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Today at Newcastle Airport
Thursday 27th November 2003 - By Andy Hutchings
Rather an amazing moment this morning illustrated here - prior to the 27th October 2003, only two landings had been made by the Saab 2000 regional airliner at Newcastle Airport (F-GMVD of Regional Airlines on Sunday 7th September 1997, and SE-LSI of Med Airlines on Sunday 9th August 1998 - co-incidentally both appearing on sports charters !) making it one of the rarest airliner types ever in our history. Of course the leased-to-Eastern Airways machine SE-LOX has made the type more of a regular sight during the last month, but this morning saw three different examples of this rare type on the ground at the same time, the 'Eastflight' aeroplane being joined by HB-IZJ and HB-IZW of Swiss International Air Lines.

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