"South China Shuffle"
March 2004

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"No, we're not in Shanghai !"

It always happens, whether you travel east or west .... awake at 4 o'clock, and that's the all the sleep you're gonna get for this night. The curtains opened as the sun rose, albeit behind an overcast, just before 0700. Things have always taken time to get going at Hong Kong airports, with the first arrivals of any note not really appearing until well after 9. We sat and watched procedings nonetheless from the room, and noticed some unusual runway 'configurations' - notably freighters were departing on 07L. Then all arrivals/departures switched to the southerly complex, and it soon became clear why as CAAC Citation VII B-7022 flew the first of 4 flybys down 25R, as part of its calibration work. A small price to pay for the first arrivals of the day occurring out of sight on the south complex.

I had awoken absolutely famished, and the 'included in the rate' breakfast lived up to my appetite's requirements, one of the best buffets I'd seen in the morning anywhere ..... the 'company' of an immaculate-looking China Eastern cabin crew was an added bonus. An important task for the day was to secure a Chinese visa in our passports for the next part of the trip. What has proved to be a lengthy and 'being without passport for a few weeks' project from the UK, is as easy as visiting the China Travel desk, conveniently at the north end of the arrivals level in the CLK terminal, handing over your passport, suitable passport photo, and the required HKD, and as long as you do this before a certain time in the morning, it's ready for collection later in the afternoon ! More at http://www.chinatravel1.com/english/useful/chinesevisa.htm

On our return to the room things had settled down in terms of runways used, with a return to 25R arrivals and 25L departures. Even though the sun was still struggling to poke through the overcast I decided to set off on one of my favourite pastimes and explore a little, hunting out the best available photo-spots. The excellent hkplanes.com web site had suggested plenty of options, the most obvious for the runways in use being a spot just to the north of the terminal complex, apparently situated perfectly for approach shots. It's literally just a three minute walk to a spot to the north-east of the Regal Airport Hotel, close to a bend in the tracks of the Airport Express rail system just to the north of the terminal, a spot which proved perfect for 'classic', side-on, approach shots. We spent the whole day here, and the sun which soon came out, and stayed out for much of the day, is good for approach shots well into the afternoon. The hotel room was only a few minutes walk away, while the terminal and the McDonalds on the arrival level, is just a little further. The spot is obviously popular with local photographers too, quite a number using it throughout the day, and we received no 'hassle' at all from any of the airport officials who passed by on the airside road on the other side of the fence directly in front of us.

Memories of Kai Tak and lots of China Eastern Fokker 100s/MD.80s soon came flooding back, with a large proportion of the new frames going in the book coming from the Shanghai-based carrier who had provided so much interest at breakfast !. No less than 11 China Eastern 'single-aisle' Airbus' appeared during the day, 9 of which were new to me, including some great gap-fillers. Also of note were my last two China Airlines A300s, and our first EVA A330-200 and Royal Brunei A320. I made a staggering 69 'western-built' airliners on our first full day in CLK, 15 of the all important 40 mainland China-origin airliners logged being new. 27 of the 69 were those Cathay Pacific/Dragonair deliveries to have occurred since our last visit to Hong Kong.

Time was called at 6 o'clock, and after a tending to to the day's sunburn, it was off again to 'Katies' for a few more pints of 'genius' - stopping off on the way to collect our passports suitably endorsed with new Chinese Visas .... so easy, and I don't think either of us believed it was possible until we saw it - system works!. I sat in 'Katies' with much anticipation for our first 'independant' excursion into mainland China ..... one more went in the book before bed however, another China Eastern 'single-aisle' having parked in front of our room whilst we had been away, and another new one, making 10 for me for the day.

This log is everything we noted during the day, including the based fleets of CPA/HDA - obviously only seeing arrivals does mean you don't see the majority of the long-haul Cathay Pacific types.

