Japan 1998 - Day 2
... of a full week's airliner spotting in the 'land of the falling Yen' !

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Tuesday 31st March - Tokyo-Narita then Nagoya

The alarm was set for 0515, as we had a 0745 flight to catch for Nagoya. The hotel courtesy bus didn't start until 0635 so we booked a taxi for the short journey to the airport at 0600, cost was Y1,800.

Terminal 2 was deserted upon our arrival and we were a bit concerned to see our flight number as a departure to Manilla. All the check-in desks opened at 0630, with quite a ceremony, all the JAL check-in agents lining up in front of the desks and bowing in unison on the dot of 0630 !. Our flight was obviously a split load to Manilla with Nagoya, and we were heartened slightly that the check-in agent seemed to understand that we were only going to Nagoya, domestic passengers on an international flight. We were given special paperwork which in effect replaced the need for the normal stamps in our passport. Our aircraft was JAL DC-10 JA8534 and with only 20 passengers on board we departed runway 34 (like a lift !) for a 45 minute flight to Nagoya. We asked for seats on the right, to assist in logging on the taxi out, and also to get a view of Mount Fuji, halfway down to Nagoya. There was only a drinks service on the empty aeroplane.

Mt Fuji seen from a very empty JAL DC-10 JA8534

Nagoya was our first taste of domestic Japan, and there was real excitement as we landed. We used the observation deck on top of the newer domestic terminal, which gave excellent views of just about the whole airfield. Cost was Y150, and you were given a ticket which allowed you re- entry. Just inside the viewing deck is a well-stocked shop with airline models/key-rings and the like, and a small museum, with three aeroplanes inside (Mu-2/Zero ?/helicopter !). Photo opportunities were particularly good from the viewing deck.

The mix of traffic here is superb; some good international flights, a good number of what seemed to be based ANA 767-200/A320's, and of course some military. We got thirteen of the JASDF C-130 fleet, while the sunny and warm weather meant that most of the hangars were open, in which we saw some KV.107's and U-125's. Also in the Air Rescue hangar were two H-60's which we couldn't read. Military visitors included a quite stunning JASDF F-15 which went off to the Mitsubishi area, and a T-4 and C-1 which went to the military side of the airfield. There is also a lot of general aviation here, with particularly a large number, and diverse selection of helicopters. After the disappointment of not getting a Garuda A.330 at Hong Kong, it was great to finally see one here, and we waited around for the Korean MD.82 before leaving for Osaka.

There is a large number of small cafes in the terminal, and the cucumber and ham toasted sandwiches from one just opposite the ANA check-in desks were particularly good (Y400). Canned drinks from vending machines on the roof cost Y120.

The trip to Osaka was to be the most involved journey of the whole week, and we left Nagoya at 1700, in order to catch the last bus from Osaka station to Itami airport at 1935. Journey time from Nagoya airport to Nagoya station was about 35 minutes and cost Y870 (Nagoya seemed an absolutley vast city). We got to Nagoya station just in time for rush hour !, but we caught the train we were trying for to Osaka in enough time. We were able to pay for the tickets by credit cards at the Travel Agents booths, as opposed to the JR booths. The train fare was slightly less than I expected, Y5,670 for an un-reserved 'Hikari'. Journey time on the 'bullet' was an hour, with one stop at Kyoto. The train carriages were very roomy, if a little smoky (they do have non-smoking cars however), while the train itself is very smooth, and fast with very quick acceleration. We made it to Shin-Osaka in time to catch the last bus to Itami, which cost Y490 and took 30 minutes.

We were staying in the Itami Airport Hotel, and were planning to have 15 minutes on the roof before checking-in to get the night-stoppers (to allow a lie-in the following morning), but it had already closed when we arrived at 2015 (it is published to close at 2100). The terminal itself was closing, and we ate in the hotel restaurant, which cost Y900 for a bowl of macaroni cheese. The bar also closed at 2100 however !. Another early night, with nothing English to watch on tv !.

Highlights on the taxi-out at Narita were the YS.11 at the museum, and the MMB DC-10, which I needed. Total new = 3.

