February 2002

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Even though we weren't going to see a bed again until getting back to London/Newcastle the following evening, we were still up and about at 0620 waken by the usual Nordeste 737. The hotel reception staff (who had also been very helpful and courteous during our stay) were kind enough to grant a late check-out of our room, from the usual 1200L to 1500L, allowing us a few more hours of Congonhas spotting before making our way across to Guarulhos for our Air France flight back to Europe.

Forcing myself to complete another full log (for your benefit !) even though some of these aircraft I'd written down already six or seven times ! .......

Wed /2/02 Sao Paulo-Congonhas CGH/SBSP (0620-1500)

GOL Transportes Aereos PR-GOA 737-7L9 28005 11
GOL Transportes Aereos PR-GOB 737-75B 28099 13
GOL Transportes Aereos PR-GOC 737-75B 28101 17
GOL Transportes Aereos PR-GOD 737-75B 28105 66
GOL Transportes Aereos PR-GOE 737-75B 28106 68
GOL Transportes Aereos PR-GOF 737-76Q 30273 843
GOL Transportes Aereos PR-GOG 737-76Q 30275 900
GOL Transportes Aereos PR-GOH 737-76N 32440 954
GOL Transportes Aereos PR-GOI 737-76N 32574 983
GOL Transportes Aereos PR-GOL 737-7L9 28004 10
Nordeste Linhas Aereas PT-MND 737-53A 24786 1898
Nordeste Linhas Aereas PT-MNH 737-5Y0 26067 2304
Nordeste Linhas Aereas PT-MNI 737-53A 25425 2159
Nordeste Linhas Aereas PT-MNJ 737-33A 25057 2046
Pantanal Linhas Aereas PT-MFK 42-300 225
Pantanal Linhas Aereas PT-MFM 42-310 376
Pantanal Linhas Aereas PT-MFU 42-310 070
Passaredo Transportes PT-PSB Emb.120ER (QC) 303
Rio Sul PR-SAA 737-76Q 30277 947
Rio Sul PT-SLN 737-5Y0 26075 2374
Rio Sul PT-SLW 737-53A 24922 1964
Rio Sul PT-SPD ERJ.145ER 028
Rio Sul PT-SPG ERJ.145ER 038
Rio Sul PT-SPI ERJ.145ER 065
Rio Sul PT-SPK ERJ.145ER 089
Rio Sul PT-SPL ERJ.145ER 090
Rio Sul PT-SPM ERJ.145ER 114
Rio Sul PT-SRD Emb.120ER 315
Rio Sul PT-SRE Emb.120ER 324
Rio Sul PT-SSB 737-5Q8 27629 2834
Rio Sul PT-SSC 737-5Q8 27634 2889
