Japan 1998 - Day 7
... of a full week's airliner spotting in the 'land of the falling Yen' !

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Sunday 5th April - Tokyo-Haneda then Tokyo-Narita

Up at the same time for the morning at Haneda. In the four hours we spent on the roof, we logged just one airliner that we hadn't seen the previous day, and that was quite special. On our arrival, there were already lots of Japanese enthusiasts there, very early on a Sunday morning; we soon realised why. At 0745 'NH101A' was the first arrival of the day, All Nippon's first A.321 JA101A on delivery from Bangkok !!.

It's worth checking out the airline stores on the 1st floor of the terminal, one operated by JAL, ANA and JAS. While they mainly stock more normal items, they do have a small selection of items of more interest to the enthusiast. We were looking for plastic models of some of the JAS MD.90 special schemes, but there were none, although they did do nice JAS MD.90 mugs.

At 1100 we left for Narita, taking the Limousine bus which cost Y3,000. Journey time was 1 hour in good traffic conditions, and we took up position again on the south observation deck of terminal 2. Again we missed some traffic off terminal 1, but good sunny-side-up photos were a compensation.

We stayed at the Narita View hotel again, and rewarded ourselves with a meal in the Chinese Restaurant, which came to about Y8,000.

There was little variation in the based airliners noted today, I only got 2 new, the ANA A321 and the Citation !.

Log - Tokyo-Haneda - 5/4/98 - 0800-1100

B-1886 B.747-209B 22446 CAL
JA003D MD.90-30 53557 JAS
JA101A A.321-131 0802 ANA
JA701A B.777-281 27938 ANA
JA8083 B.747-446D 25213 JAL
JA8084 B.747-446D 25214 JAL
JA8090 B.747-446D 26347 JAL
JA8137 B.747SR-81 21923 ANA
JA8143 B.747-146B 22067 JAL
JA8145 B.747SR-81 22291 ANA
JA8148 B.747SR-81 22294 ANA
JA8152 B.747SR-81 22594 ANA
JA8153 B.747SR-81 22595 ANA
JA8159 B.747SR-81 22712 ANA
JA8164 B.747-146B 23150 JAL
JA8170 B.747-146SR SUD 23390 JAL
JA8176 B.747-146SR SUD 23637 JAL
JA8184 B.747-346SR 23968 JAL
JA8186 B.747-346SR 24018 JAL
JA8198 B.777-281 27028 ANA
JA8199 B.777-281 27029 ANA
JA8232 B.767-246 23213 JAL
JA8238 B.767-281 23140 ANA
JA8245 B.767-281 23147 ANA
JA8251 B.767-281 23431 ANA
JA8252 B.767-281 23432 ANA
JA8256 B.767-381 23756 ANA
JA8257 B.767-381 23757 ANA
JA8258 B.767-381 23758 ANA
JA8260 MD.81 49461 JAS
JA8263 A.300B4-203 0151 JAS
JA8271 B.767-381 24002 ANA
JA8274 B.767-381 24005 ANA
JA8277 A.300B4-203 0174 JAS
JA8281 MD.87 49467 JAS
JA8287 B.767-381 24351 ANA
JA8288 B.767-381 24415 ANA
JA8290 B.767-381 24417 ANA
JA8291 B.767-381 24755 ANA
JA8292 A.300B4-203 0110 JAS
JA8299 B.767-346 24498 JAL
JA8363 B.767-381 24756 ANA
JA8368 B.767-381 24880 ANA
JA8369 A.300B4-203 0239 JAS
JA8373 MD.87 53042 JAS
JA8386 A.320-211 0170 ANA
JA8393 A.320-211 0365 ANA
JA8399 B.767-346 27313 JAL
JA8458 MD.81 48029 JAS
JA8464 A.300B2K-3C 0082 JAS
JA8471 A.300B2K-3C 0160 JAS
JA8476 A.300B2K-3C 0209 JAS
JA8477 A.300B2K-3C 0244 JAS
JA8491 B.767-281 23022 ANA
JA8493 C.501 0324
JA8527 A.300B4-622R 0724 JAS
JA8529 A.300B4-622R 0729 JAS
JA8540 DC-10-40D 47823 JAL
JA8548 DC-10-40D 47857 JAL
JA8549 DC-10-40D 48301 JAL
JA8561 A.300B4-622R 0670 JAS
JA8562 A.300B4-622R 0679 JAS
JA8564 A.300B4-622R 0703 JAS
JA8567 B.767-381 25656 ANA
JA8568 B.767-381 25657 ANA
JA8574 A.300B4-622R 0740 JAS
JA8609 A.320-211 0501 ANA
JA8654 A.320-211 0507 ANA
JA8657 A.300B4-622R 0753 JAS
JA8659 A.300B4-622R 0770 JAS
JA8670 B.767-381 25660 ANA
JA8904 B.747-446D 26348 JAL
JA8905 B.747-446D 26349 JAL
JA8907 B.747-446D 26351 JAL
JA8908 B.747-446D 26352 JAL
JA8968 B.777-222 27031 ANA
JA8969 B.777-281 27032 ANA
JA8971 B.767-381 27942 ANA
JA8978 B.777-281 27637 JAS
JA8979 B.777-289 27638 JAS
JA8981 B.777-246 27364 JAL
JA8982 B.777-246 27365 JAL
JA8983 B.777-246 27366 JAL
JA8984 B.777-246 27651 JAL
JA8985 B.777-246 27652 JAL

