VIM605 LZ-MIS IWD3437/8 EC-GUR BRT563/4 G-EMBB JKK3341/2 ECFXY CUS4602/3 SX-BGI RZO9456/7 CS-TGP CUS4604/5 SX-BGI ECA810/1 5B-DBD AEA184/5 EC-FXQ IWD3441/2 EC-GUR

Friday 17th September
The fourth in the series of Ilyushin Il-76 flights appeared during the afternoon, and amazingly it involved another different aeroplane; UR-76628 operated by Volare Aviation Enterprise arrived direct from Mykolaiv in the Ukraine as VRE2451, and departed at dusk as VRE2452 to Paphos.
Newcastle United returned from Bulgaria in the early hours, after an extremely rare victory, in Balkan Boeing 737-500 LZ-BOB again, from,to Sofia as LAZ7141/2.
An interesting exec jet movement involved Citation 525 N350GM, which passed through on a ferry flight during the late afternoon from Ganderkessee to Reykjavik - an ex German-registered machine, D-IAVB, returning to the US. Our 36th CJ !.
FUA160/1 EC-GVB SCY752/3 G-SWJW BWL8538/854P G-OBWB

Thursday 16th September
Newcastle's 35th Citation 525 appeared in the shape of Gestair's very pretty EC-HBX, which spent a few hours on the ground either side of lunch-time, as GES252/5 from/to Barcelona. Another first-visiting corporate jet appeared mid-afternoon, Aero Services Executive's Falcon 20 F-GYSL, arriving from Cherbourg and departing to le Bourget during the evening, both as BES832.
A couple of new G- reggies were Air Alba's Cessna 406 G-TWIG, from/to Inverness during the evening as RLB406, and JCB Aviation's Agusta 109 G-JCBJ, which arrived from East Midlands at tea-time as JCB05 for a night-stop.
OHY443/4 TC-ONR TSC240/1 C-GTSV FUA132/3 EC-GVB AMC082/3 9H-ABE

Wednesday 15th September
Newcastle United departed during the morning for their first European cup tie of the season under the new management, in the very appropriately registered Balkan Boeing 737-500 LZ-BOB !. Certainly the most interesting 737-500 for some time up here, the aircraft was from/to Sofia as LAZ7141/2. Another first-visitor had appeared earlier in the morning, Channel Express F-27 G-CEXF operating a freight flight inbound from Vittoria as EXS2310, and positioning out to Bournemouth as EXS311P just after sun-rise.
Lots of foreign GA beginning with Beech Baron F-GPJA day-stopping from/to Pontoise, continuing with a return visit from Schweizer 269 OO-NQD routing back south from Dundee to Netherthorpe, Mooney M.20 N252BH presumably routing back to the States during the afternoon, from Fairoaks to Reykjavik, another Yak-52, LY-AMP visiting from/to Sherburn during the afternoon, and finishing off with Flugdienst Fehlhaber's Cessna 406 D-ISHY, which operated a freight flight during the evening, from/to Cologne as FFG471/2.

Tuesday 14th September
The third in the Il-76 freight series appeared after breakfast-time, another quite interesting machine, Volare Aviation Enterprises' UR-76727, arriving from Rovno in the Ukraine as VRE2451. It departed to Paphos just before tea-time as VRE2452.
The afternoon saw Beech Bonanza N2188J pass through on a delivery flight, from Reykjavik to Bremen.
TLA570/1 EI-TLP AMC5180/1 9H-ADM NFA921/924/924E OY-NPD

Monday 13th September
Another KLMuk ATR.72 first-visited, G-UKTM operating the lunch-time UKA41R/44R Stansted rotation.
BWL561P/8561 G-OBWE TSC401 C-GTSV IST829/830 TC-IAH NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPD AIH846/5 C-FTDA RZO9400/1 CS-TGQ OHY441/2 TC-ONM JKK3185/6 EC-GHH

Sunday 12th September
Only movement of interest was another foreign GA visitor, Rockwell Commander 114 D-EWIH passing through during the late afternoon from Islay to Norwich.
BRA561/4 LN-TUC FCL811/0 G-FCLD AMM666D/C G-OOAB CKT717/6 G-BVYC AIH900/899 G-RJGR VIM705/6 LZ-MIS ECA864/5 5B-DBC

Saturday 11th September
A much quieter day; Cessna 210 PH-KMS departed to Teuge before 0700L, and an interesting foreign helicopter was Hughes 269 OO-NQD, which spent just over an hour on the ground mid-afternoon, from Netherthorpe to Dundee.
Eurocypria used a Cyprus Airways Airbus A.320 for their late evening Larnaca charter, 5B-DBA making its first visit to Newcastle since 1997.
VIM605 LZ-MIS IWD3437/8 EC-GZD JKK3341/2 EC-HBP BRT563/4 G-EMBB CUS4602/3 SX-BBU RZO9456/7 CS-TGP ECA810/1 5B-DBA CUS4604/5 SX-BBU IWD3441/2 EC-GZD AEA184/5 EC-FZZ

Friday 10th September
The second Ilyushin Il-76 of the week appeared at lunch-time in the shape of Khors Air's UR-UCJ, which arrived from Athens as KHO3683, returning there during the early evening, under the same callsign. The aircraft had actually visited Newcastle before in a different guise, as UR-78755 operated by Air Foyle on 26th May 1995, then again on 3rd April 1996. A Russian design of a different magnitude visited during the morning, Yak-52 LY-AFX arriving from Sibson, flying a local flight, and then departing to Leicester during the afternoon.
The Friday evening Stavanger charter was operated as expected, by a Air Holland Boeing 757, PH-AHI arriving from Stavanger as AHR833, and positioning out to Amsterdam as AHR834P.
Cessna 210 PH-KMS arrived from Stornoway at tea-time for a night-stop, and Astra D-CRIS departed to Paderborn during the early evening, after its third double-night-stop of recent weeks.
FUA160/1 EC-GYK SCY752/3 G-SWJW AHR833/834P PH-AHI TLA534/5 EI-TLP FUA102/3 EC-HAN CUS4600/1 SX-BBU

Thursday 9th September
The Il-76 made its customary extremely loud departure - at 0345 !, to Athens and then onwards to Yemen. Foreign visitors included Occitania Jet Beech 1900D F-GRCD on its second visit to Newcastle, still just the second 'D' we've ever had, which day-stopped from/to Le Bourget as OJF405/3, King Air 90 F-GFDJ which visited during the morning from Toussus to Pontoise, and Jetline Aviation Cessna 421 D-IMFL which operated a cargo flight from Stuttgart during the early evening, returning to Stuttgart after just under an hour on the ground.
Skyline Aviation Learjet 36 N116MA called in again, presumably during exercises over the North Sea, being present for just under an hour over lunch-time, arriving from, and departing to Rotterdam as 'Lion16'. Dubai Air Wing Gulf IV A6-HHH departed during Farnborough during the evening as DUB004 again.
SABENA used another RJ.100 for the mid-afternoon rotation, a flight which looks like a contender for the rumoured forthcoming planned twice-a-day RJ.100 operation.
AHC7102 UR-76767 OHY443/4 TC-ONR TSC240/1 C-GTSF FUA132/3 EC-HAN SAB673/67P OO-DWC AMC082/3 9H-ABE

Wednesday 8th September
A much more interesting day; most significant visitor was our first Ilyushin Il-76 movement since 22nd November 1997, producing something much more interesting than the anticipated Heavylift machine, Azal-Avia Cargo Il-76MD UR-76767 arriving from Ostend mid-afternoon as AHC7101. Apparently a de-converted Il-78 tanker, the aircraft was inevitably delayed, not departing until the following morning.
Executive jet visitors included Pharma Nord's very pretty Falcon 100 OY-PHN, which day-stopped from/to Billund, Dubai Air Wing Gulfstream IV A6-HHH which arrived direct from Dubai during the afternoon for a night-stop, and the return of Challenge Air Astra D-CRIS again, arriving from Paderborn at tea-time for another double night-stop.
TLA650/1 EI-TLG AMM689D/C G-OOAJ CKT739/8 G-CVYD AHC7101 UR-76767 NFA924E OY-NPC

Tuesday 7th September
Not too much of interest, just Piper Malibu N9122N from/to Kidlington, and Eurojet Citation 500 G-OEJA, which spent much of the afternoon and evening here, as GOJ077B/C, from Teesside to Coventry.
TLA570/1 EI-TLP SAB673/67P OO-DWA AMC5180/1 9H-ADN NFA921/924 OY-NPC

Monday 6th September
The early hours saw the first-visit eventually of Britannia Airways Boeing 757 G-BYAY, which arrived from Palma to become one of the based aeroplanes, its first departure being the morning Zakinthos. Another first-visiting airliner was the last of the current fleet of Maersk(UK) CRJ's to appear here, G-MSKP with the 'Union Flag' tail, operating all three arrivals during the day. The 'last' SABENA RJ.100 to first-visit OO-DWI, made just its second appearance here on the mid-afternoon Brussels rotation, the aircraft of course being the first to visit Newcastle in the carrier's new colour scheme, back in April.
King Air 90 F-GFDJ operated a flight from Pontoise at tea-time, departing shortly after to Toussus, while Dubai Air Wing Gulfstream IV A6-HHH made its first appearance here for quite some time, being on the ground for just one hour during the early evening, from/to Farnborough as DUB004.
BAL105B/442A G-BYAY FCL998/998P G-FCLK BWL8526 G-OBWE GIL761A/360P/361P G-EXPS MSK390/1 G-MSKP TSC401 C-GTSE IST829/830 TC-IAH NFA121E/921/924 OY-NPC AIH846/5 C-FTDA RZO9400/1 CS-TGR SAB673/67P OO-DWI MSK394/5 G-MSKP OHY441/2 TC-ONN MSK398 G-MSKP JKK3185/6 EC-GAT

Sunday 5th September
Highlight of the day was our first CitationJet delivery for a few months, N888RK actually diverting in for fuel en-route from Reykjavik to Rotterdam at lunch-time. The aircraft, on delivery to a Dutch owner, departed to Rotterdam, after spending just 35 minutes on the ground. Taunus Air Learjet 35 D-CGRC operated a breakfast-time ambulance flight from Angers as TAQ242, the aircraft departing shortly after as TAQ253 to Frankfurt.
The first of the new Sunday Maersk(UK) Birmingham schedules produced another first-visiting CRJ, G-MSKO in the 'Crossing Borders' tail design operating the tea-time rotation, and the late evening arriving 'night-stopper'. BAC Express Shorts 360 G-EXPS arrived from Exeter during the afternoon for a couple of days flying with Gill Airways, the aeroplane not however operating any services during the remainder of the day.
Keenair Bandeirante G-FLTY operated a late evening cargo flight from Liverpool as JFK858, returning to Liverpool just after midnight as JFK858P.

Saturday 4th September
Only movements of interest were two early morning departures, Twin Otter 8Q-HII leaving at the start of its delivery flight, first stop Corfu, before 0600, and Cessna 172 D-ECLY which left for Whiterashes after breakfast.
VIM605/6 LZ-MIG IWD3437/8 EC-GUR JKK3341/2 EC-GHH CUS4602/3 SX-BGI MON5897/6 G-MONZ BRT563/4 G-EMBH RZO9456/7 CS-TGQ ECA810/1 5B-DBD CUS4604/5 SX-BGI AEA184/5 EC-GUO

Friday 3rd September
The regular evening inbound Stavanger charter produced a Eurowings Airbus A.319 for the second week running, and the third of the carrier's fleet of aircraft to appear here, D-AKNF, becoming also just the third of type to visit Newcastle. This arrival was incidentally the second of three arrivals from Stavanger within the space of six minutes during the early evening, the A.319 and European Air Charter One Eleven G-AVMS operating a Gill Airways charter, following the Braathens scheduled servicce, operated by LN-BRT.
Only GA movement of any interest after a relatively exciting couple of days, was Cessna 172 D-ECLY which arrived from Saint Ghislain in Belgium during the evening for a night-stop.
MSK390/1 G-MSKM FUA160/1 EC-GXR MSK394/5 G-MSKM SCY752/3 G-SWJW EWG5205 D-AKNF GIL311/312P G-AVMS TLA534/5 EI-TLP CUS4600//1 SX-BBU FUA102/3 EC-HBT

Thursday 2nd September
The exotic registrations kept coming, with the arrival of Twin Otter 8Q-HII just before 9 o'clock in the morning. Arriving from Maastricht for the fitting of long-range ferry tanks, prior to delivery to the Maldives, the aircraft wore a two-colour blue cheatline, and a red band across the fin, with a painted out white cross, giving a clue to its previous, and consequently not too exotic, Swiss identity. The aircraft was to spend the following two nights at Newcastle.
The day produced two German Citations, C560 D-CLEO during the morning from Munich to Dortmund, and C551 D-IMME which stayed the afternoon, from Klagenfurt to Frankfurt. Piper Cheyenne 9H-ADD departed to Biggin Hill early morning.
Two Titan aeroplanes were used for sub-charters, the Boeing 737-300 G-ZAPM for the first two Gill Airways/Air France rotations of the day, and Shorts 360 G-ZAPD for the third, tea-time KLMuk Stansted flight.
GIL101P/101C/100C/403C/102C/104P G-ZAPM MSK390/1 G-MSKL OHY443/4 TC-ONR TSC240/1 C-GTSV FUA132/3 EC-GXR MSK394/5 G-MSKL UKA43R/46R G-ZAPD MSK398 G-MSKL AMC082/3 9H-ABE

Wednesday 1st September
GA visitors included two quite exotic machines; MD.600 VP-CCW which visited late morning, arriving from a site near Cottesmore and departing northwards to East Fortune, and Cheyenne 9H-ADD of Executive Flight Services, which arrived from Alicante during the late evening as URF300, for a night-stop.
The extra Flying Colours movements were company charters, delivering Glasgow and Newcastle-based employees to Manchester for the launch of JMC Airlines.

Tuesday 31st August
A scheduled Canadair Regional Jet service returned to Newcastle Airport, only our second ever, the first of course being the sporadically-operated Lufthansa Munich service of a few years ago. The eagerly-awaited upgrade to Maersk's Birmingham schedule, albeit with a frequency drop to three-times-daily, actually occurred a day earlier than most enthusiasts expected, with the first two flights, a mid-morning and tea-time rotation, being operated by G-MSKN, only its second and third visits to Newcastle, with the third daily flight, a late evening arrival and night-stopper, being operated by G-MSKM.
Only GA movement of interest was Comfort Air's Citation 525 D-ITSV which made a breakfast-time visit from Munich to Tempelhof.
AMC5180/1 9H-ADM MSK390/1 G-MSKN MSK394/5 G-MSKN MSK389 G-MSKM NFA921/924/924E OY-NPC TLA570/1 EI-TLP

Monday 30th August
Only visiting movement of interest was the departure of Citation 525 OO-PHI, back to Antwerp during the early evening.
Lots of colour-scheme changes to be noted up here at the moment, and for a change not anything to do with British Airways; SABENA RJ.85's are now beginning to appear in the new colours, OO-DJK, DJL, DJN and DJO having been noted during the previous week (notably with the 'last two' on the nose - not the 'last one' as they used to have, and are they being re-painted in order ?), while the slightly modified Spanair colours were seen on the new EC-HGA last Saturday, and EC-GBA last, and this Monday evening. Not a new colour-scheme as such but notable was today's Air Azores Boeing 737-300 CS-TGP, which sported a TAP nose cone !.
AIH846/5 C-FTDA BWL8526 G-OBWA IST829/830 TC-IAH JKK3185/6 EC-GBA NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPC OHY441/2 TC-ONP RZO9400/1 CS-TGP TSC401 C-GTSV

Sunday 29th August
Piper Navajo N61422, a Panther conversion with 4-bladed props and winglets, arrived from Elstree early morning on an ambulance flight, returning south during the early evening, while a more standard Navajo, N97RJ returned to a Earls Colne early afternoon after its night-stop. Another departure was Citation Bravo N7NN, back to Oslo late morning, while the owner of Citation 525 OO-PHI fulfilled his promise to return soon, arriving from Antwerp late afternoon for a night-stop.

Saturday 28th August
Twin Commanche N4000U continued on to Reykjavik after breakfast, after its two nights here, and Falcon 50 N96UT made another visit, arriving from Biggin Hill mid-morning, and departing to Gander after just 45 minutes on the ground. Piper Navajo N97RJ arrived from Earls Colne mid-morning for a night-stop, and Learjet 35 I-ZOOM departed to Faro during the afternoon.
Airliners included the second, and consecutive visit, from British Regional Embraer 145 G-EMBH on the mid-day Jersey rotation, while the early afternoon Spanair Palma flight produced MD.83 EC-HGA, who's status as a first-visiting airliner still remains 'up in the air' at the moment.
VIM605/6 LZ-MIK IWD3437/8 EC-GUR BRT563/4 G-EMBH JKK3341/2 EC-HGA CUS4602/3 SX-BBU MON5897/6 G-MONZ RZO9456/7 CS-TGR CUS4604/5 SX-BBU ECA810/1 5B-DBD AEA184/5 EC-GUO IWD3441/2 EC-GUR

Friday 27th August
Quite an interesting day, with six, for a change not too regular, foreign exec jets being present at various times during the day, and two first-visiting airliners. A day of 'seconds' too, with only our second Citation Bravo N7NN which arrived from Oslo during the late morning for a two-night stay, and during the early evening only our second Airbus A.319 ever, another Eurowings example, D-AKNH arriving from Stavanger on the oil charter, and departing to Dusseldorf as EWG5199. Another first-timer was Avilen's Learjet 35A I-ZOOM which arrived from Barcelona at lunch-time for a night-stop.
Falcon 50 N96UT departed to Biggin Hill at breakfast, Tyrolean Jet Service Falcon 10 OE-GSC passed through mid-afternoon from Reykjavik to Innsbruck, and another ambulance-equipped exec jet visited at tea-time, Swiss Air Ambulance's BAe125-800 HB-VIL arriving, interestingly, from Tripoli (our first from here for some time/ever ?) as SAZ352, and departing to Zurich early evening as SAZ353. Finally Challenge Air Astra D-CRIS departed to Cologne during the early evening after its second two-night stay in the space of two weeks.
Yet another first-visitor was City-Flyer's new RJ.100 G-BZAX which operated the first morning rotation, wearing the 'Union Flag' tail design of course.

Thursday 26th August
Lunch-time saw a very welcome Electra visit, Atlantic Cargo's G-LOFC arriving from Coventry as AAG705 to operate a freight flight outbound to Maastricht as AAG706 during the early afternoon. Another interesting 'freighter' was Reed Aviation's re-registered HS.748 G-ORAL arriving on the early Emerald Airways mail flight from Liverpool, and day-stopping for the late evening departure back to Liverpool - not a first-visitor though, as it is of course the ex G-BPDA.
Mid American Energy Holdings' Falcon 50 N96UT made another appearance, arriving from Leeds during the late morning for a night-stop, while another making a return to Newcastle was Twin Commanche N4000U which transitted through to Duxford from the US at the end of July, and which arrived from Duxford at lunch-time also for a night-stop. Airlink King Air OE-FME departed to Prestwick during the afternoon as JAR09.

Wednesday 25th August
Another returning German exec was last weeks first-visiting Astra D-CRIS making its return as expected, arriving from Cologne at tea-time for what is expected to be another extended stay. The regular Airlink King Air OE-FME also arrived for a night-stop, mid-morning from Laage.

