"South China Shuffle"
March 2004

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"Off into the grey unknown"

Wide awake again at 0500 !. Today it was off to Guangzhou. There would appear to be many ways of making this short journey, by rail, road, and even sea, but we plumped for the direct and fastest airport to airport option, to maximise spotting time. The flight had been booked as one half of a multi-sector itinerary on travelocity.co.uk, coming out at about 55 each for the short flight on China Southern Airlines. After another superb breakfast then, it was off on the extremely short walk to check-in. Our first CLK departure experience was as pleasant as departing a major city could be - what a magnificent airport. Airside spotting is as good as its cracked up to be too, with everything close by the terminal complex being within easy reach. I made another 11, including another 2 Chinese mainland airliners, before we departed the gate on China Southern Boeing 737-500 B-2544, probably the dirtiest aeroplane I've ever flown on !. The short walk around the piers had secured another 5 of the based fleets, while the based CR Airways CRJ B-KBJ was seen for the first time, an aircraft that didn't seem to have flown very much during our brief time here, if at all - unfortunately we'd seen it before as a Shandong Airlines machine on our previous trip out here.

Just a 25-minute flight and soon enough we were touching down at a very murky Guangzhou-Baiyun International. Rather reminicsent of a Nagoya, our first sights of what is probably regarded as one of the greatest single runway airports in the world, were as exciting as the landing we made at Komaki that morning many years ago, or indeed that arrival at the legendary Congonhas more recently. Slightly more deflating was one of the first aircraft we taxied past on the way to the gate, the Rainbow Jet Challenger that again, we'd seen on the previous trip - if only it had been the 'other' one. Guangzhou is just about to acquire a new airport in the summer, and the arrival into the spartan international arrivals building, again very reminiscent of the 'old' Nagoya, shows how needed this is. Out into the main floor of the terminal and as expected you are immediately bombarded by offers of taxis and 'money change'. We continued walking however, straight on to the Baiyun International Airport Hotel, one of the favourites for visiting spotters to this area. It was much easier to get the right room here, a 7th floor (top of the hotel) with an even number - the view, while not unrestricted by airport buildings, is more than adequate, almost all of the centre section of the runway being visible, as well as an important 100-yard stretch of taxiway between the domestic and international terminals, and similar lengths further to the left and right of this point - not difficult at all to log everything that moves. The 3 Tridents, Il-14, An-24, An-2 and 'Mig' are easily visible on the far side of the runway.

We spent all of the afternoon in the hotel room, a break being taken only to return to the terminal to change some money at the official exchange which is on the back wall of the international terminal - the airport hotel desk was not able to change money, although there did seem to be a bank in the small shopping area on the ground floor - closed on Saturdays though obviously. The domestic terminal has a large shopping area, so the drinks/snacks requirements are filled there.

As it got dark it soon became apparent that we were not going to be able to read anything off. Unfortunately the ground floor of the hotel appeared to be undergoing something of a refurbishment, with the western-style cafe and snooker room not being open. We therefore had no choice but use the Chinese restaurant, and we got by, helped on by what we'd learnt from Pamela on the previous trip - it helps not to be too hungry however, if you are anything like a fussy eater.

I made 28 active aeroplanes at Guangzhou during the afternoon, 25 of which were mainland Chinese airliners, out of 108 seen. I was surprised at the amount of foreign airlines seen, with another pair of new Japanese wide-bodies being made, as well as another Singapore Boeing 777 - highlight of the day had to be the Excel though .......

Sat 13/3/04 Hong Kong-Chek Lap Kok HKG/VHHH only includes CPA/HDA aircraft I made

9V-SQA 777-212ER 28507 67 Singapore Airlines
B-16605 767-35EER 26064 438 EVA Airways
B-18206 747-409 29030 1145 China Airlines
B-18502 A.300B4-622R 0775 China Airlines
B-18578 A.300B4-622R 0625 China Airlines
B-2544 737-5Y0 24899 2093 China Southern Airlines
B-2586 737-3Z0 27047 2357 Air China (ex China Southwest Airlines)
B-2910 737-3Y0 26083 2459 China Southern Airlines
B-2920 737-3Q8 27271 2523 China Southern Airlines
B-6052 A.340-642 0514 China Eastern Airlines
B-HLP A.330-343X 0418 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HNI 777-367 27508 204 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HQC A.340-642 0475 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HSE A.320-232 0784 Dragonair
B-HXH A.340-313X 0218 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-KBJ RJ-200ER 7565 CR Airways
C-GDVW A.340-313X 0273 Air Canada
HS-TEL A.330-322 0231 Thai Airways International
JA604A 767-381ER 32973 881 All Nippon Airways
JA8534 DC-10-40I 46913 206 Japan Asia Airways
JA8911 747-446 26356 1026 Japan Air Lines

