Japan 1998 - Day 5
... of a full week's airliner spotting in the 'land of the falling Yen' !

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Friday 3rd April - Osaka-Kansai day 2 then Tokyo-Haneda

Same routine as per Thursday morning; before 1000 on the terminal level 4 outside, and afterwards on the observation building. The weather had cleared and it was a glorious, sunny day.

The wind was still northerly though, and it seemed we had lost our opportunity to get landing shots on runway 24. Unusually though at about 1230 they switched ends, and what was the first aircraft to land on 24 ?, an Asiana 737-400 !. Unfortunately the one we'd seen on the production line at Renton last October !!. We could only stay for 45 minutes before leaving to check-in, but we managed landing shots on 24 of six or seven aircraft, the last before our departure for the terminal being the 'Snoopy' All Nippon 747SR, one of the two specially painted All Nippon Jumbos, which still provokes great interest from the locals !.

A view from the observation deck looking towards the bridge to the mainland, and the undershoot of runway 24 in the foreground.

A word of warning if you're here when the sun is out; the sea air (you often forget that you're well out to sea) makes it very easy to burn here, and we got the old 'spotter tan' yet again.

We collected our bags from the hotel concierge, who had kept them free of charge for the morning, and checked in for JL114, one of the easiest and fuss-free check-ins I'd ever had. We had noticed the day before that this flight had been a 777, and sure enough on our stand was JA8982 !. The flight to Haneda was full, and un-eventful, although it was the first I'd been on that showed a camera view from the nose-leg (?) on the tv screens in the cabin. Full marks to World of Transport Travel (Paul and Ray) for getting these internal flights organised, costing us 106GBP for NRT-NGO/KIX-HND.

Haneda was different to what I had expected, meaning that when we landed on a runway I didn't even know existed (16L), I was a bit dis-orientated, confused, and worried that spotting would be difficult. I should have trusted what I had been told about the viewing deck here, as it truly is superb. How many airports with runways either side of the terminal complex would benefit from such a lofty perch !. It's free too !. We spent 3 hours here before it got too cold and dark, and in the meantime logged approximately 90 domestic Japanese airliners !. It truly is one of the world's greatest airports, with a constant stream of arriving and departing wide-bodies.

We also bumped into Mick Coad too ! ... he sends his regards !.

We had booked a hotel in a suburb of Tokyo called Hamamatsucho, which is 23 minutes away from Haneda Airport on a monorail system (470Yen). Fortunately they had faxed us a map showing directions, or we would have never found it !. This seemed to be a business district, although it was also a little run-down. We ate in a Wendy's (!), Y650 for a chicken sandwich meal, and then had 'a couple' in a nearby bar, full of Japanese yuppies in suits !. It had to be one of the smokiest environments I'd ever been in; smoking seems a major pastime for all out here (as does drinking - it's interesting how many boozy breaths you smell at any time of the day !). We retired early again, in one of the smallest hotel rooms we'd ever been in !.

Highlights of the 19 I got new at Kansai were my third-last (!) China Eastern A.300-600, another Korean MD.82, and another Austrian A.340.