Tuesday 24th August
The space of twenty minutes over lunch-time saw three German GA visitors, including two CitationJets !: the second-last CJ to first-visit Newcastle appeared first, MSR Flug's D-ISGW arriving from Klagenfurt as EBF731, while the fourth of the type to visit Newcastle, back in 1994, landed twenty minutes later, D-IHEB also arriving from Klagenfurt. In the meantime Cheyenne D-IKET had arrived from Reykjavik on a delivery flight, continuing on to Landshut during the early afternoon. The two CitationJets departed within two minutes of each other a little later in the afternoon, D-ISGW first as EBF732 to Northolt, with D-IHEB following it, departing to Frankfurt.
PA-32 OY-JAH departed to Odense during the early morning, after its night-stop, and a further GA visitor appeared just before midnight, Air Poitiers King Air 90 F-GHUV visiting from/to Poitiers, as FUR002. British Airways Boeing 757 G-BPEI first-visited during the early afternoon, since its repaint into 'Union Flag'.
TLA570/1 EI-TLP BAW12G/13J G-BPEI AMC5180/1 9H-ADM NFA921/924/924E OY-NPE

Monday 23rd August
Another day, and another first-visiting Metroliner, this time one that wouldn't be 'old' for those who'd seen their American commuter fleets, the new-build OY-NPE of North Flying operating the normal positioner in from Aalborg, and return trip to Bergen via Aberdeen, and then night-stopping. Another first-visiting airliner was the appearance eventually of the 'other' Skyservice Airbus A.320, the previously Leeds-based C-GTDB, operating the lunch-time Reus 'W', flown by the Teesside-based aircraft. The aeroplane wears Airtours colours on the port side, and Skyservice colours starboard.
PA-32 OY-JAH arrived on a ferry flight, mid-morning direct from St.Johns, Newfoundland, the aircraft subsequently night-stopping (allowing the pilot some much-needed rest obviously !), while another delivery saw Falcon 20 N854GA pass through west-bound during the early evening, from Le Bourget to Reykjavik.
TSC401 C-GTSN IST829/830 TC-IAH NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPE AIH846/5 C-GTDB RZO9400/1 CS-TGR OHY441/2 TC-ONO JKK3185/6 EC-GXU

Sunday 22nd August
Still not a lot, although another Metroliner first-visited during the late evening, another ex US commuter airline regular, Tadair's SA227AC EC-GKR, once a Skywest machine, arriving from Barcelona as TDC501, departing back to Barcelona as TDC502P just after midnight. Citation 560 G-CZAR departed to Ajaccio at breakfast as CFR567.
BAL426B/992F G-OBYD BRA561/4 LN-TUE FCL811/426 G-FCLG CKT717/6 G-CVYE AIH900/899 G-RJGR BRA575/8 LN-TUA VIM705/718 LZ-MIK BWL513P G-OBWE ECA864/5 5B-DBC

Saturday 21st August
Cessna 421 N421AG departed onwards to Reykjavik at breakfast-time, again as 'Cotswold01', and Citation 560 G-CZAR made only its 3rd visit to Newcastle, arriving from Malaga during the evening as CFR568.
VIM605/6 LZ-MIG IWD3437/8 EC-HCR BAL999F/426A G-OBYD BRT563/4 G-EMBH JKK3341/2 EC-FXI CUS4602/3 SX-BGI MON5897/6 G-MONZ RZO9456/7 CS-TGP ECA810/1 5B-DBB IWD3441/2 EC-HCR CUS4604/5 SX-BGI AEA184/5 EC-FZZ

Friday 20th August
Metroliner N341AE continued its ferry flight west-bound at breakfast-time, departing to Reykjavik, and another west-bound delivery began during the afternoon, the familiar looking, Aero Dynamics-operated Cessna 421 N421AG arriving from Staverton as 'Cotswold01' (ADL01) and night-stopping. Challenge Air Astra D-CRIS departed during the afternoon after spending two nights here, back to Dusseldorf, and two UK-registered Citations visited during the evening, the regular Citation V N560MM, actually on its first-visit here since the 20th July, (has it been re-painted ?), and the less common Citation II G-SPUR, making just its second visit to Newcastle, just after 9 o'clock, from/to Stansted as 'LonEx100'.
The Air Scandic Tristar EI-CNN, which first-visited last month on an Airtours sub-charter, re-appeared on the carrier's afternoon Tenerife rotation, the aircraft arriving via Manchester during the early evening.
Tea-time saw the arrival of a very rare light aircraft type, at least on the ground at Newcastle, Shaw Europa G-DLCB arriving from Tingwall and night-stopping.
FUA160/1 EC-GNZ BWL8477/846P G-OBWB SCY9753/753 EI-CNN TLA534/5 EI-TLP FUA102/3 EC-HAN CUS4600/1 SX-BGI

Thursday 19th August
Another pretty busy GA day, with the highlights again appearing quite late in the evening. Leadair Falcon 10 F-GJLL spent 30 minutes on the ground at 9 o'clock as LEA038L from/to Le Bourget, while another Sierra West Airlines Metroliner arrived on a ferry flight at half past ten, SA227AC Metro III N341AE arriving from Marseille, and night-stopping. The aircraft wore a quite attractive green and cream colour-scheme, with a stylised bird's head on the fin and engines, and the titles 'Envious Urgentes Halcourier'.
Learjet 45 N708SP visited twice, from Luton to Frankfurt in the morning, and back in reverse at tea-time, and Flugdienst Fehlhaber Cessna 406 D-IAAD visited during the early hours from/to Cologne as FFG482/3. Departing night-stoppers included the Airlink King Air OE-FME, to Lubeck during the afternoon, and the ATA Boeing 757 N522AT, which left for Montreal-Mirabel at lunch-time.
OHY443/4 TC-ONR TSC240/1 C-GTSE FUA132/3 EC-GVB AMC082/3 9H-ABE

Wednesday 18th August
The proverbial 'pig awful' day, with persistent rain, but strangely lots of visitors, with a very full GA apron by late evening. Best occupant of the Samson Apron was certainly Astra SPX D-CRIS of Challenge Air, which arrived from Dusseldorf during the early evening for an extended stay. Incredibly this is only the second Astra to visit Newcastle, the first one being D-CCAT in 1995 and 1996 !. Other GA of interest included Airlink King Air OE-FME from Lubeck at tea-time for a night-stop, and Cheyenne F-BXSK which arrived two minutes later from Nevers, departing an hour later to Dijon, while a number of freight flights from points in France by Atlantic Airways' Cessna 406 G-LEAF, a MAFF Cessna 406, a Gold Air Cessna 421, and a few ambulance flights during the evening, made for a busy scene 'southside'.
Last Wednesday's first-visiting Air 2000 Airbus A.321 G-OOAI returned on the lunch-time Verona 'W', but a much more interesting airliner appeared during the early evening in the shape of American Trans Air Boeing 757 N522AT, which arrived from Oslo on a training flight, for a night-stop.

Tuesday 17th August
Just another British Airways 757 first-visiting in the Union Flag scheme, G-BPEB on the 'night-stopper'.
TLA570/1 EI-TLP SAB673/67P OO-DWB NFA921/924/924E OY-NPD AMC5180/1 9H-ADH BAW12T G-BPEB

Monday 16th August
Highlight of the day was certainly just the second visit to Newcastle of an Airbus A.319, although this unfortunately involved the same aircraft as the first !. The Eurowings machine D-AKNG was used for the usual morning Stavanger charter, the aircraft positioning in from Dusseldorf. The first-visit of type involving this A.319 was on a Gill Airways sub-charter on 9th April 1998.
The latest fist-visiting British Airways Boeing 757 re-paint was G-BPEA on the first morning rotation, again wearing the Chatham 'Union Flag' tail design.
Comfort Air Citation 560 D-CLEO visited from/to Munich during the evening.
EWG5196 D-AKNG BAW12J/13E G-BPEA IST829/830 TC-IAH TSC401 C-GTSE FCL705P/705 G-FCLJ NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPD AIH846/5 C-FTDA RZO9400/1 CS-TGR FCL706/706P G-FCLJ OHY441/2 TC-ONO JKK3185/6 EC-GHH

Sunday 15th August
Cessna 177 F-GAAO stopped over lunch-time, from Rouen to Dundee, and Cheyenne N97RJ visited again, spending the day here from/to Earls Colne. Another executive jet visiting from Luton was BAe125 N125XX during the afternoon.
BAC Express Shorts 360 G-CEAL returned the passengers off last Friday's Wick charter during the afternoon, the aircraft subsequently positioning out to Cambridge.
BAL426B/992F G-OBYD AEA184/5 EC-GUO BRA561/4 LN-TUD FCL811/0 G-FCLA CKT717/6 G-CVYG RPX991A/991 G-CEAL AIH900/899 G-RJGR BRA575/8 LN-BRO VIM717/8 LZ-MIR ECA864/5 5B-DBD

Saturday 14th August
Only thing of interest was Ambrion Aviation Citation 501 N145DF which spent the afternoon here from/to Luton.
CUS4600/1 SX-BGI VIM605/6 LZ-MIK IWD3437/8 EC-GUR BAL999F/426A G-OBYD AMM56D G-OOAO BRT563/4 G-EMBI JKK3341/2 EC-GGV MON5897/6 G-MONZ CUS4602/3 SX-BGI RZO9456/7 CS-TGP ECA810/1 5B-DBB IWD3441/2 EC-GUR CUS4604/5 SX-BGI

Friday 13th August
One of the based Britannia Airways Boeing 757's became SE-DUK for the day, the first-visiting aircraft arriving from Palma during the early hours, and departing to Ibiza during the late evening at the end of its short detachment. BAC Express Shorts 360 G-OJSY positioned in from Cambridge mid-morning to operate out to Wick.
Two French executive jets, both of which had visited only once before, returned during the day; last month's first-visiting Falcon 10 F-GSLZ was present over lunch-time from/to Nancy, while last week's Falcon 2000 F-GODO spent half an hour on the ground just after lunch, from Cannes to Le Bourget.
AMC082/3 9H-ABS BAL228B/166A/166B/229A/229B/481A SE-DUK AMM65D/42P G-OOAL RPX990A/990 G-OJSY FUA160/1 EC-GNZ AMM56C G-OOAO SCY752/3 G-SWJW BWL8466/847P G-OBWA TLA534/5 EI-TLR FUA102/3 EC-GVB

Thursday 12th August
Jet Aviation Challenger 604 D-AJAB was an early morning first-visitor, arriving from Cologne and departing to Biggin Hill before 0815L. Piper Seneca N3036A spent the afternoon here, from/to Birmingham.
City-Flyer's new RJ.100 G-BZAW made its second visit during the morning, and another aircraft in the 'Union Flag' colour-scheme made its first-visit since re-paint, Boeing 757 G-BIKZ arriving on the night-stopping BAW12T.

Wednesday 11th August
The Air 2000 A.321 we had been looking for for some time, G-OOAI, finally appeared on the lunch-time Verona charter. The evening Stord charter was operated by New Air F-27 OY-EBC, which positioned out to Billund. As we have now had three weeks without an outbound to Stord, could this have been the last Stord charter ?.
Cessna 421 D-IQQQ departed to Belfast City during the morning after its night-stop, and Swiss Air Ambulance BAe 125-800 HB-VIK visited a little later, spending just nineteen minutes on the ground, from Zurich to Cambridge as SAZ241/2.
TLA650/1 EI-TLG CKT739/8 G-CVYD AMM689D/C G-OOAI NAW1109/9097 OY-EBC

Tuesday 10th August
City-Flyer's new RJ.100 G-BZAW first-visited on the only Gatwick jet service of the day just after breakfast-time, another 'Union Flag'-ed aeroplane. Titan Airways ATR.42 G-BUPS delivered some, presumably 'stranded' Brymon passengers from Manchester, for the late evening BRY58B Newcastle-Aberdeen service.
Twin Commancher N8256Y passed through again late morning, on its way back home from the event at Duxford, from Blackbushe to Reykjavik, and Cessna 421 D-IQQQ arrived from Shannon during the evening for a night-stop.
A first-visit-of-type was Jabiru G-BYCZ at tea-time, from Perth to its Carlisle home.

Monday 9th August
At the end of quite a long line of 'fast jet' departures, as is usual after a Sunderland Airshow weekend, was the earlier than expected departure of the night-stopping Falcon 900EX N25UD, which left for Luton late morning.
Nothing else !.
BWL476P/8476 G-OBWE TSC401 C-GTSV IST829/30 TC-IAH NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPC AIH846/5 C-FTDA RZO9400/1 CS-TGQ OHY441/2 TC-ONM JKK3185/6 EC-GXU

Sunday 8th August
Another exec jet type, albeit a sub-type with no external differences, made its first appearance at Newcastle, United Dominion Industries Falcon 900EX N25UD arriving direct from its base at Charlotte, North Carolina during the evening, and night-stopping.
Another Beech Duke passed through on delivery during the afternoon, N593HP arriving from Reykjavik and departing to Osnabruck, while a Sunderland Airshow-related, civil visitor, was the very smart Jet Provost G-BWGT, which came from Abbeyshrule for its display at Whitburn, departing back to Ireland within two hours of arriving.
For the first time in over two months, Braathens used a 'classic' Boeing 737 for a Sunday flight, the evening rotation being operated by LN-BRM.
BAL426B/992F G-OBYB BRA561/4 LN-TUE FCL811/0 G-FCLI CKT717/6 G-BVYC BRA575/8 LN-BRM VIM717/8 LZ-MIS AIH900/899 G-WJAN ECA864/5 5B-DBC

Saturday 7th August
Spanair continued to need help to operate their lunch-time Palma charter, the flight this week being operated by Volare Airbus A.320 F-GJVU, a few hours late mid-afternoon, an aircraft that had visited Newcastle previously as G-BXAT with Flying Colours every Friday during Summer 1997, and indeed as F-GJVU with Volare on a Newcastle United charter last September.
DC-3 N1944A departed to Coventry at lunch-time after its night-stop, MU-2 N772MA arriving just a few minutes later from Reykjavik, and continuing on to Lugano an hour later.
FCL113/113P G-FCLJ VIM605/6 LZ-MIR AMM56D G-OOAO IWD3437/8 EC-GLT BAL999F/426A G-OBYB BRT563/4 G-EMBA CUS4602/3 SX-BGI MON5897/6 G-MONW JKK0334/3342 F-GJVU RZO9456/7 CS-TGP ECA810/1 5B-DBD CUS4604/5 SX-BGI IWD3441/2 EC-GLT AEA184/5 EC-GUO

Friday 6th August
Dassault's Falcon 2000 F-GODO became just the fourth of type to appear here, spending just over an hour on the ground at lunch-time, from Le Bourget to Cannes, while the early evening saw two similar American registrations visit on delivery flights. First off, King Air 90 N1092G passed through west-bound, from Chester to Reykjavik, followed by something much more interesting, DC-3 N1944A which arrived from Reykjavik for a night-stop.
The return sector of last weekend's three Lourdes departures were all operated by the same aeroplane, Caledonian Airways Tristar TF-ABE positioning out to Gatwick after operating in from Lourdes. British Airways Boeing 757 G-BIKV first-visited since its re-paint into the 'Chatham' tail design.

Thursday 5th August
First-visiting executive jet was Inflite's Challenger VP-BIE which spent just under two hours on the south apron late morning. Using the callsign 'IEJ001', it was from/to Stansted.
The first arrival for the Sunderland Airshow arrived at tea-time in the shape of the 'Utterly Butterly' Boeing Stearman N54922, which arrived from Sherburn.
Airtours A.320 C-FTDA diverted in from Teesside again during the late evening, from Malaga.

Wednesday 4th August
Definite highlight, in fact the only light during another dull day up here, was the appearance of the second Wideroe Dash Eight on a Stord charter. The first-visiting series 300 LN-WFR was the aeroplane, which arrived from Stord and positioned out to Torp during the early evening, wearing a basically white colour-scheme, with just a tail logo, and the carrier's web address ( in large green letters along the lower fuselage.
TLA650/1 EI-TLG CKT739/8 G-CVYD AMM689D/C G-OOAF WIF7399/8400 LN-WFR

Tuesday 3rd August
Another relatively quiet day, the only visitor of note seeing the return of Twin Commanche N91XC, which passed through in the reverse direction of its first-visit last Wednesday, arriving from Duxford and departing to Reykjavik.
Another habitant of the soon-to-be-demolished Bellman hangar departed to a new base during the afternoon, Murphy Renegade G-BTHN making the short trip north to Eshott.
TLA570/1 EI-TLP NFA921/924/924E OY-NPC AMC5180/1 9H-ADH

Monday 2nd August
Only visitor of note was Falcon 10 F-BVPR which arrived during the afternoon from Marseilles, and returned to France during the late evening - I first saw this one here over twenty-one years ago !.
City-Flyer RJ.100's returned to Newcastle on a regular basis for the first time since the end of the Winter 98/99 schedule, the aircraft re-appearing as expected on the second morning rotation (CFE42WX/45XY), replacing the previously used ATR.72, but also at the expense of the first morning rotation, the CFE36RV/39VW, which was an ATR.42 flight, meaning we go back to a six-times-a-day, weekday Gatwick frequency. Today's flight was operated by G-BZAT. Another change to the CFE schedule sees a slight swop to the night-stopping late evening arrivals, the second last CFE21HC becoming an ATR.72 and the last CFE62MF becoming an ATR.42 - the morning departures remain the same, with the '72' departing first.
AIH900/900P G-MCEA BWL465P/8465 G-OBWA IST829/830 TC-IAH TSC401 C-GTSN NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPC AIH846/5 C-FTDA RZO9400/1 CS-TGQ UKA41R/44R G-BUPS OHY441/2 TC-ONR JKK3185/6 EC-GBA

Sunday 1st August
The last of the current fleet of Braathens Boeing 737-700's to appear finally first-visited during the evening, LN-TUF becoming our tenth -700 in the process.
That was the only 'real' aeroplane however during an otherwise extremely busy day, thanks mainly to the Newcastle Aero Club Open Day, which produced a number of very unusual visitors. Possibly the most interesting of these was the first Aero L-29 Delfin to land at Newcastle, the very impressive G-DLFN arriving from Linton-on-Ouse during the morning, and departing to North Weald late afternoon, flying a local flight 'off to the North' in between. Other not so usual types included a trio of microlights from Eshott, G-BYIZ, G-MYVP and G-MWCH, Glastar G-LSTR from Brunton, and two gliders from Currock Hill, Venture G-BUFP which flew in and out under its own power, and another, as yet un-identified un-powered machine, which was roaded-in during the morning, and which was actually 'towed-out', mid-afternoon, by the Northumbria Gliding Club's Pawnee G-BNZV, which was also from/to Currock Hill.
AIH899P/899 G-MCEA BAL426B/992F G-OBYB BRA561/4 LN-TUB BRA575/8 LN-TUF CKT717/6 G-BVYC ECA864/5 5B-DBB FCL811/0 G-FCLA GIL100P G-BYDN VIM717/706 LZ-MIR

Saturday 31st July
The Air Lithuania ATR.42 LY-ARI, that arrived on the 18th for maintenance with Gill Airways Engineering, departed back to Kaunus during the early morning. The night-stopping Air Mediterrannee Boeing 737 F-GCJL operated a charter to Lourdes first thing, as did the British World BAC One Eleven G-OBWE that had arrived on the Stavanger charter the previous evening. Another One Eleven, G-OBWA, positioned in from Edinburgh at breakfast-time, for another Lourdes charter.
Both of the Gill Airways ATR.42's that have been on wet leases recently to European airlines, returned to Newcastle during the day, presumably for maintenance, using the callsigns of the airlines they had been operating for. G-BXBV arrived from Bergamo using the Gandalf callsign GNF005P, while G-WFEP followed it from Lyon, using the Proteus Airlines callsign PRB4063. The additional visit by Airtours A.320 C-FTDA was as a result of an early morning weather diversion from Teesside.

Friday 30th July
Yet another Twin Commanche passed through during the afternoon, N4000U from Reykjavik to Duxford, although a slightly more exotic machine overflew us, ZS-EMR. Citation 560 N311DG substituted for the usual N560MM at tea-time, from Northolt to Luton, while '560MM' is re-painted.
Air Mediterranee Boeing 737-200 F-GCJL arrived from Liverpool just before midnight, to be in position for an early Saturday morning Lourdes departure.

Thursday 29th July
A rare colour-scheme up here, re-appeared during the afternoon on the carrier concerned's latest aeroplane, Jersey European's first Dash Eight, G-JEDA making a crew training visit mid-afternoon from Leeds. The airframe had actually been delivered through Newcastle on its way back to Canada on the 13th of March, wearing the basic colours of its previous operator, Tyrolean Airways.
BAe125-800 G-WBPR departed back to Northolt after breakfast, and Brymon Airways used Titan Airways ATR.42 G-BUPS for the Copenhagen, and last two Belfast rotations.
British Airways Boeing 757 G-BPEB made its first-visit since December 1996 during the day, the aircraft presumably having become a 'domestic' aircraft once more - colour-scheme ?.
AMM65P/C G-OOAL OHY443/4 TC-ONM BRY31P/131C/32C/413B/33N/413C/35N/35P G-BUPS TSC240/1 C-GTSF JEA024T G-JEDA FUA132A/133 EC-HCP AMC082/3 9H-ABE

Wednesday 28th July
The late afternoon saw two quite interesting American-registered arrivals, TBM.700 N228CX from Blackpool to Southend, and another Twin Commanche on its way to Duxford, N91XC which arrived from Reykjavik, and departed to Duxford, although it was thought to have diverted elsewhere due to Duxford being closed.
Sun Air ATP OY-SVT operated one arrival from Stord during the evening, positioning out later to Stavanger. Granada BAe125-800 G-WBPR arrived from Northolt during the evening for a night-stop.
Undisputed star though, quite possibly outside the scope of this report, but worth mentioning anyway, was arguably our best military visitor of the decade, the Slovenian Air Force Bell 412 that was at Fairford show, arriving from North Weald during the evening for a double-night-stop !.

