Japan 1998 - Day 4
... of a full week's airliner spotting in the 'land of the falling Yen' !

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Thursday 2nd April - Osaka-Kansai

The alarm was set for 0715 in time for the first departure which we thought would be a JAL 737- 400 at 0735. It wasn't, it was a JAL 777 a little later. The weather was still poor, and we soon realised that it wasn't going to be very easy reading off from the room, due to a combination of very dirty double glazing, the gloomy weather, and that damned All Nippon typeface !. An immediate change of plan was made, and we left the hotel to stand at the north end of the terminal level four, just by the on-ramp to the departures level. Most departures were airborne and above the terminal by this point (on runway 06) and were easy to read, although some of the longer rollers, mainly A.340's !, appeared much further to the left of the building.

We got a take-away breakfast from the MacDonalds in the terminal, and ate it at this spot; Y500 for a breakfast 'set' (meal).

At 1000 we left to catch the bus to the observation tower. This leaves from the aeroplaza, but it then picks-up at the departure level 4, so it's worth getting on here. First pick-up from level 4 is at 0955, and journey time to the tower is only 5 minutes. Access to the observation building is Y820, and it remains open until 2100. 'Tower' is a little misleading as it's two connected five-story buildings with inside and outside viewing areas. It really must be the best spotting facility in the world, with superb views of the entire airfield, looking south, and displays, a video theatre, and the like inside. There are vending machines for drinks, and a nice cafe. There are arrival and departure displays which show the next five arrivals, and next six departures, with flight numbers and types in english.

The weather gradually improved during the day, as the cold front that had dropped on us at Itami moved off to the south. The wind however stayed north/north-westerly, meaning runway 06 was used all day, which was something of a shame, as the photo opportunities of aircraft landing on runway 24, past the observation building (it is very close to the runway centreline) must be superb; possibly similar to the block of flats at Hong Kong. The sun is good for photos on the ramps in the morning, and would be best for landers on 24 during the afternoon. Unfortunately although the wind turned into quite a nasty crosswind for the landing aircraft on 06, it never backed enough for the landing direction to change.

Traffic at times is quite special here; notables were the four Korean A.300's, and two Air China 767-200's, although the hoped-for China Eastern MD.11 freighter failed to show.

The arrivals/departures board inside the observation building - complete with aircraft types.

We had lunch in the cafe on the terrace, Y650 for a good hot dog and fries.

There are quiet patches during the day, and we left during one of these at 1800, even though it was still light. We planned a trip out, and caught the strangest looking train I'd ever seen, the Nankai Rapit-a (like a Samurai Warrior's head-gear, but also looking like something out of 'Flash Gordon' !) for Namba station, near to Osaka Stadium, the location of the Osaka Hard Rock Cafe. The direct, seat-assigned train was Y1400, and took 30 minutes. We had heard that the Japanese HRC's were very expensive but it wasn't too bad; Y1,780 for the superb 'Pig' sandwich, Y400 for a beer, and Y2,000 for a T-shirt.

We caught the train back to the airport, checked out the cargo ramps (without binoculars !) from the south end of level 4, in case the China Eastern had turned up, but it hadn't, and had another early-ish night.

Kansai will probably be my abiding memory of the whole week in Japan. I spent most of the day admiring the scenery of the mainland all around the bay - it really is very pretty.

I got 38 new at Kansai on our first full day there. The EVA MD.11 wore joint EVA/ANK titles, publicising a new joint Taipei service which presumably only started at the beginning of the week.