Fri 12/3/04 Hong Kong-Chek Lap Kok HKG/VHHH

9M-MPD 747-4H6 25701 997 Malaysian Airlines System
9V-SFA 747-412F SCD 26563 1036 Singapore Cargo Airlines
9V-SMM 747-412 26547 921 Singapore Airlines
9V-SMZ 747-412 26549 1030 Singapore Airlines
9V-SQF 777-212ER 28512 126 Singapore Airlines
9V-SYA 777-312 28515 180 Singapore Airlines
A4O-LB A.340-312 0039 Gulf Air
A6-EMP 777-31H 29395 326 Emirates Airlines
B-16303 A.330-203 0555 EVA Airways
B-16405 747-45E SCD 27142 982 EVA Airways
B-16408 747-45E SCD 28092 1076 EVA Airways
B-16408 747-45E SCD 28092 1076 EVA Airways
B-16622 767-25E 27193 527 EVA Airways
B-16805 737-809 30636 768 China Airlines
B-18205 747-409 28712 1137 China Airlines
B-18206 747-409 29030 1145 China Airlines
B-18272 747-409 24310 778 China Airlines
B-18501 A.300B4-622R 0767 China Airlines
B-18503 A.300B4-622R 0788 China Airlines
B-18503 A.300B4-622R 0788 China Airlines
B-18571 A.300B4-622R 0529 China Airlines
B-18577 A.300B4-622R 0677 China Airlines
B-18601 737-809 28402 113 China Airlines
B-18616 737-809 30175 1182 China Airlines
B-18805 A.340-313X 0415 China Airlines
B-18807 A.340-313X 0541 China Airlines
B-2059 777-2J6 29153 168 Air China
B-2209 A.320-214 1030 China Eastern Airlines
B-2215 A.319-112 1541 China Eastern Airlines
B-2215 A.319-112 1541 China Eastern Airlines
B-2219 A.320-214 1532 China Eastern Airlines
B-2222 A.319-112 1603 China Eastern Airlines
B-2226 A.319-112 1786 China Eastern Airlines
B-2230 A.320-214 1964 China Eastern Airlines
B-2256 MD-90-30 53582 2198 China Eastern Airlines
B-2270 MD-90-30 53590 2261 China Eastern Airlines
B-2308 A.300B4-605R 0532 China Eastern Airlines
B-2320 A.300B4-605R 0709 China Eastern Airlines
B-2325 A.300B4-605R 0746 China Eastern Airlines
B-2335 A.320-214 1312 China Eastern Airlines
B-2336 A.320-214 1330 China Eastern Airlines
B-2338 A.320-214 1361 China Eastern Airlines
B-2351 A.320-232 0718 China Southern Airlines
B-2353 A.320-232 0722 China Southern Airlines
B-2365 A.320-232 0849 China Southern Airlines
B-2380 A.340-313X 0129 China Eastern Airlines
B-2545 737-5Y0 24900 2095 China Southern Airlines
B-2546 737-3Y0 25175 2150 China Southern Airlines
B-2558 767-3J6 25876 478 Air China
B-2588 737-3J6 25893 2489 Air China
B-2590 737-3Z0 27126 2370 Air China
B-2598 737-3J6 27128 2493 Air China
B-2599 737-3Z0 25896 2558 Air China (ex China Southwest Airlines)
B-2818 757-21B 25259 392 China Southern Airlines
B-2822 757-21B 25884 461 China Southern Airlines
B-2835 757-236 25598 445 China Southern Airlines
B-2848 757-25C 27513 685 Xiamen Airlines
B-2910 737-3Y0 26083 2459 China Southern Airlines
B-2912 737-5Y0 26100 2538 China Southern Airlines
B-2927 737-31B 27290 2595 China Southern Airlines
B-2941 737-31B 27344 2622 China Southern Airlines
B-2949 737-3J6 27372 2650 Air China
B-5033 737-79P 30657 1319 China Eastern Airlines
B-5068 737-71B 32933 1430 China Southern Airlines
B-6007 A.320-214 2056 China Eastern Airlines
B-6008 A.320-214 2049 China Eastern Airlines
B-6050 A.340-642 0468 China Eastern Airlines
B-7022 Citation 650 0220 CAAC
B-HLA A.330-342 0071 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HLC A.330-342 0099 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HLD A.330-342 0102 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HLE A.330-342 0109 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HLF A.330-342 0113 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HLI A.330-342 0155 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HLJ A.330-342 0012 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HLK A.330-342 0017 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HLL A.330-342 0244 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HLM A.330-343X 0386 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HLN A.330-343X 0389 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HLO A.330-343X 0393 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HLQ A.330-343X 0420 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HLS A.330-343X 0423 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HLU A.330-343X 0539 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HLV A.330-343X 0548 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HLW A.330-343X 0565 Cathay Pacific Airways

