Japan 1998 - Day 1
... of a full week's airliner spotting in the 'land of the falling Yen' !

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We decided to spend a whole week in Japan, and visit nowhere else, as it was going to be cheaper for us to buy a rebated Tokyo return. We therefore allocated a whole week to five airports in an attempt to get as much of the Japanese fleets as possible, so we wouldn't have to go back for a little while !.

The following travelog includes a lot of additional information relating to costs of food/transport, which will hopefully be useful to those planning trips to Japan in the future. Apologies if you're only interested in reading numbers.

The trip got off to a very appropriate start, with a City Flyer ATR.72 flight from Newcastle to Gatwick on the afternoon of Saturday 28th March ... G-BVTJ ... wearing 'Waves and Cranes' !!.

Monday 30th March - Tokyo-Narita

We arrived onto runway 16 at Narita on Virgin A340 G-VAIR at just before 0900. After a delay on the ground because of an occupied stand, we eventually parked remote in front of the JAL maintenance hangars, which proved to be quite fortuitous, as it meant a bus-ride to the terminal past two parked Gulfstream 4's, both of which were not visible from where we spent the rest of the day.

There are two observation decks at each end of terminal 2 (north and south), and we found the south to be the best, as it gave a good photo-point, of aircraft entering or leaving the terminal 2 ramps on the connecting taxiways, whilst it also offered a fleeting glimpse of aircraft taking offf, and taxi-ing to take-off. There is only one runway at Narita, in front of terminal 1, with terminal 2 facing the other way. This fleeting glimpse was possible through a gap between terminal 1 and the cargo complex, which from terminal 2 south deck was only the length of a taxi-ing Boeing 747, so reading-off was a bit of a challenge. Aircraft landing or taking-off I found impossible to read, but those on the taxiway quite easy with a moderately powerful telescope. Of course this only applied to those aircraft parking on terminal 1, which does handle less airlines than terminal 2. It was useful to get a little warning of something taxi-ing past this gap, by listening to the ground frequency (121.8). The tower frequency is 118.2. The observation decks are free, and accessed by escalators at either end of the main check-in level of terminal 2, which incidentally is a very clean and impressive structure. There are numerous cafes and restaurants on the level of the observation decks, many of which overlook the ramp. We used a MacDonalds take-away a few times (prices comparable to the UK) !.

The weather was much better than we had been expecting, and we felt it was much nicer to sit out in the sun, and get sunny-side-up shots, than spending the day inside terminal 1, looking out through dirty windows.

Traffic was much as any other international airport, and apart from all the JAL and ANA international wide-bodies, it could have been Frankfurt or Paris etc. Stars of the day were probably the two Chinese A340's (both of which I dropped !), but were superb photo oppportunities. There is a surprising amount of United/Northwest 747 movements, but we failed to get them all, as they are both terminal 1 users, and while we saw an awful lot land, we strangely didn't seem to see too many taxi-ing or departing, at least up until our departure. Sunset was at 1800, and we left at about this time for our hotel, the Narita View, just off the airport perimeter. We failed to get a room overlooking the airport, although we were on the top floor, however it did seem a bit distant, and fairly pointless to try for anything in the dark. We were shattered by now, and ate (and drank ... only a couple !) in the hotel bar, and crashed quite early.

Highlights of the day for me were my last Northwest 747-1/200, and my first Austrian A340. Total new was 24 for me.

Log - Tokyo-Narita - 30/3/98 - 0930-1800

4R-ADB A.340-311 0033 ALK
9M-MHN B.747-4H6 24836 MAS
9M-MKE A.330-322 0077 MAS
9M-MRB B.777-2H6 28409 MAS
9V-SMG B.747-412 24226 SIA
9V-SMT B.747-412 27137 SIA
AP-BEB A.310-308 0587 PIA
B-2382 A.340-313X 0141 CES
B-2386 A.340-313X 0199 CCA
B-2468 B.747-46J 28755 CCA
B-HNA B.777-267 27265 CPA
B-HOO B.747-467 23814 CPA
D-ABVS B.747-430 28286 DLH
DQ-FJE B.747-238B 22614 FJI
EC-EEK B.747-256B 24071 IBE
EP-IAB B.747SP-86 20999 IRA
F-GEXB B.747-4B3 24155 AFR
F-GITC B.747-428 25344 AFR
F-OGYP A.310-324 0442 AFL