Log - Osaka-Kansai - 2/4/98 - 0730-1800

9M-MHJ B.747-236B SCD 22442 MAS
9M-MKE A.330-322 0077 MAS
9V-SMJ B.747-412 25068 SIA
9V-SMO B.747-412 27066 SIA
B-16102 MD.11 48543 EVA
B-2321 A.300B4-622R 0713 CES
B-2446 B.747-2J6B 23071 CCA
B-2553 B.767-2J6 23744 CCA
B-2555 B.767-2J6 24007 CCA
B-HLD A.330-342 0102 CPA
B-HNA B.777-267 27265 CPA
B-HNB B.777-267 27266 CPA
C-FYLD A.340-313X 0170 ACA
F-GLZI A.340-311 0084 AFR
HB-IWB MD.11 48444 SWR
HL7290 A.300B4-622 0388 KAL
HL7298 A.300B4-622R 0614 KAL
HL7417 B.747-48E 25779 AAR
HL7497 B.747-4B5F 26401 KAL
HL7521 A.300B4-622R 0657 KAL
HL7583 A.300B4-605R 0750 KAL
HS-TJB B.777-2D7 27727 THA
HS-TJD B.777-2D7 27729 THA
I-DEMR B.747-243F 22545 AZA
I-DUPD MD.11 48630 AZA
JA003D MD.90-30 53557 JAS
JA702A B.777-281 27033 ANA
JA8020 MD.90-30 53360 JAS
JA8029 MD.90-30 53361 JAS
JA8063 MD.90-30 53353 JAS
JA8065 MD.90-30 53355 JAS
JA8085 B.747-446 25260 JAL
JA8099 B.747-481D 25292 ANA
JA8106 B.747-246B 19825 JAL
JA8108 B.747-246B 20333 JAL
JA8111 B.747-246B 20505 JAL
JA8113 B.747-246B 20529 JAL
JA811J B.747-246F 22989 JAL
JA8129 B.747-246B 21678 JAA
JA8139 B.747SR-81 21925 ANA
JA8143 B.747-146B 22067 JAL
JA8155 B.747-246B 22746 JAA
JA8159 B.747SR-81 22712 ANA
JA8168 B.747-281F 23139 NCA
JA8174 B.747-281B 23501 ANA
JA8184 B.747-346SR 23968 JAL
JA8187 B.747-346SR 24019 JAL
JA8196 B.737-54K 27966 ANK
JA8232 B.767-246 23213 JAL
JA8234 B.767-346 23216 JAL
JA8243 B.767-281 23145 ANA
JA8244 B.767-281 23146 ANA
JA8254 B.767-281 23433 ANA
JA8256 B.767-381 23756 ANA
JA8259 B.767-381 23759 ANA
JA8261 MD.81 49462 JAS
JA8262 MD.81 49463 JAS
JA8264 B.767-346 23965 JAL
JA8286 B.767-381 24400 ANA
JA8296 MD.81 49907 JAS
JA8297 MD.81 49908 JAS
JA8299 B.767-346 24498 JAL
JA8313 A.320-211 0534 ANA
JA8342 B.767-381 27445 ANA
JA8356 B.767-381ER 25136 ANA
JA8363 B.767-381 24756 ANA
JA8373 MD.87 53042 JAS
JA8374 MD.81 53043 JAS
JA8387 A.320-211 0196 ANK
JA8399 B.767-346 27313 JAL
JA8400 A.320-211 0554 ANA
JA8526 B.737-4Q3 26606 JTA
JA8532 DC-10-40I 46660 JAL
JA8535 DC-10-40I 46662 JAL
JA8536 DC-10-40D 46966 JAL
JA8538 DC-10-40I 46974 JAL
JA8543 DC-10-40I 47826 JAL
JA8558 A.300B4-622R 0637 JAS
JA8563 A.300B4-622R 0683 JAS
JA8581 MD.11 48572 JAL
JA8596 B.737-54K 28462 ANK
JA8664 B.767-381ER 27339 ANK
JA8670 B.767-381 25660 ANA
JA8877 J.31 925 J-AIR
JA8902 B.747-446 26344 JAL
JA8955 B.747-481 25639 ANA
JA8966 B.747-481D 27442 ANA
JA8970 B.767-381ER 25619 ANA
JA8980 B.767-346 28837 JAL
JA8981 B.777-246 27364 JAL
JA8984 B.777-246 27651 JAL
JA8986 B.767-346 28838 JAL
N105UA B.747-451 26473 UAL
N156UA B.747-123 20105 UAL
N182UA B.747-422 25279 UAL
N227NW DC-10-30 46969 NWA
N626US B.747-251B 21708 NWA
N628US B.747-251B 22389 NWA
N634US B.747-227B 22234 NWA
N662US B.747-451 23720 NWA
N664US B.747-451 23819 NWA
N682UP B.747-121 SCD 20349 UPS
N86426 B.727-227 21364 CMI
OH-LGB MD.11 48450 FIN
PH-BFL B.747-406 25356 KLM
RP-C3003 A.300B4-203 0125 PAL
VH-NOA B.767-33AER 28495 HVN
ZK-NCM B.767-35HER 26389 ANZ

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