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B-HNA 777-267 27265 14 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HNB 777-267 27266 18 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HNC 777-267 27263 28 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HND 777-267 27264 31 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HNF 777-367 27506 102 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HNG 777-367 27505 118 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HNH 777-367 27504 136 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HNJ 777-367 27509 224 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HNK 777-367 27510 248 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HNL 777-267 27116 1 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HNM 777-367 33702 456 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HNN 777-367 33703 462 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HOT 747-467 24851 813 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HOV 747-467 25082 849 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HOX 747-467 24955 877 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HQB A.340-642 0453 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HRS Jetstream 41MPA 41102 Government/Air Force
B-HSD A.320-232 0756 Dragonair
B-HSF A.320-232 0816 Dragonair
B-HSG A.320-232 0812 Dragonair
B-HSH A.320-232 0877 Dragonair
B-HSI A.320-232 0930 Dragonair
B-HSJ A.320-232 1253 Dragonair
B-HSK A.320-232 1721 Dragonair
B-HTD A.321-231 0993 Dragonair
B-HTF A.321-231 0633 Dragonair
B-HTG A.321-231 1695 Dragonair
B-HTH A.321-231 1984 Dragonair
B-HTI A.321-231 2021 Dragonair
B-HUA 747-467 25872 930 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HUB 747-467 25873 937 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HUF 747-467 25869 993 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HVZ 747-267F SCD 23864 687 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HXB A.340-313X 0137 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HXE A.340-313X 0157 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HXI A.340-313X 0220 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HXJ A.340-313X 0227 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HXM A.340-313X 0123 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HXO A.340-313X 0128 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HYA A.330-342 0098 Dragonair
B-HYB A.330-342 0106 Dragonair
B-HYD A.330-342 0132 Dragonair
B-HYE A.330-342 0177 Dragonair
B-HYF A.330-342 0234 Dragonair
B-HYG A.330-343X 0405 Dragonair
B-HYH A.330-343X 0407 Dragonair
B-HYI A.330-343X 0479 Dragonair
B-HYJ A.330-343X 0512 Dragonair
C-GDVW A.340-313X 0273 Air Canada
CS-TMT A.330-322 0096 Air Luxor
D-ABZB 747-230F SCD 23348 625 Lufthansa Cargo
F-GSPZ 777-228ER 32310 401 Air France
F-OHZS A.330-301 0200 Philippine Airlines
G-BNLO 747-436 24057 817 British Airways
G-BNLX 747-436 25435 908 British Airways
G-GSSA 747-47UF SCD 29256 1213 Global Supply Systems
G-VMEG A.340-642 0391 Virgin Atlantic Airways
HB-JME A.340-313X 0559 Swiss International Air Lines
HL7423 747-48E SCD 25782 1115 Asiana Airlines
HL7439 747-4B5ERF SCD 33516 1338 Korean Air Lines
HL7534 777-3B5 27950 120 Korean Air Lines
HL7560 737-8B5 29981 622 Korean Air Lines
HS-TAP A.300B4-622R 0635 Thai Airways International
HS-TGO 747-4D7 26609 1001 Thai Airways International
HS-TJC 777-2D7 27728 44 Thai Airways International
HS-TJG 777-2D7 27732 100 Thai Airways International
HS-UTP 747-246B 20530 196 Orient Thai Airlines
JA604J 767-346ER 33493 905 Japan Air Lines
JA605J 767-346ER 33494 911 Japan Air Lines
JA607A 767-381ER 32976 884 All Nippon Airways
JA704A 777-281 27035 131 All Nippon Airways
JA8077 747-446 24784 798 Japan Air Lines
JA8169 747-246B SF 23389 635 Japan Air Lines
JA8181 747-281F SCD 23698 667 Nippon Cargo Airlines
JA8323 767-381ER 25654 463 All Nippon Airways
N128UA 747-422 30023 1245 United Air Lines
N416MC 747-47UF SCD 32838 1307 EVA Airways
N642NW 747-212B 21942 471 Northwest Airlines
N682UP 747-121 SCD 20349 110 United Parcel Service
N717CK 747-123 SCD 20325 125 Kalitta Air
N753PR 747-4F6 27828 1039 Philippine Airlines
N78001 777-224ER 27577 161 Continental Air Lines
PH-BFE 747-406 SCD 24201 763 KLM
RA-96008 Il-96 Aeroflot
RP-C4008 737-33A 25033 2025 Philippine Airlines
S2-ACO DC-10-30 46993 263 Bangladesh Biman Airlines
TC-APG 737-82R 29329 224 Myanmar Airways International
V8-RBT A.320-232 2139 Royal Brunei Airlines
VH-OGS 767-338ER 28725 665 Qantas
VH-OGV 767-338ER 30186 796 Australian Airlines
VH-OJP 747-438 25545 916 Qantas
VN-A342 A.321-131 0591 Vietnam Airlines
VT-EVF A.310-324 0548 Air India
YU-ANP 737-2K3 23912 1401 President Airlines
ZK-NCO 767-319ER 30586 808 Air New Zealand
ZS-SNB A.340-642 0417 South African Airways

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