Tuesday 27th July
Beautiful weather again, but very few interesting aeroplanes. Cessna 340 N340SC was the sole GA visitor of note, arriving from North Weald during the morning for a night-stop.
SAB43M OO-DWB TLA570/1 EI-TLR AMC5180/1 9H-ADH NFA921/924 OY-NPC

Monday 26th July
Airtours used the first-visiting Air Scandic Tristar EI-CNN for the return sector of a Palma rotation during the early hours, the aircraft arriving from Palma and positioning out to Manchester. Two British Airways Boeing 757's appeared for the first time since recent re-paints, G-BIKR on the early morning BAW12J/13E, now wearing 'Unon Flag', and G-BIKN two rotations later on the BAW12G/13J, the aircraft now wearing the 'Rendezvous' tail fin.
Citation 560 N311DG departed to Northolt at breakfast-time, while the late afternoon saw two N-reg visitors, another Twin Commanche on delivery, N8256Y passing through from Reyjavik to Duxford, and Aero Commander 690 N91384 of Coopers Aerial Surveys which dropped in for fuel after a survey in the area, from Glasgow to Gamston as 'Surveyor04'.
AIH806/806P EI-CNN BWL453P/8453 G-OBWB IST829/830 TC-IAH SAB671/91E OO-DWC TSC401 C-GTSE NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPC AIH846/5 C-FTDA RZO9400/1 CS-TGQ OHY441/2 TC-ONO JKK3185/6 EC-HBP SAB677 OO-DWB

Sunday 25th July
Just two GA visitors of note, Cessna 210 EI-CDX from/to Waterford during the afternoon, and Citation 560 N311DG, making its first visit here in some time, from Manchester during the afternoon for a night-stop.
AEA184/5 EC-FXQ BAL426B/992F G-OBYC BRA561/4 LN-TUE FCL811/0 G-FCLG CKT717/6 G-BVYB AIH900/899 G-JALC VIM717/8 LZ-MIK BRA575/8 LN-TUA ECA864A/5 5B-DBC

Saturday 24th July
The mid-day British Regional Jersey flight produced the first, first-visiting Embraer 145, for quite some time, G-EMBB operating the flight wearing the 'Bauhaus' tail colours. Spanair used the Belair Boeing 727 F-GGGR again for the lunch-time Palma rotation.
The early evening saw an interesting west-bound delivery flight, the ex KLM City Hopper Saab 340 PH-KSC routing Amsterdam to Reykjavik, wearing an all-white colour scheme. Based Jet Provost G-BVEZ returned back from spending a month at Humberside during the afternoon, presumably on maintenance, with similar type G-BWDR presumably acting as a crew ferry, visiting from/to Humberside, actually arriving in company with G-BVEZ as 'Provost1/2'.

Friday 23rd July
Air Scandic began a short Friday afternoon Tenerife series with Airbus A.300's, the first flight being operated by G-SWJW. British Airways Boeing 757 G-BIKO first-visited since its re-paint into the 'Benyhone Tartan' scheme, on the middle-of-the-day BAW12G/13J.
Cessna 310 N37600 of Forth & Clyde Helicopters day-stopped from/to Glasgow, and Twin Commanche D-GAZE passed through during the early afternoon, from Groningen to Reykjavik. Mid American Energy Holdings' Falcon 50 N96UT departed to Gander during the afternoon, and visiting a little later was Airlink King Air OE-FME, as JAR09 from Baldonnel to Paderborn.

Thursday 22nd July
Relatively lots of 'biz' excitement, with three not too regular machines arriving during the day; first to come was Cal Energy's Falcon 50 N96UT, making its second appearance here, arriving from Stephenville early morning and night-stopping. The late morning saw EJI-NetJets Citation S550 N211QS first-visit from Le Bourget, departing to Farnborough early afternoon, while Falcon 10 LX-DPA of Partner Aviation spent just over an hour here mid-afternoon, from Carcassonne to Auxerre.
Aerowest Cessna 425 D-INWG visited over lunch-time, from/to Paderborn, Cherokee HB-PKH departed to Basle after breakfast, and Sun Air ATP OY-SVT positioned out to Haugesund at lunch-time.

Wednesday 21st July
Highlight of the day was the first-visit from Air Luxor Citation III CS-DNF, which visited during the late afternoon, from Bratislava to Zurich. Learjet 45 N708SP departed to Frankfurt first thing, returned during the early evening, and positioned out to Luton.
Airlink King Air 350 OE-FME spent much of the day here, from Paderborn to Prestwick as JAR09, and Cherokee HB-PKH arrived from Hornafjordur on a delivery flight during the afternoon and night-stopped.
Sun Air ATP OY-SVT arrived from Stord at lunch-time, operated one full rotation there and back, and then night-stopped.
TLA650/1 EI-TLG CKT739/8 G-BVYB AMM689D/C G-OOAE SUS1007/1107/1207 OY-SVT

Tuesday 20th July
Hamlin Jet's Citation 560 made another visit over breakfast, from Luton to Northolt, but the 'return' from Northolt was operated by Learjet 45 N708SP which night-stopped.
Champagne Airlines King Air 90 F-GFIR arrived with freight from Metz as CPH010 during the morning, departing to Le Bourget after an hour on the ground, using the same callsign, and Piper Cherokee D-EBLW spent most of the afternoon here, from Braunschweig to Luxembourg. The night-stopping Cessna 310 N310KZ departed to Cambridge during the morning.
A 'tech' Aer Lingus Fokker 50 during the morning, saw a 'rescue' from BAe146-300 EI-CLY during the early afternoon, the sick Fokker, EI-FKA, positioning out a little later, undercarriage down.
TLA570/1 EI-TLP EIN2304/303 EI-CLY AMC5180/1 9H-ABT NFA921 OY-BPH

Monday 19th July
Just a few GA visitors to show for what was a pretty busy day in the local area; best of these was CitationJet OO-PHI which spent a few hours in the late afternoon/early evening on the Samson apron, from Southampton to Antwerp. Mooney M.20 N252BH visited briefly during the afternoon from Perth to Bournemouth, using the callsign 'GTA21A', and Cessna 310 N310KZ arrived from Cambridge during the evening for a night-stop.
The very pretty Plum-Dollar Squirrel G-BXGA arrived from Inverness during the afternoon as 'Osprey57', flew a local powerline inspection flight in Northumberland as 'Powerline57', and then returned to Inverness during the evening, again as 'Osprey57'.
British Airways Boeing 757 G-BPEK visited for the first time since its re-paint into the 'Union Flag' tail, as BAW12J/13E during the morning, and actually returning twice more during the day, at tea-time, and on the night-stopping arrival.
BWL8448 G-OBWB TSC401 C-GTSJ IST829/830 TC-IAH NFA921E/921/924 OY-BPH AIH846/5 C-FTDA RZO9400/1 CS-TGQ OHY441/2 TC-ONO JKK3185/6 EC-GVI

Sunday 18th July
Two commuter types brightened the place up during the evening; Air Lithuania ATR.42 LY-ARI arrived from Kaunus as KLA2714 for maintenance with Gill Airways, and the Sun Air ATP we were looking for, OY-SVU, which operated a charter from Billund, returning there after just under an hour on the ground. The aircraft, in the new British Airways 'Wings' colour-scheme, was of course a first-visitor, but unusually the Air Lithuania was not, having visited also just once before, as OY-CIF with Cimber Air back on the 1st July 1994 . It never visited on the short-lived Cimber Air Copenhagen schedule, having left the fleet by then.
Air Bor Cheyenne F-BXSK visited during the afternoon, from Rouen to Le Havre, and Police Aviation Services' MD.900 Explorer G-PASS, 'passed' through at lunch-time, from Dundee to Staverton as 'Police40'.
BAL426B/992F G-OBYC BRA561/4 LN-TUE FCL811/0 G-FCLA CKT717/6 G-CVYD BWL448P G-OBWB VIM705/718 LZ-MIK BRA575/8 LN-TUA AIH900/899 G-RJGR KLA2714 LY-ARI SUS1093/9093 OY-SVU ECA864/5 5B-DBD BAL993F G-BRIF

Saturday 17th July
The last Iberworld Airbus A.320, at the moment, to show at Newcastle operated both flights during the day, EC-GUR in the old colour-scheme, having visited us previously as LZ-ABC of Balkan, only once though, on the 28th August 1994. There were two genuine first-visitors however, the Belair Boeing 727 F-GGGR, which operated the mid-day Spanair Palma flight, and Aer Lingus Boeing 737-400 EI-BXI which substituted for the usual Fokker 50 on the evening Dublin flight.
An interesting helicopter visitor was Agusta 109 D-HCKV which visited at tea-time as 'Sloane05', from Kelso to Streton.

Friday 16th July
Cal Energy Falcon 900 N77CE departed to Prestwick at lunch-time - that was it !.
AMM65D/42P G-OOAL FUA160/1 EC-HAN AMM56C G-OOAN BWL8439/394P G-OBWD FUA102/3 EC-HBZ CUS4600/1 SX-BBU BAL228B/166A/166B/229A/229B/481A G-BRIF

Thursday 15th July
The definite highlight on a pretty varied day was the commencement of a new operator on the mid-week Stord charters, Norwegian carrier Wideroe operating an inbound from Stord with Dash Eight '300' LN-WFP during the early evening, the aircraft departing to Torp after about an hour on the ground. We shall have to wait until next week to see whether Wideroe have replaced Sun Air full time however. The Sun Air ATP OY-SVI positioned out to Cologne at lunch-time.
Another first-visiting airliner appeared later in the evening, yet another 'new' Air Malta Boeing 737 operating the Humberside 'split-load', the ex TAP -300 9H-ADM. A substantially delayed based Britannia Airways Boeing 757, saw a 'rescue' visit from one of the carrier's Boeing 767-200's during the late evening, G-BRIF, the first of what were once regular aeroplanes here to appear this summer, positioning in from Glasgow and operating out to Palma.
Cal Energy's Falcon 900 N77CE arrived again for another extended visit, the aeroplane arriving direct from Omaha at sunrise. An interesting registration was worn by a French Robin at tea-time, F-PZTB passing through from Southampton to Edinburgh.
AMM65P/C G-OOAL OHY443/4 TC-ONM TSC240/1 C-GTSF SUS9022 OY-SVI FUA132/3 EC-HBT WIF7315/8316 LN-WFP BAL997F/228A G-BRIF AMC082/3 9H-ADM

Wednesday 14th July
The last Flying Colours Boeing 757 to first-visit, G-FCLH, covered for a u/s C-FOOE during the day, arriving from Manchester during the early hours, and operating to/from Heraklion and then Larnaca, before positioning back to Manchester at midnight. Britannia Airways Boeing 757 G-BYAX re-appeared after only two previous landings here, arriving from Mahon at lunch-time, and becoming one of the two based aircraft.
Sun Air ATP OY-SVI operated just the one Stord rotation, and then night-stopped once more.
Twin Otter N920R departed to Reykjavik after breakfast, and Falcon 10 HB-VME day-stopped from Maastricht to Cologne.
FCL992P/048/049/545/546/049P G-FCLH TLA650/1 EI-TLG CKT739/8 G-BVYA AMM689D/C G-OOAJ BAL024B G-BYAX SUS1006/1306 OY-SVI

Tuesday 13th July
Lots of interest during the late afternoon/evening; Inter Trans Air Antonov An-12 LZ-ITA appeared first, arriving as ITT7937 from Manston at tea-time, and departing with freight to Murcia late evening. Metroliner EC-HCU of Aerovento also took freight out to Spain at tea-time, arriving as OTO202 from Madrid, and departing to Pamplona as OTO203. Arriving just before midnight was Twin Otter N920R from Eindhoven for a night-stop.
TransAer Airbus A.320 EI-TLR made only its second visit this summer on the mid-morning Heraklion charter, and Sun Air ATP OY-SVI arived again for the Wednesday Stord charters, mid-morning from Haugesund.
Gill Airways Fokker 100 G-BYDO returned from Dinard during the afternoon, and operated the third CDG schedule of the day. One aircraft that had substituted for it in the last week, Titan's 146 G-ZAPK, appeared during the evening flying for Brymon Airways on the last Bristol-Aberdeen schedule of the day.

Monday 12th July
British World BAC One Eleven G-OBWA positioned in from Dublin as BWL442P, and departed on the usual Monday morning Stavanger charter as BWL8442, only to turn back just after departure with a hydraulic problem, and divert to Manchester. Titan Airways BAe146 G-ZAPK positioned out to Stansted after operating the day's Gill Airways CDG flights.
Comfort Air Citation 560 D-CLEO spent the afternoon on the Samson apron, from/to Westerland. Cessna 172 EI-BAS visited over lunch-time, from Waterford to Kilkenny.
All four night-stopping Super Pumas made their way north to Aberdeen during the morning.
TSC401 C-GTSJ IST829/830 TC-IAH BWL442P/8442 G-OBWA GIL101C/100C/103C/102C/105C/104C/104P G-ZAPK AIH846/5 C-FTDA NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPC RZO9400/1 CS-TGQ OHY441/2 TC-ONN JKK3185/6 EC-FXY

Sunday 11th July
Interesting GA visitors included another pair of German singles, Cherokee D-EKEH diverting in due en-route weather, from Fowlmere to Cumbernauld at lunch-time, the aircraft continuing north-bound a little later, and Bonanza D-EMDR, which was a delivery flight during the late afternoon, from Bremen to Reykjavik.
The late evening saw five of the extremely large number of Aberdeen-based helicopters that made the weekend trip south to Silverstone, call in on their way north-bound; Bond Super Puma G-PUMA arrived from Turweston and departed to Peterhead, while similar types G-PUMH of Bond, G-TIGL of Bristows, and G-BOZK and G-BUZD of Brintel, all night-stopped.
Another Titan Airways aircraft, BAe146 G-ZAPK, positioned in from Stansted to operate the day's Gill Airways Paris flights.
AEA184/5 EC-FXQ BAL426B/992F G-OBYB BRA561/4 LN-TUB GIL103P/103C/102C/105C/104C G-ZAPK FCL462/810 G-FCLJ CKT717/6 G-BVYC AIH900/899 G-JALC VIM705/718 LZ-MIG BRA575/8 LN-TUD ECA864/5 5B-DBC

Saturday 10th July
We finally got something different from G-EMBA on the British Regional Jersey flight, the first-visiting G-EMBI in the 'Paithani' design.
Only other movement of interest was the third landing here from Hamlin Jet's Learjet 45 N708SP, which visited from/to Luton at breakfast-time.
VIM605 LZ-MIS IWD3437/8 EC-GLT BAL999F/426A G-OBYB BRT563/4 G-EMBI JKK3341/2 EC-GQG CUS4602/3 SX-BGI RZO9456/7 CS-TGP ECA810/1 5B-DBD CUS4605/5 SX-BGI IWD3440/2 EC-GZE

Friday 9th July
The German CAA Beechjet D-CLBA visited again during the morning and afternoon, on its way from Braunschweig to Reykjavik and back, while another that visited twice was Red Apple's Mu-2 N973BB, making it's first appearances here, which was from/to Jersey mid-morning, and from Manchester to Jersey during the evening. North Flying Citation 500 OY-CEV operated a freight flight out to Turin at lunch-time as NFA045, the aircraft having positioned in from Odense.

Thursday 8th July
Most interesting visitors were probably the German pair which diverted in just before lunch-time while en-route from Leeds to Edinburgh, consisting of Piaggio 149 D-EMBA and Cessna 172 D-EFZT. The pair subsequently abandoned plans to get to Scotland, and returned south-bound after lunch to Cambridge.
Air Malta used last week's first-visiting Boeing 737-300 9H-ADN for the evening Humberside/Malta split load, and Titan's -300 G-ZAPM positioned out to Stansted after a few days on the Gill Paris route. British Airways Airbus A.320 G-BUSI first-visited since receiving its third BA tail design, the aircraft appearing on the mid-morning BAW12H/13R now wearing the Chatham 'Union Flag' design.
Chalair Metro F-GHVG day-stopped from/to Le Bourget, on a passenger charter, as CLG882/3.
GIL101C/100C/103C/102C/105C/104C/104P G-ZAPM OHY443/4 TC-ONP AMM39F/C G-OOAL TSC240/1 C-GTSJ FUA132/3 EC-GNZ AMC082/3 9H-ADN

Wednesday 7th July
More freight flights from Oporto produced MSR Flug Cessna 425 D-IPOS at lunch-time as EBF407, the aircraft departing to Osnabruck, and the Intermediacon Metroliner EC-GMG, which arrived just one minute before midnight as IEA502, and departed to Barcelona as IEA503 within the first half hour of Thursday.
Another delivery flight saw Beech 36 Bonanaza D-EBJM during the afternoon, from Marl to Reykjavik, and JJB Sports Citation Bravo N829CB, still the only Bravo to appear here, visited twice during the day, from Blackpool to Prestwick during the morning, and in the other direction at lunch-time. Sun Air ATP OY-SVT operated two Stord rotations, and then positioned out to Billund after the last arrival during the evening. Flying Colours Boeing 757 C-FOOE returned to service early morning, G-FCLK returning from Heraklion during the morning and positioning out to Gatwick.
SUS1005/1105/1205/1305/9047 OY-SVT FCL049/031P G-FCLK GIL101C/100C/103C/102C/105C/104C G-ZAPM TLA650/1 EI-TLG CKT739/8 G-BVYC AMM689D/C G-OOAJ

Tuesday 6th July
The previous day's first-visiting Flying Colours Boeing 757, G-FCLJ, returned back from Dalaman during the early hours, and positioned out immediately to Manchester, leaving G-FCLK to operate the rest of the day's based flying programme. Titan Airways' G-ZAPM positioned in from Stansted again early morning to operate the day's Gill Paris flying. Air Malta's Boeing 737-400 9H-ADO made only its second appearance at Newcastle during the evening, the aircraft still wearing basic Air One colour-scheme. Sun Air ATP OY-SVT arrived from Billund during the evening to night-stop in preparation for Wednesday's Stord charter.
Airtours' DC-10 G-BYDA diverted in early morning from Manchester due weather, as AIH012 from Barbados, the aircraft continuing to Manchester a little later, and European Air Charter BAC One Eleven G-AVMZ positioned out to Bournemouth after breakfast, as GIL100P. Much more interest was provided by KLMuk, and only their second ATR.72 to visit Newcastle, the first-visiting G-UKTJ being used for the lunch-time and tea-time Stansted rotations.
It was a good day for, admittedly regular, Citation's, Comfort Air's C560 D-CLEO day-stopping from Westerland to Dortmund, and being joined during the early afternoon on the Samson ramp by the almost identical N560MM of Hamlin Jet. Scottish and Newcastle's 560 VP-CSN made its now normal very short vist, during the afternoon from Hamburg to Edinburgh, while another Beechjet appeared, the first-visiting N709EL visiting during the late afternoon from Edinburgh to Gamston.
FCL706/037P G-FCLJ FCL037/469 G-FCLK FCL650/951 G-FCLK FCL952/048 G-FCLK GIL100P/101C/100C/103C/102C/105C/104C G-ZAPM TLA570/1 EI-TLP AMC5180/5209 9H-ADO SUS9005 OY-SVT NFA921/924/924E OY-NPC UKA41R/44R/43R/46R G-UKTJ

Monday 5th July
Tyrolean Jet Service Falcon 10 OE-GSC was finally able to depart after its engine problem of the previous week, leaving for Basle at lunch-time. An earlier arrival from Basle saw Turbo Arrow HB-PKH mid-morning, the aircraft continuing its ferry flight after an hour on the ground, to Hornafjordur.
An unservicability affecting based Flying Colours Boeing 757 C-FOOE saw a couple of UK-registered aircraft from the main fleet operate based flights; the first-visiting G-FCLJ came first, positioning in from Gatwick during the evening to operate out late to Dalaman, and G-FCLK arriving just before midnight from Manchester to operate the evening Corfu departure. European Air Charter operated the Gill Paris's again, and British World operated the morning Stavanger charter with One Eleven G-OBWD.
BWL438P/8438 G-OBWD TSC401 C-GTSN IST829/830 TC-IAH NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPC GIL101C/100C/103C/102C/105C/104C G-AVMZ AIH846/5 C-FTDA RZO9400/1 CS-TGP BAW12G/13J G-CPES FCL036P/705 G-FCLJ OHY441/2 TC-ONM BAW12Q/13L G-CPES FCL007P/036 G-FCLK JKK3185/6 EC-GVI

Sunday 4th July
The morning saw another executive jet routing west-bound, Beechjet D-CLBA, our first of type since 1997 !, arriving from Braunschweig and departing to Reykjavik shortly after. More foreign GA later in the morning included Piper Navajo N97RJ which spent the afternoon here from/to Earls Colne, and Cessna 310 F-GCCB which spent a couple of hours on the ground over lunch-time, from Granville to Deauville.
For the first time in a number of weeks Braathens used a Boeing 737-500 for a Sunday flight, LN-BRG operating the evening BRA575/8.
AEA184/5 EC-FXP BAW13X G-CPES BAL426B/992F G-OBYC BRA561/4 LN-TUC FCL811/2810 G-FCLB CKT717/6 G-CVYE GIL103C/102C/105C/104C G-AVMZ AIH900/899 G-LCRC VIM717/8 LZ-MIR ECA864/5 5B-DBB

Saturday 3rd July
The last of the current fleet of British Airways Boeing 757's finally appeared for the first time at Newcastle, the previously Gatwick-based G-CPES first-visiting on the night-stopping BAW12T, the aircraft of course wearing the 'Wings' tail design. Other airliner excitement was again very sparse for the once interesting 'Summer Saturday', with the usual Cronus Boeing 737 operating all three flights again, and, very disappointingly, the same British Regional Embraer 145 operating the Jersey schedule, now for the fourth week running. European Air Charter One Eleven G-AVMZ operated the only Gill Airways Paris rotation of the day, the morning flight, via Humberside in both directions.
Highlight of the day however was a biz-jet delivery, Falcon 100 F-GSLZ passing through west-bound during the early afternoon, from Ostend to Reykjavik.
CUS4600/1 SX-BGI FUA102/3 EC-GVB IWD3437/8 EC-HCR AMM56D G-OOAN VIM605/6 LZ-MIS BAL999F/426A G-OBYC BRT563/4 G-EMBA JKK3341/2 EC-FXI CUS4602/3 SX-BGI GIL101H/100C G-AVMZ RZO9456/7 CS-TGR BAW12T G-CPES ECA810/1 5B-DBD IWD3441/2 EC-HCR CUS4604/5 SX-BGI