I managed 4 new during the afternoon at Narita. We failed to see the JASDF 747-400 though, which we thought would be landing during the afternoon from Heathrow.

Log - Tokyo-Narita - 5/4/98 - 1230-1800

B-2174 MD.11 48498 CES
B-2452 B.747SP-J6 21934 CCA
B-2466 B.747-4J6 25880 CCA
B-2468 B.747-46J 28755 CCA
F-GEXA B.747-4B3 24154 AFR
F-OGYT A.310-324 0660 AFL
F-OHZM A.330-301 0183 PAL
HL7413 B.747-48E 25405 AAR
HL7484 B.747-4B5 26392 KAL
HL7490 B.747-4B5 27177 KAL
HL7535 A.300B4-622R 0479 KAL
HS-TAL A.300B4-622R 0569 THA
HS-TAS A.300B4-622R 0705 THA
JA401A B.747-481 28282 ANA
JA402A B.747-481 28283 ANA
JA8071 B.747-446 24423 JAL
JA8072 B.747-446 24424 JAL
JA8074 B.747-446 24426 JAL
JA8075 B.747-446 24427 JAL
JA8076 B.747-446 24777 JAL
JA8077 B.747-446 24784 JAL
JA8078 B.747-446 24870 JAL
JA8079 B.747-446 24885 JAL
JA8080 B.747-446 24886 JAL
JA8082 B.747-446 25212 JAL
JA8085 B.747-446 25260 JAL
JA8087 B.747-446 26346 JAL
JA8095 B.747-481 24833 ANA
JA8096 B.747-481 24920 ANA
JA8098 B.747-481 25207 ANA
JA8111 B.747-246B 20505 JAL
JA8128 B.747-146 21029 JAL
JA8131 B.747-246B 21680 JAL
JA8154 B.747-246B 22745 JAL
JA8162 B.747-246B 22991 JAL
JA8172 B.747-281F 23350 NCA
JA8178 B.747-346 23639 JAL
JA8179 B.747-346 23640 JAL
JA8189 B.747-346 24156 JAA
JA8190 B.747-281B 24399 ANA
JA8233 B.767-246 23214 JAL
JA8266 B.767-346 23966 JAA
JA8363 B.767-381 24756 ANA
JA8545 DC-10-40I 47853 JAL
JA8551 DC-10-30ER 48316 JAS
JA8584 MD.11 48575 JAL
JA8585 MD.11 48576 JAL
JA8586 MD.11 48577 JAL
JA8588 MD.11 48579 JAL
JA8589 MD.11 48774 JAL
JA8901 B.747-446 26343 JAL
JA8906 B.747-446 26350 JAL
N158UA B.747-238B 21054 UAL
N17025 B.747-238B 20535 CMI
N171UA B.747-422 24322 UAL
N172UA B.747-422 24363 UAL
N212JL B.747-346 23067 JAL
N213JL B.747-346 23068 JAL
N309FE DC-10-30CF 48298 FDX
N611US B.747-251B 20356 NWA
N633US B.747-227B 21991 NWA
N634US B.747-227B 22234 NWA
N642NW B.747-212B 21942 NWA
N683UP B.747-121 20353 UPS

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