Rio Sul PT-SSD 737-56N 28565 2944
Rio Sul PT-SSE 737-5Q8 28052 2965
Rio Sul PT-SSF 737-5Q8 28201 2999
Rio Sul PT-SSG 737-5Q8 28055 3024
Rio Sul PT-SSH 737-58E 29122 2991
Rio Sul PT-SSJ 737-33A 24791 1984
Rio Sul PT-SSL 737-5Y0 25185 2220
Rio Sul PT-SSM 737-5Y0 25191 2260
Rio Sul PT-SSP 737-33A 24097 1741
TAM Brasil PR-MAA A.320-233 1595
TAM Brasil PT-MQD F.100 11383
TAM Brasil PT-MQE F.100 11389
TAM Brasil PT-MQF F.100 11401
TAM Brasil PT-MQG F.100 11527
TAM Brasil PT-MQH F.100 11512
TAM Brasil PT-MQJ F.100 11347
TAM Brasil PT-MQK F.100 11336
TAM Brasil PT-MQL F.100 11394
TAM Brasil PT-MQM F.100 11301
TAM Brasil PT-MQN F.100 11409
TAM Brasil PT-MQQ F.100 11265
TAM Brasil PT-MQS F.100 11431
TAM Brasil PT-MRA F.100 11284
TAM Brasil PT-MRD F.100 11322
TAM Brasil PT-MRG F.100 11304
TAM Brasil PT-MRH F.100 11305
TAM Brasil PT-MRJ F.100 11451
TAM Brasil PT-MRN F.100 11443
TAM Brasil PT-MRO F.100 11470
TAM Brasil PT-MRP F.100 11472
TAM Brasil PT-MRQ F.100 11473
TAM Brasil PT-MRS F.100 11462
TAM Brasil PT-MRT F.100 11505
TAM Brasil PT-MRU F.100 11511
TAM Brasil PT-MRV F.100 11516
TAM Brasil PT-MRY F.100 11343
TAM Brasil PT-MRZ F.100 11290
TAM Brasil PT-MZA A.319-132 0976
TAM Brasil PT-MZC A.319-132 1092
TAM Brasil PT-MZD A.319-132 1096
TAM Brasil PT-MZE A.319-132 1103
TAM Brasil PT-MZI A.320-232 1246
TAM Brasil PT-MZJ A.320-232 1251
TAM Brasil PT-MZL A.320-232 1376
TAM Brasil PT-MZN A.320-231 0440
TAM Brasil PT-MZO A.320-231 0250
TAM Brasil PT-MZR A.320-231 0334
TAM Brasil PT-MZS A.320-231 0251
TAM Brasil PT-MZU A.320-232 1518
TAM Brasil PT-MZV A.320-232 0758
TAM Brasil PT-MZX A.320-232 1613
TAM Brasil PT-MZZ A.320-232 1593
TAM Brasil PT-WHL F.100 11471
VARIG PP-VOW 737-3Q8 24961 2133
VARIG PP-VPA 737-341 26852 2273
VARIG PP-VPR 737-36Q 28761 3011
VARIG PP-VPU 737-36N 28567 2971
VARIG PP-VPY 737-33R 28871 2900
VARIG PP-VPZ 737-3S3 29245 3061
VASP PP-SFJ 737-3K9 24212 1633
VASP PP-SMP 737-2A1 20779 327
VASP PP-SMZ 737-2A1 20971 382
VASP PP-SOT 737-3L9 25150 2074
VASP PP-SOU 737-3L9 25360 2140