Friday 2nd July
Titan Airways Boeing 737-300 G-ZAPM operated the Gill Airways Paris schedules again, positioning out to Stansted late in the evening, and European Air Charter BAC One Eleven G-AVMZ arrived from Bournemouth as GIL101P during the afternoon, in preparation for the weekend flying. Sister-ship G-AVMP passed through a little later on the usual Friday evening Stavanger charter.
Another aircraft first-visited after re-paint into the British Airways 'Union Flag' tail design, City Flyer ATR.72 G-BWTL arriving as CFE62MF during the evening, and also night-stopping.
Learjet 45 N459LJ departed to Farnborough mid-morning as LTH007 after its night-stop.
AMM65D/42P G-OOAL AMM56C G-OOAN FUA160/1 EC-HAN GIL101C/100C/103C/102C/105C/104C/104P G-ZAPM NFA115 OY-NPD GIL101P G-AVMZ EAF6597/597P G-AVMP TLA534/5 EI-TLP

Thursday 1st July
Most certainly the highlight of the day was the first-visit of type, of a quite unusual 'conversion', our first Dornier 328Jet appearing during the late morning in the shape of test aircraft D-BALL which 'dropped in' for fuel after an icing test flight over the North Sea. The aircraft used the callsign 'Dornier05' and originated in Stavanger, departing to Oberpfaffenhofen during the early afternoon.
Titan Airways Boeing 737-300 G-ZAPM positioned in from Stansted during the early morning for another day's Paris flying for Gill Airways, the aircraft night-stopping at the end of the operation. The Dutch 'car people' returned home during the early evening on two more examples of the Air Holland 737 and Transavia 757 fleet; Boeing 737-300 PH-OZB had last visited Newcastle during 1996, but Boeing 757 PH-TKC was indeed a first-visitor. Sun Air ATP OY-SVI departed to Stord during the morning. British Airways Boeing 757 G-CPEN made its first appearance after re-paint into the 'Union Flag' colours, operating the late evening BAW12T and night-stopping.
The night-stopping Learjet 45 N708SP, which departed just before lunch-time to Northolt, was joined on the south apron at breakfast-time, by Stealth Aviations' N459LJ, which arrived from Jersey as 'LTH006' for a night-stop !. The two Lear 45's yet to show, at Newcastle together - must have been quite a sight !.
There was a bit of a 'clear out', with most of the previous day's night-stoppers departing during the day; Metro D-ICRK departed to Saarbrucken during the early hours, and this was followed by Baron N55BN which returned to Cranfield mid-morning.
GIL101P/101C/100C/103C/102C/105C/104C G-ZAPM AMM65P/C G-OOAL TSC240/1 C-GTSF OHY443/4 TC-ONP FUA132/3 EC-HBZ AHR815P/816 PH-OZB TRA8993/4 PH-TKC AMC082/3 9H-ABE SUS1035 OY-SVI

Wednesday 30th June
The morning saw more charters for Nissan, but this time passenger charters, with visitors from the Netherlands arriving on the first-visiting Boeing 737-300 PH-OZC of Air Holland, and Transavia Boeing 757 PH-TKA, both of which routed from/to Amsterdam. The latter had visited Newcastle previously at the start of the 1996/7 Winter season when the Dutch carrier operated a weekly Tenerife flight for the first six weeks of the season following the demise of Centennial Airlines. Sun Air ATP OY-SVI operated one 'there and back' to Stord, and then night-stopped again, and Gill Airways Fokker 100 G-BYDO departed un-pressurised to Dinard during the morning as GIL100P, for attention by TAT.
The long-awaited 'replacement' for Hamlin Jet Citation 560 N560MM, flying for Sage Software, appeared during the early morning in the very impressive shape of Learjet 45 N708SP, which arrived from Luton and departed to Frankfurt, returning from there during the evening for a night-stop. This particular aircraft's 'novelty value', only our second of type to visit, for the enthusiast may of course wane slightly if it becomes as regular as the Citation !.
Michelin Air Services' Falcon 20 F-GOPM spent the morning here, from Clermont Ferrand to Le Bourget, and the lunch-time saw the first Casa 212 to visit since 1994, the Swedish Coastguard machine SE-IVF, which last visited Newcastle in 1993, calling in en-route from Sumburgh to Groningen as SWE585. Beech Baron N55BN arrived from Cranfield during the early evening for a night-stop, being one of eight visitors to see the month out at Newcastle.

Tuesday 29th June
Another ex-Portuguese Boeing 737-300 visited for the first time in its new marks, Air Malta's 9H-ADN operating the evening Malta charter, the aircraft this time being a true first-visitor though, having never visited Newcastle in its previous life as CS-TIK with TAP. Sun Air ATP OY-SVI arrived from Billund during the evening in preparation for another day's Stord charters.
Tyrolean Jet Service Falcon 10 OE-GSC diverted in late morning whilst en-route Pisa-Carlisle on an ambulance flight, with an engine problem, the aircraft night-stopping. The late evening saw more freight charters for Nissan, the Bin Air Metro D-ICRK arriving from Oporto again, for a two night stay, and Mu-2 F-GEQM which arrived from Nantes just before midnight, departing to Orleans a few minutes into Wednesday.
TLA570/1 EI-TLP NFA921/924/123E OY-NPD AMC5208/5181 9H-ADN SUS9004 OY-SVI

Monday 28th June
With Gill Airways' Fokker 100 G-BYDO unable to operate the day's Paris flights due to damage caused by a vehicle the previous evening, all three Gill Airways/Air France Paris flights during the day were operated by the 'new' Titan Airways Boeing 737-300 G-ZAPM, it's first appearance at Newcastle. Positioning from before, and to Stansted at the end of the day's operation, the aircraft had last visited Newcastle during 1994 as CS-TKG with Air Columbus.
One of the more interesting registrations of the year appeared on a visiting UK-based civilian Gazelle before lunch, YU-HEH spending the afternoon here, from/to 'Near Chester'. Another rotary visitor of interest was the previously based Jet Ranger G-RIAN, which made its first visit to the airport since its departure to a local site in 1998, at breakfast-time from 'near South Shields' to Blackpool, the aircraft still using its 'Delta66' callsign.
GIL101P/101C/100C/103C/102C/105C/104C/104P G-ZAPM EAF616P/6616 G-AVMZ IST829/830 TC-IAH TSC401 C-GTSJ NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPD AIH846/5 C-FTDA RZO9400/1 CS-TGP OHY441/2 TC-ONM JKK3185/6 EC-GAT

Sunday 27th June
Flying Colours first-visited one of their Boeing 757's again, G-FCLF appearing on the afternoon Gerona 'W'.
A pair of British Citations produced interest, including only the second visit from last month's first visiting Citation 560 G-CZAR, as CFR405 from/to Farnborough during the afternoon, and the slightly more regular, but nevertheless always nice to see, Titan Airways Citation 500 G-ZAPI, which also was present during the afternoon, from/to Stansted as AWC900.
Beech Bonanza D-ELLW passed through on a west-bound delivery flight during the evening, from Marl to Reykjavik.
BAL426B/992F G-OBYB BRA561/4 LN-TUD FCL811/081 G-FCLF CKT717/6 G-BVYB AIH900/899 G-MCEA VIM717/706 LZ-MIG BRA575/8 LN-TUE ECA864/5 5B-DBC

Saturday 26th June
With the lovely weather continuing, Northumbria Plate Day was consequently a busy GA day, but with not too much of excitement. Metro D-ICRK departed to Cologne early on, while King Air OE-FME also departed during the morning. PA-22 N6830B, which has recently been noted operating from a farm strip just on the edge of the Newcastle Control Zone, visited the airport for the first time during the morning, making the short trip from Kearsley and departing to Blackpool.
Most notable amongst the UK-registered light aircraft was probably the Gold Air operated Piper Navajo G-OSGB, which was one of a few aircraft taking advantage of the good weather to fly survey flights, dropping into the airport for lunch wearing a purple colour-scheme with Ordnance Survey titles on the fin. Using the callsign 'GDA01' the aircraft originated from, and returned to, Blackpool.
On the airliner front Saturday's are becoming a little tedious now, with the now ever present SX-BGI operating all three Cronus flights, and Embraer 145 G-EMBA returning again on the midday British Regional Jersey flight. Of more interest though was Iberworld A.320 EC-HCR, which made only its third landing here this summer, on the morning flight.
CUS4600/1 SX-BGI VIM605/6 LZ-MIG IWD3437/8 EC-HCR BRY95A/B/98A/B G-BRYD BAL999F/426A G-OBYB BRT563/4 G-EMBA JKK3341/2 EC-GVI CUS4602/3 SX-BGI MON5897/6 G-OZBB RZO9456/7 CS-TGR ECA810/1 5B-DBD IWD3441/2 EC-GLT CUS4604/5 SX-BGI AEA184/5 EC-FZZ

Friday 25th June
More car part charters produced a selection of foreign visitors; the early morning saw Champagne Airlines King Air 90 F-GBLU visit, from Metz to Montbeliard, and Intermediacon Metro EC-GMG, which arrived from Oporto as IEA502, and was out back to Barcelona as IEA503 at 0730L. Bin Air Metro D-ICRK did the same again, out to Oporto at lunch-time, and back during the late evening with more freight.
A new Citation for us was Stealth Aviation C.501 N527EW which afternoon stopped, from Leeds to Jersey, as LTH006/1.

Thursday 24th June
Quite a busy, but somewhat fraught day !. A two hour terminal building evacuation, following a small electrical fire, at tea-time made for one of the busiest aprons for quite possibly, a very long time. With outward passengers not able to get through the terminal onto the aeroplanes, and inbound aircraft landing and keeping passengers on board after landing, there was approximately 22 aircraft on the terminal stands at one point during the early evening !. A little earlier the local 'Medic' helicopter, Twin Squirrel G-NAAS, had made an emergency landing following a bird-strike, and a broken windscreen.
Visitors were numerous and varied; Bin Air Metro D-ICRK departed back to Oporto at lunch-time, and retuned with more freight during the late evening, while Citation 525 D-ISGW visited again, this time at more sociable hours, mid-afternoon, from Oporto to Osnabruck as EBF724. Cessna 310 N37600 of Forth and Clyde Helicopters, arrived from Glasgow at lunch-time on a training flight, flew a local flight during the afternoon, during which it encountered a slight under-carriage problem, and departed back to Glasgow at tea-time. Yak 52 RA-02149 passed through at lunch-time, from Perth to Gamston, and Airlink King Air OE-FME arrived from Prestwick during the evening as JAR09 for a double night-stop.
Sun Air ATP OY-SVI positioned out to Stuttgart after breakfast, and the extra visit from Airtours A.320 C-FTDA was an early morning diversion from Teesside, the aircraft making the short trip 'down the road', a little
AIH862/857A C-FTDA MSK390/1/2/3 G-BUPS SUS9076 OY-SVI OHY443/4 TC-ONR TSC240/1 C-GTSE AMC082/3 9H-ADH SAB677 OO-DWC

Wednesday 23rd June
Sun Air ATP OY-SVI departed as expected to Stord at breakfast-time, but then returned at lunch-time, and operated another rotation during the afternoon, all sectors with passengers, suggesting forthcoming flights in the coming weeks hopefully, the aircraft subsequently night-stopping.
More freight for a 'local' car manufacturer arrived in Metroliner D-ICRK of Bin Air, which made two trips inbound from Oporto, during the early morning, and just before midnight. Another 'freighter' was MSR Flug Cessna 425 D-IPOS which also arrived from Oporto, during the afternoon as EBF423, and positioned out later to Osnabruck.
All the Maersk(UK) Birmingham schedules during the day were operated by British World Airlines BAC One Eleven G-OBWE, and Air 2000 Airbus A.321 G-OOAJ made only its second appearance up here on the lunch-time Verona 'W'. Chauffair Citation 550 G-JCFR visited during the morning, as CFR405 from Farnborough to London City.
TLA650/1 EI-TLG MSK390/1/2/3/4/5/6/7 G-OBWE CKT739/8 G-BVYC AMM689D/C G-OOAJ SUS1003/1103/1203/1303 OY-SVI

Tuesday 22nd June
Some very early morning excitement was provided by CitationJet D-ISGW which was in and out before 0600L, haing operated a freight flight inbound from Oporto. Using the callsigns EBF721/2 of MSR Flug, the first-visiting aircraft departed empty to Dusseldorf. Falcon 50 N96UT of Cal Energy departed to Luton during the evening after its two night stay, and King Air 90 F-GSDM of DARTA visited at tea-time, operating a freight flight from Orleans, and departing empty to Le Bourget shortly after, both as DRT1669.
Sun Air ATP OY-SVI returned, positioning in from Billund as SUS9003, in preparation for another Stord charter the following morning.
SAB43M OO-DWD TLA570/1 EI-TLP AMC5180/1 9H-ADH SUS9003 OY-SVI MSK394/5/6/7 G-BUPS NFA921/924/924E OY-NPC

Monday 21st June
A fairly busy day, but not much of interest at all; Mooney M.20 D-ERAW day-stopped, arriving from Kassel mid-morning, and departing to Manchester during the afternoon, while Air Alsie Citation 650 OY-CCG visited briefly during the afternoon, using the callsign MMD4331 ('Mermaid').
BAW13C G-CPEV EAF659P/6596 G-AVMM TSC401 C-GTSJ IST829/830 TC-IAH NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPC RZO9400/1 CS-TGR AIH846/5 C-FTDA OHY441/2 TC-ONO SAB677 OO-DWD JKK3185/6 EC-GVI

Sunday 20th June
A late arrival was Falcon 50 N96UT which arrived direct from Stephenville just seventeen minutes before midnight, for a double-night-stop. Operated by Mid American Energy Holdings, the owners of Northern Electric, the aircraft could become quite regular in the future.
The last Heathrow arrival of the day saw the first-visit of British Airways' brand new Boeing 757 G-CPEV, another aeroplane in the 'Rendezvous' tail design. Braathens 'put in' two Boeing 737-700's again, and KLMuk used Titan ATR.42 G-BUPS for the tea-time Stansted rotation.
Piper Saratoga LX-PAV completed its delivery flight with a sector to Luxembourg during the morning, and Navajo LN-TWB departed back to Gardermoen at lunch-time, after spending two nights here.

Saturday 19th June
Another disappointing Saturday on the airliner front, with the British Regional Jersey flight producing EMB.145 G-EMBA for the third week running.
Learjet 45 N459LJ departed to Jersey mid-afternoon, and arriving at around the same time were two delivery flights, Beech Duke N6738Z arriving from Reykjavik as planned and departing to Osnabruck, and PA-32 LX-PAV which diverted in from Glasgow due favourable tailwinds, and which night-stopped.

Friday 18th June
British World ATP G-OBWN made only its second appearance up here, operating the tea-time KLMuk Stansted rotation.
Cessna 172 N856SP continued its delivery flight at 0700L, routing to Florence, time en-route on the FPL 12 hours !!. Piper Navajo LN-TWB arrived from Oslo at tea-time for a night-stop, as did Stealth Aviation's Lear 45 N459LJ, which arrived from an anagram of Gardermoen's ICAO code, Leeds-Bradford !.
European Air Charter operated the inbound Stavanger charter again, using One Eleven G-AVMZ which positioned out to Bournemouth.
Correcting the report for Thursday 17th June, Flying Colours Boeing 757 G-FCLF did actually return from Mahon in the early hours as FCL784 (not C-FOOE), the aircraft night-stopping, and departing as FCL509 to Tenerife during the early morning, where it definitely did swop with C-FOOE.

Thursday 17th June
The first break in the leased-from Canada 3000 Boeing 757 C-FOOE's domination of the based Newcastle programme so far this summer, came during the late afternoon, the aeroplane swopping in Arrecife with the first-visiting G-FCLF. The aircraft returned from the Canaries as FCL933 and operated out to Mahon as FCL783, where it swopped back with C-FOOE, which arrived back just after midnight.
Danish Air Transport Cessna 406 OY-PEU operated another freight flight from France during the afternoon, from Rouen as DTR892, positioning out to Luton as DTR892T, while a delivery flight produced Cessna 172 N856SP, which arrived from Reykjavik mid-afternoon for a night-stop.
The remaining Gill Airways Fokker to appear during the week, G-BYDO, made its first-visit to Newcastle since the end of March, arriving on the first Paris-Newcastle flight of the day, during the mid-morning.
OHY443/4 TC-ONM TSC240/1 C-GTSV FCL933/783 G-FCLF AMC082/3 9H-ABE

Wednesday 16th June
A surprising first-visitor on the, slightly late, last Heathrow rotation of the day, was British Airways Boeing 767 G-BZHB, the aircraft becoming only the fourth to visit Newcastle in the 'Delftblue Daybreak' tail design.
The three foreign night-stoppers all departed before 0900L, Malibu D-ETSI back to Vilshofen, Sun Air ATP OY-SVI to Stord, on what would appear may turn out to be another regular Norwegian oil-related charter, and ATA Boeing 727 N785AT to Oslo.
Air Bor King Air 90 F-BTQP operated another cargo flight from Metz during the afternoon, the aircraft departing to Dijon, while another of the same type appeared on a similar mission from Rouen a little later, OY-JRO of Danish Air Transport arriving as DTR903 and departing to Southend as DTR903T.

Tuesday 15th June
Another Sun Air ATP first-visited, OY-SVI arriving from Billund as SUS9002 during the late evening, to be in position for an early morning charter on Wednesday. American Trans Air Boeing 727 N785AT was another first-visitor, arriving from Bremen during the afternoon and also night-stopping. The aircraft was in the carrier's new colour-scheme.
Gulfstream IISP N902MP made another visit, day-stopping from/to Heathrow, King Air 90 F-GIFB visited early afternoon on a cargo flight from Metz to Montbeliard, and Piper Malibu D-ETSI operated a further freight flight from Vilshofen during the late evening, the aircraft subsequently night-stopping.
The Blyth-based, Northumbria Air Ambulance Service Twin Squirrel G-NAAS, made its first-visit during the afternoon since its re-paint into the all-yellow AA colour-scheme.
TLA570/1 EI-TLP NFA921/4/4E OY-NPC AMC5208/9 9H-ABR SUS9002 OY-SVI

Monday 14th June
Highlight of the day was the first-visit of the Lost Boys Aviation Falcon 900 PH-LBA, which day-stopped from Amsterdam to Frankfurt. European Airways operated the usual Monday morning Stavanger charter with Bac One Eleven G-AVMS, Maersk(UK) used Titan ATR.42 G-BUPS for the morning Birmingham's, and still only one Istanbul Airlines flight.
Ruschmeyer R-90 PH-JDL, which had passed through the previous afternoon, en-route from Eindhoven to Oban, made another visit to the airport, although this time only as an 'overshooter', performing an ILS to a 'go-around' at lunch-time, on its return from Oban to Norwich.
Gill Airways Fokker 100 G-BYDP made its first-visit here since the end of March, operating the first Paris arrival of the day, after having swopped with G-BYDN, which had been ever-present since the introduction of the type on the Newcastle-Paris route on the 5th of June, for certification reasons.
MSK390/1/2/3 G-BUPS IST829/30 TC-IAH EAF9814/6586 G-AVMS NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPC AIH846/5 C-FTDA RZO9400/1 CS-TGR OHY441/2 TC-ONO JKK3185/6 EC-FXI

Sunday 13th June
Braathens used two Boeing 737-700's again, with both aircraft LN-TUA and LN-TUG, making only their second visits to Newcastle during the day. Another Flying Colours Boeing 757, G-FCLI, first-visited on the afternoon Gerona 'W'.
Interesting foreign GA visitor was Ruschmeyer R-90 PH-JDL which spent a couple of hours on the ground at lunch-time, from Eindhoven to Oban.

Saturday 12th June
Certainly the least exciting Saturday of the summer so far - 0
first-visitors !.
VIM605/6 LZ-MIG IWD3430/8 EC-GLT BAL999F/426A G-OBYD JKK3341/2 EC-GHH CUS4602/3 SX-BGI MON5897/589A G-OZBB BRT563/4 G-EMBA RZO9456/7 CS-TGP ECA810/1 5B-DBC IWD3441/2 EC-GLT CUS4605/5 SX-BGI AEA184/5 EC-FXQ

Friday 11th June
Another Futura re-registration, Boeing 737-400 EC-HCP made its first appearance here on the lunch-time Tenerife arrival, and then went u/s, the rescue aeroplane not arriving until just after midnight in the shape of EC-HBT. Landing two minutes later was the regular overnight Tenerife flight operated by EC-HAN, all three aircraft consequently being on the ground at the same time. EC-HCP positioned out to Palma during the early hours of Saturday morning.
European Aircharter operated the Friday evening Stavanger charter again with One Eleven G-AVMS, the aircraft positioning out to Edinburgh.
FUA160/041P EC-HCP EAF6563/582P G-AVMS TLA534/5 EI-TLG FUA037P/161 EC-HBT FUA102/3 EC-HAN CUS4600/1 SX-BGI

Thursday 10th June
Lots of the same helicopters again, but of much more significance was the Coca-Cola Gulfstream IV N867CE which day-stopped from/to Farnborough.
Brymon Airways Dash Eight G-BRYP appeared back for the first time since its incident a few months ago, operating the afternoon Bristol/Aberdeen schedules (BRY56A/B/57A/B), its first visits since the 19th February. It now wears the 'Grand Union' colour-scheme.
OHY443/4 TC-ONO TSC240/1 C-GTSE AMC082/3 9H-ADH

Wednesday 9th June
Very interesting ad-hoc visitor during the early morning was Sun Air ATP OY-SVT, which was in and out before 0800L. Arriving from Billund as SUS9001 it operated a passenger charter to Stord as SUS1001.
It was however a major helicopter day; we got a first-visit of type at lunch-time with EH.101 I-LIOI diverting in for fuel whilst en-route Koksijde to Aberdeen. Smaller machines included National Grid's Twin Squirrels G-GRID 'Grid01' and G-WIRE 'Grid03' which had arrived on Monday evening, and which flew local sorties during the day, and similar type G-BPRI which was checking railway lines in the region during the day. Other rotary visitors from around the region were AS350 G-BRVO and Jet Ranger G-BORV.

