Japan 1998 - Day 3
... of a full week's airliner spotting in the 'land of the falling Yen' !

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Wednesday 1st April - Osaka-Itami

As we had failed to get the night-stoppers the previous night, we had to forego our lie-in. However after a very early night, the alarm going off at 0615 still seemed like a lie-in. The roof terrace opened right on 0700, and cost Y50, which you put into a turnstile, you got no re-entry ticket, meaning you had to pay Y50 to get back, every time you went into the terminal. The stands were full of ANA and JAL, with departures starting at 0710. The roof terrace is quite a substantial one, extending almost the entire length of the terminal, although there were areas blocked off, the most notable being the piers which would have given great photo opportunities on the main taxiway. Photographs off the roof are not as great as Nagoya was, with a cluttered foreground, but still very good. The extreme northern end of the roof gives a good view onto the JAS/JAC ramps, and also into the hangar area at the north end of the airfield.

The weather had turned cold, with cloudy skies, and was to get even worse throughout the day, with almost terrential rain by tea-time. There is shelter though, and warmth available at the top of the stairs from the main terminal.

There are no cafes on the roof terrace, and no decent vending machines either, so breakfast, lunch or drinks involved a trip downstairs. There is a multitude of shops and cafes in the terminal, and we ate twice in 'Best Sandwichs from around the World' which did great 'club'-style and BLT sandwiches for Y800, which were also available in take-out boxes.

Traffic was quiet but steady, although again a lot of the ANA's were repeated throughout the day. JAS put in 4 MD.90's during the day, their different colour-schemes providing great interest. The tower frequency here is 118.1.

We decided to leave for Kansai at 1700, and caught the Limousine Bus. Cost was Y17,000 with a journey time published as 1hour 20minutes. However this was obviously peak traffic time, and the poor weather combined to make it a 1hour 45minutes trip. It is extremely impressive though, the whole journey being on elevated expressways, some of which get very high off the ground !. Again it's an awfully long way, or at least it seemed it, the city and docks in particular being vast. Our first sight of Kansai airport, albeit in the dark, was most impressive across the connecting bridge, although nothing was to prepare us for the sight of it in daylight the next morning !.

The terminal itself is stunning, built on four levels which are very tall, and it's good to just have a wander around and amaze at the structure. We were staying at the only hotel on the man-made island, the Nikko-Kansai, which is extremely posh, and consequently expensive. We had to bite the bullet for the next two nights though, as we needed to spot from the hotel window until the observation building opened at 1000 the next two mornings.

Again there was very little to do, so we ate in the terminal, which again has a multitude of small cafes/restaurants. There is a small MacDonalds in the terminal. We opted for the Italian cafe ('it wouldn't be a spotting trip without Pizza !'), and the Japanese version of the delicacy was one of the best I'd ever tasted, cost was Y800 with Y300 each for a couple of glasses of nice warm red wine !.

Another very early night !.

I got 55 new at Itami, which was to be the second best daily total for the five airports we visited, during the whole week. 24 of the Japanese Airliners we logged we were not to see again - 5 ANA 767's, 3 JAS MD.90's, 1 ANK 735, 1 JAS AB3, 1 JAS MD.87, 2 ANK 320's, 2 JAS MD.80's, 2 JAC SF.340's, 4 JAC YS.11's, 1 ANK YS.11, and 3 JAL 734's.

Log - Osaka-Itami - 1/4/98 - 0700-1700

JA002D MD.90-30 53556 JAS
JA004D MD.90-30 53558 JAS
JA601A B.767-381 27943 ANA
JA8004 MD.90-30 53359 JAS
JA8070 MD.90-30 53358 JAS
JA8073 B.747-446 24425 JAL
JA8083 B.747-446D 25213 JAL
JA8084 B.747-446D 25214 JAL
JA8097 B.747-481 25135 ANA
JA8137 B.747SR-81 21923 ANA
JA8139 B.747SR-81 21925 ANA
JA8145 B.747SR-81 22291 ANA
JA8146 B.747SR-81 22292 ANA
JA8147 B.747SR-81 22293 ANA
JA8159 B.747SR-81 22712 ANA
JA8183 B.747-346SR 23967 JAL
JA8184 B.747-346SR 23968 JAL
JA8187 B.747-346SR 24019 JAL
JA8195 B.737-54K 27433 ANK
JA8236 B.767-346 23215 JAL
JA8251 B.767-281 23431 ANA
JA8256 B.767-381 23756 ANA
JA8258 B.767-381 23758 ANA
JA8261 MD.81 49462 JAS
JA8271 B.767-381 24002 ANA
JA8273 B.767-381 24004 ANA
JA8281 MD.87 49467 JAS
JA8285 B.767-381 24350 ANA
JA8293 A.300B4-203 0194 JAS
JA8296 MD.81 49907 JAS
JA8300 A.320-232 0549 ANA
JA8324 B.767-381 25655 ANA
JA8359 B.767-381 25617 ANA
JA8360 B.767-381 25055 ANA
JA8363 B.767-381 24756 ANA
JA8369 A.300B4-203 0239 JAS
JA8371 MD.87 53040 JAS
JA8373 MD.87 53042 JAS
JA8383 A.320-211 0148 ANA
JA8389 A.320-211 0219 ANK
JA8390 A.320-211 0245 ANK
JA8391 A.320-211 0300 ANK
JA8496 MD.82 49280 JAS
JA8497 MD.81 49281 JAS
JA8499 MD.81 49283 JAS
JA8523 B.737-4Q3 26603 JTA
JA8556 MD.81 53301 JAS
JA8565 A.300B4-622R 0711 JAS
JA8569 B.767-381 27050 ANA
JA8578 B.767-381 25658 ANA
JA8596 B.737-54K 28462 ANK
JA8642 SF.340B 365 JAC
JA8657 A.300B4-622R 0753 JAS
JA8669 B.767-381 27444 ANA
JA8670 B.767-381 25660 ANA
JA8768 YS.11A-222 2147 JAC
JA8771 YS.11A-227 2149 JAC
JA8772 YS.11A-223 2146 ANK
JA8781 YS.11A-217 2166 JAC
JA8788 YS.11A-217 2176 JAC
JA8887 SF.340B 308 JAC
JA8888 SF.340B 331 JAC
JA8904 B.747-446D 26348 JAL
JA8967 B.777-281 27030 ANA
JA8968 B.777-222 27031 ANA
JA8986 B.767-346 28838 JAL
JA8992 B.737-446 27917 JAL
JA8993 B.737-446 28087 JAL
JA8995 B.737-446 28831 JAL

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