Japan 1998 - Day 8
... of a full week's airliner spotting in the 'land of the falling Yen' !

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Monday 6th April - Tokyo-Narita then home :-(

We spent the time up to our 1100 departure for Heathrow, in the inside observation area of terminal 1, behind the check-in desks, which is well placed to read all airport movements off. The weather had turned grotty again, but we still logged one or two niceties before departing on G- VSUN (in Premium Economy again !).

I managed 4 new again, the highlights being 2 new Malaysian.

Log - Tokyo-Narita - 6/4/98 - 0800-1030

9M-MKD A.330-322 0073 MAS
9M-MRD B.777-2H6 28411 MAS
9V-SMN B.747-412 26548 SIA
AP-BAT B.747-240B 22077 PIA
B-HNC B.777-267 27263 CPA
D-ABVB B.747-430 23817 DLH
F-OHZT A.330-301 0203 PAL
G-VSUN A.340-313 0114 VIR
HL7490 B.747-4B5 27177 KAL
HS-TED A.330-321 0064 THA
HS-TJG B.777-2D7 27732 THA
I-DEMG B.747-243B 22510 AZA
JA402A B.747-481 28283 ANA
JA8077 B.747-446 24784 JAL
JA8082 B.747-446 25212 JAL
JA8104 B.747-246B 19823 JAL
JA8115 B.747-146 20531 JAL
JA8127 B.747-246B 21031 JAL
JA8166 B.747-346 23151 JAL
JA8173 B.747-346 23482 JAL
JA8185 B.747-346 23969 JAL
JA8266 B.767-346 23966 JAA
JA8358 B.767-381ER 25616 ANA
JA8400 A.320-211 0554 ANA
JA8539 DC-10-40I 47822 JAZ
JA8906 B.747-446 26350 JAL
JA8912 B.747-446 27099 JAL
N194UA B.747-422 26892 UAL
N224NW DC-10-30 46581 NWA
N683UP B.747-121 20353 UPS
PH-BFB B.747-406 24000 KLM
PK-GII MD.11 48503 GIA

Hotel Information

Narita View Y11,550 per night
Itami Airport Y16,170 per night
Kansai Airport Y17,000 per night (airline rate)
Hamamatsucho (Haneda) Y14,280 per night

I can provide fax/tel numbers on request.


We logged 340 Japanese airliners during the week, possibly slightly less than I had hoped for. It's obvious that if you want to get more, you must travel around more, visiting Sapporo, Nagasaki and the like. It might have also been worthwile visiting Haneda at the beginning of the week, to possibly get a little variation in the based aeroplanes there.

Things really dried up at the end of the week ... I copped twice as much (12) at Gatwick on Tuesday morning than I did at the two Tokyo airports on Sunday !!.

I ended up getting 291 new (of which 247 were JA's) including 54 747's, 61 767's, 15 777's, 38 A.300's, 20 A.320's and another 3 A.330's and 5 A.340's.

Overall, Japan, the country itself, was less different and not as much hard work as I was expecting. It's easy to get around by public transport with no grasp of the language, at least in the cities. It was also not as expensive as we had been lead to believe. Sure it's pricey, although the current financial crash helps visitors somewhat, but I'm sure there's numerous European countries that's more expensive.

Highlights of the week ? ...... just being there !, 'The Boeing Inspection Team' at work again ..... the excitement on the taxi-in at Nagoya, with Japanese Hercs out one side of the aeroplane, and our first domestic JA's out the other ...... the wonderful JAS MD.90's, each one in a different colour-scheme ....... Kansai Airport, an amazing place, and very pretty too, also a magnificent observation facility ...... the lovely Nikko-Kansai Airport Hotel, and conversely, the smallest hotel room we'd ever stayed in at Tokyo (I'm sure there's smaller though) ..... the sight of wide-bodies flying the visual approach to runway 16L at Haneda, just like 747's doing run-and-breaks !! ....... flying on a very full 777 ....... hopefully some lovely sunny-side-up shots at just about everywhere ........ doing everything as per the plan ..... my first 'Pig' sandwiches for a couple of months ...... the Japanese people, who are so polite and friendly ...... the pink and green uniformed girls in the Kansai Observation Tower ! ....... the weather, and only needing to wear my specially-purchased-for-cold-weather-Japan thermal vest on one day ! ..... the looks of wonder on the faces of two young (Japanese) spotters at Nagoya when I gave them an Air NORTH Special Issue !! ..... the quite mesmerising Japanese girls ! .... every bus/train/aeroplane we were to travel on, leaving bang on time ..... not doing my back in this time !.

Acknowledgements/Thanks .... It was the most pre-planned trip we had ever been on, and I would like to thank the following who helped us with the planning ...... CMR (for a whole load of gen), Bill Blanchard, Conor Downes, Shingo Kawase, Rob Morris (all for schedule info), TAS, the JNTO, Paul & Ray (WoTT), Chris Taylor, Eddie Swift, Andy Thomson, Jun Shidara ... and anybody else I've forgotten .... thanks guys. Must also say thanks to Mr Psion for designing the Psion 3a, without which the above wouldn't have been written, and to Dave Gregg's WWW Airline Fleets (http://www.intercpt.demon.co.uk/) for all the types and c/n's.

Where to next ? ...... China ?, Brazil ?, Australia ? ..... look out for future REQ: INFO: 's !

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