"South China Shuffle"
March 2004

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"One to go"

The final two days of the trip were to be devoted to Chek Lap Kok, so after the usual early 'get-up' we took a taxi from our hotel on Nathan Road to the Kowloon Station of the Airport Expressway, which cost about 20HKD. The Airport Expressway is a marvellous service, linking Central Hong Kong with the airport via Kowloon and one more station, just on the Kowloon side of 'the bridge'. Cost for a day return is 90HKD - the same as a one-way - and there's a train every 12 minutes which takes just under 20 minutes from Kowloon to the airport. On arrival at the airport it was soon apparent that the runway in use was 07, ie. the opposite to our last day here the previous Friday, and therefore we were going to have to explore alternative spotting/photo sites. First we took a look out from the 10th floor of the Airport Hotel however, just to make sure we saw the night-stoppers of note that we knew would park on the northern side of the terminal pier, notably the China Eastern A340-600 and the All Nippon 767. An added bonus from doing this was seeing our last Cathay Pacific A340-600 on stand, and also the KLM Cargo Boeing 747-400ERF, which was just departing from the cargo centre, which is visible at a distance from the hotel. Then it was back to the terminal for a McDonald's breakfast, a visit to the '7-11' to stock up on water etc. for the day, and then to the bus station for our expedition to the far west end of the airport.

Thanks again to the excellent hkplanes.com web site we got there without any problems, taking the S1 bus to Tung Chung bus station, and then the S52 bus to 'Aircraft Maintenance Area'. This bus takes you past some airport areas that are impossible to see from other viewpoints, notably the Signature Business Aviation Centre, which held two rather familiar Global Express' - and the now also familiar CAAC Citation 650 ! - and the Government Flying Service ramp/hangar, containing S-76s, Pumas, and of course the two highly-modified Jetstream 41s. The bus stops round the back of the HAECO hangar, and then you have the opportunity to walk back along the road to a spot which takes your fancy. We chose one just to the north of the runway 07R undershoot - passing the brand new and just delivered Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300 B-HNO on the closest parking bay outside the HAECO hangar - which gave extremely close views onto the 07R holding point. The aircraft here are very close, but very frustratingly the double fence means that photography is totally out of the question - anywhere along this road also allows arrivals on 07L to be read-off quite easily, but too far away for anything near decent photos. There is plenty of opportunity to shoot any 07R arrivals however, mainly cargo aircraft, against the stunning backdrop of the surprisingly high hills of Lantau Island. A perfect spot really, and one which refutes the airport's apparent reputation with the enthusiast, that it is a difficult one to 'do' - you won't miss any movements from this spot/runway combination. It's a very pleasant place to spend the day, sitting on the rocks with the South China Sea lapping away in the background.

It was another hugely succesful day for me logging wise, making 33 western-built airliners, including 13 Chinese mainland airliners - these included amazingly another 10 'new' China Eastern 'single-aisle' Airbus' !. The day's most significant moment came however when a FedEx MD-11 that had been languishing on the cargo ramp apparently 'not very well', was towed across to the HAECO facility - showing luck more akin to my travelling companion, the machine soon became apparent as my last FedEx MD-11, and my second last of type in the world. Looks like I could be driving down to Heathrow at short notice some day soon for B-16112 !.

The S52 buses run every 20 minutes, leaving HAECO at 08, 28 and 48 minutes past the hour, and you pay a flat fare of 4HKD. We took the one leaving at 1748, and connected easily onto the S1 at Tung Chung, which has a flat fare of 3.50HKD, to the airport terminal. Straight on to an airport express to Kowloon, and then the short taxi to our hotel, where we arrived at 1900 - not bad from the remoteness of the western shoreline of the 'new' Chek Lap Kok Island to the hustle of Nathan Road, involving four different journeys !.

