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Today at Newcastle Airport
Monday 11th August 2003 - By Andy Hutchings

Newcastle United departed for their first Champions League match of the new season this afternoon on Virgin Express Boeing 737-400 OO-VEJ, the aircraft seen here pulling onto stand in grotty weather. Only the third time we've seen this colour-scheme at Newcastle Airport - last two times were on football charters during October 1999 - the aircraft had of course been a regular visitor throughout the 1990s as LN-BRB of Braathens, operating 92 scheduled service turnarounds at the airport between 1991 and 1999.

Providing a little bit of nostalgia the second photo shows the aircraft before Braathens were a scheduled service operator at Newcastle, and shows the aircraft on the old stand 3 on the 10th February 1990. Braathens aircraft were used by Britannia Airways during the first few months of 1990 for a Saturday Geneva ski charter series.

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