HL7297 A.300B4-622R 0609 KAL
HL7418 B.747-48E 25780 AAR
HL7472 B.747-4B5 26403 KAL
HL7484 B.747-4B5 26392 KAL
HL7487 B.747-4B5 26393 KAL
HL7490 B.747-4B5 27177 KAL
HL7492 B.747-4B5 26397 KAL
HL7495 B.747-4B5 28096 KAL
HS-TED A.330-321 0064 THA
HS-TJH B.777-2D7 27733 THA
I-DEMY B.747-230B 21589 AZA
JA401A B.747-481 28282 ANA
JA402A B.747-481 28283 ANA
JA703A B.777-281 27034 ANA
JA8071 B.747-446 24423 JAL
JA8072 B.747-446 24424 JAL
JA8073 B.747-446 24425 JAL
JA8074 B.747-446 24426 JAL
JA8075 B.747-446 24427 JAL
JA8076 B.747-446 24777 JAL
JA8077 B.747-446 24784 JAL
JA8079 B.747-446 24885 JAL
JA8080 B.747-446 24886 JAL
JA8081 B.747-446 25064 JAL
JA8082 B.747-446 25212 JAL
JA8086 B.747-446 25308 JAL
JA8089 B.747-446 26342 JAL
JA8094 B.747-481 24801 ANA
JA8095 B.747-481 24833 ANA
JA8096 B.747-481 24920 ANA
JA8097 B.747-481 25135 ANA
JA8098 B.747-481 25207 ANA
JA8104 B.747-246B 19823 JAL
JA8108 B.747-246B 20333 JAL
JA8113 B.747-246B 20529 JAL
JA8127 B.747-246B 21031 JAL
JA8129 B.747-246B 21678 JAA
JA8131 B.747-246B 21680 JAL
JA8132 B.747-246F 21681 JAL
JA8141 B.747-246B 22065 JAL
JA8155 B.747-246B 22746 JAL
JA8161 B.747-246B 22990 JAL
JA8165 B.747-221F 21743 JAL
JA8168 B.747-281F 23139 NCA
JA8169 B.747-246B 23389 JAL
JA8171 B.747-246F 23391 JAL
JA8172 B.747-281F 23350 NCA
JA8174 B.747-281B 23501 ANA
JA8175 B.747-281B 23502 ANA
JA8177 B.747-346 23638 JAL
JA8178 B.747-346 23639 JAL
JA8179 B.747-346 23640 JAL
JA8185 B.747-346 23969 JAL
JA8189 B.747-346 24156 JAA
JA8191 B.747-281F 24576 NCA
JA8192 B.747-2D3BF 22579 NCA
JA8253 B.767-346 23645 JAL
JA8273 B.767-381 24004 ANA
JA8358 B.767-381ER 25616 ANA
JA8534 DC-10-40I 46913 JAL
JA8551 DC-10-30ER 48316 JAS
JA8580 MD.11 48571 JAL
JA8581 MD.11 48572 JAL
JA8582 MD.11 48573 JAL
JA8584 MD.11 48575 JAL
JA8587 MD.11 48578 JAL
JA8588 MD.11 48579 JAL
JA8589 MD.11 48774 JAL
JA8901 B.747-446 26343 JAL
JA8906 B.747-446 26350 JAL
JA8910 B.747-446 26355 JAL
JA8912 B.747-446 27099 JAL
JA8958 B.747-481 25641 ANA
JA8976 B.767-346 27659 JAA
N151UA B.747-222B 23736 UAL
N154UA B.747-123 20103 UAL
N160UA B.747-238B 21237 UAL
N17025 B.747-238B 20535 CMI
N173UA B.747-422 24380 UAL
N1852U DC-10-30 47811 UAL
N185UA B.747-422 25395 UAL
N212JL B.747-346 23067 JAL
N213JL B.747-346 23068 JAL
N313FE DC-10-30CF 48311 FDX
N33021 B.747-243B 20520 CMI
N41PR G.1159C SP 1226
N601US B.747-151 19778 NWA
N611US B.747-251B 20356 NWA
N612FE MD.11F 48605 FDX
N614FE MD.11F 48528 FDX
N615US B.747-251B 20360 NWA
N619US B.747-251 21321 NWA
N625US B.747-251B 21707 NWA
N627US B.747-251B 21709 NWA
N632US B.747-251B 23112 NWA
N634US B.747-227B 22234 NWA
N664US B.747-451 23819 NWA
N677UP B.747-123 SCD 20391 UPS
N801DE MD.11 48472 DAL
N813DE MD.11 48600 DAL
N888LK G.1159C 1125
OE-LAK A.340-313X 0169 AUA
OO-SCZ A.340-312 0051 SAB
OY-KDO B.767-383ER 24849 SAS
PH-BFL B.747-406 25356 KLM
PK-GIL MD.11ER 48755 GIA
VH-EBW B.747-338 23408 QFA

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