Tuesday 8th June
Co-incidentally another Boeing 737-300 first-visited on a SABENA schedule, OO-SDY operating the afternoon Brussels rotation, after the morning one had been cancelled, and the evening saw another 737 first-timer, -400 9H-ADL operating the weekly Air Malta -300 flight.
Piper Seneca N9282V passed through during the afternoon, on a delivery flight, from Vagar to Salzburg.
TLA570/1 EI-TLG SAB673/P OO-SDY AMC5208/9 9H-ADL NFA921/924/924E OY-BPH

Monday 7th June
SABENA used the first-visiting Sobelair Boeing 737-300 OO-SBZ for the evening Bussels schedule.
The previous late evening's Citation 501 arrival, N15CV, continued on to Monchengladbach after breakfast, and the European One Eleven G-AVMY departed to Stavanger on the usual Monday morning charter.
Titan Airways were used by two regulars again, Shorts 360 G-ZAPD by Maersk UK for the second morning rotation, and ATR.42 G-BUPS by Brymon Airways for the two Aberdeen/Southampton visits.
EAF6584 G-AVMY IST829/30 TC-IAH NFA921E/921/924 OY-BPH MSK392/3 G-ZAPD AIH846/5 C-FTDA RZO9400/1 CS-TGR BRY95A/B/98A/B G-BUPS OHY441/2 TC-ONM SAB67W/T OO-SBZ JKK3185/6 EC-GVI

Sunday 6th June
Two 'NextGens' again on the two Braathens flights, last Sunday's first-visitor LN-TUB, making its second visit during the morning, and the first-visiting LN-TUG (which like LN-TUE has a plain blue fin - no 'Aurora' effect) operating the early evening flight. It doesn't seem to have taken long at all, to get all but one, the only one we need now being 'Foxtrot'.
Citation 501 N15CV arrived from Reykjavik just before midnight, for a short night-stop, on a delivery flight to Germany, the aircraft being flown by a German ferry pilot.
Titan Airways ATR.42's were again needed by regular scheduled operators, Brymon Airways using G-BUPS for the afternoon Bristol/Aberdeen schedules, and KLMuk using G-ZAPJ a little later for the tea-time Stansted rotation. Nostalgia ruled, with European Air Charter BAC One Eleven G-AVMY positioning in from Birmingham during the afternoon, in preparation for the Stavanger charter in the morning, using the callsign 'Speedbird1559' !.

Saturday 5th June
One of the best visitors of the year so far, appeared on the mid-day Spanair Palma charter, the all-green Citybird Boeing 767-300 OO-CTQ, gracing our apron for an hour and a half. A simultaneous first-visiting airliner was British Regional's newest Embraer 145 G-EMBJ, on the Jersey schedule.
Gill Airways' Fokker 100 G-BYDN operated its first service during the early morning, the GIL101C to Paris-CDG, and the afternoon Monarch Airlines Alicante was operated by two aircraft instead of the usual one, Boeing 757 G-MONJ positioning from Manchester to operate the outbound first, with Airbus A.320 G-MONW arriving late from Alicante at tea-time, and positioning out to Liverpool.
AM5M56D G-OOAN IWD3437/3450 EC-GZE VIM605/6 LZ-MIG BAL999F/426A G-OBYB GIL101C/100C G-BYDN BRT563/4 G-EMBJ CUS4602/3 SX-BGI JKK3341/2 OO-CTQ MON896P/5896 G-MONJ RZO9456/7 CS-TGP MON5897/897P G-MONW ECA810/1 5B-DBC IWD3441/3432 EC-GZE

Friday 4th June
Gill Airways' third Fokker 100 G-BYDN was finally delivered to the carrier during the afternoon, arriving from Montpellier as GIL100P. The three-times-a-day Paris CDG schedule, planned to have been operated by the aircraft since last Tuesday, had been operated by ATR's during the week, but presumably due to high passenger loads on the last rotation of the week, Debonair BAC One Eleven G-AYOP was used, positioning from/to Luton, and looking very pretty in the full Debonair colour-scheme.
The ex-Gill Airways Stavanger oil charter, which had produced some niceties during May, saw just a Braathens Boeing 737-500 LN-BUD, from Stavanger to Oslo.

Thursday 3rd June
British Airways Boeing 757 G-CPET operated the late evening Heathrow rotation, only its third visit ever, and its first since last November.
Twin Otter C-FZSP departed to Reykjavik at lunch-time after its night-stop, and BAe125-1000 G-GDEZ visited again at tea-time, from Southend to Kidlington.

Wednesday 2nd June
The newest single-aisle Airbus, and the first above c/n 1000, to visit Newcastle, appeared during the late morning, Air 2000's A.321 G-OOAJ first-visiting on the weekly Verona 'W'.
A pair of west-bound deliveries produced two De Havilland Canada types during the afternoon, the ex-Tyrolean Airways Dash Eight, and first-visiting OE-LLX appearing first, from Innsbruck to Reykjavik, wearing basic Tyrolean Airways colours with no titles. Following it from Zurich via Southend a little later in the afternoon was Twin Otter C-FZSP, which had last visited Newcastle on 25th April 1997 en-route Reykjavik to Zurich, and which night-stopped.
Another first-visitor operated the return flight of last week's Split charter, Croatia Airlines Boeing 737-200 9A-CTA arriving during the evening from Split, and departing shortly after to Manchester.
A rare executive jet up here, and indeed type, visited during the morning, BAe125-1000 G-GDEZ operated by Aviation Beauport, arriving from Jersey and departing to Southend.
TLA650/1 EI-TLP CKT739/8 G-CVYE AMM689D/C G-OOAJ MSK394/5/6/7 G-ZAPJ CTN1508/9 9A-CTA

Tuesday 1st June
Streamline Aviation's Shorts 330 G-SSWU operated a cargo flight to Saarbrucken during the afternoon as SSW200, having positioned in as SSW200P from Luton.
Piper Malibu N22SY stopped for fuel during the afternoon en-route Reykjavik-Maastricht.
TLA570/1 EI-TLG NFA921/924/924E OY-NPC AMC5208/9 9H-ADH

Monday 31st May
Nothing of interest.
EAF656P/6562 G-AVMS IST829/830 TC-IAH AIH846/5 C-FTDA NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPC RZO9400/1 CS-TGP OHY441/2 TC-ONP JKK3185/6 EC-GVO

Sunday 30th May
Although the 4th July has been the expected date on which our two Sunday Braathens flights were to be upgraded to 737-700 equipment, the day's two visits were still operated by NG's; LN-TUE operated the late morning flight, and the evening saw the first-visiting LN-TUB. Seven out of ten Sunday Braathens flights were operated by -700's during May.
Cessna 172 D-EESA departed to Inverness at lunch-time.
AEA184/5 EC-FXQ BAL426B/992F G-OBYC BRA561/4 LN-TUE AMM666D/C G-OOAA CKT717/6 G-CVYE FCL811/0 G-FCLE AIH900/899 G-MCEA VIM717/8 LZ-MIS BRA575/8 LN-TUB ECA864/5 5B-DBD

Saturday 29th May
The now almost obligatory first-visiting airliner appeared early morning, in the shape of Iberworld's Airbus A.320 EC-GZE, while the two Cronus Airlines flights were operated by Boeing 737 SX-BGI, making for three visits by the aircraft in less than 24 hours (plus the presumed ferrys in between from Heraklion to Rhodes, and from Rhodes to Kos !).
There were two notable British Airways Boeing 757 visits; G-BIKI operated the tea-time schedule, making its first-visit since its re-paint into 'Rendezvous', while the next arrival from Heathrow, the night-stopping BAW12T, producing another aircraft in the China colours, the first-visiting G-CPEU.
The now eagerly-watched British Regional Jersey flight at lunch-time produced something of a disappointment, Embraer 145 G-EMBA being the only BRT example to visit Newcastle before the introduction of this summer's schedule, having been used by Newcastle United for a trip to Southampton on the 27th/28th March 1998.
Mooney M.20 D-ERCH departed back to Biggin Hill during the afternoon, after flying a local flight, and was replaced a little later on the south apron by Cessna 172 D-EESA which arrived from Ostend and night-stopped.
FUA102/3 EC-GVB VIM605 LZ-MIG AMM56D G-OOAN IWD3437/3428 EC-GZE BAL999F/426A G-OBYC BRT563/4 G-EMBA CUS4602/3 SX-BGI MON5897/6 G-MONW JKK3341/2 EC-FZC RZO9456/7 CS-TGR BAW12N/13K G-BIKI BAW12T G-CPEU CUS4604/5 SX-BGI IWD3450/3432 EC-GZD ECA810/1 5B-DBC

Friday 28th May
The previously Gill Airways-operated Stavanger charter, which has been operated by a number of different carriers this month, produced yet another during the evening, Constellation Airlines using their latest Airbus A.320 OO-COL as CIN992L/993L from Stavanger, and positioning out to Brussels.
The previous evenings first-visiting Britannia 757 G-BYAX didn't hang around too long, only operating one more based aeroplane programme flight, from Palma early morning, and then swopping around with G-BYAR in Corfu during the day. KLM(uk) used Titan Airways ATR.42 G-BUPS for the tea-time Stansted rotation. The first Friday night Cronus Airlines flight of the summer produced Boeing 737-300 SX-BGI.

Thursday 27th May
We saw the new Air Transat colour-scheme at Newcastle for the first time, Boeing 757 C-GTSJ operating the mid-morning Toronto rotation, while a whole new aeroplane for us, one of Britannia Airways' new Boeing 757's G-BYAX, first-visited during the late evening, from/to Palma. The TransAer A.320 EI-TLP departed to Dublin during the evening as TLA001P after spending over two days here.
On a fairly busy GA day, the only one of interest was Mooney M.20 D-ERCH in a colour-scheme not too dissimilar to one of the Southwest 'special' 737's ('Lone Star 1' ?), the aircraft arriving from Biggin Hill at tea-time for a two night stop.

Wednesday 26th May
A much quieter day, with the only points of interest being the Croatia Airlines Boeing 737 9A-CTD, which operated from Liverpool to Split during the evening, and the Bin Air Metroliner D-ICRK which operated a cargo flight from Erfurt just before midnight, returning to Erfurt in the early hours of Thursday.
TransAer Airbus A.320 EI-TLG, which had 'rescued' EI-TLP the day before, operated in and out from/to Rhodes during the morning, while 'LP' was still parked u/s.

Tuesday 25th May
Best movement during an, unusually busy day, was probably CL.604 Challenger D-ASTS, of Bavaria International but operated by ACM Air Charter, which spent the afternoon here from/to Munich, and becoming only our fourth Challenger 604.
It really was 'one of those days', with three aircraft going u/s at Newcastle and requiring 'rescue'. First was Aer Lingus Fokker 50 EI-FKE during the morning, which prompted EI-FKF to arrive at lunch-time as EIN2306 to operate the outbound EIN303. Another Irish-registered aircraft to have problems was TransAer Airbus A.320 EI-TLP which suffered an un-servicability after arrival from Heraklion as TLA570 mid-morning. The problem was such that the aircraft couldn't be moved for much of the day, and the rescue aircraft, sister-ship EI-TLG didn't arrive until late evening, from Rhodes as TLA571P, operating out to Heraklion as TLA571 just before midnight. Maersk(UK) Jetstream 41 G-MSKJ went u/s after its third landing of the day at tea-time, the first-visiting CRJ G-MSKN ('Chelsea Rose') operating the last rotation (MSK396/7) a little later in the evening than normal.
Four minutes after this first-visit came our second new British Airways Boeing 757 re-paint in seven days, G-BPEJ operating the last Heathrow arrival of the day (BAW12T) and night-stopping, now wearing the 'Union Flag' tail design. Co-incidentally this design had just first-visited Newcastle a week and a half earlier, on Concorde G-BOAE.
Partenavia P.68 N246PN arrived at lunch-time from Reykjavik, diverting from Stornoway presumably due to tailwinds, the aircraft continuing on to Locarno mid-afternoon. Police Aviation Services Twin Squirrels returned to Newcastle, well just one actually, G-SAEW stopping for fuel while en-route Aberdeen to Cardiff heliport, the machine wearing the same black/yellow colour-scheme as the Newcastle based EC.135 G-NESV.
TLA570 EI-TLP AMC5208/9 9H-ABR NFA921/4 OY-NPC MSK396/7 G-MSKN TLA571P/571 EI-TLG

Monday 24th May
New registration for Spanair, EC-HBP worn by an MD.83, appeared on the evening Palma flight. No stranger to Newcastle however, having visited in previous years as EC-269, EC-EOY, VR-BMI and EC-FVC, all with Oasis.
Istanbul Airlines' Boeing 737-800 TC-IAH made its fourth consecutive Monday morning visit.
SAB43M OO-DWB IST829/830 TC-IAH AIH846/5 C-FTDA NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPC RZO9400/1 CS-TGP OHY441/2 TC-ONP JKK3185/6 EC-HBP

Sunday 23rd May
The afternoon saw two European Aircharter One Eleven's again, G-AVMY operating from Stansted, presumably an FA Cup charter, and positioning out to Stansted, and 'MS' operating the return leg of Friday's Stockholm-Arlanda charter, and positioning out later to Bournemouth. There were two more extra British Airways flights after the cup final, operated by Boeing 757 G-CPEO.
The evening Braathens flight produced Boeing 737-700 LN-TUC again, its third visit this month.
AEA184/5 EC-FXQ VIM717/8 LZ-MIK BAL426B/992F G-OBYD BRA561/4 LN-TUC AMM666D/C G-OOAB CKT717/6 G-CVYE FCL811/0 G-FCLK EAF6484/484P G-AVMY AIH900/899 G-JALC EAF6299/299P G-AVMS SAB677 OO-DWB ECA864/5 5B-DBB BAW1328/132P G-CPEO BAW1330/133P G-CPEO

Saturday 22nd May
There was, as was to be expected, a number of extra flights for the FA Cup Final. Arguably the best of these resulted in the first visit to Newcastle of Go Fly; Boeing 737-300 G-IGOI positioned from Stansted early morning as GOE901P to operate back as the GOE9002, the aircraft not being a first-visitor however, having visited before as G-OBMD with British Midland as recently as 1996, while the return flight was operated by a first-timer, Boeing 737-300 G-IGOC bringing back the dejected masses (well 123 of them !) during the late evening. Air Kilroe Jetstream 31 G-OAKJ went down and back, to/from Luton as AKL31/32, the aircraft positioning in from Humberside as AKL03 at breakfast-time, and night-stopping after returning from Luton, and Hamlin Jet's Citation 560 N560MM also went to/from Luton. There was also two extra British Airways flights - details as below.
Iberostar used their new Airbus A.320 EC-HCR for both of their Saturday flights, the aircraft being the one-time SX-BSH of Ambassador Airways, which has actually only visited Newcastle once before, on the 26th May 1994. There were however three further first-visiting airliners; our third new Britannia Airways Boeing 767-300 of the summer was G-OBYD, the British Regional Airways Jersey rotation produced Embraer 145 G-EMBG in the 'Water Dreaming' scheme, and Cronus Airlines used Boeing 737-300 SX-BGI for both of their Saturday flights.
TLA534/5 EI-TLP CKT365 G-CVYD GOE901P/9002 G-IGOI AMM56D G-OOAN IWD3437/3428 EC-HCR BRT563/4 G-EMBG MON5897/6 G-MONZ CUS4602/3 SX-BGI BAL999F/426A G-OBYD JKK3341/2 EC-GQG GOE9003/9004P G-IGOC RZO9456/7 CS-TGR CUS4604/5 SX-BGI IWD3441/2 EC-HCR BAW1322/13X G-BPEC BAW1328/9 G-BIKG

Friday 21st May
KLM-liveried ATR's returned to Newcastle, the first KLMuk ATR.72 to visit Newcastle, G-UKTN, operating the first two Stansted rotations of the day. Two European AirCharter BAC One Elevens operated charter flights during the afternoon, G-AVMS operating a passenger charter to Stockholm-Arlanda after positioning in from Bournemouth, and 'MZ' operating the oil charter in from Stavanger, and positioning out to Bournemouth.
An interesting visitor was Emerald Airways HS.748 G-BGMN which positioned in from Liverpool as JEM04E, to operate the outbound evening mail flight, the JEM04M to Liverpool. This was the aircraft's first-visit to Newcastle in at least the last 12 years.
Falcon 20 LX-IAL departed to Farnborough after lunch, again as JCA138.

Thursday 20th May
Interesting exec visitor was Jetcom SA Falcon 20 LX-IAL which arrived from Le Touquet during the afternoon as JCA138 for a night-stop.
The first new British Airways Boeing 757 re-paint to appear 'up north' in quite some time, first-visited in its new colours at lunch-time, G-BPEC looking surprisingly pretty good in a slightly modified 'Waves and Cranes'.
AIH862/857 C-FTDA OHY443/4 TC-ONP TSC240/1 C-GTSF AMM65P/65C G-OOAO AMC082/3 9H-ABF

Wednesday 19th May
Cherokee N4132U continued its delivery flight eastbound at breakfast, departing direct to Wroclaw in Poland. Another delivery mid-afternoon saw Beech Bonanza D-ENWM pass through westbound from Marl to Reykjavik. The fourth A.320 to be used through Newcastle by TransAer so far this summer, EI-TLG, operated the morning Rhodes charter.

Tuesday 18th May
Yet another 'NextGen' first-visited during the early morning, Maersk's 737-700 OY-MRB arriving from Copenhagen as DAN9567, and operating the old Gill Airways oil charter to Stavanger as DAN1567.
A very rare operator up here, Aurigny Air Services, operated a training flight through Newcastle with their new Saab 340 G-RUNG, which routed Aberdeen to Norwich as AUR1140. The aircraft was mainly all-white, with a little yellow on the fin, and no titles.
Piper Cherokee N4132U arrived from Reykjvaik on a delivery flight, and night-stopped, and Citation 500 OY-CEV departed back to Gothenburg during the late evening as NFA042.
DAN9567/1567 OY-MRB TLA570/1 EI-TLP AMC5208/9 9H-ADH NFA921/924/921E OY-NPC

Monday 17th May
Citation 500 OY-CEV arrived from Gothenburg at tea-time as NFA041, and night-stopped, and another all-yellow Bond Bolkow 105 visited during the evening, G-NAAA arriving from and departing to the Royal Victoria Hospital in the city centre as 'Helimed08'.
IST829/830 TC-IAH NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPC AIH846/5 C-FTDA RZO9400/1 CS-TGQ OHY441/2 TC-ONR JKK3185/6 EC-FXY

Sunday 16th May
After only our third EMB.145 the previous day, we got only our second Beech 1900D ever, the all-white F-GRCD of Occitania Jet day-stopping from Le Bourget to CDG as OJF470.
Yet another rare UK-registered corporate jet was the first-visiting Citation 550 G-BWOM, which afternoon-stopped from/to Jersey, operated by Aviation Beauport, for the last Newcastle United home game of the season against Blackburn Rovers.
Braathens' 737-700 LN-TUD, which was the first to appear here in mid-March, made its second visit on the morning Oslo rotation.
IWD3441/2 EC-GLT BAL426B/992F G-OBYB BRA561/4 LN-TUD FCL811/0 G-FCLG AMM666D/C G-OOAC CKT717/6 G-BVYC AIH900/899 G-RJGR VIM711/2LZ-MIG ECA864/5 5B-DBD

Saturday 15th May
Two more first-visiting airliners, the Cronus Airlines 737-300 SX-BGI which operated both the day's flights, and only our third Embraer 145 ever, G-EMBC operating the first British Regional Jersey flight of the summer, the aircraft wearing the 'Koguty Lowickie' tail design.
Titan ATR.42 G-ZAPJ was used again by Brymon, this time for the Southampton departure/arrival, the extension to Aberdeen not operating.
AMM56D G-OOAN IWD3437/8061 EC-GZD BRY95P/95B/98A/96P G-ZAPJ BAL999F/426A G-OBYB JKK3341/2 EC-GHH MON589B/5896 G-OZBB CUS4602/3 SX-BGI BRT563/4 G-EMBC RZO9456/7 CS-TGP CUS4604/5 SX-BGI AEA184/5 EC-GUO BAW99C G-BOAE

Friday 14th May
The day's most notable visitor, at least as far as the general public were concerned, was likely to have been Concorde G-BOAE, the type's first appearance here since 1996, and of course Newcastle's first sight of the 'Union Flag' tail design, which arrived from Leeds at tea-time for a night-stop. The local enthusiasts however, were probably much more interested in the second visit, but its first in conditions of more than 200metres in fog, of Sabre's 737-800 G-OJSW, which mirrored its operation of the previous Friday, from Manchester to Athens as SBE7046.
Titan Airways and their ATR.42 G-ZAPJ were used again through Newcastle, this time by Brymon Airways for the Copenhagen and two evening Belfast rotations. European Aircharter 1-11 G-AVMM operated the return of the Stavanger oil charter, positioning out to Gatwick.
Cessna 172 N7267Q departed to Ganderkessee at breakfast-time after its night-stop.

