Japan 1998 - Day 6
... of a full week's airliner spotting in the 'land of the falling Yen' !

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Saturday 4th April - Tokyo-Haneda

Alarm went off at 0600, a little later than we might have got up, as the first departure from Haneda is 0615, and there are about 20 up to 0700, but we couldn't bring ourselves to get up any earlier. We caught the monorail again to the airport, which was already very busy. It's worth looking out to the left as you approach the airport, as you pass alongside some hangars, one of which is the Maritime Support Agency hangar; fortunately the doors were open and the two Saab 340's and two Falcon 900's (along with various helicopters) were easily seen and read.

There are a lot of aeroplanes based at Haneda, and we logged almost 140 Japanese airliners throughout the day, although we didn't write anything down that we had not seen earlier in the day, in about the last 5 hours of our stay during the afternoon !.

There is a very pleasant Coffee Shop on the fourth floor of the Galleria underneath the viewing deck, which has a view onto 34L/16R. We had breakfast here; Y1,000 for an American breakfast, which was extremely good. Lunch was a hot dog in a Dairy Queen by the monorail station, for about Y450.

The day did drag somewhat, particularly as you can't even amuse yourself taking photographs after mid-day, as it's into sun.

We had a celebratory beer on the roof terrace as the sun went down just before our departure, a very pleasant reflection if you like on our attempt at the Japanese domestic fleets, and caught the monorail back to Hamamatsucho.

In the evening we went off in search of another underline in our Hard Rock Cafe production list book, and caught the subway to the Tokyo branch in Roppongi. The subway system is very clear, and easy to use for visitors, and the round-trip, involving a change of lines, and about 8 stops either way, cost Y560. The HRC was the same price as the Osaka one.

A less frenetic copping day than the previous evening, as we mopped up those remaining domestic airliners that we were going to get. I got 27 new during the day.

Log - Tokyo-Haneda - 4/4/98 - 0800-1800

B-161 B.747-409 24309 CAL
B-1886 B.747-209B 22446 CAL
B-1888 B.747-209B 22447 CAL
JA001D MD.90-30 53555 JAS
JA003D MD.90-30 53557 JAS
JA602A B.767-381 27944 ANA
JA701A B.777-281 27938 ANA
JA704A B.777-281 27035 ANA
JA8064 MD.90-30 53354 JAS
JA8066 MD.90-30 53356 JAS
JA8083 B.747-446D 25213 JAL
JA8084 B.747-446D 25214 JAL
JA8090 B.747-446D 26347 JAL
JA8099 B.747-481D 25292 ANA
JA8135 B.747SR-81 21606 ANA
JA8136 B.747SR-81 21922 ANA
JA8137 B.747SR-81 21923 ANA
JA8138 B.747SR-81 21924 ANA
JA8143 B.747-146B 22067 JAL
JA8145 B.747SR-81 22291 ANA
JA8146 B.747SR-81 22292 ANA
JA8147 B.747SR-81 22293 ANA
JA8148 B.747SR-81 22294 ANA
JA8152 B.747SR-81 22594 ANA
JA8153 B.747SR-81 22595 ANA
JA8159 B.747SR-81 22712 ANA
JA8164 B.747-146B 23150 JAL
JA8170 B.747-146SR SUD 23390 JAL

A very happy Andy on a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon at Haneda - mission almost accomplished.

