Honeymooning in Oz
February 2008

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Everything was a bit of a blur on arrival at Perth, but the taxi in allowed some easy logging on a remote parking area used mainly by day-stopping freighters - it seemed a very large airfield with an international terminal set some distance away with a Learjet and Falcon 900 outside. There was no opportunity or indeed will to explore the north end of the domestic terminal.

Sun 2/3/08 - YPPH - Perth, WA

VH-FNE F.50 20212 Skywest Airlines Pty
VH-FNF* F.50 20200 Skywest Airlines Pty
VH-FWH F.100 11316 Alliance Airlines
VH-FWI F.100 11318 Alliance Airlines
VH-OGG 767-338ER 24929 343 Qantas
VH-OZX 737-229 21177 433 OzJet Airlines
VH-TJH 737-476 24433 1881 Qantas
VH-VLH 727-277F 22642 1759 JetEx-National Jet Express
VH-VLI 727-277F 22641 1753 JetEx-National Jet Express
ZK-TLD 737-3B7F 23706 1499 Air Post ZK-TLG 737-3..F Air Post or was this 'C' ?

I then spent two days in Perth - which appeared to be a beautiful place, almost Southern California-ish but much quieter and more pleasant - again in bed, apart from a morning spent in hospital !.

Again it was somewhat difficult to get prepared for another long flight, but late on the Tuesday night we departed Australia back to Dubai, my only goals being to get a row of seats to lie flat on for the eleven hour flight, and to get the Tiger Airways Singapore A.320 that I knew was a late night visitor.

Tue 4/3/08 - YPPH - Perth, WA

9V-TAF* A.320-232 2728 Tiger Airways
VH-OGR 767-338ER 28724 662 Qantas

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