Log - Osaka-Kansai - 3/4/98 - 0700-1415

9V-SMB B.747-412 24062 SIA
9V-SMO B.747-412 27066 SIA
B-16102 MD.11 48543 EVA
B-2172 MD.11 48496 CES
B-2322 A.300B4-605R 0715 CES
B-2555 B.767-2J6 24007 CCA
B-HLC A.330-342 0099 CPA
D-AIGK A.340-311 0056 DLH
F-GLZJ A.340-313X 0186 AFR
G-BNLF B.747-436 24048 BAW
HL7272 MD.82 49373 KAL
HL7290 A.300B4-622 0388 KAL
HL7291 A.300B4-622 0417 KAL
HL7419 B.747-48E 25781 AAR
HL7470 B.747-3B5 SCD 24194 KAL
HL7482 B.747-4B5 25205 KAL
HL7516 B.767-38E 25759 AAR
HL7518 B.737-48E 28053 AAR
HL7521 A.300B4-622R 0657 KAL
HL7536 A.300B4-622R 0543 KAL
HS-TJG B.777-2D7 27732 THA
HS-TJH B.777-2D7 27733 THA
JA002D MD.90-30 53556 JAS
JA702A B.777-281 27033 ANA
JA8020 MD.90-30 53360 JAS
JA8066 MD.90-30 53356 JAS
JA8088 B.747-446 26341 JAL
JA8106 B.747-246B 19825 JAL
JA8139 B.747SR-81 21925 ANA
JA8164 B.747-146B 23150 JAL
JA8181 B.747-281B 23698 ANA
JA8183 B.747-346SR 23967 JAL
JA8186 B.747-346SR 24018 JAL
JA8189 B.747-346 24156 JAA
JA8196 B.737-54K 27966 ANK
JA8199 B.777-281 27029 ANA
JA8232 B.767-246 23213 JAL
JA8243 B.767-281 23145 ANA
JA8254 B.767-281 23433 ANA
JA8258 B.767-381 23758 ANA
JA8261 MD.81 49462 JAS
JA8262 MD.81 49463 JAS
JA8281 MD.87 49467 JAS
JA8286 B.767-381 24400 ANA
JA8296 MD.81 49907 JAS
JA8299 B.767-346 24498 JAL
JA8304 A.320-211 0531 ANA
JA8323 B.767-381ER 25654 ANA
JA8324 B.767-381 25655 ANA
JA8359 B.767-381 25617 ANA
JA8392 A.320-211 0328 ANA
JA8482 B.767-281 22788 ANA
JA8504 B.737-54K 27432 ANK
JA8526 B.737-4Q3 26606 JTA
JA8535 DC-10-40I 46662 JAL
JA8536 DC-10-40D 46966 JAL
JA8538 DC-10-40I 46974 JAL
JA8542 DC-10-40I 47825 JAL
JA8543 DC-10-40I 47826 JAL
JA8563 A.300B4-622R 0683 JAS
JA8569 B.767-381 27050 ANA
JA8578 B.767-381 25658 ANA
JA8581 MD.11 48572 JAL
JA8609 A.320-211 0501 ANA
JA8654 A.320-211 0507 ANA
JA8664 B.767-381ER 27339 ANA
JA8674 B.767-381 25661 ANA
JA8877 J.31 925 J-AIR
JA8955 B.747-481 25639 ANA
JA8957 B.747-481D 25642 ANA
JA8960 B.747-481D 25643 ANA
JA8966 B.747-481D 27442 ANA
JA8980 B.767-346 28837 JAL
JA8981 B.777-246 27364 JAL
JA8982 B.777-246 27365 JAL
N274WA MD.11F 48633 MAS
N610FE MD.11F 48603 FDX
N673UP B.747-123 SCD 20325 UPS
N69742 B.727-224 22251 CMI
OE-LAG A.340-212 0075 AUA
PH-BFK B.747-406 25087 KLM
PK-GPA A.330-341 0138 GIA
TC-JDN A.340-313X 0180 THY

In the three hours that we spent on the viewing deck at Haneda after our arrival from Kansai, I got 71 new !!.