Sat 13/3/04 Guangzhou-Baiyun CAN/ZGGG

9M-MKC A.330-322 0069 Malaysian Airlines System
9V-SRA 777-212ER 28513 144 Singapore Airlines
B-2052 777-21B 27358 24 China Southern Airlines
B-2054 777-21B 27360 48 China Southern Airlines
B-2056 777-21BER 27525 66 China Southern Airlines
B-2057 777-21BER 27604 106 China Southern Airlines
B-2058 777-21BER 27605 110 China Southern Airlines
B-2143 DC-9-82 49851 1807 China Southern Airlines
B-2151 DC-9-82 49852 1959 China Northern Airlines
B-2152 DC-9-82 53164 2041 China Northern Airlines
B-2161 737-86N 28655 965 Air China (ex China Southwest Airlines)
B-2211 A.320-214 1041 China Eastern Airlines
B-2265 MD-90-30 53587 2240 China Eastern Airlines
B-2268 MD-90-30 53588 2248 China Eastern Airlines
B-2282 A.321-231 1776 China Northern Airlines

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B-2303 A.310-222 0419 China Eastern Airlines (ex China Northwest Airlines)
B-2316 A.300B4-622R 0734 China Northern Airlines
B-2323 A.300B4-622R 0739 China Northern Airlines
B-2343 A.320-232 0696 China Southern Airlines
B-2345 A.320-232 0698 China Southern Airlines
B-2346 A.320-232 0704 China Southern Airlines
B-2347 A.320-232 0705 China Southern Airlines
B-2348 A.320-232 (0709?) Sichuan Airlines
B-2350 A.320-232 0712 China Southern Airlines
B-2351 A.320-232 0718 China Southern Airlines
B-2353 A.320-232 0722 China Southern Airlines
B-2354 A.320-214 0707 Air China (ex CNAC-Zhejiang Airlines)
B-2359 A.320-214 0854 China Eastern Airlines
B-2360 A.320-214 0772 China Eastern Airlines
B-2361 A.320-214 0799 China Eastern Airlines
B-2371 A.321-231 0915 Sichuan Airlines
B-2401 A.320-232 0710 China Southern Airlines
B-2511 737-8Z0 30073 487 Air China (ex China Southwest Airlines)
B-2519 737-3Z0 23448 1168 Air China (ex China Southwest Airlines)
B-2529 737-505 26297 2578 Xiamen Airlines
B-2532 737-3J6 23303 1237 Air China
B-2533 737-3Z0 27138 2436 China Southwest Airlines
B-2538 737-3W0 25090 2040 China Eastern Airlines (ex China Yunnan Airlines)
B-2541 737-5Y0 24696 1960 China Southern Airlines
B-2546 737-3Y0 25175 2150 China Southern Airlines
B-2548 737-5Y0 25182 2211 China Southern Airlines
B-2549 737-5Y0 25183 2218 China Southern Airlines
B-2554 767-2J6ER 23745 156 Air China
B-2560 767-3J6 25878 569 Air China
B-2563 767-36D 27309 546 Shanghai Airlines
B-2567 767-36D 27685 686 Shanghai Airlines
B-2582 737-31B 25895 2499 China Southern Airlines
B-2583 737-31B 25897 2554 China Southern Airlines
B-2586 737-3Z0 27047 2357 Air China (ex China Southwest Airlines)
B-2640 737-7W0 29913 148 China Eastern Airlines (ex China Yunnan Airlines)
B-2645 737-89L 29879 427 Air China
B-2651 737-84P 30474 607 Hainan Airlines
B-2663 737-7AD 28437 72 Shanghai Airlines
B-2676 737-84P 32602 1170 Hainan Airlines
B-2682 737-79P 33038 1219 China Eastern Airlines
B-2695 737-81B 32923 1213 China Southern Airlines
B-2801 757-21B 24014 144 China Southern Airlines
B-2802 757-21B 24015 148 China Southern Airlines
B-2803 757-21B 24016 150 China Southern Airlines