Thursday 13th May
Citation 550 G-CZAR departed to Stansted during the afternoon, as CFR229 again, and Cessna 172 N7267Q arrived from Keflavik at tea-time, for a night-stop.
Air Transat made their first visit of the year, with Boeing 757 C-GTSV, from Cardiff to Toronto, and Braathens' 737-700 LN-TUE made a return visit, on the evening flight.

Wednesday 12th May
Another relatively rare British biz jet, Citation 550 G-CZAR, arrived from Brussels at tea-time as CFR229, and night-stopped.
The first Air 2000 Verona 'w' of the summer produced nothing more exciting than Airbus A.321 G-OOAF.

Tuesday 11th May
KLMuk used Titan Airways ATR.42 G-ZAPJ for the first two Stansted rotations of the day, but much more interesting was Maersk(uk) Canadair Regional Jet G-MSKM, which replaced J41 G-MSKJ on the last Birmingham of the day. Citation 650 G-HNRY made another short visit during the afternoon, from Cannes to Farnborough.
TLA570/1 EI-TLP UKA39R/42R/41R/44R G-ZAPJ AMC5208/9 9H-ABS NFA921/924/924E OY-NPD MSK396/7 G-MSKM

Monday 10th May
A relatively interesting UK-registered executive jet made a brief visit at tea-time, Quantel's Citation 650 G-HNRY visiting from/to Farnborough. The two Auster's G-AOFS and G-APMH, stuck here by the weather since the previous Wednesday, finally got away to Leicester during the early afternoon.
Surprisingly there were no first-visiting airliners, the second week of the Istanbul Airlines series', still producing just the one flight, operated by Boeing 737-800 TC-IAH.
EAF6502 G-AVMP IST829/830 TC-IAH NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPD AIH846/5 C-FTDA RZO9400/1 CS-TGP OHY441/2 TC-ONR JKK3185/6 EC-FZC

Sunday 9th May
For the first time both Braathens flights were operated by Boeing 737-700's, the morning rotation by LN-TUC, it's second visit in a few days, and the evening flight by the first-visiting LN-TUA. The first-visiting airliners kept appearing, with the afternoon Flying Colours Gerona 'w' being operated by Boeing 757 G-FCLK.
The TransAer A.300 EI-TLL night-stopped, and operated the Airtours mid-morning Malaga rotation a couple of hours late, as AIH879/880, and then positioned out during the evening as AIH880P to Manchester. Boeing 757 G-JALC operated the return Alicante sector during the early hours as AIH820, and then positioned out to Manchester as AIH820P. The worst delay affected the Saturday late night Las Palmas, which operated on A.320 G-COEZ, which positioned in from Manchester mid-morning as AIH821P, and operated out as AIH821 12 hours late, becoming the based aeroplane on its return late evening.
European Aircharter BAC One Eleven G-AVMP positioned in from Frankfurt during the afternoon as EAF502P, in preparation for the Monday morning Stavanger oil charter.
AEA184/5 EC-GUO BAL426B/992F G-OBYC BRA561/4 LN-TUC CKT717/6 G-BVYB AMM666D/C G-OOAC FCL811/0 G-FCLK AIH900/899 G-MCEA VIM717/8 LZ-MIG BRA575/578 LN-TUA ECA864/5 5B-DBC

Saturday 8th May
Two more first-visiting airliners in the shape of Iberostar Airbus A.320 EC-GZD, which operated both rotations during the day, and our second first-timing Britannia Airways Boeing 767-300 of the summer, G-OBYC operating out to Orlando during the morning. Both Cronus Airlines rotations were operated by the same 737-300 as the previous Saturday.
The first major delays of the summer hit Airtours again; the based Airbus A.320 G-EPFR went u/s after arrival during the early morning, and positioned out as AIH06E during the afternoon to Manchester. The next flight in the programme, the early morning Palma was operated by TransAer Airbus A.300 EI-TLL during the afternoon, which positioned in from Manchester as AIH817P, and operated to/from Palma as AIH817/8. The mid afternoon Alicante rotation was operated by Boeing 757 G-JALC at tea-time, which seemed to operate split with Manchester (?), arriving as AIH819A, and operating out as AIH8191.
IWD3437/3428 EC-GZD BAL999F/426A G-OBYC JKK3341/2 EC-GNY MON5897/596A G-OZBB CUS4602/3 SX-BBU RZO9456/7 CS-TGP CUS4604/5 SX-BBU IWD3441/2 EC-GZD

Friday 7th May
The late evening saw the third TransAer flight of the Summer season, and another different airframe, Airbus A.320 EI-TLR first-visiting on the usual TLA534/5 Heraklion rotation, becoming our third first-visiting ex-Dragonair A.320 in a week !. The latest 737 'NextGen' first-visit appeared at tea-time, through the fog, in the shape of Sabre Airways' 737-800 G-OJSW, only our third -800, which positioned in from Manchester, to operate out to Athens, at the start of a short, early-Summer series.
Bad weather 'down the road' during the morning saw Teesside's first Friday Air Europa charter of the summer divert to Newcastle, the all-white 737-400 EC-FXQ arriving from Palma as AEA287, and departing to Ibiza as AEA291.

Thursday 6th May
Our now daily first-visiting airliner appeared in the shape of Air 2000's brand new Boeing 767-300 G-OOAL which positioned in from Manchester to operate the first Orlando via Shannon flight of the summer.
The first Air Transat flight of the summer produced nothing more exciting than Boeing 757 C-GTSF.

Wednesday 5th May
After two summers during which there was little to no variety in the aircraft used for the weekly TransAer flight, it's a little ironic that the first two flights of this summer should produce two first-visiting aircraft. EI-TLS was today's first-timer, ferrying in from Cologne for the first Rhodes departure, and becoming the second ex-Dragonair A.320 to first-visit in five days.
Gulfstream IV N635AV first-visited during the afternoon, from Barcelona to Heathrow, a registration that had been seen here before on a G.IISP, and King Air 90 N6031W passed through on delivery during the evening, from Blackbushe to Reykjavik.
More interesting GA appeared in the shape of Auster G-AOFS which visited north-bound from Leicester to Insch during the afternoon, and which returned mid-evening in company with another Auster, G-APMH, both aircraft night-stopping.
TLA123P/651 EI-TLS AZX102T/3T/4T/5T G-OABL

Tuesday 4th May
The 'summer season' quietened down somewhat after the excitement of the weekend, but there was still a first-visiting charter airliner, the first TransAer flight of the summer, and the first 'day-time' flight operated by the airline for years, producing Airbus A.320 EI-TLP from/to Heraklion.
Cheyenne N233PS departed to Geneva early morning, and the other night-stopper, Falcon 10 HB-VME, departed back to Cologne late morning. Interesting GA visitor at lunch-time was Cherokee OE-KMV, which arrived from Ostend and departed to Inverness.
TLA570/1 EI-TLP CFE42WX/45XY G-BYTP AZX102T/3T/4T/5T G-OABL AMC5208/9 9H-ADH NFA921/924/924E OY-NPC

Monday 3rd May
Possibly the most eagerly-awaited of any of the charter series' planned through Newcastle this summer, began during the morning, producing only half of the anticipated excitement however, only one of the two Monday morning Istanbul Airlines charters operating on the first Monday of the summer season, producing only the airport's second Boeing 737-800, TC-IAH as IST833/0 from Dalaman to Izmir. Another slightly less interesting Turkish operator operated their first flights of the year during the evening, Onur Air's Douglas MD.88 TC-ONR positioning in from Frankfurt to operate their first Dalaman departure.
UK-registered airliners continued to provide interest, with another first-visiting 737 being Debonair's -300 G-OABL, which visited twice on line training flights from East Midlands to Prestwick and reverse. The recent first-visiting British Airways Boeing 757 G-CPER, made only its second landing here, arriving late evening on the night-stopping BAW12T, and City Flyer's latest ATR.72 G-BYTP made its first visit as such, on the morning CFE42WX/45XY. Wearing the 'Colum' tail design, the aircraft had visited 3 times previously as G-OILB with British World. The first Airtours Reus 'W', operated by the Teesside-based aeroplane again this summer, produced the until recently, Newcastle-based, C-FTDA.
With aeroplanes committed to summer charter flying, none of the 'major' charter airlines were able to operate the morning Stavanger oil charter, recently the domain of the based Airtours A.320. The flight was operated by European Airlines BAC One Eleven G-AVMP, which visited during the early morning as EAF478P/6478, from Stansted to Stavanger.
Beech Baron EI-CPS departed to Donegal mid-morning after spending two nights here, and Falcon 10 HB-VME arrived from Cologne during the evening for a night-stop. A delivery flight arriving just before midnight produced the quite interesting Cheyenne N233PS from Reykjavik. Bound for the summer in Greece, the aircraft had been delivered through Newcastle twice in the past, most recently west-bound as SX-BFQ last October !.
AZX102T/3T/4T/5T G-OABL BAW12T G-CPER BRY413A/31N/131C/32C G-BRYY BRY413B/33N/413C/35N G-BRYZ CFE42WX/45XY G-BYTP JKK3185/6 EC-GHH NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPC OHY441F/2 TC-ONR RZO9400/1 CS-TGQ IST833/0 TC-IAH

Sunday 2nd May
Amongst all the charter excitement, Braathens' sneaked another 737-700 in during the evening, the third to visit Newcastle, LN-TUC operating the BRA575/578.
Another charter first-visitor was Caledonian Airbus A.320 G-CVYG, which operated the first Sunday Zakinthos 'W' of the summer.
Brymon Airways began their Belfast(Int.)/Copenhagen schedules, Dash Eight G-BRYY operating to/from Belfast as BRY413A/31N, to/from Copenhagen as BRY131C/32C, and then to/from Belfast again, as BRY413B/33N ... great callsigns !.
AEA184/5 EC-FXQ BAL426B/992F G-OBYB FCL811/0 G-FCLC CKT717/6 G-CVYG AIH900/899 G-JALC ECA864/5 5B-DBB AMM666D/C G-OOAA

Saturday 1st May
The first day of the summer season dawned, and both of this year's first-time foreign operators appeared, although both unfortunately produced aircraft that had visited Newcastle before. The first Iberostar at Newcastle produced Airbus A.320 EC-GLT during the morning, an aircraft that had visited Newcastle previously with BCM Airlines, while the first Cronus Airlines flight saw Boeing 737-300 SX-BBU, an aircraft that had visited before as EC-FMP, however only once, on the 27th August 1994 !, when with Viva. Both aircraft returned for the late evening rotations, both being on the ground at the same time
UK airlines also produced some different aircraft; the first Airtours A.320 to be based here this summer being G-EPFR which arrived from Manchester during the early hours as AIH106P. Wearing Airtours colours, and yet another Newcastle/Skyservice connection with Skyservice USA titles, the aircraft had never visited Newcastle as such, but had been seen here before as G-BVJV of Airworld. The first ever 'planned' use of Britannia Boeing 767-300's through Newcastle, saw the first-visit of G-OBYB on the first Orlando departure of the summer season.
Additional based aircraft for the start of the summer season included Air 2000 Boeing 757 G-OOOY which arrived from Heraklion during the early hours, and Britannia Airways Boeing 757 G-BYAL (joining the aircraft still present from the winter season) which arrived from Leeds during the early morning. The leased-from-Skyservice A.320 C-FTDA operated its last Newcastle based flight during the early hours from Tenerife, and departed immediately to its new summer base at Teesside as AIH850P.
Gill Airways ATR.42 G-WFEP returned after re-paint at Southend during the early hours, the aircraft actually arriving from Edinburgh as GIL062P after operating a mail flight, and now wearing the full Gill Airways colour-scheme (it was in KLMuk colours).
AMM218 G-OOAN BAL999F/426A G-OBYB IWD3437/3428 EC-GLT CUS460P/4603 SX-BBU JKK3341/2 EC-GCV MON897/5896 G-OZBB RZO9456/7 CS-TGP CUS461P/4605 SX-BBU IWD3441/2 EC-GLT

Friday 30th April
The Skyservice Airbus A.320 C-GTDC routed through again, on its way back to Canada from the Middle East, arriving from Rome-Fiumicino and departing to Toronto direct, as SSV991 during the early morning.
The second ex-Leisure Boeing 767-300 to visit in its new Air 2000 guise operated the Orlando charter during the morning, G-OOAN being the ex G-UKLH. Monarch Airlines operated the inbound Gill Airways Stavanger charter at tea-time, using Boeing 757 G-DAJB, the aircraft positioning out to Glasgow. Canada 3000 Boeing 757 C-FOOE arrived from Mahon at lunch-time as FCL301P, to become the Flying Colours based aeroplane for the summer season again. The aircraft is again in full Flying Colours colours !.
Beech Baron EI-CPS arrived from Donegal during the morning for a weekend-stop, and King Air N1553N returned to Guernsey before lunch.

Thursday 29th April
Only our third Falcon 2000 to visit spent the morning on the south apron, Tag Aviation's HB-IAZ arriving from Le Bourget early on, and departing to Cardiff at lunch-time, both as FPG296.
King Air 90 N1553N arrived from Guernsey during the afternoon for a night-stop - not a delivery.

Wednesday 28th April
Fort Worth-based Western Jets International seem to like Newcastle at the moment, the third Falcon 10/100 to route through in two weeks, making a fuel stop during the afternoon. N152WJ was the aeroplane, which arrived from Nuremburg and departed to Reykjavik.
WDL operated a cargo flight from Rouen during the early evening, F-27 D-AISY arriving as WDL311 and positioning out to Cologne as WDL313P.

Tuesday 27th April
Only movement of note was another delivery, Piper Malibu N41346 passing through at lunch-time from Reyjavik to Kassel, to take up German registry.
NFA924/921/924/924E OY-NPC AMC5197 9H-ADI

Monday 26th April
More fog .... no aeroplanes.
NFA921E/921 OY-NPC RZO9400/1 CS-TGR FUA114/5 EC-HBT

Sunday 25th April
On a 'pig-awful' day, the only notable movement was the departure of Cheyenne N80CP, back to Thruxton mid-morning.
ECA864/5 5B-DBC

Saturday 24th April
Highlight, indeed only movement of note during the day, was another executive jet type to be seen here on a delivery flight, the first Learjet 31 to be delivered through Newcastle appearing mid-afternoon in the shape of I-ERJB, which arrived from Reykjavik and departed to Eurojet Italia at Milan-Linate, after 45 minutes on the ground.

Friday 23rd April
The Gill Airways Stavanger charter was flown by Air 2000 for the second week running, with Boeing 757 G-OOOA. Piper Cheyenne N80CP arrived from Thruxton at lunch-time for a weekend stop.
It was an incident-filled day, Brymon Airways Dash Eight G-BRYV returning to the airfield after departure to Southampton as BRY95B during the afternoon, following an altimeter failure (as reported in the local press it 'formated' with an RAF Harrier to check which altimeter was working correctly !), while a few hours earlier the Futura 737 EC-HBT diverted into Manchester on one engine, after departure from Newcastle as FUA101.
FUA100/1 EC-HBT GIL701/702P G-OOOA

Thursday 22nd April
Two Citations, both 'India Romeos', day-stopped, the most interesting being Air Group Finance-owned, and Dinard-based Citation 550 EI-CIR, visiting from/to Dinard on a TAT-related visit, presumably to Gill Airways, actually using Air Liberte callsigns, LIB997A inbound and LIB998A outbound. Very confusing !. The other was Aviation Beauport's 550 G-BJIR, which arrived from Birmingham and departed to Sheffield. Cal Energy's Falcon 900 N77CE departed to Luton during the early morning, after its two-night stay.

Wednesday 21st April
A very surprising first-visitor was a British Airways Boeing 757, the until recently, Gatwick-based G-CPER, making its first appearance at Newcastle on the tea-time BAW12N/13K. The aircraft became the fourth to visit Newcastle in the 'Wings' tail design.
Nouvelair Tunisie MD.83 EI-CGI was noted on the weekly Monastir flight wearing a revised colour-scheme, mainly all white with 'toned down' titles/logo on the forward fuselage and fin (new or interim scheme ?). This was the aircraft's first-visit here since the end of last December.

Tuesday 20th April
Cal Energy came visiting their Northern Electric 'possession' again, Falcon 900 N77CE arriving direct from Des Moines just before lunch, for another three-day visit. A pair of British Citations visited during the afternoon, OxAero's 501 G-CITI from Edinburgh to Blackpool as OXE120, and Eurojet's 550 G-OCDB, from Cork to Gardermoen as GOJ206C/D.
Another Titan Airways aeroplane was sub-chartered by a regular Newcastle operator, KLMuk using ATR.42 G-ZAPJ for their first Stansted rotation of the day. Aer Lingus Fokker 50 EI-FKA went u/s during the morning, resulting in a 'rescue' visit by BAe146-300 EI-CLI.
UKA39R/42R G-ZAPJ AMC5197 9H-ABT EIN2302/303 EI-CLI EIN2307/EI-FKA

Monday 19th April
The remaining stored ATR.42 departed mid-afternoon, the all-white G-BYHB, still with '200th' titles, following 'HA' to Exeter.
Citation 550 D-CILL day-stopped from/to Rotterdam, an aircraft that had visited Newcastle before with the much more exotic registration 5B-CIQ.
Brymon Airways used Titan BAe146 G-ZAPK for their morning Bristol/Aberdeen schedules.
BRY052/510/53A/B G-ZAPK NFA921E /921/924 OY-NPC RZO9400/1 CS-TGQ FUA114/5 EC-GXR

Sunday 18th April
The day saw two first-visiting, and similarly registered, Falcon 10/100's; Falcon 100 N95WJ passed through first at lunch-time, from Reykjavik to Zurich, and onwards to its new operator in Tunisia. A crew was 'dropped off' in Zurich, and collected Western Jets International's new Falcon 10 N23WJ, which came through Newcastle on its way to Iceland during the early evening.
ECA8645 5B-DBD

Saturday 17th April
Brymon Airways operated what was thought to be a promotional Belfast Aldergrove rotation, prior to the introduction of the new service in the coming weeks, Dash Eight G-BRYY operating to/from Belfast as BRY503/4.

Friday 16th April
The Gill Stavanger charter was flown by Air 2000 for the first time, Boeing 757 G-OOOG subsequently positioning out to Gatwick.

Thursday 15th April
The early hours saw an unusual movement, Skyservice Airbus A.320 C-GTDC beign ferried through Newcastle as SSV990, arriving from Toronto and departing to Abu Dhabi after an hour on the ground. Being a regular visitor over the last two summers on Airtours flights, the aircraft this time wore full Skyservice colours, and a crew change was performed on the turnaround, Skyservice crews being detahed to Newcastle at the moment of course, for the based C-FTDA.

Wednesday 14th April
The second of the stored ATR.42's departed during the early afternoon, G-BYHA leaving for Exeter, and presumably, subsequent delivery to Italy First. The aircraft had arrived at Newcastle on the 24th January.

Tuesday 13th April
A pretty good day with two first-visiting airliners, and a very nice executive jet. A very recent addition to Air Malta's fleet, Boeing 737-400 9H-ADO operated their mid-day Malta charter, split with Glasgow, the aircraft being an ex Air One, and previously Lufthansa machine, still wearing basic Air One colours,white fuselage grey undersides and a blue fin, with Air Malta titles. This was only the second time the carrier had used a -400 on a regular Malta charter series flight through Newcastle. SABENA's latest 146, RJ.100 OO-DWI, first-visited on the last Brussels arrival, the night-stopping SAB677, also giving us our first look at the new SABENA colour-scheme.
Arguably the best visitor of the day though was the French Air Force Falcon 20 260/F-RAEA, which arrived from Glasgow early afternoon, departing to East Midlands at tea-time, both as CTM0032.
AMC2109/5197 9H-ADO NFA921/4 OY-NPC SAB677 OO-DWI

Monday 12th April
Almost 10 years of Police Twin Squirrel operations at Newcastle Airport came to a close with the departure of G-PASF to Cargate in Leeds during the morning as 'Special12'. The new machine, Eurocopter EC.135 G-NESV arrived at tea-time from Husbands Bosworth as 'Macline07', and begun a pretty intensive training period over the next few days.
NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPC RZO9400/1 CS-TGP FUA114/5 EC-GUG

Sunday 11th April
Titan Airways did well with two sub-charters through Newcastle at almost the same time during the evening; ATR.42 G-BUPS operated the afternoon/evening Gill Airways Dusseldorf rotation, the positioning sectors being from/to Stansted, while sister-ship G-ZAPJ operated the tea-time KLMuk Stansted flight.
Timac's Citation 550 F-GGGT visited again, from/to Dinard again mid-afternoon.
GIL287P/287/286/286P G-BUPS UKA43R/46R G-ZAPJ ECA864/5 5B-DBB

Saturday 10th April
Manx Airlines operated another Chambery rotation with BAe146 G-MIMA, at lunch-time as MNX985/978, the aircraft operating from/to Chambery this time around.
Beech Duke N7860X passed through during the afternoon on a delivery flight, from Reykjavik to Osnabruck.