Tue 16/3/04 Hong Kong-Chek Lap Kok HKG/VHHH

4R-ALD A.330-243 0313 SriLankan Airlines
9M-MPA 747-4H6 27042 932 Malaysian Airlines System
9N-ACA 757-2F8 23850 142 Royal Nepal Airlines
9V-SPA 747-412 26550 1040 Singapore Airlines
9V-SQA 777-212ER 28507 67 Singapore Airlines
9V-SQL 777-212ER 33370 451 Singapore Airlines
9V-SYB 777-312 28516 184 Singapore Airlines
A6-EMP 777-31H 29395 326 Emirates Airlines
B-16305 A.330-203 0573 EVA Airways
B-16406 747-45E SCD 27898 1051 EVA Airways
B-16412 747-45E 29112 1159 EVA Airways
B-18202 747-409 28710 1132 China Airlines
B-18206 747-409 29030 1145 China Airlines
B-18503 A.300B4-622R 0788 China Airlines
B-18551 A.300B4-622R 0666 China Airlines
B-18551 A.300B4-622R 0666 China Airlines
B-18577 A.300B4-622R 0677 China Airlines
B-18578 A.300B4-622R 0625 China Airlines
B-18581 A.300B4-220 0193 (China Airlines)
B-18606 737-809 28405 132 China Airlines
B-18607 737-809 29104 139 China Airlines
B-18608 737-809 28406 141 China Airlines
B-18612 737-809 30173 695 China Airlines
B-18803 A.340-313X 0411 China Airlines
B-18805 A.340-313X 0415 China Airlines
B-18807 A.340-313X 0541 China Airlines
B-2134 DC-9-82 49518 1647 China Northern Airlines
B-2215 A.319-112 1541 China Eastern Airlines
B-2216 A.319-112 1551 China Eastern Airlines
B-2221 A.320-214 1639 China Eastern Airlines
B-2227 A.319-112 1778 China Eastern Airlines
B-2256 MD-90-30 53582 2198 China Eastern Airlines
B-2270 MD-90-30 53590 2261 China Eastern Airlines
B-2307 A.300B4-605R 0525 China Eastern Airlines
B-2308 A.300B4-605R 0532 China Eastern Airlines
B-2320 A.300B4-605R 0709 China Eastern Airlines
B-2320 A.300B4-605R 0709 China Eastern Airlines
B-2334 A.319-112 1386 China Eastern Airlines
B-2335 A.320-214 1312 China Eastern Airlines
B-2346 A.320-232 0704 China Southern Airlines
B-2351 A.320-232 0718 China Southern Airlines
B-2372 A.320-214 0897 China Eastern Airlines (ex China Northwest Airlines)
B-2381 A.340-313X 0131 China Eastern Airlines

Click for a closer look Click for a closer look
Click for a closer look Click for a closer look
Click for a closer look Click for a closer look
Click for a closer look Click for a closer look