B-2804 757-21B 24330 200 China Southern Airlines
B-2806 757-21B 24401 232 China Southern Airlines
B-2807 757-21B 24402 233 China Southern Airlines
B-2809 757-26D 24472 235 Shanghai Airlines
B-2811 757-21B 24714 262 China Southern Airlines
B-2815 757-21B 24774 288 China Southern Airlines
B-2816 757-21B 25083 359 China Southern Airlines
B-2822 757-21B 25884 461 China Southern Airlines
B-2823 757-21B 25888 575 China Southern Airlines
B-2824 757-21B 25889 583 China Southern Airlines
B-2826 757-2Y0 26155 495 Air China (China Southwest Airlines c/s)
B-2829 757-25C 25900 574 Xiamen Airlines
B-2852 757-28A 28833 782 China Xinjiang Airlines
B-2908 737-341 26854 2303 Hainan Airlines (China Xinhua titles)
B-2909 737-3Y0 26082 2456 China Southern Airlines
B-2910 737-3Y0 26083 2459 China Southern Airlines
B-2911 737-3Y0 26084 2460 China Southern Airlines
B-2912 737-5Y0 26100 2538 China Southern Airlines
B-2915 737-5Y0 26101 2544 China Southern Airlines
B-2918 737-3Q8 24986 2192 China Eastern Airlines
B-2919 737-3Q8 24987 2268 China Eastern Airlines (ex Wuhan Airlines)
B-2921 737-3Q8 27286 2528 China Southern Airlines
B-2922 737-31B 27272 2555 China Southern Airlines
B-2923 737-31B 27275 2565 China Southern Airlines
B-2927 737-31B 27290 2595 China Southern Airlines
B-2934 737-39K 27274 2559 Hainan Airlines (China Xinhua titles)
B-2936 737-37K 27335 2609 China Southern Airlines
B-2941 737-31B 27344 2622 China Southern Airlines
B-2947 737-33A 25511 2599 Air China
B-2952 737-31B 27519 2678 China Southern Airlines
B-2959 737-31B 27520 2775 China Southern Airlines
B-2960 737-4Q8 24332 1866 Hainan Airlines
B-2965 737-4Q8 26334 2782 Hainan Airlines
B-2973 737-505 26336 2805 Xiamen Airlines
B-2977 737-36N 28560 2888 China Eastern Airlines
B-2978 737-36N 28561 2896 China Eastern Airlines
B-5018 767-3Q8ER 28207 695 Shanghai Airlines
B-5020 737-81B 32926 1268 China Southern Airlines
B-5021 737-81B 32927 1290 China Southern Airlines
B-5022 737-81B 32928 1323 China Southern Airlines
B-5029 737-75C 30634 1229 Xiamen Airlines
B-5033 737-79P 30657 1319 China Eastern Airlines
B-5037 737-66N 29892 1305 Air China
B-5039 737-75C 28258 1315 Xiamen Airlines
B-5046 737-341F (24276?) China Postal Airlines
B-5055 737-330QC 24283 1677 Hainan Airlines (Yangtze River Express fcs)
B-5058 737-330QC 23835 1465 Hainan Airlines (Yangtze River Express titles)
B-5061 737-76N 28583 163 Hainan Airlines (Shan Xi Airlines titles)
B-6001 A.320-214 1981 China Eastern Airlines
B-7019 Citation Excel 5118
B-7696 Challenger 604 5510
HL7268 767-38EER 25132 417 Asiana Airlines
HS-TEG A.330-321 0112 Thai Airways International
JA014D A.300B4-622R 0836 Japan Air System
JA016D A.300B4-622R 0838 Japan Air System
N688CZ 777-21BER 27606 121 China Southern Airlines
N999CZ 737-3Y9 25604 2405 China Southern Airlines
PK-GIA DC-10-30 46918 223 Garuda Indonesia Airways
S7-ASC A.320-214 0601 Vietnam Airlines
S7-RGL A.320-232 0542 Pacific Airlines

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