Friday 9th April
The last Futura re-registration for the time being, Boeing 737-400 EC-HBT, appeared for the first time on the lunch-time Tenerife charter. Gill Airways used another Monarch Airlines Boeing 757 for the Stavanger charter inbound during the evening.
The run of Citation's continued, Timac's Citation 550 F-GGGT visiting briefly during the morning, from/to Dinard. Cessna 310 N310QQ day-stopped from/to Elstree.
FUA100/1 EC-HBT GIL701/702P G-DAJB FUA256/7 EC-GYK

Thursday 8th April
The Med Airlines ATR.42 F-OHLA departed during the afternoon after spending almost three months here, having arrived for maintenance on the 22nd January. The Airtours DC-10 G-BYDA made another line training visit, as AIH04T/05T at tea-time, from Cardiff to Aldergrove.
Stealth Aviation's Lear 45 N459LJ is now becoming increasingly regular, visiting again, at about the same time as the DC-10, as 'Stealth004/005', from Palma to Leeds. An example of an even less common type here also appeared, Citation Bravo N829CB, an aircraft which had visited only once before, actually visiting twice during the day, from Blackpool to Chester early afternoon, and from Birmingham to Blackpool during the evening.

Wednesday 7th April
Just two Cayman-registered Citations of note, both visiting over lunch-time, Citation 550 VP-CJR from Manchester to London City, and Scottish and Newcastle's 560 VP-CSN, from Edinburgh to Cranfield.

Tuesday 6th April
It was a big Citation day, with four, albeit UK-based, aircraft visiting during the day. Hamlin Jet's Citation 560 N560MM appeared first during the early morning, from Luton to Biggin Hill, and was followed by Aviation Beauport's Citation 550 G-BJIR from/to Jersey late morning, Trustair's Citation 500 G-TJHI from/to Blackpool over lunch-time, and Scottish and Newcastle's 560 VP-CSN, which spent just eleven minutes on the ground mid afternoon, from Cranfield to Edinburgh.
Another arrival from Cranfield was Cherokee OO-NZF mid-morning, to where it returned mid-afternoon, and Tulip Air's Navajo PH-ABD arrived from Rotterdam late evening as TLP02A, returning under the same callsign just after midnight.
AMC2109/5197 9H-ABS NFA921 OY-NPC

Monday 5th April
Citation 560 TC-MET began the final leg of its delivery fight during the early hours, departing to Ankara-Esenboga at 0300L.
Another Futura re-registration appeared, EC-HBZ being yet another identity to be worn by one of their oldest aircraft. Titan Airways ATR.42 G-BUPS visited during the evening as AWC630A/B from/to Stansted, in connection with the Spurs match at St.James' Park, and Aer Lingus used a European Airways One Eleven for their evening Dublin schedule, G-AVMP operating as EIN308/9. Robin F-GDKL flew a local flight during the afternoon, and then departed to Beauvais. Jet Ranger N206NS passed through again during the morning, from Blackbushe to 'Near Edinburgh', probably Addiston Mains.
NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPC RZO9400/1 CS-TGP FUA114/5 EC-HBZ

Sunday 4th April
Only interesting visitor was Robin F-GDKL which arrived from Jersey during the afternoon for a night-stop.
ECA864/5 5B-DBD

Saturday 3rd April
A very welcome Citation delivery of a different type to a 525, was the 560 TC-MET which arrived from Reykjavik during the early afternoon, and which was left here by its Cessna delivery pilots, for collection by its new owners on Monday morning.
An interesting GA movement was provided by Piper Seminole PH-MLH, which spent an hour on the ground mid afternoon, from Lelystad to Amsterdam, wearing Martinair colours.

Friday 2nd April
An Air 2000 Boeing 767 appeared here for the first time, the ex-Leisure aeroplane G-OOAO starting the Orlando charter series, from Gatwick to Sanford as AMM217. Gill Airways sub-chartered two aeroplanes during the afternoon, both being on the ground at the same time; Monarch Airlines operated the Stavanger charter with Boeing 757 G-MONJ arriving as GIL701, and departing to Manchester as GIL702P, while earlier problems caused by the fog required the use of Titan Airways ATR.42 G-ZAPJ for an evening Belfast rotation.
The evening Braathens flight operated inbound only, Boeing 737-500 LN-BRV night-stopping and positioning out to Alicante on Saturday morning, on what seemed to be a planned operation.
A rare first-visiting UK-registered executive jet was Citation 550 G-SPUR, which visited during the late evening under London Executive Aviation callsigns, from Manchester to Metz as LNX422V/W.
BAL277B/996F G-BRIG FUA100/1 EC-GXR FUA256/7 EC-HAN GIL706P/706B/710B/710P G-ZAPJ

Thursday 1st April
Airtours DC-10 G-BYDA visited again, a little later in the early morning this time, from Cardiff again as AIH09T, and out to Dublin as AIH110T. Our first Learjet 45 made its third appearance here, N459LJ visiting at tea-time as LTH005/001 ('Stealth'), from Leeds to Jersey.
Jet Ranger N206NS passed through again, during the afternoon, from 'Near Huntingdon' to Perth.

Wednesday 31st March
The Airtours DC-10 G-BYDA made an early hours visit, whilst presumably line training, arriving from Cardiff as AIH05T and departing as AIH08T to Aldergrove.
Danish Air Transport King Air 90 OY-JRO visited during the afternoon, arriving as DTR310P from Southend, and operating a cargo flight outbound to Maastricht as DTR310.

Tuesday 30th March
Just GA today; Mu-2 N8484T of Skyline Aviation arrived from Den Helder for a local flight over the North Sea, presumably operating with the Dutch Navy.
Cessna 210 EI-CDX visited from/to Waterford, and Mooney M.20 D-ERAW departed back to Monchengladbach during the afternoon after two nights here.
NFA924/921/924/924E OY-NPC AMC2109/5197 9H-ABT

Monday 29th March
North Flying Corvette OY-SBT visited during the afternoon, from/to Aalborg as NFA071, presumably a support flight for the Metroliner OY-NPC which departed just after its arrival.
ECA864/5 5B-DBC RZO9400/1 CS-TGQ FUA114/5 EC-GRX NFA921E/921 OY-NPC

Sunday 28th March
After the Maersk 'Next Gen' of the previous week, another Boeing 737-700 appeared on the evening Braathens schedule, the even newer LN-TUE operating the BRA575/8. This is only the second Braathens -700 to visit, and only our fourth of type.
The first KLM uk Fokker 50 on the Stansted service (the new summer schedule) operated a single rotation during the evening, G-UKTE as UKA43R/46R. There was very little else of excitement, just Baron N951SF departing to Elstree during the afternoon after its night-stop, and Mooney M.20, which arrived from Monchengladbach a little later, for an extended stay.

Saturday 27th March
Aer Lingus Fokker 50 EI-FKF went u/s during the morning after arrival from Dublin as EIN302, Boeing 737-500 EI-CDF arriving as EIN2304 just before lunch to rescue the EIN303. The Fokker departed a little later as EIN2305. Sabre Airways operated the first of another short Lyons series, with Boeing 727 G-BNNI giving us our first look at a 727 in the 'new' 'Next-Gen' colour-scheme.
The return of the Braathens Copenhagen charter produced none of the excitement of the inward leg, Boeing 737-400 LN-BRQ positioning in from Gardermoen to operate out to Copenhagen.
We saw the last of the Gill Airways Fokker 100's for possibly a little while, G-BYDP (which incidentally has reportedly had its red/blue 'by Gill Airways' titles changed to reflect the all-blue titles on 'DO') departing to Gothenburg as GIL100P during the afternoon, in preparation for the start of the summer schedules on the 28th. G-BYDO had departed on the afternoon of Friday the 26th to Dinard (for maintenance), and then presumably direct to Helsinki. This aircraft had only flown once since its arrival on the 19th, a local training flight on the evening of Thursday the 25th.
Beech Baron N951SF departed to Dundee at lunch-time, and returned at tea-time for another night-stop.
SBE4087/6 G-BNNI BRA8355/1356 LN-BRQ

Friday 26th March
Back to normal, with the only visitor of note being Beech Baron N951SF which arrived from Elstree during the afternoon for a night-stop.
FUA100/1 EC-GUG GIL701/701P G-TICL FUA256/7 EC-GVB

Thursday 25th March
Thankfully things got somewhat more exciting, with another Braathens charter flight producing something out of the ordinary. The flight, from Copenhagen as BRA1355 at lunch-time, was operated not by a Braathens aeroplane, but by the extremely new Maersk Air Boeing 737-700 OY-MRF, our third -700 this year, and only our fourth 'Next-Gen'. The aircraft positioned back to Copenhagen as BRA8356.
One of the still quite rare British World ATR.72's was used by Brymon Airways for their now Southampton-only scheduled service (the Paris CDG extension having been discontinued two weekends previous), G-OILA passing through from Aberdeen to Southampton as BRY095/98A mid-afternoon, and back as BRY96A/096 during the early evening.
King Air 300 D-COIL arrived from Mannheim early morning, and returned there at lunch-time, and Jet Ranger N206NS stopped, presumably for fuel, just before tea-time, from Blackbushe to Edinburgh (city/Gilmerton ?).

Wednesday 24th March
The only movement of interest occurred just before midnight, Danish Air Transport Cessna 406 Caravan I OY-PEU arriving from Luton as DTR845P to operate a cargo flight outbound to Liege as DTR845.

Tuesday 23rd March
Still extremely quiet; Robin F-GEKO departed to Jersey during the afternoon after a few nights here.
AMC2109 9H-ABR MSK394/5/6/7 G-ZAPJ NFA921/924/924E OY-BPH

Monday 22nd March
Nothing to talk about .....
NFA131E/921/924 OY-BPH RZO9400/1 CS-TGP FUA114/5 EC-GYK

Sunday 21st March
Nothing at all !.

Saturday 20th March
Only movement of interest was Robin F-GEKO which arrived from Kidlington during the early evening for a night-stop.

Friday 19th March
Gill Airways' second Fokker 100 arrived during the early evening, G-BYDO as GIL100P from Montpelier. It was delivered already with the 'by Gill Airways' titles on the forward fuselage; rather unfortunately however the 'Airways' is in blue, as opposed to red on 'DP' !.
The Air Open Sky ATR.42 departed back to Paris-CDG during the early afternoon as OPN243.
The night-stopping Rockwell Commander 114 delivery, D-EIXJ, departed to Reykjavik at breakfast-time.
FUA100/1 EC-GYK GIL701/701P G-DJAR FUA256/7 EC-GUG

Thursday 18th March
Almost bizarrely, another all-white ATR.42 turned up during the early afternoon !; Air Open Sky's F-GEQJ operated a passenger charter from Paris-CDG as OPN242, and night-stopped.
Aeroleasing Learjet 35A HB-VJL visited over lunch, as FPG812 from/to Geneva. Jodel OO-CSK continued to Aboyne mid-morning, and Rockwell Commander 114 D-EIXJ arrived from Maastricht early evening, at the beginning of a west-bound delivery flight.

Wednesday 17th March
Jodel OO-CSK arrived from Midden Zeeland during the afternoon for a night-stop.

Tuesday 16th March
The two night-stoppers departed within three minutes of each other mid-afternoon, Mooney M.20 D-ERAW to Kassel, and Falcon 100 SE-DLB back to Munich.

Monday 15th March
The mid-morning saw a very significant first-visit, the first Braathens Boeing 737-700; LN-TUD operated the BRA561/574 schedule from Gardermoen to Stavanger. Another 'new' 737 was Maersk UK's G-MSKE, in 'Delftblue Daybreak' which operated the mid-morning MSK392/3, following the cancellation of the first J41 rotation. The airframe had visited Newcastle previously however, as OY-APB with Maersk back in August 1996.
An unservicable KLM uk Fokker 100 first thing saw Titan Airways BAe146 G-ZAPK arrive from Stansted as UKA751, to operate the first Amsterdam UKA34Z departure. It returned mid-morning as UKA35Z and positioned out as UKA752 back to Stansted.
Andersson Business Jets' Falcon 100 SE-DLB arrived from Munich during the morning for a night-stop, and Mooney M.20 D-ERAW also night-stopped, arriving from Amsterdam during the late evening.
NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPC RZO9400/1 CS-TGP FUA114/5 EC-GRX

Sunday 14th March
Learjet 45 N459LJ departed back to Jersey at lunch-time as LTH008. Dubai Air Wing Falcon 900 A6-AUH arrived during the afternoon from Antalya on an ambulance flight, the aircraft departing to Basle at tea-time.
Cessna 414 N414FZ visited at lunch-time, from Jersey to Chester, and Rockwell Commander 114 D-EMCA passed through on delivery during the afternoon from Reykjavik to Cologne.
Bristows Bell 212 G-BALZ fuel-stopped during the afternoon from Humberside to Aberdeen.

Saturday 13th March
Another lunch-time delivery involved the ex-Tyrolean Airways Dash Eight OE-LLW, which routed from Innsbruck to Reykjavik, wearing the Tyrolean Airways colour-scheme, without titles.
Friday's night-stopping British Airways Boeing 757, G-BMRF, failed to depart on the first Heathrow schedule of the day, a Glasgow-Heathrow flight dropping in to collect the passengers, operated by G-CPEN as SHT7R.
Stealth Aviation Learjet 45 made its second landing here, arriving from Jersey mid-morning as 'Stealth009' for a night-stop.

Friday 12th March
Nowt !.

Thursday 11th March
Newcastle's 21st Citation 525 delivery appeared at lunch-time, D-IMMI wearing a very pretty Cessna demonstrator-type colour-scheme, arriving from Reykjavik and departing to Ganderkessee after an hour on the ground.

Wednesday 10th March
Two Metroliners passed through at lunch-time, on delivery back to Sierra West Airlines from Spain; N81418 arrived first, followed by N8897Y, both from Montpelier to Reykjavik.
Atlantic Airways Cargo Douglas DC-6 G-APSA operated a cargo flight from Brussels during the early morning as AAG677, the aircraft departing to Coventry as AAG678. BAC Express Shorts 360 G-OCEA day-stopped from Southampton to Farnborough as RPX481A/B.
SABENA RJ.100 OO-DWH made its second visit on the night-stopping SAB677.

Tuesday 9th March
Cessna 207 N779EA passed through on delivery, arriving from Reykjavik during the early hours, and continuing on to Elstree after breakfast, wearing a vaguely familiar white colour-scheme, with a large orange sun/disc on the fin.
NFA921/924/924E OY-NPC AMC2109 9H-ABS

Monday 8th March
Airtours operated to Stavanger for Gill again during the morning, but this time with Airtours callsigns, A.320 C-FTDA departing as AIH6711, and returning as AIH712P. Others: NFA921E/921/4 OY-NPC RZO9400/1 CS-TGP FUA114/5 EC-GUG

Sunday 7th March
Only visitor of interest was Executive Aviation's Citation 550 G-ESTA which afternoon-stopped from Staverton to Brize Norton.

Saturday 6th March
Monarch Airlines operated the return sector of last week's Naples charter with Airbus A.320 G-OZBA during the early hours, the aircraft positioning out to Gatwick. Two military-operated, civil types appeared during the day, Belgian Air Force Airbus A.310 CA02 making two round-trips from Melsbroek as BAF615, at lunch-time and during the afternoon. Irish Air Corps CN.235 252 performed a single touch-and-go mid-morning as IRL252, from Baldonnel to East Midlands. Others: MON9617/617P G-OZBA TYR927R/8R OE-LCM

Friday 5th March
Gill sub-chartered an Airtours Airbus A.320 again for the Stavanger flight, G-DJAR arriving as GIL701 during the evening, and positioning out to Manchester as GIL701P. Others: SAB67V OO-DWG FUA100/1 EC-GVB BRY56A/B/57A/B G-ZAPK FUA256/7 LX-LGG

Thursday 4th March
Airlink King Air OE-FME departed to Prestwick mid-morning as JAR09, after its two-night-stop, and then returned during the afternoon, from Prestwick to Manchester.

Wednesday 3rd March
The latest Brymon Dash Eight re-paint appeared for the first time during the morning, G-BRYI in 'Chelsea Rose' operating the morning BRY52A/B/53A/B Bristol/Aberdeen schedules.
Another Rieker Air Services Citation appeared on a freight flight during the afternoon, the 501 D-IEIR being from/to Stuttgart.
JCB Aviation's S-76 N95UT made two brief visits during the morning, and late afternoon.

Tuesday 2nd March
King Air 90 N412KA continued on to Reykjavik early morning after its night-stop, and Leadair Falcon 10 F-GNDZ day-stopped from Le Bourget as LEA035K/036K.
Airlink King Air OE-FME arrived from Salzburg during the late evening as JAR09 for a night-stop.
City Flyer RJ.100 G-BZAT flew a few training circuits during the afternoon as CFE11T.
The 'Fokker' got Gill Airways titles applied during the afternoon/evening.
AMC2109 9H-ABT NFA921/4 OY-NPC

Monday 1st March
Quite a day !; the new Futura 737-400 first-visited on the afternoon Las Palmas charter, the ex-Turkish Airlines EC-HAN operating the FUA114/5. The first flight operated by newly-based Skyservice Airbus A.320 C-FTDA was another sub-charter for Gill Airways, as GIL700 to Stavanger during the early morning, returning as GIL701P mid-morning. Gill Airways' Fokker 100 G-BYDP flew for the first time since its arrival on the 18th February, a one and a half hours air test out over the North Sea during the afternoon as GIL100E.
Two executive jets first-visited in their new guises; Belgian Air Force Falcon 900 CD01 spent just over 30 minutes on the ground during the morning as BAF606 from/to Melsbroek. The airframe had visited Newcastle before as G-BTIB, although only once, almost co-incidentally, on the 2nd March 1992. Possibly more significant was the visit by Citation 551 D-IEAR of Rieker Air Service on a cargo flight from Stuttgart during the afternoon, to where it returned after just 43 minutes on the ground. While this may have been the registration's first-visit, the airframe is possibly our most regular Citation II ever, being the ex LN-AAD of Air Express, an almost daily visitor at one point during the mid eighties !.
Another aeroplane which had been here before, surprisingly, was King Air 90 N412KA which arrived from Bremen via Norwich on a delivery flight back to the US during the early evening for a night-stop. This aircraft, recently Turkish-registered, was actually delivered through Newcastle to Turkey, although as what, and when, is not confirmed yet.
BRY052/510/53A/B G-ZAPK FUA114/5 EC-HAN RZO9400/1 CS-TGR NFA921E/921/4 OY-NPC

Sunday 28th February
Local sports matches produced two N-reg Citations; NJN Plane's Citation 550 N800LA visited from/to Luton, in connection with a Newcastle Gosforth rugby match, and Ambrion Aviation Citation 501 N145DF, which also visited from/to Luton, in connection with the Arsenal game.
The Skyservice Airbus A.320 pitched-up as expected at breakfast-time, C-FTDA arriving direct from Toronto as SSV990. It wears the full Skyservice colour-scheme, but now with Airtours titles, and will remain based for up to two months, before moving to Leeds or Teesside.

Saturday 27th February
Err ..... nothing !.

Friday 26th February
Monarch Airlines operated an extra flight to Naples with Airbus A.320 G-MONY as MON9614 during the evening, the aircraft having positioned in from Funchal during the afternoon as MON585P. Gill Airways sub-chartered European Airlines BAC One Eleven G-AVMZ for the inbound Stavanger charter, the GIL701 during the evening, the aircraft positioning out to Stansted as GIL701P.
Our second Cessna Caravan I in a week visited during the morning, LN-TWD of Trans Wing A/S arriving from Stavanger as TWG901, and returning there as TWG902 mid-morning.

Thursday 25th February
Pace Electronics' Citation 560 VP-CCV made only its second visit up to Newcastle from its Leeds base, its first being in December 1997, arriving during the afternoon and departing to Rome-Ciampino.

Wednesday 24th February
Citation 525 D-IURH departed to Munich at breakfast-time.

Tuesday 23rd February
The mid-morning saw the arrival of a Cessna Caravan I, still a very rare type at Newcastle, N208MK arriving from Jersey, and departing to Birmingham after lunch.
Citation 525 D-IURH appeared again, arriving from Keflavik, after another trip state-side, late afternoon and night-stopping.
NFA921/4/4E OY-NPD AMC2109 9H-ADH

Monday 22nd February
Cessna 425 N811NA continued westbound towards Reykjavik at breakfast-time.
Gill Airways used the newly-based Airtours Airbus A.320 G-VCED for their weekly Norwegian charter, now a Stavanger flight.
GIL700/700P G-VCED NFA921/924 OY-NPD RZO9400/1 CS-TGP FUA114/5 EC-GVB

Sunday 21st February
The night-stopping British World ATP G-OBWM departed to Farnborough mid morning as BWL455P.
Arriving during the evening was Cessna 425 N811NA on a delivery flight from Ajaccio for a night-stop. Despite its registration the aircraft is not thought to have anything to do with NASA, and was on delivery to Denton, Texas.
BMA7372/1 G-OBMM

Saturday 20th February
The second 'first Heathrow' cancellation in two days (the 757 on Friday morning went u/s, while the last arrival from Heathrow was cancelled) produced a Boeing 767 on the second flight of the day, the mid-morning BAW12H/13F, operated by Boeing 767-300 G-BNWW, an aircraft that had visited us during 1998.
A defeated Newcastle United returned from Southampton during the evening on British World ATP G-OBWM as BWL3007, the aircraft night-stopping, while Manx Airlines operated the return of last Saturday's Chambery ski charter, again with BAe146 G-MIMA, the aircraft departing to the Isle-of-Man.
Belgian Air Force Airbus A.310 CA02 returned for two more visits, from/to Melsbroek as BAF643 during the afternoon and early evening.