Log - Tokyo-Haneda - 3/4/98 - 1530-1830

B-164 B.747-409 24312 CAL
B-1886 B.747-209B 22446 CAL
B-1894 B.747-209F 22299 CAL
JA001D MD.90-30 53555 JAS
JA002G G.1159C SP 1244 JCAB
JA701A B.777-281 27938 ANA
JA704A B.777-281 27035 ANA
JA8083 B.747-446D 25213 JAL
JA8084 B.747-446D 25214 JAL
JA8090 B.747-446D 26347 ANA
JA8099 B.747-481D 25292 ANA
JA8135 B.747SR-81 21606 ANA
JA8136 B.747SR-81 21922 ANA
JA8138 B.747SR-81 21924 ANA
JA8143 B.747-146B 22067 JAL
JA8145 B.747SR-81 22291 ANA
JA8146 B.747SR-81 22292 ANA
JA8148 B.747SR-81 22294 ANA
JA8153 B.747SR-81 22595 ANA
JA8170 B.747-146SR SUD 23390 JAL
JA8184 B.747-346SR 23968 JAL
JA8187 B.747-346SR 24019 JAL
JA8197 B.777-281 27027 ANA
JA8198 B.777-281 27028 ANA
JA8199 B.777-281 27029 ANA
JA8231 B.767-246 23212 JAL
JA8237 A.300C4-203 0256 JAS
JA8238 B.767-281 23140 ANA
JA8239 B.767-281 23141 ANA
JA8241 B.767-281 23143 ANA
JA8245 B.767-281 23147 ANA
JA8252 B.767-281 23432 ANA
JA8263 A.300B4-203 0151 JAS
JA8268 B.767-346 23963 JAL
JA8273 B.767-381 24004 ANA
JA8274 B.767-381 24005 ANA
JA8276 A.300B4-203 0169 JAS
JA8277 A.300B4-203 0174 JAS
JA8278 MD.87 49464 JAS
JA8280 MD.87 49466 JAS
JA8287 B.767-381 24351 ANA
JA8288 B.767-381 24415 ANA
JA8290 B.767-381 24417 ANA
JA8291 B.767-381 24755 ANA
JA8292 A.300B4-203 0110 JAS
JA8363 B.767-381 24756 ANA
JA8368 B.767-381 24880 ANA
JA8369 A.300B4-203 0239 JAS
JA8375 A.300B4-622R 0602 JAS
JA8381 A.320-211 0138 ANA
JA8383 A.320-211 0148 ANA
JA8389 A.320-211 0219 ANK
JA8393 A.320-211 0365 ANA
JA8417 B.737-281 20563 ANK
JA8454 B.737-281 21768 ANK
JA8459 MD.81 48030 JAS
JA8464 A.300B2K-3C 0082 JAS
JA8465 A.300B2K-3C 0089 JAS
JA8466 A.300B2K-3C 0090 JAS
JA8471 A.300B2K-3C 0160 JAS
JA8472 A.300B2K-3C 0163 JAS
JA8473 A.300B2K-3C 0176 JAS
JA8477 A.300B2K-3C 0244 JAS
JA8478 A.300B2K-3C 0253 JAS
JA8496 MD.82 49280 JAS
JA8527 A.300B4-622R 0724 JAS
JA8546 DC-10-40D 47855 JAL
JA8549 DC-10-40D 48301 JAL
JA8550 DC-10-30ER 48315 Harl
JA8559 A.300B4-622R 0641 JAS
JA8562 A.300B4-622R 0679 JAS
JA8566 A.300B4-622R 0730 JAS
JA8567 B.767-381 25656 ANA
JA8574 A.300B4-622R 0740 JAS
JA8610 YS.11-104 2003 JCAB
JA8657 A.300B4-622R 0753 JAS
JA8659 A.300B4-622R 0770 JAS
JA8670 B.767-381 25660 ANA
JA8700 YS.11-110 2021 JCAB
JA8709 YS.11A-212 2084 JCAB
JA8711 YS.11-115 2048 JCAB
JA8712 YS.11-115 2049 JCAB
JA8720 YS.11-118 2047 JCAB
JA8729 YS.11A-213 2097 ANK
JA8734 YS.11A-213 2103 ANK
JA8735 YS.11A-213 2108 ANK
JA8903 B.747-446D 26345 JAL
JA8904 B.747-446D 26348 JAL
JA8908 B.747-446D 26352 JAL
JA8953 B.737-4K5 24129 JTA
JA8956 B.747-481D 25640 ANA
JA8959 B.747-481D 25646 ANA
JA8964 B.747-481D 27163 ANA
JA8965 B.747-481D 27436 ANA
JA8971 B.767-381 27942 ANA
JA8975 B.767-346 27658 JAL
JA8978 B.777-281 27637 JAS
JA8979 B.777-289 27638 JAS
JA8984 B.777-246 27651 JAL
JA8985 B.777-246 27652 JAL
N610TF DC-10- a/w

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