JA8176 B.747-146SR SUD 23637 JAL
JA8183 B.747-346SR 23967 JAL
JA8187 B.747-346SR 24019 JAL
JA8197 B.777-281 27027 ANA
JA8198 B.777-281 27028 ANA
JA8199 B.777-281 27029 ANA
JA8231 B.767-246 23212 JAL
JA8234 B.767-346 23216 JAL
JA8237 A.300C4-203 0256 JAS
JA8238 B.767-281 23140 ANA
JA8239 B.767-281 23141 ANA
JA8244 B.767-281 23146 ANA
JA8245 B.767-281 23147 ANA
JA8252 B.767-281 23432 ANA
JA8256 B.767-381 23756 ANA
JA8257 B.767-381 23757 ANA
JA8258 B.767-381 23758 ANA
JA8263 A.300B4-203 0151 JAS
JA8272 B.767-381 24003 ANA
JA8274 B.767-381 24005 ANA
JA8276 A.300B4-203 0169 JAS
JA8277 A.300B4-203 0174 JAS
JA8280 MD.87 49466 JAS
JA8287 B.767-381 24351 ANA
JA8288 B.767-381 24415 ANA
JA8290 B.767-381 24417 ANA
JA8291 B.767-381 24755 ANA
JA8292 A.300B4-203 0110 JAS
JA8322 B.767-381 25618 ANA
JA8363 B.767-381 24756 ANA
JA8368 B.767-381 24880 ANA
JA8369 A.300B4-203 0239 JAS
JA8373 MD.87 53042 JAS
JA8375 A.300B4-622R 0602 JAS
JA8383 A.320-211 0148 ANA
JA8388 A.320-211 0212 ANA
JA8389 A.320-211 0219 ANK
JA8393 A.320-211 0365 ANA
JA8395 A.320-211 0413 ANA
JA8399 B.767-346 27313 JAL
JA8417 B.737-281 20563 ANK
JA8454 B.737-281 21768 ANK
JA8458 MD.81 48029 JAS
JA8459 MD.81 48030 JAS
JA8460 MD.81 48031 JAS
JA8462 MD.81 48033 JAS
JA8464 A.300B2K-3C 0082 JAS
JA8465 A.300B2K-3C 0089 JAS
JA8466 A.300B2K-3C 0090 JAS
JA8471 A.300B2K-3C 0160 JAS
JA8475 B.737-2Q3 22736 JTA
JA8476 A.300B2K-3C 0209 JAS
JA8477 A.300B2K-3C 0244 JAS
JA8478 A.300B2K-3C 0253 JAS
JA8487 B.767-281 23018 ANA
JA8491 B.767-281 23022 ANA
JA8523 B.737-4Q3 26603 JTA
JA8527 A.300B4-622R 0724 JAS
JA8529 A.300B4-622R 0729 JAS
JA8540 DC-10-40D 47823 JAL
JA8546 DC-10-40D 47855 JAL
JA8548 DC-10-40D 47857 JAL
JA8549 DC-10-40D 48301 JAL
JA8554 MD.81 53299 JAS
JA8559 A.300B4-622R 0641 JAS
JA8560 A.300B4-203 0178 JAS
JA8561 A.300B4-622R 0670 JAS
JA8562 A.300B4-622R 0679 JAS
JA8564 A.300B4-622R 0703 JAS
JA8565 A.300B4-622R 0711 JAS
JA8566 A.300B4-622R 0730 JAS
JA8567 B.767-381 25656 ANA
JA8568 B.767-381 25657 ANA
JA8569 B.767-381 27050 ANA
JA8570 F.900 053 JMSA
JA8571 F.900 056 JMSA
JA8574 A.300B4-622R 0740 JAS
JA8578 B.767-381 25658 ANA
JA8609 A.320-211 0501 ANA
JA8654 A.320-211 0507 ANA
JA8657 A.300B4-622R 0753 JAS
JA8659 A.300B4-622R 0770 JAS
JA8729 YS.11A-213 2097 ANK
JA8734 YS.11A-213 2103 ANK
JA8735 YS.11A-213 2108 ANK
JA8903 B.747-446D 26345 JAL
JA8904 B.747-446D 26348 JAL
JA8905 B.747-446D 26349 JAL
JA8907 B.747-446D 26351 JAL
JA8908 B.747-446D 26352 JAL
JA8951 SF.340B 385 JMSA
JA8952 SF.340B 405 JMSA
JA8953 B.737-4K5 24129 JTA
JA8956 B.747-481D 25640 ANA
JA8959 B.747-481D 25646 ANA
JA8960 B.747-481D 25643 ANA
JA8961 B.747-481D 25644 ANA
JA8963 B.747-481D 25647 ANA
JA8965 B.747-481D 27436 ANA
JA8967 B.777-281 27030 ANA
JA8969 B.777-281 27032 ANA
JA8971 B.767-381 27942 ANA
JA8975 B.767-346 27658 JAL
JA8977 B.777-289 27636 JAS
JA8978 B.777-281 27637 JAS
JA8979 B.777-289 27638 JAS
JA8981 B.777-246 27364 JAL
JA8982 B.777-246 27365 JAL
JA8983 B.777-246 27366 JAL
JA8984 B.777-246 27651 JAL
JA8985 B.777-246 27652 JAL

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