Friday 19th February
City-Flyer ATR.72 G-BVTK became the latest aircraft to first-visit in the new British Airways colour-scheme, operating the afternoon CFE48YA/51AB resplendant in the 'Chelsea Rose' tail design.
British World Airlines put in the second ATP in two days, this one being an ad-hoc charter flight with Newcastle United to Southampton during the afternoon, G-OBWM operating as BWL3006, having positioned in from Southend as BWL006P.
Gill Airways sub-chartered European Airlines BAC One Eleven G-AVMS for their Stavanger charter, arriving during the early evening as GIL701, and positioning out to Bournemouth as GIL701P.
Cessna 182 N2379C departed to Ledbury during the afternoon after its night-stop, A36TP Bonanza N250TP day-stopped from/to Tatenhill, and an interesting helicopter visitor was the appropriately registered Gazelle G-OGAZ, which visited during the morning from 'Near Glasgow' to Glenrothes.

Thursday 18th February
A momentous day for Gill Airways with the arrival of their first jet aircraft, Fokker 100 G-BYDP (our second first-visiting Fokker 100 in two days) which was delivered from Montpellier during the late afternoon as GIL100P. It wears the full Air France colour-scheme with just the usual Air France titles at present.
A now quite rare Brymon Airways sub-charter produced a first-visiting ATP, British World's G-OBWN being used for the afternoon/evening Bristol/Aberdeen schedules.
Cessna 182 N2379C arrived from Staverton during the late afternoon, and night-stopped, and Gama's Learjet 35 G-JETG visited briefly during the early evening, from Prague to Farnborough as GMA793.

Wednesday 17th February
The latest Romavia cargo charter produced Ilyushin Il-18 YR-IMZ during the morning as RMV113/4 from/to Bucharest.
The other new KLMuk Fokker 100 was used through Newcastle for the first time, G-UKFP arriving as UKA37Z during the afternoon and becoming the based aeroplane.
King Air 200 VP-CMA visited during the evening for the football, from/to Birmingham, and a couple of not too common UK-registered executive jets visited, in the shape of Marshalls Citation 550 G-BFRM, which day-stopped from/to Cambridge, and BAe125 G-DEZC, an airframe that was once regular here as HB-VGG, which spent a few hours here during the evening from Augsburg to Kidlington.

Tuesday 16th February
Nothing !.

Monday 15th February
Only movement of interest was the first-visit of the 'next' SABENA RJ.100, OO-DWH arriving during the late evening as SAB677 and night-stopping.
NFA921E/921/924 OY-BPH RZO9400/1 CS-TGP FUA114/5 EC-GVB

Sunday 14th February
Just a few, not too interesting general aviation visitors; Piper Malibu N22SY passed through at lunch-time from Maastricht to Inverness, and a couple presumably for the football match, Atlantic Airways Metro III G-BUKA from/to Luton as AAG178/9, and Aviation Beauport's Citation 550 G-BJIR from/to Jersey as AVB841/2.
BMA7372/1 G-OBMM

Saturday 13th February
A typically quiet winter Saturday; Manx Airlines operated an extra ski charter to Chambery (split with the Isle-of-Man) during the morning with BAe146-200 G-MIMA.

Friday 12th February
Romavia Ilyushin Il-18 YR-IMZ operated another cargo flight to Bucharest during the morning as RMV114, the aircraft having arrived from Bucharest as RMV113 before breakfast.
The evening saw a couple of scheduled airlines sub-charter through Newcastle, Gill Airways using Emerald's HS.748 G-EMRD for a Belfast City rotation, and Brymon using Titan's ATR.42 G-ZAPJ for the final Bristol-Aberdeen service of the day.
FUA100/1 EC-GRX GIL744P/744B/749B/749P G-EMRD FUA256/7 EC-GXR BRY58A/B G-ZAPJ

Thursday 11th February
Ameristar Falcon 20 N285TW returned for fuel from Keflavik to Rome during the early hours, as AJI37 again, and then passed through again at lunch-time in the opposite direction, again as AJI37.

Wednesday 10th February
Ameristar Falcon 20 N285TW made the first of three visits over the next two days during the early morning, a fuel-stop on a freight flight from Rome-Fiumicino to Keflavik as AJI37. Bosch 125 HB-VLG departed to Hannover at breakfast-time after its night-stop.
Piper Seneca PH-CDL was present for much of the day, from/to Groningen, and King Air 90 F-GNBA of Carry Air operated a cargo flight inbound from its base at Lyon-Bron during the evening as EEC003, the aircraft returning there shortly after. Atlantic Airways' Cessna 406 G-LEAF followed it from Lyon-Bron a little later in the evening as AAG428, positioning out to Coventry as AAG429.
An interesting helicopter visitor was Robinson R.44 G-EYET at lunch-time from Leeds to Teesside.
LBT803 EI-CNO MSK390/1/2/3/4/5/6/7 G-BUPS NFA924/924E OY-NPC SAB677 OO-DWG

Tuesday 9th February
Another all-white aeroplane passed through on delivery, an ex-Newcastle resident, Shorts 330 (previously G-BIYH with Gill Airways) C-FYXF spending just under an hour on the ground during the afternoon, en-route Stornoway to Southend.
Maersk were without Jetstream 41 G-MSKJ again, Titan Airways' ATR.42 G-BUPS operating the first three of the daily Birmingham rotations, with the last one being operated by the first-visiting Canadair RJ G-MSKL as the MSK396/7. Bosch's BAe125-800 HB-VLG arrived from Stuttgart during the evening for a night-stop.
AMC2109 9H-ADI MSK390/1/2/3/4/5 G-BUPS NFA924 OY-NPC

Monday 8th February
Maersk's Jetstream 41 was nowhere to be seen, Titan Airways operating the four Birmingham rotations with BAe146 G-ZAPL in the , and ATR.42 -ZAPJ during the afternoon/evening.
One of the stored ATR.42's, G-BYHB (the one with the '200th' markings - even though it's l/n 206) was moved off the south apron during the day, and is now hidden in between some of the buildings on the south-side of the airport. The top of the fin is just visible from the terminal side.
MSK390/1/2/3 G-ZAPL NFA921E/921/924 OY-NPC RZO9400 CS-TGP FUA114/5 EC-GRX MSK394/5/6/7 G-ZAPJ

Sunday 7th February
The second consecutive week of disruption to the Saturday evening Tyrolean Innsbruck charter, produced a first-visiting Fokker 70, OE-LFL operating almost 24 hours late as TYR927R/928R.
BMA7372/1 G-OBMM

Saturday 6th February
Absoutely nothing at all of interest ! ....

Friday 5th February
Air 2000 used Airbus A.321 G-OOAH through Newcastle again, the aircraft operating the Tenerife AMM888/9 rotation, with positioning sectors from Edinburgh as AMM927P, and to Gatwick as AMM866P.
Corporate Jets were London Executive Aviation's Citation 550 G-FJET, from Murcia to Stansted as LNX210A/B, and Danish Air Transport's Citation 501 OY-CPW, which visited from Esbjerg to Billund as DTR833/833T.

Thursday 4th February
The only movements of note involved a first-visiting executive jet, Northern Executive Aviation's Learjet 35 G-MURI, operating from Manchester to Zagreb during the morning as NEX04A/B, and then in reverse during the evening as NEX04C/D, an operation presumably in connection with the latest Newcastle United signing.

Wednesday 3rd February
The first-visit of an Airtours Airbus A.321 occurred during the early hours, the return leg of Tuesday's Venice 'day-trip' being operated by G-VOLH as AIH3394, after the A.320 G-TMDP had gone u/s, 'LH' positioning out to Manchester as AIH235P.
The all-white, Rheintalflug Dash Eight OE-LSB departed on the final leg of its delivery flight, to Altenrhein at breakfast-time.

The reports for the next nine days were kindly written by fellow EGNT ATCA David Webster ... thanks man !.

2 Feb
You know it's about time Sage changed their aircraft. N560MM was Back again - Hurrahhhhhhhhh! Anyway, the French gave us the only Decent visitor of the day, BE90 F-GIML as the CPH040/2. Gold Air Sent us a couple of lights, G-OLDB PA31 "GDA19T" and night-stopping C421 G-BDYF as the 'GDA70A'. But the highlight was another DHC8 Delivery, OE-LSB painted in that same, imaginative scheme that the 2 stored ATRs are in! The aircraft night stopped and departed to LSZR.

1 Feb
New airliner was OY-SEF arriving as the BRA8574 / 2574 Posn from Copenhagen and operating a charter to Stavanger. As I said the other day, it was in 'Midland' blue with a beach Ball painted on the tail and engines. G-BRYY turned up in it's New colour scheme (Chinese writing - sorry don't know the name As I don't like the schemes! ). For the record it was the BRY052 / 510. Guess what - N560MM was back - AGAIN! Anyway another 1st visitor Was G-UKFM resplendent in KLMuk colours (nice!) arriving as the Night-stopping UKA41Z.

31 Jan
Two first visitors today, with only one of any interest. BMA had yet Another 1st visiting B737 with G-SFBH doing the weekly "BMA7372/1". (Is that them all son?) But the best was G-NVSB finally dropping in from Aberdeen as the "BRY55B" departing to Bristol. Not bad as we had G-NVSA & B on the ground together! The other visitors were puddle jumpers.

30 Jan
Only visitor of note was HS125 VP-BMD of Airman. It arrived 'tea-time' And night-stopped leaving just after lunch. The Tyrolean ski charter arrived from Salzburg instead of Innsbruck, some 6 Hours late. The crew duly went out of hours and night stopped. The aircraft departed just after 6 am/31st. For the record it was OE-LCG

And the hits just keep on rolling! Want to see some ATR42s? Well arriving from Corfu early evening, was G-BYHB stable mate of HA. Both are parked next to each other (HB on the left as you look from The terminal), resplendent in a fetching white colour scheme! But if you want to tell them apart HB has "200th" painted on the tail (guess 200th built, as C/N should be 206).
Kingair G-ECAV made a very brief appearance mid-afternoon (24 mins).

28 Jan
At last something to report! Air2000 1st visit in full colours of A321 G-OOAH.
In from Stansted and operating to/from Arrecife and positioning to Birmingham just before midnight. Kellogg's F900 N906WK put in his first visit around mid-morning (no cereal jokes!). The aircraft night stopped departing to base at Battle Creek, MS. C560 N560MM came back just before a good visitor, Slovak government Tu154M OM-BYR as "SSG003". As has been well documented, it arrived from Stansted, night stopped, departed the following lunchtime to Sliac.

27 Jan
'Old' regulars again made up the visitors. C560 N560MM put in a few appearances & night stopped. N902MP had a return jaunt to Birmingham. C501 VP-CAT popped in for the afternoon (in for some tiffing?). Caravan 406 G-MAFA arrived for a night stop as the "WDG 71". Kingair G-BXMA "MHN17A" was the last visitor of any note.
Again god bless the mil.

26 Jan
As with the 25th if it weren't for the mil it would have been very quiet. Gulf2 N902MP took up residence again for a few days, arriving from Heathrow.

..... back to my own reports .....

Monday 25th January
After three weeks of the Germania 737-700 D-AGEU on the SATA/Air Azores Funchal charter, the weekly flight still produced interest, the carriers new 737-300 CS-TGR operating the RZO9400/1, in the airlines full colours.
Air Scandic Airbus A.300 G-TTMC returned to Manchester during the afternoon as BAL098F after having operated three round-trips from Newcastle in the based Britannia 757 programme. SE-DUN arrived back from Stockholm-Arlanda during the morning as BAL999F, and operated the day's Las Palmas charter.
Heerema Citation S550 PH-RMA day-stopped from/to Rotterdam.

Sunday 24th January
Another nice ATR.42 appeared during the late evening, Gill Airways' latest aircraft G-BYHA arriving unexpectedly from Corfu. This one, an ex-Thai machine unfortunately was all-white though.
Brymon Dash Eight G-BRYY made only its second visit to Newcastle (the first was on the 3rd January) operating the mid-day BRY55A/B, Aberdeen-Bristol.
BMA7372/1 G-OBMF BAL301A/B/098A G-TTMC

Saturday 23rd January
Air Scandic Airbus A.300 G-TTMC arrived during the afternoon to take up the based Britannia Airways Boeing 757 programme for a few days, allowing the still-Newcastle-based Britannia AB SE-DUN to depart to Malmo as BAL998F at tea-time. The 'big Airbus' arrived from Manchester as SCY900P and operated the evening BAL328A/B to/from Alicante.

Friday 22nd January
What might well turn out to be one of the best visitors of the year appeared during the early afternoon, the sole Med Airlines ATR.42 F-OHLA arriving as MDS998T from Rome-Fiumicino for attention by Gill Airways Engineering. Wearing the carrier's full colours, it was expected to spend a week here, most of it inside the Gill hangar.
Maersk put another Canadair RJ in, G-MSKM operating the mid-morning MSK392/3.
Learjet 36 N116MA operated a local flight over the North Sea during the morning, and then departed to Valkenburg at lunch-time, both as 'Lion16'.

Thursday 21st January
Learjet 36 N116MA arrived during the late evening for a night-stop, from Rotterdam as 'Lion16', Operated by Skyline Aviation, the aircraft had worked in the North Sea ranges before arrival.
Bristows Bell 212 G-BGLJ passed through again, from Aberdeen to Humberside during the afternoon.

Wednesday 20th January
The only interest was provided by a very old-sounding Beech Baron, F-BUTZ of Airbor visiting during the afternoon from Besancon-La Veze to Dijon.

Tuesday 19th January
Nowt !.
AMC2109 9H-ADH NFA921/4/924E OY-NPC

Monday 18th January
A very dull day ..... even 737NG's are a bit un-exciting now !!.
NFA921E/921/4 OY-NPC RZO9400/1 D-AGEU FUA114/5 EC-GUI AMM587P G-UKLL

Sunday 17th January
The smallest aircraft so far to appear at Newcastle wearing the new British Airways colour-scheme visited just before midnight, Loganair's Islander G-BJOP operating an ambulance flight from Prestwick, departing to Glasgow just after midnight. The aircraft has recently been re-painted with the 'Colum' tail design.
The evening Aer Lingus Fokker 50 went u/s, another 737, -500 EI-CDD, ferrying in during the late evening as EIN2302, to operate the outbound EIN309.
Hughes 500 N1096C visited over lunch-time, as did Irish Air Corps Super King Air 240, which was from Glasgow to Liverpool as IRL240.
BMA7372/1 G-OBMM EIN2302/309 EI-CDD

Saturday 16th January
King Air 90 N1092G (reportedly ex Senegalese (?) and which apparently had an 'interesting' time getting out !) passed through on delivery during the late morning, arriving from Santander and departing to Roskilde.
After last month's first ever Aer Lingus Boeing 737-400, another appeared on the morning Dublin schedule, the first-visiting EI-BXA operating as EIN302/3.
Aero Services Executive King Air 200 F-GSIN departed back to Le Bourget at tea-time as BES710 after the usual French Thursday/Friday night-stop.

Friday 15th January
Romavia operated another cargo flight outbound to Bucharest, this time with their other Ilyushin Il-18 YR-IMZ, which arrived from Bucharest as RMV113 before breakfast, and returned there as RMV114 mid-morning.
The second British-registered 125-800 in two days visited from/to Northolt, G-WBPR spending much of the middle of the day here.
The two Futura 737-400's were both on the ground at the same time at lunch-time, which I'm sure made for some second glances !.

Thursday 14th January
Two first-visiting CitationJets; just my sort of day !. The 20th Citation 525 to be delivered through Newcastle appeared mid-morning from Reykjavik, D-ISHW continuing on to Monchengladbach, while a slightly older machine arrived at tea-time, D-IALL spending just forty five minutes on the ground from Cologne, and also to Monchengladbach.
Aero Services Executive King Air 200 F-GSIN arrived from Le Bourget during the evening as BES500 for another two-night stay, while the always impressive EJC 125-800 G-VIPI visited also at tea-time, from/to Southampton.

Wednesday 13th January
Only GA visitor of note was Super King Air VP-CMA which was present during the afternoon, from Prestwick to Birmingham. SABENA RJ.100 OO-DWF made only its second visit to Newcastle on the morning Brussels schedule, its first-visit having been in September 1998.

Tuesday 12th January
Just exec jets again providing minimal interest; Quick Airways Lear 35 D-CJPG operated a cargo flight inbound from Cologne at lunch-time as QAJ412, departing to Lyon as QAJ444, and BAe125-800 G-VIPI visited briefly during the evening from/to Southampton.

Monday 11th January
Things got much more interesting eventually, with our third first-visit-of-type executive jet in the space of 34 days landing just before mid-day. Gulfstream V N252JS arrived from Farnborough and departed to Le Bourget mid-afternoon. A more unexpected arrival was another Gulfstream, Gulf II N52NW being a positive by-product of a Brymon Airways Bristol 'tech' cancellation, which spent just half an hour on the ground mid-afternoon from Bristol to Tenerife.
After the two big Gulfstream's there was however little else; only our third 'Next Generation' landing produced the same Germania 737-700 on the weekly Air Azores flight, that had visited the previous Monday.
NFA921E/921 OY-NPC RZO9400/1 D-AGEU FUA114/5 EC-GRX

Sunday 10th January
NEA's Lear 35 G-ZENO visited during the early evening, from Nice to Luton as NEX01A/B ..... nothing else !.
BMA7372/1 G-OBMF

Saturday 9th January
DARTA King Air 200 F-GHOC departed back to le Bourget during the evening as DRT1028 after spending two nights here.

Friday 8th January
Only movement of interest was another King Air on delivery, King Air 90 D-IWKA, which passed through before breakfast, from Siegerland to Reykjavik.
FUA100/1 EC-GYK AEA241/2 EC-GGO JKK3353/4 EC-GBA

Thursday 7th January
DARTA King Air 200 F-GHOC arrived from Le Bourget early morning as DRT1028 for a double-night-stop, and Taunus Air Learjet 35 D-CGRC operated an ambulance flight inbound from Alicante at tea-time as TAQ222, the aircraft positioning out shortly after as TAQ223 to Frankfurt. Piper Seneca OO-VWK departed back to Wevelgem during the evening.

Wednesday 6th January
Similarly very dull; Piper Seneca OO-VWK arrived from Belgium during the morning for a night-stop, and Chauffair Lear 35 G-GJET visited briefly during the early afternoon as CFR976, from Farnborough to Corfu.

Tuesday 5th January
Not a lot of excitement; Mitsubishi Mu-2 F-GEQM operated a late evening frieght flight from Nevers, departing shortly after to Orleans, Magec BAe125-700 G-OMGD visited briefly at lunch-time, from Cardiff to Luton, and Bristows Super Puma G-BLXR fuel-stopped from Aberdeen to the McKlintock Rig as BHL70P at tea-time.
NFA921/4 OY-NPD AMC2109 9H-ADI AMM514/5/812 G-UKLL

Monday 4th January
Another momentous day at Newcastle !; the first-visit-of-type of a Boeing 737-700 occurred at lunch-time, Germania's D-AGEU operating for SATA/Air Azores as expected, as RZO9400/1 from Glasgow to Funchal, and becoming only our second 'next generation' !.
Citation 525 N1127K departed direct to Bucharest mid-morning, the hoped-for re-registration at Newcastle into Romanian marks, not happening after all.
Gales at Glasgow saw two British Airways Boeing 757's 'divert' to Newcastle during the morning, making for three on the ground at the same time (G-BMRF being present on our usual schedule). G-BMRD using the 'Shuttle' callsign inbound was a true diversion, while G-BIKL a little later was actually planned into Newcastle, albeit at very short notice.
Air 2000 Airbus A.320 G-UKLL arrived during the afternoon to take up based aircraft duties, the aircraft still wearing full Leisure colours.
SHT6G/474W G-BMRD BAW1476 G-BIKL NFA921E/921 OY-NPD AMM587P/862/863 G-UKLL FUA114/5 EC-GUG

Sunday 3rd January
The first first-visitors of the year appeared, Brymon's latest Dash Eight G-BRYY making its first visit on the early afternoon BRY55A/B Aberdeen-Bristol schedule, yet another 'all-white' Dash Eight !, and the eagerly anticipated Citation 525 delivery, which turned out to be even better than expected, N1127K arriving 30 minutes before midnight from Reykjavik to night-stop, to continue to its new operators in Romania on Monday morning !.
BMA7372/1 G-OBMG

Saturday 2nd January
Caledonian operated an extra flight during the early hours, from Tenerife via Cardiff with A.320 G-BVYC.
CKT5415/415P G-BVYC SBE4087/6 G-BNNI TYR927/8 OE-LCF

Friday 1st January

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