B-2398 A.320-214 1108 China Eastern Airlines
B-2399 A.320-214 1093 China Eastern Airlines
B-2545 737-5Y0 24900 2095 China Southern Airlines
B-2546 737-3Y0 25175 2150 China Southern Airlines
B-2559 767-3J6 25877 530 Air China
B-2581 737-3J6 25081 2263 Air China
B-2584 737-3J6 25891 2385 Air China
B-2643 737-89L 29878 379 Air China
B-2681 737-79P 33037 1198 China Eastern Airlines
B-2802 757-21B 24015 148 China Southern Airlines
B-2803 757-21B 24016 150 China Southern Airlines
B-2818 757-21B 25259 392 China Southern Airlines
B-2829 757-25C 25900 574 Xiamen Airlines
B-2909 737-3Y0 26082 2456 China Southern Airlines
B-2927 737-31B 27290 2595 China Southern Airlines
B-2950 737-3Z0 27374 2647 Air China
B-5023 737-66N 29890 1276 Air China (ex China Southwest Airlines)
B-5030 737-79P 30651 1267 China Eastern Airlines
B-5068 737-71B 32933 1430 China Southern Airlines
B-6003 A.320-214 2034 China Eastern Airlines
B-6005 A.320-214 2036 China Eastern Airlines
B-6006 A.320-214 2068 China Eastern Airlines
B-6007 A.320-214 2056 China Eastern Airlines
B-6008 A.320-214 2049 China Eastern Airlines
B-6052 A.340-642 0514 China Eastern Airlines
B-7022 Citation 650 0220 CAAC
B-HLR A.330-343X 0421 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HNO B.777-367 33704 470 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HQA A.340-642 0436 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HRS Jetstream 41MPA 41102 Government/Air Force
B-HRT Jetstream 41MPA 41104 Government/Air Force
B-HUP 747-467F SCD 30805 1282 Cathay Pacific Airways
C-FYLC A.340-313X 0167 Air Canada
C-FYLU A.340-313X 0179 Air Canada
CS-TMT A.330-322 0096 Air Luxor
D-ABVR 747-430 28285 1106 Lufthansa
D-ABVR 747-430 28285 1106 Lufthansa
D-ABZB 747-230F SCD 23348 625 Lufthansa Cargo
D-ABZC 747-230B SF 23393 633 Lufthansa Cargo
D-ALCH MD-11F 48801 640 Lufthansa Cargo
F-GSPL 777-228ER 30457 284 Air France
F-OHPJ A.340-212 0173 Philippine Airlines
F-OHZR A.330-301 0198 Philippine Airlines
HB-JMD A.340-313X 0556 Swiss International Air Lines
HL7405 747-2B5F SCD 24195 718 Korean Air Lines
HL7417 747-48E SCD 25779 1006 Asiana Airlines
HL7532 777-3B5 28371 162 Korean Air Lines
HS-TAC A.300B4-601 0377 Thai Airways International
HS-TEM A.330-323X 0346 Thai Airways International
HS-TJD 777-2D7 27729 51 Thai Airways International
HS-TJG 777-2D7 27732 100 Thai Airways International
HS-TMF MD-11 48418 501 Thai Airways International
HS-UTI 747-246B 21031 255 Orient Thai Airlines
HS-UTP 747-246B 20530 196 Orient Thai Airlines
JA601J 767-346ER 32886 875 Japan Air Lines
JA603A 767-381ER 32972 877 All Nippon Airways
JA605J 767-346ER 33494 911 Japan Air Lines
JA704A 777-281 27035 131 All Nippon Airways
JA8072 747-446 24424 760 Japan Air Lines
JA8188 747-281F SCD 23919 689 Nippon Cargo Airlines
JA8189 747-346 24156 716 Japan Asia Airways
JA8193 747-212B SF 21940 457 Japan Air Lines
JA8358 767-381ER 25616 432 All Nippon Airways
JA8901 747-446 26343 918 Japan Air Lines
LX-GCV 747-4R7F SCD 25867 1008 Cargolux Airlines International
N118UA 747-422 28811 1201 United Air Lines
N198UA 747-422 28716 1124 (United Air Lines)
N24837 747-329F SCD 24837 810 Atlas Air
N251UP MD-11 48744 592 United Parcel Service
N25GV GV 674
N288Z Global Express 9024
N492MC 747-47UF SCD 29253 1169 Atlas Air
N493MC 747-47UF SCD 29254 1179 Atlas Air
N623FE MD-11F 48794 638 Federal Express
N630US 747-2J9F 21668 400 Northwest Airlines
N645NW 747-222SF 23736 673 Northwest Airlines
N683UP 747-121F 20353 131 United Parcel Service
N711LS Global Express 9035
PH-BFD 747-406 SCD 24001 737 KLM
PH-CKC 747-406F SCD 33696 1341 KLM
PH-MCN 747-228F SCD 25266 878 Martinair
RP-C3224 A.320-214 0753 Philippine Airlines
TC-JDM A.340-311 0115 Turkish Airlines
V8-RBT A.320-232 2139 Royal Brunei Airlines
VH-OGP 767-338ER 28153 615 Australian Airlines
VH-OGV 767-338ER 30186 796 Australian Airlines
VH-OJP 747-438 25545 916 Qantas
VN-A346 A.321-131 0597 Vietnam Airlines
ZK-NCL 767-319ER 28745 677 Air New Zealand
ZS-SLE A.340-212 0021 South African Airways

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