N9999M Gulfstream IV 1090
PP-EIF Citation I 0680
PP-ISJ Citation V 0258
PT-LJF Citation II 0289
PT-OTS Citation V 0213
PT-WGF Learjet 35A 322
PT-WHE Beech 400A RK-081
PT-WJS Beech 400A RK-122
PT-WPF Hawker 800XP 258409
PT-XDY Hawker 800XP 258442

Four new airliners only for the day, but significant frames nonetheless, my second last TAM A.320, one of the VASP 737-200s, and two more of the noisy TAM Fokker 100s. With our suitcases we decided not to walk the short distance to the terminal to catch the bus to Guarulhos, but instead used one of the few taxis that 'lived' outside the Golden Flats, the driver, unlike some British taxi drivers, more than happy to take us the few hundred yards (which actually took about ten minutes such is the traffic) - he did ask us for 7R$ however, and I took pity on him and gave him a 'tenner' !.

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Back across on the 'Airport Shuttle' to Guarulhos, which took slightly longer (a full hour) to get through Sao Paulo during the busy late afternoon.

Wed 6/2/02 Sao Paulo-Guarulhos GRU/SBGR (1700-2100)

TAM Brasil PT-MQM F.100 11301
TAM Brasil PT-MQQ F.100 11265
TAM Brasil PT-MVB A.330-223 0238
TAM Brasil PT-MVC A.330-223 0247
TAM Brasil PT-MZM A.320-232 0453
TAM Brasil PT-MZQ A.320-231 0335
TAM Brasil PT-MZT A.320-232 1486
TAM Brasil PT-MZU A.320-232 1518
TAM Brasil PT-MZW A.320-232 1580
VARIG PP-VLE 727-172C 19666 480
VARIG PP-VLS 727-173C 19508 457
VARIG PP-VNR 767-241ER 23805 180
VARIG PP-VNX 737-33A 23829 1460
VARIG PP-VOF 737-341 24277 1658
VARIG PP-VOH 737-341 24279 1673
VARIG PP-VOK 767-341ER 24843 314
VARIG PP-VOO 737-341 24936 1951
VARIG PP-VOU 737-341 25050 2125
VARIG PP-VPC 737-341 26857 2326
VARIG PP-VPF 737-3S1 24834 1896
VARIG PP-VQA 737-76N 28580 135
VARIG PP-VQB 737-76N 28582 154
VARIG PP-VQC 737-76N 28583 163
VARIG PP-VQE 737-76N 28585 173
VARIG PP-VQO 737-3M8 24377 1719
VARIG PP-VQS 737-4Y0 24513 1779
VARIG PP-VQT 737-4Y0 24692 1963
VARIG PP-VSA 737-85F 30571 936
VASP PP-SMF 737-2A1 20589 301
VASP PP-SMH 737-2A1 20778 325
VASP PP-SMP 737-2A1 20779 327
VASP PP-SNB 737-2A1 21095 432
VASP PP-SNM A.300B2-203 0205
VASP PP-SPG 737-2L9 22070 614

I-MOVE Global Express BD700 9044

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International Traffic - Continental Boeing 767-400 N78060, Delta MD-11 N813DE (in the new colours), Iberia Airbus A.340 EC-GQK, Lan Chile Boeing 767-300 CC-CDM, Alitalia Boeing 767-300 I-DEIF, KLM Boeing 747-400 PH-BFV, Air France Boeing 777 F-GSPC, LAB Boeing 727 CP-1276 & Aerolineas Argentina MD-88 LV-VGC.

Just as we arrived we could see the Global Express preparing for departure, so at least one of the biz was identified - two of the three Gulfstreams were still present however and 'locked up' as were the pair of CJs. The GOL 737-800 departed during the early evening - not 'parked' after all then ! - and it seemed a number of 'night-closed' Congonhas regulars come to Guarulhos to roost for the evening, or maybe operate night-flights, a few TAM Fokker 100s and Panatanal ATR.42s being seen on the taxi out.

We hadn't seen too much in the way of cargo traffic during the previous week (although you do see VASPex Boeing 727s/737s at Congonhas), so it was great to see (and get new !) a pair of VARIG-LOG Boeing 727-100s. Another VASP Boeing 737-200 was new, as were another pair of VARIG -300s, my last VARIG 767-200 (cutting it fine !) and incredibly just as we were about to get on the Air France 'triple', PT-MZQ pulling onto the adjacent stand - our last TAM A.320 (honest !).

A word here about airport departure tax - I had read in a guide book beforehand that you had to keep 98R$ to one side to pay to get out of the country, much the same as you have to do in Japan. The airport information desk confirmed this when I enquired the previous day. However it seemed this tax had been included in our ticket price by Air France (it is normally asked for on check-in I believe) and we got to the gate still holding a couple of hundred Reals - it doesn't help either that the duty-free shops down the international part of the pier doesn't take Brazillian currency !. Beware therefore, as Brazillian currency is worth nothing over here !.

The same Air France 777 that had brought us into Rio six days previous, took us away from Brazil at 2130L - it would appear a lot of the more tasty South American visitors appear at Guarulhos at this late time of night. On rotation we could see a Pluna Boeing 737-200, COPA Panama -700, and JB was sure he got a glimpse of a Lan Chile A.320 ... ouch.

A much better flight on F-GSPC, the rearmost of the two economy cabins appearing to have slightly more legroom, and I slept for as long as I ever had on a long-haul flight. My 499th flight, and at the end of it, 10hrs 46mins later, there's only three aircraft I've spent more time on than F-GSPC (G-BIUV, G-BKHT and G-BEJD).

I made it into double figures again during the four hours I had to wait around at CDG for my flight home to Newcastle, another amazing TAM moment occurring down the end of the 'beautiful day' Terminal 2F, my last TAM A.330 PT-MVD pulling onto stand just as the 'Jersey' Newcastle was called.

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