Log - Tokyo-Narita - 31/3/98 - 0700-0745

F-OHZN A.330-301 0184 PAL
HS-TGH B.747-4D7 24458 THA
JA401A B.747-481 28282 ANA
JA8098 B.747-481 25207 ANA
JA8129 B.747-246B 21678 JAA
JA8131 B.747-246B 21680 JAL
JA8154 B.747-246B 22745 JAL
JA8169 B.747-246B 23389 JAL
JA8174 B.747-281B 23501 ANA
JA8177 B.747-346 23638 JAL
JA8178 B.747-346 23639 JAL
JA8185 B.747-346 23969 JAL
JA8534 DC-10-40I 46913 JAL
JA8545 DC-10-40I 47853 JAL
JA8580 MD.11 48571 JAL
JA8611 YS.11 1001 Museum
JA8910 B.747-446 26355 JAL
JA8958 B.747-481 25641 ANA
JA8962 B.747-481 25645 ANA
N10MB DC-10-30CF 47907 MMB
N212JL B.747-346 23067 JAL
N520UP B.747-212BF 21943 UPS
N603US B.747-151 19780 NWA
VH-EBX B.747-338 23688 QFA

As mentioned above it was a great relief to finally see a Garuda A.330 at Nagoya, while I also got my first China Northwest A.300-600. Total new here was 44 for me.

Of the Japanese airliners we got at Nagoya, we were to see 27 again at other airports later in the week. 14 we were not to see again however, including 2 JAS MD.90's, 3 ANA 762's, 1 JAL 763, 3 ANA 320's, 1 ANK 735, 1 JAL DC10, 1 JAA 763, and of course the 2 NAL Fokker 50's.

Log - Nagoya - 31/3/98 - 0900-1700

9V-SMS B.747-412 27134 SIA
B-196 A.300B4-220 0232 CAL
B-2301 A.310-222 0311 CNW
B-2310 A.300B4-605R 0603 CNW
B-HLF A.330-342 0113 CPA
B-HLK A.330-342 0017 CPA
HL7264 B.767-38EER 24798 AAR
HL7276 MD.82 49417 KAL
HL7490 B.747-4B5 27177 KAL
JA8020 MD.90-30 53360 JAS
JA8064 MD.90-30 53354 JAS
JA8066 MD.90-30 53356 JAS
JA8234 B.767-346 23216 JAL
JA8236 B.767-346 23215 JAL
JA8242 B.767-281 23144 ANA
JA8243 B.767-281 23145 ANA
JA8245 B.767-281 23147 ANA
JA8251 B.767-281 23431 ANA
JA8252 B.767-281 23432 ANA
JA8255 B.767-281 23434 ANA
JA8300 A.320-232 0549 ANA
JA8304 A.320-211 0531 ANA
JA8363 B.767-381 24756 ANA
JA8365 B.767-346 24783 JAL
JA8382 A.320-211 0139 ANA
JA8385 A.320-211 0167 ANA
JA8386 A.320-211 0170 ANA
JA8388 A.320-211 0212 ANA
JA8404 B.737-54K 27381 ANK
JA8459 MD.81 48030 JAS
JA8460 MD.81 48031 JAS
JA8461 MD.81 48032 JAS
JA8468 MD.82 48070 JAS
JA8482 B.767-281 22788 ANA
JA8485 B.767-281 23016 ANA
JA8487 B.767-281 23018 ANA
JA8491 B.767-281 23022 ANA
JA8523 B.737-4Q3 26603 JTA
JA8540 DC-10-40D 47823 JAL
JA8541 DC-10-40D 47824 JAL
JA8543 DC-10-40I 47826 JAL
JA8546 DC-10-40D 47855 JAL
JA8556 MD.81 53301 JAS
JA8609 A.320-211 0501 ANA
JA8642 SF.340B 365 JAC
JA8875 F-50 20196 NAL
JA8889 F-50 20259 NAL
JA8899 C.208B 0246
JA8906 B.747-446 26350 JAL
JA8947 A.320-211 0685 ANA
JA8986 B.767-346 28838 JAL
JA8987 B.767-346 28553 JAA
N19117 B.757-224 27559 COA
PK-GPA A.330-341 0138 GIA
PP-VOA B.747-341 24106 VRG
VH-ASQ G.1159C SP 1205

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